How to Make a Resume on Google Docs

In the professional world, a resume is a key requirement. Ideally, it should not just be an informative piece of paper but it should be memorable as well. Nowadays, there is greater pressure to stand out even when it comes to resumes. Competition is higher and the last thing you want is for your resume to be lost in the recruitment pile. Thankfully, Google Docs makes it easier and more convenient for job seekers to craft a resume with the use of its predesigned templates. From the simple and minimalist to the more creative templates, you will find that using any of these sample resumes will save your more time and energy. how-to-make-a-resume-on-google-docs

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  • To create a resume using templates on Google Docs: Open a new document in Google Docs. Under File, click New and select From Template. You can also go directly to the Google Docs homepage and look for Resumes under Template Gallery. 

How to Make a Resume Using Templates in Google Docs

Google Docs provides a ready-made outline so it is easier to input your qualifications. By using a template, you do not have to worry excessively about the format and layout. All you need to do is prepare the details and make sure to keep in mind the following steps as well:

1. Create a new document on Google Docs and click the File tab. Click New, then From template. This will bring you to the Template Gallery homepage.

Note: You would need a Google account to take advantage of the free templates.

2. Scroll down and you will find several templates for resumes. Choose a template to edit it.


3. Edit the file name in the text box on the upper left. To edit the document, simply highlight the text to change the name. Add other important information including a contact number and an active email address. It is optional for security reasons, but you do have the choice to include an address as well.


4. List your work experience in an organized manner. Arrange them in chronological order starting with the most recent one. Provide the company name and job position you held. Add in relevant skills and enumerate past awards or recognitions received.

Tip: You cannot expect recruiters to immediately know what type of work experience you have just by the job title. It is helpful to provide a brief description below each work entry. As much as possible, use action-oriented language.

5. If you want to add a photo to your resume, click Insert on the menu bar. You can upload an image from your computer or Google Drive.


6. Adjust the photo size and the page’s spacing and margins, as you see fit.

7.  Your document is automatically saved to your Google Drive. When you’re through editing, you now have the option to print, send, or download a copy of your resume in your preferred format.

Note: If you are looking for a wider selection of templates, has dozens of free and editable resumes in Google Docs format.