How to Create a List in Excel

The To-Do today method is a fundamental way that will increase your productivity as you utilize an efficient list to guide you properly in managing your tasks. But how can you create an effective list? Creating a list could be easier and more manageable with Microsoft Excel. The details and materials below will serve as your step-by-step guidelines on how to make a list in Excel sheet. You will also learn here on how to expand a list in excel, how to list in excel cell, how to make drop down list in excel, how to create drop down list in excel with multiple selections, etc. Remember that you can use it in different Excel versions, including Excel 2013, Excel 2016, Excel 2019, and Mac. how-to-create-a-list-in-excel

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  • For Windows: Click on File, then select New. Browse through the templates section, then select Blank Workbook.
  • For Mac: Go to New Document, look for a template, then select New to open a new spreadsheet. Edit as you wish before saving.

How to Create a List Using Microsoft Excel

Lists in cells can help people work more efficiently with spreadsheets. Learning how to make a list in Excel cell can be a great boon for any professional. However, those who do not yet know how can refer to the steps provided in this article. Read carefully the points below on how you can create a list in Excel.

1. Open the Microsoft Excel program and select New to open a new spreadsheet.

Note: You can use the pre-existing list in excel templates in if you don’t want to make a list from scratch.

2. Go to File, then select Options.


3. After that, click the Advanced option.


4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Edit Custom Lists under the General section.


5. Under the List entries area, you can create and add your Custom List. Under the List entries section, click NEW LIST, and then manually enter your list, one entry per line. Click Add once you’ve finished typing the values. When you’re finished, click OK.


6. Click OK again.


7. Let’s return to our Excel file to observe how our new Custom List works. In a cell, type the data you put on your custom list, this time alpha, for example.


8. Click the lower right corner of the cell and drag it to the next five cells to the right.


9. Release to see it auto-populate to zeta. Then, you’re good to go.


10. After filling out the list, click Save to save your list.

How to Make a List in Mac Using Microsoft Excel

Excel for Mac has the same capabilities as Excel for Windows, including basic filtering tools and preformatted formulas. You can do calculations and sort quickly and easily with its tools like AutoSum and Filter. You can also make lists by utilizing the tools in Excel for Mac.

1. Open the Microsoft Excel program.

2. To make a list, go to File and open the spreadsheet.

Note: You can use the pre-existing list in excel templates in if you don’t want to make a list from scratch.

3. Choose the cell where you wish to start typing.

4. Fill up the cell with the name of the first item in the list. If your list is the fundamental data, such as days, months, or consecutive numbers, Excel for Mac can automatically complete your list. Select the cell and move the pointer to the lower right corner to automatically fill the remaining days of the week. While holding down the mouse button, click and drag the pointer along the column of cells.


5. Make the custom lists that Excel will fill for you. Select the Preferences option from the Excel button, which will open a new dialogue window. Under the Formulas and Lists section, select Custom Lists.


6. Fill in the rest of your list manually. To move to the next cell in the column, use the Enter key once you’ve done inputting the first entry in the top cell. To continue typing items that need to be on your list, use the down arrow to proceed to the next cell, or click on it.

7. After everything, click Save to save your list.