50+ Notice Samples, Format & Examples 2022

When a person or organization wants to enforce something or make something happen, they announce it through a formal notice. It makes the agenda look urgent as it should. Each day, notices are written as a way of formal communication, which is why we’ve made hundreds of notice templates. 50-notice-samples-format-examples-2021

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To create a notice of your very own, follow the following steps:

  • Browse through our notice samples to create your own notice.
  • Customize Online or Download in your preferred File format and Print As Required


If you have no idea how to start a notice document, don’t worry. It’s actually not that hard. It’s a simple document filled with simple information. And with our 50 notice samples, you can finish in no time. Have a look at each and download the ones you need.

1. Freelance Work Notice Sample

It’s common nowadays to disseminate bulk workloads to freelancers. If your company will soon be doing the same, you can announce it using our Freelance Work Notice Sample. Let your regular freelancers know what to expect.

freelance-work-notice-template Use This Freelance Work Notice Sample

2. Notice – Work To Cover Up Sample

Construction work is never easy and cheap. If you’re a construction worker, inform your boss and clients about your work’s scope. For that, you can use our Notice – Work To Cover Up template.

notice-work-to-cover-up-template Use This Notice - Work To Cover Up Sample

3. Termination Notice Sample

Termination has different types. There’s employment termination, contract termination, and more. But whatever termination agenda you have, you can use our Termination Notice Sample. Just fill in its blanks with the necessary info and you’re done.

termination-notice-template-3 Use This Termination Notice Sample

4. Landlord Notice of Termination of Lease Sample

Landlords have the power to terminate leases as long as there’s a valid reason. But they must do so in a professional manner through a formal notice like the one below.

landlord-notice-of-termination-of-lease-template Use This Landlord Notice of Termination of Lease Sample

5. Real Estate Eviction Notice Form Sample

Real estate is a serious business. So if tenants can’t pay or meet certain requirements, realtors have no choice but to evict them. So if you’re a realtor, deal with such situations with our Real Estate Eviction Notice Form.

real-estate-eviction-notice-form-template Use This Real Estate Eviction Notice Form Sample

6. 5-Day Eviction Notice Sample

If you want to give tenants an advanced heads-up of their eviction, you can use our 5-Day Eviction Notice Sample.

free-5-day-eviction-notice-template Use This 5 Day Eviction Notice Sample

7. Resignation Letter With 30 Day Notice Sample

Employers would appreciate it if employees notify them of their resignation 30 days prior. It’s a professional manner of leaving a company. So if you have plans to resign, let your boss know using our Resignation Letter With 30 Day Notice.

resignation-letter-with-30-day-notice-1 Use This Resignation Letter With 30 Day Notice Sample

8. 30 Day Notice To Landlord Sample

If you’re a tenant planning to leave your apartment, it would be nice to inform your landlord a month ahead. Send him or her a formal 30-day notice like the sample below.

30-day-notice-to-landlord-template Use This 30 Day Notice To Landlord Sample

Things that your company created should be protected with a copyright. Your company is the sole entity that can claim ownership of them. If your company produces software, go after those that claim ownership of your products. Warn them using our Software Copyright Notice.

software-copyright-notice-template Use This Software Copyright Notice Sample

10. Notice of Infringement of Copyrighted Work Sample

Here’s another firmly-made copyright notice sample. Use it to call out people copying or claiming credit for your creative works.

notice-of-infringement-of-copyrighted-work-template Use This Notice of Infringement of Copyrighted Work Sample

11. Notice To Employees of Bonus Cancellation Sample

As an employer, bonus cancellation is news you don’t relish disseminating to your workforce. It diminishes morale and employee engagement. But you have to inform them nonetheless. They deserve to know. So whenever you’re faced with that situation, use our employee notice sample below.

notice-to-employees-of-bonus-cancellation Use This Notice to Employees of Bonus Cancellation Sample

12. Notice to Employees of New Vacation Policy Sample

Your employees deserve to go on vacations, but they must observe your company’s vacation policy. So if there are some new updates about it, inform your workforce with our sample notice below.

