How to Make a Voucher on Microsoft Word

Aside from Microsoft Excel and Publisher, Microsoft Office is well-known for Microsoft Word. In fact, a Word document promises a variety of features. And one notable example is to create your very own voucher. You can make a simple voucher from scratch or use a voucher sample instead. You may even craft all sorts of vouchers from a payment voucher template, coupon template, down to a petty cash voucher format. And we will guide you on the step-by-step process to do it below. how-to-make-a-voucher-on-microsoft-word.

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  • For Windows: Open Microsoft Word and select Insert. Next, click Table to insert columns and rows. The table added serves as your voucher and you can start editing it to look like an official voucher.
  • For Mac: Open MS Word and simply follow the same steps earlier. But if you don’t want to make vouchers out of scratch, use Word’s premade templates by clicking New and double-clicking Forms. Next, choose Personal Forms and then Personal Check Template. Change that template’s details using voucher content and edit it.

How to Create Vouchers in Microsoft Word Using Windows

In case you are using Windows to make vouchers in MS Word, a voucher design is easy to make. And you can start learning the process by making one from scratch according to this simple tutorial:

1. Go to your personal computer’s Microsoft Word program. Then, select Insert found at the menu above your new document. Click Table until you can insert rows and columns to your table. Bear in mind that your table serves as your voucher later on.

how to make a voucher template

2. Modify the table’s presentation by using Word’s editable features. A good start is to add text that you want to incorporate into your voucher. Just select any part of the table until you can type any text. Texts may run from the voucher number, date, etc. Do not forget to adjust the font style, font size, and alignment in doing so.

3. Above the table marks your voucher’s title. Simply write what type of voucher it is. Without a clear title, the voucher might be mistaken as a Christmas gift, receipt, coupon book, or maybe a certificate template. And besides the table, you can add more elements like a business logo, the company address, contact information, and so much more. Here is a perfect example:

microsoft word coupon template free

4. Next, copy and paste your work to produce as many vouchers as you want. Don’t forget to save your file and print your preferred number of copies as well.

How to Make Vouchers in Microsoft Word Using Mac

Now that you know how to create a voucher from scratch, try using templates in MS Word too. And if you are using Mac for making vouchers in Word, here are the steps to consider:

1. First things first, open MS Word using Mac. From there, you can make a new document to create your vouchers.

voucher wording template

2. Above the toolbar, specifically at the top left side, marks the Office button. Click it and press New. That way, you could see a list of templates. So scroll down from the library and double-click Forms.

3. Be sure to tap Personal Forms followed by Personal Check Template. From there, you can start tweaking the template by changing the default header into “VOUCHER.”

4. Slowly modify the rest of the editable elements so you can insert the sections for the name, date, contact details, signature, unique serial number, etc. Once you’re done, save your work and produce as many copies as you need.

Note: If you aren’t fully satisfied with Word’s voucher templates, head on to’s library of editable voucher templates in Word.