50+ Meeting Minutes Sample, Format & Examples 2022

Every firm relies heavily on meetings. A meeting is a gathering of people to discuss concerns, enhance communication, promote coordination, or deal with any issues on the agenda. It can also help in the completion of tasks. Thus, every meeting should have a written record to ensure that all discussed topics are approved unanimously. Making a meeting minutes is the proper way to do it. For those who want to skip the time-consuming process, having the perfect meeting minutes template can help you a lot. 50-meeting-minutes-samples-format-examples-2021

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To create a Meeting Minutes of your very own, follow the following steps:

  • Browse through several Meeting Minutes designs for inspiration and ideas for your own Meeting Minutes.
  • Customize Online or Download in your preferred File format and Print As Required.


If you are one of those people who needs a template right here, this article is for you. We have at least fifty several samples that you can choose and use. Scroll down, and read the entire article for your advantage.

1. Board Meeting Minutes Sample

Ensure that your board meeting went well and record all the necessary points or lists in detailed and well-organized board meeting minutes like the one below.

board-meeting-minutes-example-6 Use This Board Meeting Minutes Sample

2. Corporate Meeting Minutes Sample

In establishing corporate meeting minutes, make sure you have the appropriate details attached to them to make them look more credible and reliable. You can use the template below as your reference.

simple-corporate-meeting-minutes-2 Use This Corporate Meeting Minutes Sample

3. Advisory Board Meeting Sample

When making an advisory board meeting minutes, make sure it contains all the necessary details. Usually, meetings like this took so long, so expect that your minutes are also long.

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Size: 143 kB


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4. Business Meeting Minutes Sample

Business meetings are usually long and detailed. So make sure that your business meeting minutes contain all the key points discussed during the meeting. You can take the template below as your reference.

business-development-meeting-minutes-template-2 Use This Business Meeting Minutes Sample

5. Nonprofit Meeting Minutes Sample

In making nonprofit meeting minutes, you should record all the key points and details. Without such, you can’t make credible and successful meeting minutes.

free-basic-nonprofit-meeting-minutes-template-2 Use This Nonprofit Meeting Minutes Sample

6. Formal Meeting Minutes Sample

For formal meeting minutes, you should follow the proper format and, at the same time, record all necessary points that could sum up the entire meeting minutes.

formal-business-meeting-minutes-template Use This Formal Meeting Minutes Sample

7. Informal Meeting Minutes Sample

Informal meeting minutes are the same as any other meeting minutes. It still has all of the necessary details. You can use the template below as your reference.

informal-board-meeting-minutes-template Use This Informal Meeting Minutes Sample

8. Department Meeting Minutes Sample

Department meetings are usually long as they will discuss every concern in the entire department. That is why when making department meeting minutes, you should ensure that it contains all the items discussed and addressed.

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9. Project Meeting Minutes Sample

When your company got new projects, everyone involves in the project should facilitate a meeting to discuss everything. It usually takes long hours, so you should expect that you have several details to record in your project meeting minutes.

project-meeting-minutes-template-1 Use This Project Meeting Minutes Sample

10. Committee Meeting Minutes Sample

When it comes to committee meetings, you should have precise and well-organized committee meeting minutes to keep a record of what happened, just like any other meeting.

free-committee-meeting-minutes-template-2 Use This Committee Meeting Minutes Sample

11. Subcommittee Meeting Minutes Sample

Just like other meetings, subcommittee meetings usually last long hours. That means there’s a lot to discuss on. So, while writing subcommittee meeting minutes, make sure to include all pertinent information to retain a complete record of what transpired during the meeting.