notice-to-employees-of-new-vacation-policy-2 Use This Notice to Employees of New Vacation Policy Sample

13. Clickable Software License Notice Sample

Software contains crucial assets and data. That’s why most tech companies issue licenses before users can access them. So if you own a tech company, you can communicate with customers about licenses through formal notices. In that case, use our IT and software notice template below.

clickable-software-license-notice-template Use This Clickable Software License Notice Sample

14. Virus Notice Sample

Viruses cause significant problems to computers if left unchecked. Your tech company should give its users a heads up about them. Use our Virus Notice Sample.

virus-notice-template Use This Virus Notice Sample

15. School Staff Meeting Notice Sample

Faculty staff members meet regularly to discuss academic plans. They need to work cohesively to reach desired learning outcomes for the students. If you’re a faculty head or school principal, it’s your job to call meetings. Announce them formally using our School Staff Meeting Notice.

school-staff-meeting-notice-template Use This School Staff Meeting Notice Sample

16. Waiver of Notice of Meeting of Incorporators Sample

Here’s another formal meeting notice sample. This one is made for announcing large corporate meetings, those attended by company higher-ups and executives.

sample-waiver-of-notice-meeting-of-incorporators-template Use This Waver of Notice of Meeting of Incorporators Sample

17. 5-Day Notice To Quit Sample

Five days prior is ample time for a tenant to pack all of his or her things and leave the premises. If you’re a landlord, you must kick out tenants who can’t pay on time. But do so formally with our 5-Day Notice To Quit template.

free-5-day-notice-to-quit-template Use This 5-Day Notice To Quit Sample

18. Notice To Quit For Non-Payment of Rent Sample

Here’s another notice to quit sample for tenants unable to pay rent. It has a similar structure to the previous one.

free-notice-to-quit-for-non-payment-of-rent-template Use This Notice To Quit For Non-Payment of Rent Sample

19. Notice To Tenant of Rent Default Sample

Rent defaults are a big problem for landlords. But they can be resolved through a formal warning that prompts tenants to pay asap rather than get evicted. A great tool for that would be our Notice to Tenant Rent Default template.

free-notice-to-tenant-of-rent-default-template Use This Notice To Tenant of Rent Default Sample

20. Notice To Terminate Tenancy At-Will By Tenant Sample

In some situations, it’s the tenant that wants to terminate his or her tenancy. So that’s why we’ve included this notice-to-terminate sample document on this list.

notice-to-terminate-tenancy-at-will-by-tenant-template Use This Notice To Terminate Tenancy At-Will By Tenant Sample

21. Employee Disciplinary Notice Example

It’s important to maintain order among your workforce. So make sure to call out misbehaving employees with this Employee Disciplinary Notice Example.


Download at GraphicRiver

22. Resignation With No Notice Letter Example

If you’re an employee who’s about to resign impromptu, this Resignation With No Notice Letter Example could help. Your employers hate sudden resignations, but you still have to inform them professionally.


Download at The Balance Careers

23. North Carolina Audit Notice Example

If you’re an auditor, you might have some use of the North Carolina Audit Notice. You can use it as a reference to create your own audit notices for individuals and organizations.


Download at TaxAudit

24. Waiver of Notice of Special Meeting of The Board of Directors Example

Your company’s board of directors need to be on the same page. That’s why it’s important to arrange meetings with them regularly. Announce those meetings with this notice example below.


Download at New York State Bar Association

25. Payday Notice Example

Employees deserve to know when and how often they’ll receive their salaries. If you’re an HR manager, make sure of that using this Payday Notice Example.


