50+ Checklist Samples, Format & Examples 2022

Do you want to come up with a proper daily routine? And are you concerned about your productivity per day? Start writing every necessary task to accomplish in an easy-to-use and custom checklist. With checklist templates, you have a detailed tool to remember, monitor, and complete your to-do tasks without having to memorize and lose track of your responsibilities. Thus, living a busy life won’t have to drain you out. 50-checklist-samples-format-examples-2021

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Any task imaginable will surely be done one by one with detailed and well-organized checklists. But one example of a checklist doesn’t always work for every purpose. For example, you can use a unique checklist for chores at home, a different checklist for work-related tasks, and another checklist for grocery shopping. And if you wish to identify other helpful applications of sample checklists, here are 50 examples to ponder on:

1. Audit Checklist Sample

Any organization can enjoy the perks of having a fresh start. But without scrutinizing its operations, things might go downhill eventually. And strategically planned audit checklist samples can help in the monitoring process.

audit-checklist-templateUse This Audit Checklist Sample

2. Behavior Checklist Example

One of the challenging subjects to evaluate is human behavior. But curated and well-defined behavior checklist samples can do the trick.


Download at Semantic Scholar

3. Cleaning Checklist Sample

Need a useful motivation to start cleaning and completing your chores? Identify every cleaning activity to accomplish with organized cleaning checklist samples.

cleaning-checklist-templateUse This Cleaning Checklist Sample

4. Agreement Checklist Sample

Setting up a complete agreement can be a tedious task. And agreement checklist samples should come in handy to ensure you got every important element covered in the agreement before parties affix their signatures.

agreement-checklist-templateUse This Agreement Checklist Sample

5. Coursebook Evaluation Checklist Example

In case your institution needs a thorough assessment if its coursebooks are accredited and fitting for students to use, take advantage of using coursebook evaluation samples.


Download at Academia

6. Baby Checklist Sample

Welcoming a new member to the family sure sounds exciting, but it may be daunting, especially when a baby needs to be watched regularly. Thus, manage the babies’ needs without forgetting anything using baby checklist samples.

baby-checklist-templateUse This Baby Checklist Sample

7. Application Checklist Sample

From job hunting, loan financing, to school admissions—managing applications are no joke, particularly when countless applicants are involved. Thankfully, application checklist samples make your experience a lot easier.

application-checklist-templateUse This Application Checklist Sample

8. Business Checklist Sample

One popular checklist is the type often used by businesses and entrepreneurial purposes—business checklists. Allow business checklist samples to run your company in the most efficient way possible.

business-checklist-templateUse This Business Checklist Sample

9. Contract Checklist Sample

Agreements become more credible and serious when they transform into legally binding contracts. And you can’t go wrong in crafting a contract since the law is already involved. Contract checklist samples won’t fail you here.

contract-checklist-templateUse This Contract Checklist Sample

10. Analysis Checklist Sample

The monitoring and evaluation processes often go hand in hand with analysis reports. And how to analyze effectively would run smoothly using analysis checklist samples.

analysis-checklist-templateUse This Analysis Checklist Sample

11. Daily Checklist Sample

How productive are you every day? Expect to increase your productivity when you are aware of your daily to-do tasks by listing them in daily checklist samples.

daily-checklist-templateUse This Daily Checklist Sample

12. Weekly Checklist Sample

When you want to set weekly routines and ensure that your plans and responsibilities will be fulfilled, use weekly checklist samples for your gambit.

weekly-checklist-templateUse This Weekly Checklist Sample

13. Induction Checklist Example

HR teams that manage the onboarding program to welcome new employees or assign new positions for workers often use induction checklist samples. That way, employees will clearly understand their roles, responsibilities, etc.


Download at Scribd

14. Quality Checklist Sample

When product and service quality is the main concern, quality assessment is crucial. And quality checklist samples are the perfect approach to ace the assessment.

quality-checklist-templateUse This Quality Checklist Sample

15. Safety Checklist Sample

Safety measures and security protocols are extremely critical in any organization. And safety checklist samples should be used regularly to prevent harmful factors from affecting operations.

safety-checklist-templateUse This Safety Checklist Sample

16. Meeting Checklist Sample

From identifying what key points to discuss, setting the meeting schedule, and even recognizing the meeting requirements, you can plan any meeting agenda appropriately using meeting checklist samples.

meeting-checklist-templateUse This Meeting Checklist Sample

17. Inventory Checklist Sample

A constant checkup for your company’s inventory enables you to stay updated if there is adequate stock, no missing products, and more. Hence, inventory checklist samples become relevant here.

inventory-checklist-templateUse This Inventory Checklist Sample

18. Maintenance Checklist Sample

You can’t forget about maintenance checklist samples when you think about the lifespan of your product, service, business, or brand in general. Maintenance basically prevents problems to get worse and ensures solutions to anything that needs a fix.

maintenance-checklist-templateUse This Maintenance Checklist Sample

19. Inspection Checklist Sample

It is a no-brainer that inspections are part of the deal to manage maintenance and assessments. Allow inspection checklist samples to guide you here.

inspection-checklist-templateUse This Inspection Checklist Sample

20. New Hire Checklist Example

How to deal with new hires would run in a smooth procedure when you have prepared new hire checklist samples. And they are important so new employees won’t be ignored or out of place during their orientation.