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12. Finance Committee Meeting Minutes Sample

When it comes to financing committee meetings, there are a lot of things that need to tackle. So ensure that you keep your eyes and ears to make sure that you’ll record everything necessary in your finance committee meeting minutes.

finance-committee-meeting-minutes Use This Finance Committee Meeting Minutes Sample

13. Church Meeting Minutes Sample

Church committees also organize meetings every now and then, so if you’re responsible for the church meeting minutes, be sure to listen and record all the necessary details.

editable-church-meeting-minutes-template Use This Church Meeting Minutes Sample

14. Advertising Agency Meeting Minutes Sample

In establishing advertising agency meeting minutes, make sure that all your recorded details are factual and discussed. This meeting could involve some clients or team members. You can take the template below as an example.

advertising-agency-client-meeting-minutes-1 Use This Advertising Agency Meeting Minutes Sample

15. Annual Meeting Minutes Sample

Every organization facilitates an annual meeting to know what they have achieved and failed in the entire year. So, assume that it should take long hours to finish. So when making the annual meeting minutes, you should also expect that you’ll have to record various details.

editable-annual-business-meeting-minutes-template Use This Annual Meeting Minutes Sample

16. Monthly Meeting Minutes Sample

Monthly meetings, like annual meetings, are required for every organization. Although it is a bit shorter than the annual, it nevertheless requires extensive and insightful monthly meeting minutes to document the discussion of the month’s events.

free-monthly-meeting-minutes-template Use This Monthly Meeting Minutes Sample

17. Weekly Meeting Minutes Sample

Weekly meeting minutes are similar to regular meeting minutes in that they cover all of the pertinent information from the weekly meeting. Weekly meetings contain the summarization of the events of the previous week. Although it is not as long as monthly or annual meetings, it serves the same goal.

free-weekly-meeting-minutes-template Use This Weekly Meeting Minutes Sample

18. Regular Meeting Minutes Sample

The typical format for meeting minutes is regular meeting minutes. It contains all of the meeting’s details, agenda, and any other pertinent information. You can use the template below as an example.

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19. Board of Director Meeting Minutes Sample

Board of director meeting minutes records all the actions and decisions of a board of directors. It serves as an official and legal record of any board meetings, which means you should include more than a simple overview of the meeting.

basic-board-of-directors-meeting-minutes-template Use This Board of Director Meeting Minutes Sample

20. Club Meeting Minutes Sample

Clubs also conduct monthly or weekly meetings to discuss the status of the business, just like any other organization. Thus, it also needs to have club meeting minutes to record all the discussions, especially about finances and other essential things in the club.

editable-sample-club-meeting-minutes-template Use This Club Meeting Minutes Sample

21. Construction Meeting Minutes Sample

Construction-related meetings need construction meeting minutes as it serves as proof of the discussion. It is because it serves as the written notes used to record the conversation and main points of the meeting.

construction-conference-meeting-minutes-template-1 Use This Construction Meeting Minutes Sample

22. COVID-19 Meeting Minutes Sample

As we faced a pandemic nowadays, most organizations are doing their best to provide for their employees. That is why they even conduct meetings in the middle of the pandemic. Companies still need Covid-19 meeting minutes, although not of us might be meeting face-to-face. You can have the format below as your reference.

formal-covid-meeting-minutes Use This Covid-19 Meeting Minutes Sample

23. Freelancer Meeting Minutes Sample

Meeting minutes are also necessary for freelancers to create an official record of the actions conducted at a meeting. You can take the freelance meeting minutes sample as your reference if you want to make a similar one.

free-basic-freelance-meeting-minutes-template Use This Freelancer Meeting Minutes Sample

24. Professional Meeting Minutes Sample

When it comes to making professional meeting minutes, it should follow a certain construction to ensure it looks professional and formal. Using such formats can help you to come up with credible meeting minutes.

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25. HR Meeting Minutes Sample

HR meeting minutes are essential during every HR meeting. It produces a historical record used to confirm decisions. It also serves as a reminder of earlier events and actions in future meetings.

sample-hr-meeting-minutes-template-2 Use This HR Meeting Minutes Sample

26. IT and Software Meeting Minutes Sample

If you’re doing some meetings with your IT and software team, make sure to create IT and software meeting minutes. It will serve as the record, and you can use it as your backup for future meetings.

free-simple-software-meeting-minutes-sample Use This IT and Software Meeting Minutes Sample

