50+ Agreement Samples, Format & Examples 2023

Companies carry out various arrangements with clients and other organizations. Protecting your company must be your main priority, and creating comprehensive agreements helps lessen misunderstandings along the way.


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In creating your agreements, having a background of its content helps with building an enforceable document. If you have no expertise in formulating agreements, it is best to consult with an attorney when drafting one. It also helps to start familiarizing yourself with them. Below are 50 agreement samples, format, and examples you can use and download; check them out now!

1. Contract Agreement Sample

Ensure that your contracts are well-written and binding in the sense of legal regulations. Remember to read through the contract agreement more than once and gain insight from lawyers.

company contract agreementUse This Company Contract Agreement Sample

2. Partnership Agreement Sample

In establishing partnership agreements, defining share percentages, business relationships, terms, and conditions build an effective and binding document.

partnership agreementUse This Partnership Agreement Sample

3. Payment Agreement Example

It is typical for people to forget about their debts or installment fees. Having payment agreements help with ensuring that any unresolved dues get repaid on time.

payment agreement sample 550x
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4. Business Agreement Sample

Every business wishes to grow and expand its brand. Building a business agreement to tie up to another organization helps establish terms and conditions about the arrangement.

business agreement contract templateUse This Business Agreement Contract Sample

5. Agreement Letter Sample

Creating an agreement letter highlights the conditions of the client to a possible contractor. The letter must state specific expectations of the client regarding the service.

agreement letterUse This Letter Enclosing A Settlement Agreement Sample

6. Tenancy Agreement Example

Tenancy agreements detail the rules and regulations agreed upon by a tenant and a landlord. It also involves clauses about payment schedules and late fees.

tenancy contract template
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7. Rental Agreement Sample

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, creating a rental agreement clears out all possible questions and conditions about the arrangement.

rental agreement templateUse This Rental Agreement Sample

8. Service Agreement Sample

Service agreements list down possible services a contractor offers a client during a term. Ensure you also highlight services you cannot promise to clients.

free service agreement templateUse This Service Agreement Sample

9. Employee Agreement Sample

In any business, offering your employee the mandated benefits and given them a background of their role is critical to performance. Remember to include these elements in your employee agreement.

employee agreementUse This Contract Employee Agreement Sample

10. Separation Agreement Sample

When enough is enough, it is customary to create a separation agreement. It ensures that the employee does not file any legal action against the goodwill of the company.

employment separation agreement templateUse This Employment Separation Agreement Sample

11. Confidentiality Agreement Example

For your company to prosper in its field, it is necessary to maintain trade secrets. Securing a confidentiality agreement helps in the case of breaching company conditions.

confidentiality agreement d
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12. Loan Agreement Sample

Loans are not easy to come by, and there are plenty of requirements and conditions an individual meets in the process. Knowing the content of a loan agreement protects you from peculiar activity.

loan agreementUse This Loan Agreement Sample

13. Purchase Agreement Sample

Engaging in purchases of machinery or property for your business requires a comprehensive purchase agreement. Ensure the agreement lists down all records about the acquisition of goods.

real estate purchase agreement templateUse This Real Estate Purchase Agreement Sample

Ensuring the company is safe from any legal charges and claims must be a priority for business owners. Designing an extensive legal agreement helps in this situation.

legal agreementUse This Legal Agreement Sample

15. Settlement Agreement Example

A settlement agreement is useful when communicating disputes and resolving misunderstandings before any legal action. It helps save time and effort to go through lawful processes.

settlement agreement template
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16. Construction Agreement Sample

If your company is planning on performing major renovations or construction with a contractor, record the arrangement in a construction agreement to safeguard your company from misunderstandings.

construction agreementUse This Printable Construction Agreement Sample

17. General Agreement Sample

A general agreement covers all necessary provisions and clauses similar to all agreement documents. It serves as a blueprint even for general partnership agreements.

sample general partnership agreement templateUse This General Partnership Agreement Sample

18. Personal Loan Agreement Sample

Before pursuing a personal loan, gaining insight into its agreement is helpful, especially in negotiating the terms and conditions of the arrangement.

