How to Make a Chart in Word

Can you make a chart in Word? Do you need to know how to make an organizational chart in Word? Perhaps you are required to learn how to make a line chart in Word. Or maybe you like to make a percentage bar graph in Word but you are struggling on using the apps in your PC or MAC. Creating a chart from scratch is easy with Microsoft Word. But what is the best way to make a chart in Word? The following details will serve as your step-by-step guide on how to make a chart using Microsoft Word. Remember, these steps are also applicable for many versions of Word, including Word 2010, Word 2013, Word 2016, and Word for Mac. However, this version is the newer one. In this article, we provide you some useful points on how to make a chart in Word document. how-to-make-a-chart-in-word

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  • For Windows: Click on File, then select New, followed by Insert tab. Browse through the Illustration section, select Chart.
  • For Mac: Go to New Document, choose Insert tab, then select Chart. Edit as you wish before saving.

How to Create Charts Using the Microsoft Word

Constructing organizational charts is a significant method to portray a clear visual diagram so that you are able to communicate the internal structure of a company while detailing the designated roles, relationships between individuals, and responsibilities in the workplace or any environment.  Microsoft Word, like Microsoft Excel, allows you to create a chart or graph and add it to your document. Follow the steps below on how to make organizational charts, line charts, or percentage bar graphs in Microsoft Word.

1. Open the Microsoft Word program, then select New under its File tab.

2. Select the Insert tab from the Ribbon bar at the top.

3. Check the Illustrations section, then click the Chart option.


4. Click the chart type, select and double-click the chart that you want to use.


Note: For those whose preferences go beyond what Word can offer, you may choose from the pre-existing chart in word templates in

5. After that, a Chart in the Microsoft Word window that looks like a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet appears. Addremove, or edit the columns and rows of data in the spreadsheet window to include the data points and values you wish to see in your chart.


6. The chart or graph in Microsoft Word automatically updates and displays the new or altered data as you edit the columns, rows, and values in the spreadsheet window.

7. After editing the chart, you can close the spreadsheet window, and your chart is ready.

Note: You can reopen the spreadsheet window by right-clicking on the chart and selecting the Edit Data option if you need to edit the chart data after closing it.

How to Create Charts for Mac Using Microsoft Word

Like its Windows counterpart, Mac can also help you create a chart using its Microsoft Word. Following the steps below to make and insert charts using Microsoft Word on your Mac devices.

1. Open a Microsoft Word program and select New.

2. Click the Insert Tab above, navigate to the Illustrations group, then select the Chart button.


3. The Insert Chart dialog box appears, where you can choose from a variety of graphs or charts, including Histogram, Bar, and Line. After you’ve made your selection, click OK.


Note: For those whose preferences go beyond what Word can offer, you may choose from the pre-existing chart in word templates in

4. When done, your graph will appear in the Word Document alongside a new Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Window where you can add, remove, or edit your data.


5. Once done editing the data, you can close the spreadsheet window, and your chart is ready.

Note: Remember that you can edit or update your data. You may access it by selecting Edit Data Button from the right-click menu on the chart.