27. Management Meeting Minutes Sample

It is normal to have a management meeting. It usually discusses everything about the management itself. Thus, it also needs detailed and well-organized management meeting minutes. It serves as a written report, and they can even use it for future discussions.

sample-management-meeting-minutes-template-2 Use This Management Meeting Minutes Sample

28. Real Estate Meeting Minutes Sample

Real estate meetings usually happen between the dealer or owner and the client. It is a serious discussion and negotiation. So be ready to record them all in your real estate meeting minutes.

simple-real-estate-meeting-minutes Use This Real Estate Meeting Minutes Sample

29. Restaurant Meeting Minutes Sample

There are various things that you can tackle in a restaurant meeting. However, ensure that you are ready for restaurant meeting minutes. Ensure that it should reflect a record of motions, votes, abstentions, and other necessary details.

editable-restaurant-minutes-of-meeting-of-directors-template Use This Restaurant Meeting Minutes Sample

30. Safety Meeting Minutes Sample

Safety meetings ensure safety awareness. It also motivates employees to follow proper safety practices. During these meetings, you should also be ready for your safety meeting minutes.

safety-meeting-minutes-template Use This Safety Meeting Minutes Sample

31. Sales Meeting Minutes Sample

The goal of a sales meeting varies depending on the type of business. Salespeople use it to motivate employees, acknowledge top performers, and set departmental objectives. Whatever the reasons and purpose it has, the person responsible should make detailed sales meeting minutes.

free-sales-meeting-minutes-template Use This Sales Meeting Minutes Sample

32. School Meeting Minutes Sample

School meetings are necessary, especially for the staff. It is where teachers can share objectives and how they can handle students well. As the one responsible for recording all the discussions, you should make formal and reliable school meeting minutes.

school-meeting-minutes-template-1 Use This School Meeting Minutes Sample

33. Shareholder Meeting Minutes Sample

A stakeholder meeting is an event for introducing stakeholders to one another, garnering commitment to usability, and defining usability goals aligned with business goals. Whatever discussion they may have, you should record them all in detailed stakeholder meeting minutes.

simple-shareholder-meeting-minutes-template-2 Use This Stakeholder Meeting Minutes Sample

34. Staff Meeting Minutes Sample

Staff meetings are necessary, like a school meeting. It is where all staff, not only in school, gathers and discuss anything that could help them achieve their goal. You can use the staff meeting minutes template below as your reference when making such documents.

free-monthly-meeting-minutes-template1 Use This Staff Meeting Minutes Sample

35. Small Business Meeting Minutes Sample

Small Business meeting minutes are important as large businesses. So ensure that your meeting minutes contain all the necessary details and points like other similar meeting minutes.

small-business-meeting-minutes Use This Small Business Meeting Minutes Sample

36. Startup Meeting Minutes Sample

Meetings for startups might differ based on the type of company. They do, however, share the same purpose of promoting and endorsing their business to a variety of clients and investors. That is why you should make complete and reliable startup meeting minutes to every meeting your startup business may have so you have a backup for future meetings.

sample-startup-meeting-minutes-template Use This Startup Meeting Minutes Sample

37. Team Meeting Minutes Sample

Team meetings are essential to discuss and share objectives within the team. Conferences like this should have detailed and informative team meeting minutes to record everything discussed during the meeting.

team-meeting-minutes-template-2 Use This Team Meeting Minutes Sample

38. Trustee Meeting Minutes Sample

Having trustee meetings ensures proper management of the trust’s business and reflects the trustee’s effective control and management. A discussion like this should be in detailed trustee meeting minutes.

free-trustee-meeting-minutes-template-1 Use This Trustee Meeting Minutes Sample

39. Work From Home Meeting Minutes Sample

Although work from home meetings are usually through video calls or conferences, you still have to create written work from home meeting minutes if you’re the one assigned to do it. You can use the template below as your reference.

work-from-home-team-meeting-minutes Use This Work From Home Meeting Minutes Sample

40. Zoom Meeting Minutes Sample

Like WFH meetings, zoom meetings aren’t face-to-face. Despite being remote, creating zoom meeting minutes is still essential.