simple personal loan agreement templateUse This Simple Personal Loan Agreement Sample

19. Room Agreement Sample

There are times when renting a room can be taxing on the financial side. Post about a roommate opening to help pay for expenses and write a roommate agreement for prospects.

basic roommate agreement templateUse This Basic Roommate Agreement Sample

20. Installment Agreement Example

In the real estate business, making compromises with clients helps you make a sale. Creating installment agreements ensures that your customers pay a definite amount on scheduled dates.

down payment installment agreement000
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21. Small Business Agreement Sample

In starting up your own small business, being open to coaching opportunities from larger companies serves as a learning experience. Create a suitable arrangement with them to help your company grow.

business coaching agreement templateUse This Business Coaching Agreement Sample

22. Independent Contractor Agreement Sample

If you are on the side of independent contracting, you must familiarize yourself with writing an independent contractor agreement for your clients. Guarantee that you cover necessary provisions to protect yourself in the long run.

independent contractor agreement templateUse This Independent Contractor Agreement Sample

23. Child Support Agreement Sample

You owe it to your children to give them the best life they can live. However, when worse comes to worst, creating a child support agreement for the welfare of a child is necessary.

simple child support agreement templateUse This Simple Child Support Agreement Sample

24. Landlord Agreement Sample

If you have an apartment that caters to leasing individuals, knowing how to create a landlord agreement must be your top priority. Include all necessary provisions for your tenants to avoid any disputes.

landlord agreement templateUse This Landlord Agreement Sample

25. Work Agreement Example

There are instances wherein companies settle on a work agreement for a particular event or project. The work for hire agreement contains all provisions related to the arrangement between the company and an individual.

fabc4 4cbe 410d 84d1 639b59c1d
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26. Lease Agreement Sample

Initiating a lease for space or property can be tricky without a properly constructed lease agreement. Ensure you include all necessary terms and conditions for you and possible clients to lessen miscommunications.

lease agreement templateUse This Lease Agreement Sample

27. Non-Disclosure Agreement Example

Many companies ensure that their intellectual property is only for their organization. Creating a strong non-disclosure agreement helps the company to preserve this knowledge.

basic non disclosure agreement
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28. Service Contract Agreement Sample

Mutual arrangements are key to having an efficient service contract agreement. List down all possible clauses and contingencies to build a good relationship with your client.

service agreement contract templateUse This Service Agreement Contract Sample

29. Commercial Lease Agreement Sample

A commercial lease agreement is an arrangement between a tenant and landlord to use the property for business purposes. It is also helpful to write up the agreement in the presence of an attorney.

commercial lease agreement templateUse This Commercial Lease Agreement Sample

30. Shareholder Agreement Sample

There are instances of miscommunications between shareholders that result in pulling out stocks and assets. Ensure to safeguard the company from improper actions by creating a shareholder agreement.

shareholders agreement templateUse This Shareholders Agreement Sample

31. Tenant Agreement Sample

As a landlord, you must ensure that your property is well-kept at all times. However, some tenants have complete disregard of rules,  and it is advisable to create a tenant agreement leading to termination.

tenant termination of lease agreement templateUse This Tenant Termination of Lease Agreement Sample

32. Collaboration Agreement Sample

For your brand and company to reach a bigger market, a collaboration agreement with a reseller is advantageous. Make sure you have set up all the right conditions in terms of handling products and services.

reseller agreementUse This Reseller Agreement Sample

33. Employment Contract Agreement Example

Employees will always seek out their employment contract agreements when they start working for a company. It serves as a legal document that represents they are part of a company.

employment contract template
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34. Operating Agreement Sample

If you are a restaurant owner, you must prepare a restaurant operating agreement to ensure that all your working procedures follow standard protocols.

restaurant operating agreementUse This Restaurant Operating Agreement Sample

35. Addendum Agreement Example

Addendum agreements are additional documents to contracts and agreements. They serve as supporting documents and can be converted to an agreement as well. Take the addendum to purchase agreement below.

addendum to purchase agreement form iowa
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36. Joint Custody Agreement Sample

