50+ Statement Samples, Format & Examples 2022

The presence of statement documents strengthens the credibility of certain things and matters. That’s why every institution, organization, and legal concern strongly require official statements. They can be tedious to create, but not with the help of our statement templates. 50-statement-samples-format-examples-2021

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To create a statement of your very own, follow the following steps:

  • Browse through our statement samples to create your own statement.
  • Customize Online or Download in your preferred File format and Print As Required


Having trouble writing official statements? If you are, we’ll end your trouble. Here we have numerous statement samples and examples. Use them as your reference or template. Go over them now and don’t hesitate to download them.

1. Profit and Loss Statement Sample

Our Profit and Loss Statement Sample is the perfect tool to communicate your company’s monthly income. It has a spacious table and uses a simple design.

free-profit-and-loss-statement-template Use This Profit and Loss Statement Sample

2. Profit and Loss Statement For Small Business Sample

This one is virtually the same as the previous sample but mainly targeted at small business owners. So if you’re a small business owner, grab this one.

free-profit-and-loss-statement-for-small-business-template Use This Profit and Loss Statement For Small Business Sample

3. Income Statement Sample

Your company’s monthly income is essential info. It determines if your business is doing well or not. Make sure to be transparent about it with our Income Statement Sample.

free-income-statement-template Use This Income Statement Sample

4. Restaurant Income Statement Quarterly Sample

A restaurant can easily falter if you won’t keep an eye on income rates. If you’re a restaurant owner, ensure that doesn’t happen. Keep your business running and maintain its financial health with our statement sample below.

restaurant-income-statement-quarterly-template Use This Restaurant Income Statement Quarterly Sample

5. Mission Statement Sample

A mission statement helps establish your business’s brand and identity. So if it doesn’t have one yet, make one now with help from our Mission Statement Sample.

mission-statement-template Use This Mission Statement Sample

6. Nonprofit Mission Statement Sample

Nonprofits also have mission statements like profit organizations. So here’s a sample nonprofit mission statement you can use if you have a nonprofit group.

free-nonprofit-mission-statement-template Use This Nonprofit Mission Statement Sample

7. Cash Flow Statement Sample

The IRS and other auditing firms are very keen on cash flows. Our Cash Flow Statement template below can help you document your cash flows with ease. So when the time comes you get audited, it’ll be smooth sailing.

cash-flow-statement-template Use This Cash Flow Statement Sample

8. Real Estate Cash Flow Statement Sample

Here’s another cash flow statement sample. But we made this for real estate companies and realtors. However, it’s still a good reference to formulate any cash flow statement.

real-estate-cash-flow-statement-123 Use This Real Estate Cash Flow Statement Sample

9. Law School Personal Statement Sample

If you plan to enter law school, you need to submit a convincing personal statement. It should highlight the attributes that make you worthy to take a law course. To achieve that, take inspiration from our Law School Personal Statement.

law-school-personal-statement Use This Law School Personal Statement Sample

10. Freelance Writer Personal Statement Sample

If you’re a freelance writer, take this personal statement sample. It can help enhance your freelancing brand and earn the trust of new clients.

freelance-writer-personal-statement-123-2 Use This Freelance Writer Personal Statement Sample

11. Personal Financial Statement Sample

Aside from your business, you must also keep tabs on your personal finances. For that, use our Personal Financial Statement Sample.

free-personal-financial-statement-template Use This Personal Financial Statement Sample

12. Financial Statement For Advertising Agency Sample

If you own an advertising agency, you’ll certainly find our statement sample below useful. Just like any business, advertising agencies need financial statements to maintain their financial health.

financial-statement-for-advertising-agency Use This Financial Statement For Advertising Agency Sample

13. Billing Statement Sample

Billing your customers is a crucial part of your business process. So make sure the bills you send are neat and presentable, just like our Billing Statement Sample.

billing-statement-template Use This Billing Statement Sample

14. Construction Billing Statement Sample

Here’s another quality billing statement but intended for construction firms. It has a simple and clear-cut design.

construction-billing-statement-template Use This Construction Billing Statement Sample

15. New Business Mission Statement Sample

This one’s a business statement that helps you create a mission statement for your startup business. Whether your business is a cafe, a convenience store, or a flower shop, you can have this.

new-business-mission-statement-template Use This New Business Mission Statement Sample

16. Small Business Administration Mission Statement Sample

Creating mission statements can indeed be a headscratcher. That’s why we’ve included yet another mission statement sample here.

small-business-administration-mission-statement-template Use This Small Business Administration Mission Statement Sample

17. Blank Work From Home Statement Sample

This blank statement sample can help you create work from home statements. You can use it to break down the expenses and salaries of remote workers.

free-blank-work-from-home-statement-template Use This Blank Work From Home Statement Sample

