How to Create a Form in Excel

Forms are useful tools you can use to record data on your worksheet or workbook easily. There are plenty of online forms you can use to create your own, including Google forms. You can also utilize making custom Google forms or Google form templates to suit the entries you desire. However, in this article, you’ll view a detailed guide on how to make a fillable form in Excel. Read the step-by-step instruction below to start making your own. how-to-create-a-form-in-excel

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  • Using Windows: Open Excel and select New. Type in “Forms” on the Search Bar and press enter. Select from the available templates and start on your selected chart by clicking Create.
  • Using Mac: Start Excel, select New, and then Blank Workbook. Select the cells to input your data. Go to the Insert tab and click Insert Table With Headers. Then, go to the Data menu and select Form.

How to Create a Form Using Templates in Excel

Creating forms using Excel can be challenging, especially for individuals that are unfamiliar with handling Excel Workbooks. Below is a simple yet comprehensive guide on creating forms in Excel with the help of an excel forms template or two.

1. Open the Microsoft Excel application, select New and type in “Forms” on the search bar.


2. Once you’ve selected your preferred form, a pop-up window will appear detailing the use of the form. Click Create to start working on your template.


Note: If none of the templates available suits what you’re looking for, you can find a variety of form template on the web. can provide different forms for Excel to suit your business and personal needs.

3. You can now input data on your sheet through a Form. If you do not see the Form toolbar on your window, you can right-click on the menu bar and select Customize the Ribbon.

4. A pop-up box will appear similar to the one below. Go to the drop-down box, Choose commands from and select All Commands. Look for the Form option from the selection and click Add to the selected Tab. Once you see the Form is added, click on OK.


5. Now, you can enter data into your sheet by using a form. To do this, click on the Form menu then Form after selecting the row to enter your data. Fill in the necessary information as needed.


How to Make a Form in Excel Using Mac

Similar to using Excel on Windows, learning how to create an autofill form in Excel for Mac is easy. All you have to do is follow the guides below.

1. Start Excel, then select New with a Blank Workbook.

2. Highlight the columns you need to enter the data on the sheet.

3. Click the Tables menu, select New, and then Insert Table with Headers. From here, you can edit the entries for your column headers and adjust the width of the tables.



4. Select the Data menu and then click on Form.


5. A Form window appears, and the table headers correspond to the field titles on your form. You can now insert the information you have into the form, and the entries reflect on the sheet.