Download at LaborLawCenter

26. Notice of Overdue Payment Sample

Overdue payments are a big no-no. You shouldn’t tolerate them if you want your business to be profitable. So call out customers will unpaid balances. Send them a strict notice of overdue payment. Create one using our payment notice sample below.

notice-of-overdue-payment-template Use This Notice of Overdue Payment Sample

27. Notice of Payment 60 Days Past Due Sample

A due payment 60 days past already is utterly unacceptable. Formally call out a customer with a 2-month unpaid fee asap. Use the notice document sample we’ve shared below.

notice-of-payment-60-days-past-due-2 Use This Notice of Payment 60 Days Past Due Sample

28. Notice To Vacate Sample

This printable notice sample was created for the purpose of urging tenants to vacate a property. If you’re a realtor or landowner, you might be able to use it in the future. So consider downloading it.

notice-to-vacate-template Use This Notice To Vacate Sample

29. Notice of Unclaimed Property at Auction Sample

Not all properties will be claimed during a real estate auction. But they’re still up for grabs. Announce their availability using our real estate notice sample below.

notice-of-unclaimed-property-at-auction-template Use This Notice of Unclaimed Property at Auction Sample

30. Notice of Other Lease Default Sample

Subletting a property without the landlord’s knowledge is illegal. As a landlord, be wary of that. Some of your tenants might be doing it behind your back. If you catch them, warn them using this notice sample.

notice-of-other-lease-default-template Use This Notice of Other Lease Default Sample

31. Commercial Real Estate Eviction Notice Sample

Even companies renting office spaces can be subject to eviction. They’re not exempted from it if they fail to meet requirements. A commercial real estate eviction notice should be in place in that case.

free-commercial-real-estate-eviction-notice- Use This Commercial Real Estate Eviction Notice Sample

32. 30-Day Real Estate Eviction Notice Sample

If you’re a realtor, 30 days of prior eviction notice is good enough. It’s a nice and civilized way of evicting tenants. So if that’s your style, get our 30-Day Real Estate Eviction Notice.

30-day-real-estate-eviction-notice Use This 30 Day Real Estate Eviction Notice Sample

33. Late Rent Notice Sample

Late rent payment is tolerable if it’s a first offense. However, it still warrants a notice for the tenant. In that situation, our Late Rent Notice Sample would be useful.

late-rent-notice Use This Late Rent Notice Sample

34. Notice of Change in Rent Sample

Changes in rent rates are sometimes inevitable due to economic factors. As a landlord, you must inform your tenants ahead of increasing rent so that they’ll be ready. Use our Notice of Change in Rent Sample.

notice-of-change-in-rent Use This Notice of Change in Rent Sample

35. Notice To Restaurant Employees of Unsatisfactory Behavior Sample

Service quality is crucial to a restaurant’s reputation. So if servers misbehaving during the service, customers will be unhappy and will make negative reviews about the restaurant. If you’re a restaurant manager, make sure it doesn’t happen. Call out misbehaving waiters and waitresses using our restaurant notice sample below.

notice-to-restaurant-employees-of-unsatisfactory-behavior Use This Notice To Restaurant Employees of Unsatisfactory Behavior Sample

36. Restaurant Breach of Contract Notice Sample

Here we have another restaurant notice sample. This one’s made for situations when business partners breach their contract with restaurant businesses. Grab this if you’re a restaurant owner.

restaurant-breach-of-contract-notice Use This Restaurant Breach of Contract Notice Sample

37. Potential Backcharge Notice Sample

If you’re a client of a construction firm, ready yourself for possible low-quality outputs. It happens quite often. You have the right to warn them through a potential back charge notice. Our sample notice below can help you.

potential-backcharge-notice-template Use This Potential Backcharge Notice Sample

38. Notice of Dissolution Partnership Sample

Sometimes, severing ties with partners is the best course of action, especially if they’re becoming a liability. The severance will be made official once there’s a Notice of Dissolution Partnership. Just like this sample below.

notice-of-dissolution-partnership-template Use This Notice of Dissolution Parntership Sample

39. Warning Notice For Attendance Issues Sample

Tardiness and absenteeism is a major issue at work and school. As a disciplinary action, students and employees should be issued a Warning Notice For Attendance Issues. Get our template below to make one.

warning-notice-for-attendance-issues Use This Warning Notice For Attendance Issues Sample

40. Simple Work From Home Notice Sample

If your company hasn’t adopted work-from-home setups yet, do so now. The COVID-19 pandemic is still a threat. Use our Simple Work From Home Notice and announce the new work set up officially.