18. Blank University Statement Sample

Applying for college is no easy step. But with a convincing university statement, the path towards college life edges closer. So if you want to go to college, create your statement using this sample.

free-blank-university-statement Use This Blank University Statement Sample

19. Construction Project Scope Statement Sample

If you work for a construction firm, you might like this template. It’s a construction statement sample that helps you outline project scopes. With it, you can easily break down the specifics of your construction projects.

construction-project-scope-statement-template Use This Construction Project Scope Statement Sample

20. Construction Statement at Completion Sample

Once a construction project is complete, it’s not officially complete if there’s no statement of completion. Here we have a sample completion statement for construction projects.

construction-statement-at-completion-template Use This Construction Statement at Completion Sample

21. Statement on a Two-Pillar Solution to Address the Tax Challenges Example

This statement example can be your reference to resolve tax issues. It’s made by a credible organization and you can own it by clicking ‘Download.’

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 166 KB

Download at OECD

22. Statement on LIBOR Transition Example

This one’s a standard statement document from the Federal Reserve System. It’s a great example of a detailed and well-written statement.

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 143 KB

Download at Federal Reserve

23. Statement For Banks Example

This Statement For Banks Example is also a great example of detailed statement documents, especially one that involves laws and strict regulations.

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 134 KB

Download at FinCen

24. Statement on Benchmark Transition Example

This one’s a professionally-made benchmark transition statement made by IOSCO. You can also own it simply by pressing ‘Download.’

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 121 KB

Download at IOSCO

25. Joint Statement in Support of COVID-19 Vaccine Example

As COVID-19 remains a threat, vaccines are needed more than ever. If your company aims to support vaccines, release an official statement proving it. Refer to this example.

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 182 KB

Download at ACP Online

26. Expense Statement Sample

Expenses made by your employees must be recorded. You can document them using our Expense Statement Sample.

expense-statement-template Use This Expense Statement Sample

27. Restaurant Expense Statement Sample

Restaurant expenses are never cheap. That’s why as a restaurant manager, you need to monitor them. Document every expense incurred by your business with this sample.

restaurant-expense-statement-template Use This Restaurant Expense Statement Sample

28. Certification Enclosing Financial Statement Sample

This is a finance statement sample that certifies the enclosure of a financial statement. It’s blank spaces where you simply input necessary info. The rest of the content is given.

certification-enclosing-financial-statements Use This Certification Enclosing Financial Statement Sample

29. Request Delay in Providing Financial Statement Sample

If you think you’ll be behind in delivering a financial statement, you might need this statement letter. Use it to ask for consideration for the delay.

request-delay-in-providing-financial-statement Use This Request Delay in Providing Financial Statement Sample

30. Freelance Job Statement Sample

If you’re about to hire a freelancer, you’ll have use of this freelancer statement. Use it to break down the freelance job’s service fee and its terms and conditions.

freelance-job-statement-template Use This Freelance Job Statement Sample

31. Freelance Statement of Work Sample

Here we have our Freelance Statement of Work Sample. If you’re a freelancer, feel free to use it as your template. It helps in outlining details about your projects.

freelance-statement-of-work-123 Use This Freelance Statement of Work Sample

32. IT Statement of Work Sample

IT projects have quite complicated scopes. For that reason, they require detailed statement-of-work documents. Our IT and software statement sample below can help with that.

it-statement-of-work-template Use This IT Statement of Work Sample

33. Basic Real Estate Statement Sample

This real estate statement template has a basic design, as those of its like should. If you’re a realtor, use this to make your client transactions easier and well documented.

free-basic-real-estate-statement-template Use This Basic Real Estate Statement Sample

34. Simple Software Statement Sample

Software projects have complex details. And those details should be complete to ensure the software’s functionality and quality. So if your company is having a software project, outline its details using our Simple Software Statement.

free-simple-software-statement-template Use This Simple Software Statement Sample

35. Agency Scope of Work Statement Sample

Our Agency Scope of Work Statement enables agencies to discuss the nature of their work concisely and in detail. It has a ready-made cover page and sufficient content for reference.

agency-scope-of-work Use This Agency Scope of Work Statement Sample

36. Work From Home Statement of Purpose Sample

Working from home is the best and safest work setup while COVID-19 remains a threat. So tell your boss about it. Personalize our Work From Home Statement of Purpose and send it to your boss. That should convince him or her.

work-from-home-statement-of-purpose-template Use This Work From Home Statement of Purpose Sample

37. Work From Home Policy Statement Sample

Employees working from home should still be bound by company policy. You can make sure of that with our Work From Home Policy Statement.

work-from-home-policy-statement Use This Work From Home Policy Statement Sample

Our Legal Statement Sample is a perfect template to write legally credible statements. It’s straight to point and has given blank spaces to input your name, signature, company name, and the document’s issue date. You can customize this using Microsoft Word.