Download at WSSU Foundation

21. COVID-19 Checklist Sample

From the ominous effects brought by the coronavirus, it is important to stay prepared with hygiene equipment, health inspection, and other concerns related to the virus using COVID-19 checklist samples.

covid-19-checklist-templateUse This COVID-19 Checklist Sample

22. Employee Checklist Sample

Help employees spend their time at work in the most productive and streamlined way possible with a guide brought up by detailed employee checklist samples.

employee-checklist-templateUse This Employee Checklist Sample

23. Food Checklist Sample

A personal checklist to manage everyone’s basic need, food, is clearly a must-have. Whether you use a document as a food supply check, grocery shopping list, or food recipe list, you can do so well with food checklist samples on the mix.

food-checklist-templateUse This Food Checklist Sample

24. Operating Room Checklist Example

In the medical field, the operating room requires inspection and maintenance all the time. It goes from cleaning the room, providing enough space for patients, and supplying adequate tools and equipment. Gather all tasks for operating room concerns with operating room checklist samples.


Download at ResearchGate

25. Project Checklist Sample

Dealing with loads of projects requires an influx amount of time, effort, and even money. Some projects may take days to complete, require new tasks to add, and more considerations. Take it easy using project checklist samples instead.

project-checklist-templateUse This Project Checklist Sample

26. Task Checklist Sample

Checklists are known as a collection of task lists in the first place. The only difference between a task list and a task checklist is that there are checkboxes to mark the progress of each task among task checklist samples.

task-checklist-templateUse This Task Checklist Sample

27. Event Checklist Sample

Another common application of a checklist is to manage and organize upcoming events. To make an event successful, a lot of details are at hand and it can all be laid out by professionally made event checklist samples.

event-checklist-templateUse This Event Checklist Sample

28. Closing Checklist Sample

A different type of checklist is the closing checklist where you need to complete a series of duties and requirements before officially closing a transaction. And you should handle it with closing checklist samples for an effective result.

closing-checklist-templateUse This Closing Checklist Sample

29. Opening Checklist Sample

The exact opposite of a closing checklist is the opening checklist. And opening checklist samples are often used to plan a grand opening of a business that surely pays off.

opening-checklist-templateUse This Opening Checklist Sample

30. Compliance Checklist Sample

There are instances wherein subjects would only be approved, acknowledged, produced, or published only when they meet the necessary standards. And monitoring standards for compliance would need compliance checklist samples.

compliance-checklist-templateUse This Compliance Checklist Sample

31. Construction Checklist Sample

Anyone can be in awe of a construction’s final look. But behind the scenes, perfecting structures isn’t that easy. And this is why construction checklist samples exist to ensure that every constructed building is rectified.

construction-checklist-templateUse This Construction Checklist Sample



32. Employment Checklist Sample

From recruitment, training, monitoring, down to termination, a lot of processes are involved under employment. And they can all be processed reverently using employment checklist samples.

employment-checklist-templateUse This Employment Checklist Sample

33. Evaluation Checklist Sample

Ace any evaluation process for any purpose when you have a well-thought-out evaluation checklist prepared ahead. So instead of not being sure on how to evaluate something or someone, the checklist serves as a guide.

evaluation-checklist-templateUse This Evaluation Checklist Sample

34. Hiring Checklist Sample

Do you ever wonder how most HR representatives know how to manage the hiring processes gracefully? That is because they planned everything strategically and while making use of hiring checklist samples.

hiring-checklist-templateUse This Hiring Checklist Sample

35. Hotel Checklist Sample

Hotels wouldn’t get five-star ratings and positive feedback without properly managing their entire business. And even a structure as big as a hotel starts to get managed with hotel checklist samples until advanced operations follow.

hotel-checklist-templateUse This Hotel Checklist Sample

36. Observation Checklist Example

There’s a lot to observe from classrooms, offices, restaurants, and other purposes. And a simple but informative observation checklist shall bring ease to your experience.


