How to Combine Multiple PNG Files Into One PNG

Learn how to combine multiple PNG files into one PNG. So you can create new visuals like composite images and collages. how-to-combine-multiple-png-files-into-one-png-featured-header

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How to Combine Multiple PNG Files Into One PNG

Mixing up and overlaying images on Photoshop is easy. Just follow the steps as detailed below.

  • Step 1: Set the Images and Layers

    Insert the images you wish to combine in separate layers. Start with the background layer and label it ‘background’. Next, drag your second photo into Photoshop. Resize it appropriately and hit ‘Enter’ when you’re done.



  • Step 2: Press CTRL + T

    Doing this will show a dialog box that can let you position the second PNG image. Once the position is good for you, hit ‘Enter’ to confirm.

  • Step 3: Apply Layer Mask

    Click your second Image in the layers tab and then click the Mask Button at the bottom of the layers tab. Your cursor will have a paintbrush that lets you get rid of obvious edit lines. Take time to erase those so the two images blend easily. And you are all set!



What are composite images?

Composite images are two photos edited to bend together making a new image.

What are collages?

Collages are a bund of images being put together in the same style as a scrapbook.

What is masking?

Masking refers to the Photoshop feature which lets users edit outlines and borders that were eft after combining two images.