free-simple-work-from-home-notice-template Use This Simple Work From Home Notice Sample

41. Work From Home Announcement Notice Sample

Here’s another work from home notice sample with a similar structure. However, its content is different from the previous one.

work-from-home-announcement-notice-template Use This Work From Home Announcement Notice Sample

42. Notice of Disputed Account Sample

Account disputes have to be settled asap to prevent further damages. The process starts by issues a Notice of Disputed Account. We have a sample of it here and it’s editable on Apple (MAC) Pages.

notice-of-disputed-account-template Use This Notice of Disputed Account Sample

Use our Legal Notice Sample to start settling or charging lawsuits in the future. We never know when they could happen. So it’s best to be ready all the time. Get this editable notice sample in Adobe PDF.

free-legal-notice-template Use This Legal Notice Sample

44. Separation Notice Sample

Cutting ties from a partner or employee is sometimes a necessary step for the better. If you’re about to face such a situation, issue a Separation Notice using our sample below. You can edit it in Google Docs.

separation-notice Use This Separation Notice Sample

45. Notice of Subcon Default Sample

Our Notice of Subcon Default Sample is customizable in Microsoft Word (DOC). Use it to call the attention of subcontractors not delivering goods and services as agreed.

notice-of-subcon-default-template Use This Notice of Subcon Default Sample

46. Payment Default Notice Example

Late payments and unpaid fees hurt your business. Make sure they don’t happen often with this Payment Default Notice Example.


Download at PDF Templates

47. Notice of Appearance Example

A notice of appearance document entails that a certain individual was present during a particular event. Here we have a notice of appearance sample from the State of Indiana’s official website.


Download at IN.gov

48. Water District Shut Off Letter and Notice Example

This is a notice for water shut off due to late payments. It’s a type of notice documents that service providers make, such as water companies, internet service providers, utility companies, and more.


Download at Municipal Research and Services Center

49. Notice of Intention To Payoff Loan Example

Paying off loans is a must. If you’ve recently taken a loan, assure the bank that you’ll pay it off with a notice. You can refer to the example below.


Download at Fuzeqna

50. Eviction Notice Example

Eviction notices are probably the most common type of notice documents. If you look back at our list, there are several of them. And here we have one last entry which is also an eviction notice sample. We got it from Rocket Lawyer.


Download at Rocket Lawyer

Notice Format

A notice document entails critically important information. To ensure it relays info effectively, its format should be complete. Notice documents must have these components:

1. Agenda

The agenda is the heart of the notice document. It emphasizes what the notice is about. The agenda should be indicated in the notice document’s title. For example: “Meeting Notice for Board Members.”

2. Name of the Issuing Party and Recipients

The names of the issuing party and recipients should be on the document. Otherwise, it won’t be clear who’s involved and responsible for the agenda.

3. The Date Issued

The date of when the notice was issued must be indicated by the issuing party. It solidifies the notice document’s validity.

4. Details of the Agenda

This part of the notice document answers the when, where, and what questions regarding the agenda. The issuing party must discuss it in full detail for the recipients.

5. Authorized Signatures

Formal documents require signatures, and the same goes for notice documents. The party issuing the notice must affix their signatures at the end of the document.


What are the types of notice?

These are the most common types of notice:

  • Constructive notice
  • Judicial notice
  • Notice of proposed rulemaking
  • Public notice
  • Actual notice
  • Funding opportunity announcement
  • Resign
  • Previous notice

What are the characteristics of a quality notice document?

These are the characteristics of quality notice documents:

  • Provides complete info, leave no further inquiries
  • Written with a formal and professional tone
  • Clearly states purpose and agenda
  • Written in a minimalist manner, less wordiness

Can notice documents be used to make announcements?

Yes, they can be used to make announcements. It could be to students, employees, or the general public.

Can I send notices through email?

Yes, you can send notices through email rather than printing and handing them out personally or by mail. It’s a faster alternative.

What apps are best for writing notices?

These are the best apps to write notices:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Google Docs
  • Apple Pages
  • Adobe PDF