Download at ResearchGate

37. House Checklist Sample

Using checklists can start at home and it is a good opportunity to master the use of checklists and knowing how to manage time and responsibilities wisely. And you can achieve that using house checklist samples.

house-checklist-templateUse This House Checklist Sample

38. IT/Software Checklist Sample

Your IT and software products or business might not survive without streamlined evaluations, tests, and other essential processes. And there are IT/software checklists available to specifically manage this sector.

it-software-checklist-templateUse This IT/Software Checklist Sample

39. Survey Checklist Example

Conduct surveys without disorganizing the process when you use survey checklist samples into the process.


Download at Scribd

41. Party Checklist Sample

Checklists are not only applicable at the workplace because you can set up a checklist specifically for your party planning goals. With party checklist samples, you can start organizing for a memorable party to date.

party-checklist-templateUse This Party Checklist Sample

42. Restaurant Checklist Sample

Besides enticing clients with your restaurant’s delicious treats, there are a lot more elements to focus on from the restaurant’s cleanliness, available resources, electricity, lighting, and more. You will have to use restaurant checklist samples to run your restaurant business like a pro.

restaurant-checklist-templateUse This Restaurant Checklist Sample

43. Vehicle Checklist Example

Your car would not simply stay up and running without regular inspections, oil change, cleaning, etc. And you can take care of your previous ride anytime using vehicle checklist samples.


Download at Texas Department of Insurance

44. Student Checklist Sample

Even students deserve a survival guide in school to keep track of their assignments, conduct study plans for upcoming exams, and ensure that they live their best life as students. Hence, pack up student checklist samples for the sake of education.

student-checklist-templateUse This Student Checklist Sample

45. Service Checklist Sample

Sometimes, what you need is to deal with services. And the thing with service inspections is how you should be really observant the whole time. Handle it accordingly along with service checklist samples.

service-checklist-templateUse This Service Checklist Sample

47. Wedding Checklist Sample

A very special event such as a wedding shouldn’t be a failure as that would mark as bad luck for couples already. Instead, set a strategic plan using wedding checklist samples.

wedding-checklist-templateUse This Wedding Checklist Sample

48. Plan Checklist Sample

Anyone could think of impressive plans to do. But each plan should be written, organized, realistic, and thought of carefully to work. The key is to divide your plan into phases using plan checklist samples.

plan-checklist-templateUse This Plan Checklist Sample

49. Rental Checklist Sample

A rental checklist may just be the thing to help observe a positive relationship between landlords and tenants. This checklist is useful to ensure that properties for rent stay in top shape all the time.

rental-checklist-templateUse This Rental Checklist Sample

50. Campaign Checklist Sample

Whether you set up a political campaign, advertising campaign, or any campaign in general, there are specific campaign checklist samples for you to run campaigns smoothly.

campaign-checklist-templateUse This Campaign Checklist Sample


While a checklist’s function is sensible, how about what makes up a basic checklist in the first place? Although checklists vary in content and purpose, the standard checklist format would normally have the following parts:

1. Title or Type of Checklist

The title is an important part of any checklist since it defines what the document is for. A tip is to write the specific type of checklist as the title so you can easily identify if you have a grocery checklist, a school checklist, or any other example.

2. Task List

Of course, the meat of the checklist is its itemized list of tasks. Make sure to write them clearly and that they are properly organized according to number, difficulty level, urgency level, or any other arrangement.

3. Checkboxes

Beside every enlisted task is a corresponding checkbox. And you will mark every checkbox that contains a task you already accomplished. Hence, the goal is to eventually mark all boxes until you are through with your tasks.

4. Notes

Checklists also have room for blanks, which will be your notes section. Anything can be written under notes from the change of plans, budget calculations, or however you use it.


What is an example of a checklist?

A checklist contains a list of things to be accomplished. A common example is when you have at least five significant duties to fulfill throughout the day. You write those specific tasks in a list and check them one by one as you complete every task.

What is a 5S checklist?

A 5S checklist is an official checklist used to optimize systems at work. And 5S stands for sort, set in order, shine, standardize, and sustain.

What is the difference between a checklist and a questionnaire?

A checklist enlists the requirements, tasks to do, and important reminders whereas a questionnaire focus more on a document containing a series of questions and most often contain some answers to choose from.

What are some tips to ace a checklist?

You won’t have trouble dealing with checklists by observing the following:

  • Don’t settle for one master checklist since you should make more checklists according to different purposes.
  • Assign deadlines to stay responsible.
  • Prioritize your tasks according to difficulty, urgency, and importance.
  • Review your checklist daily in case alterations are needed.
  • Be realistic with how much you can achieve per day.

Why are checklists important?

A checklist is important to be aware and organized about your tasks and responsibilities. Forgetting tasks, dealing with repetitive activities, and wasting time are some of the things you can avoid here. Hence, use a checklist to be productive on any day.