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Size: 862 KB



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41. Simple Meeting Minutes Sample

Simple meeting minutes are the same as regular meeting minutes. It is simple, yet it has all the details needed in a meeting minutes.

simple-basic-meeting-minutes-template-3 Use This Simple Meeting Minutes Sample

42. Charity Meeting Minutes Sample

During charity meetings, charity meeting minutes are required like any other meeting. It is to keep a written record of what occurred during the meeting.

free-charity-meeting-minutes Use This Charity Meeting Minutes Sample

43. Teleconference Meeting Minutes Sample

Although all teleconference doesn’t usually see each other personally, this type of meeting also needs to have recorded teleconference meeting minutes.


File Format
  • PDF

Size: 826.4 kB


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44. Council Meeting Minutes Sample

Council meetings are as essential as board meetings. It is where the council considers any points that they have on their agenda. That is why you should have to make council meeting minutes to record all the discussed information.


File Format
  • PDF

Size: 154.4 kB


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45. Anti Slavery Society Meeting Minutes Sample

Organizations like an anti-slavery society conduct meetings to discuss and share their objectives. Conversations like this should have anti-slavery society meeting minutes to record everything.


File Format
  • PDF

Size: 69.6 kB


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46. District Meeting Minutes Sample

District meetings are equally crucial to those of board and council meetings. It’s where they’ll talk about what’s going on in the district and how to fix issues (if they have). In this case, you should make district meeting minutes to keep a written record of the discussion.


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47. Technical Meeting Minutes Sample

Technical meetings are similar to other meetings. It also needs technical meeting minutes to record all the details discussed during the meeting.

technical-meeting-minutes-template-1 Use This Technical Meeting Minutes Sample

48. Contractor Meeting Minutes Sample

In establishing contractor meeting minutes, ensure that all your eyes and ears are in the meeting to record all the necessary details. You can use this document if ever your clients refuse or find any problems in the construction.

contractor-meeting-minutes-sample Use This Contractor Meeting Minutes Sample

49. Fundraising Meeting Minutes Sample

When it comes to money-related meetings, you should make meeting minutes to record all of them. It could also avoid confusion and problems. You can take the fundraising meeting minutes below as an example.

nonprofit-fundraising-meeting-minutes-sample Use This Fundraising Meeting Minutes Sample

50. Cabinet Meeting Minutes Sample

Cabinet meetings are essential as those board and business meetings. That is why you should also create cabinet meeting minutes to document all the details discussed.


File Format
  • PDF

Size: 116.9 kB


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Several variables and forms must follow to make credible and formal meeting minutes. If you’re not sure what these are, scroll down to see examples of some of the formats you’ll encounter in most meeting minutes.

1. Heading

For formal meeting minutes, you should begin with the company or brands’ name as the heading. You also have to provide the title of the meeting in this area.

2. Meeting Details

After the heading, you should consider the meeting details. These details should include the date, time, location, name of participants. It is also the section where you will introduce the topics one by one.

3. Agenda Details

Agenda details should include the discussion of every topic. It should be clear and precise. It begins with the call to order and ends with the adjournment of the meeting.

4. Action Discussed

Action discussed is the solutions agreed upon and addressed to solve the problems and issues discussed. Write all the details and organize them well to come up with neat meeting minutes.


What are the meeting minutes?

Meeting minutes are written notes taken during a meeting. They emphasize the most important subjects, motions being made or voted on, and activities.

Who usually wrote the meeting minutes?

A chosen member of the organization normally takes the minutes of a meeting.

What is the purpose of the meeting minutes?

The main purpose of meeting minutes is to keep a record of everything that happens during the meeting.

How to write meeting minutes?

There are various things that you need to consider when writing meeting minutes. These are some of the things that you should do:

  • Use a template
  • Check the attendees and absences
  • Record all the necessary details needed
  • Ensure to write it clearly
  • Print

Can you write meeting minutes for free?

Yes, you can, especially if you know how to do it. But if not, you can download various templates that you can use as guides. You can also download our editable templates if you like.