legal-statement-template Use This Legal Statement Sample

39. Payroll Statement Sample

Payroll is something you should be transparent to your employees. Show them how you break down payroll with this sample. Google Docs is all you need to edit it.

payroll-statement-template Use This Payroll Statement Sample

40. Sworn Statement Sample

This sample statement helps you formulate a sworn statement that protects your identity or anything that you stand for. If you have a MAC PC, you can customize it using Apple (MAC) Pages.

sworn-statement-template Use This Sworn Statement Sample

41. School Vision Statement Sample

Our School Vision Statement perfectly describes the goal and desired outcomes of schools in general. So if you’re a school admin, you can use it as an inspiration for your school’s vision statement. It’s editable in Adobe PDF and you can have it now.

school-vision-statement-template Use This School Vision Statement Sample

42. Benefit Statement Dashboard Sample

Break down the benefits your employees receive with our Benefit Statement Dashboard. It has a ready-made pie chart and bar graph that you can use as your visual aid tools. You only need Microsoft Excel to edit it.

benefit-statement-dashboard-template Use This Benefit Statement Dashboard Sample

43. Earning Statement Pay Stub Sample

Our Earning Statement Pay Stub enables you to be more transparent concerning your employees’ salaries. It has a complete blank table that allows you to break down their earnings. Grab this and tinker with it using Google Sheets.

free-earning-statement-pay-stub-template-440x570-1 Use This Earning Statement Pay Stub Sample

44. Basic Pay Stub Statement Sample

Here’s another pay stub statement sample with a more basic layout. This one’s customizable in Apple (MAC) Numbers.

basic-pay-stub Use This Basic Pay Stub Statement Sample

45. Capability Statement Sample

Flaunt your company’s capabilities and winning attributes with our Capability Statement Sample. It enables you to discuss your business’s core competencies, track record, and more. Just open it in Microsoft Outlook and edit.

capability-statement-template Use This Capability Statement Sample

46. Greylock Personal Finance Statement Example

This is an elaborate personal finance statement example from Greylock. It enables users to formulate detailed and transparent financial statements.

File Format
  • Doc

Size: 59 KB

Download at Greylock

47. Voluntary Statement Example

Here’s a simple statement example with a sufficient blank space to write your formal statements.

File Format
  • Doc

Size: 4 KB

Download at Marine Corps Base Hawaii

48. Business Needs Statement Example

If you’re about to propose a project, refer to this business needs statement example from CDC. You can also have it by clicking the download button.

File Format
  • Doc

Size: 32 KB

Download at CDC

49. Bidder Itemized Statement Example

Are you about to organize a bidding event? If so, this can be useful for you. Use as a guide to creating standard itemized statement sheets.

File Format
  • Doc

Size: 12 KB

Download at Seattle Children's

50. Pre-Trial Statement Example

This is a sample pre-trial statement shared by the City of Elyria. A document like this helps in clarifying and establishing where each party stands in a trial.

File Format
  • Doc

Size: 8 KB

Download at City of Elyria

Statement Format

There are many types of statements, each has its own unique function. But whatever statement you’re creating, it must have these components:

1. Title of the Statement

As official documents, statements must have a title. Their title must directly indicate their function. For example, if you’re creating a statement detailing profit and loss, its title should be “Profit and Loss Statement.”

2. Info of the Statement’s Involved Parties

A statement must indicate the name of the individuals or organizations that have something to do or a party of interest in the matter. Their contact information such as phone number and email address must also be included if necessary.

3. Body

This is where you’ll detail the main points of the statement. You must write them clearly and concisely. You can also use tables, charts, and graphs if your statement involves statistical and numeric data.

4. Closing Remarks

Not all types of statements have closing remarks but most of them do. It’s where you’ll write the final points or conclusions that you want to imply.

5. Signatures

The presence of authorized signatures solidifies a statement’s validity. As the maker of the statement document, you must affix your signature at its end.


What are the common types of statements?

These are the most common types of statements:

  • Income statement
  • Mission statement
  • Billing statement
  • Financial statement
  • Scope of work statement
  • Legal statement
  • Sworn statement

What type of document is a statement?

A statement is a type of document that is used as a basis of support or proof about a particular event or any matter.

What’s a business need statement?

A business need statement is a specific type of statement document. It outlines details about a project or startup business, including its goals, purpose, and scope. A business need statement helps investors understand a project or business before they invest their money to support it.

What are some tips in writing personal statements?

Here are some tips in writing personal statements:

  • Introduce yourself engagingly.
  • Talk about how you’ll fit in with the school, company, or organization.
  • Highlight your skills and positive attributes.
  • Share your academic and professional experience.

What apps should I use to create statements?

Use these apps to write statements:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Google Docs
  • Google Sheets
  • Apple Pages
  • Apple Numbers
  • Adobe PDF