A joint custody agreement involves shared parenting responsibilities, meaning that the decision-making falls on both parents’ duties. It must cover their responsibilities on the child in custody.

sample joint custody agreement templateUse This Joint Custody Agreement Sample

37. Prenuptial Agreement Sample

Before a wedding event, a settlement between couples about the division of their wealth and property. These arrangements are called prenuptial agreements and serve as a means to an end.

prenuptial agreementUse This Prenuptial Agreement Sample

38. Franchise Agreement Sample

In setting up a franchise agreement, it is necessary for the two parties, the franchisor, and franchisee, to establish a concession. Ensure it talks about franchising fees and trademark names.

franchise agreement templateUse This Franchise Agreement Sample

39. Freelancer Agreement Sample

Freelancing jobs are prominent in many industries. Freelancer agreements identify the relationship between an individual and a company hiring their services.

freelance agreementUse This Simple Freelance Agreement Sample

40. Non-Compete Agreement Example

Non-compete agreements ensure that employees do not seek employment with businesses of a similar nature to your present or most recent company. It guarantees the performance of employees is up to par with standards.

employee non competen pdf agreement template
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41. Sublease Agreement Sample

sublease agreement binds a sublessor and the tenant of a space or property. The contract involves the two parties and covers terms and conditions similar to a lease agreement.

sublease agreement templateUse This Sublease Agreement Sample

42. LLC Operating Agreement Example

The LLC (Limited Liability Company) operating agreement is a legal document containing the structure, functions, and rules of a business. Its content serves as a roadmap for management members throughout a term.

llc operating agreement
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43. Subcontract Agreement Sample

A subcontract agreement focuses on the relationship between a contract and subcontractor, establishing no employer-employee relationship between client and subcontractor.

basic subcontract agreement templateUse This Basic Subcontract Agreement Sample

44. Property Agreement Sample

If you are planning on purchasing or selling a property, familiarize yourself with a property agreement. It helps you identify the necessary provisions and conditions in terms of acquiring or transferring property.

property sale agreement templateUse This Property Sale Agreement Sample

45. Rental Lease Agreement Example

Allowing a tenant to lease a property, whether it is for commercial or residential purposes, requires a rental lease agreement. It helps both parties to have a fitting arrangement regarding terms like rent and payment schedules.

rental lease agreement template
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46. Consignment Agreement Sample

A consignment agreement revolves around an individual offering to sell an item that belongs to a consignor. It also includes the type of sale and service fee within its content.

consignment agreement templateUse This Consignment Agreement Sample

47. Executive Agreement Sample

Hiring for an executive-level position requires an executive agreement. It also lists concerns about compensation and benefits, including their roles and responsibilities.

executive employment agreementUse This Executive Employment Agreement Sample

48. Confidentiality Agreement Sample

Confidentiality agreements focus on the arrangement between two parties not to disclose certain information. It can be related to work, a plan, or a project. Violating the agreement can lead to legal consequences, and the parties must be clear on this.

sample employee confidentiality agreement templateUse This Employee Confidentiality Agreement Sample

49. Manufacturing Agreement Sample

If your company chooses to hire a contractor to manufacture and produce your products, it is critical to have a manufacturing agreement. It contains the standards you expect and the circumstances for stopping production.

manufacturing agreementUse This Contract Manufacturing Agreement Sample

50. License Agreement Sample

License agreements focus on establishing provisions and conditions relating to the production of patented products or technology through a licensor. It lists the licensor’s standard requirements to maintain the quality of the property.

music license agreement templateUse This Music License Agreement Sample


For an agreement to be legally binding, it must contain specific elements that add to its lawful nature. Familiarize yourself with the essential format of an agreement document to use for your business.

1. The Offer

Before a contract can be valid, there must be a clear statement about the parties adhering to a promise to do or refrain from doing an action or service in the future. The document must specifically highlight the proposal made by the client to the contractor.

2. The Consideration

The consideration in the agreement refers to a form of compensation, usually of monetary value. It is what compels a contractor to take on the job or action for the client. The consideration is also what separates an agreement from a gift. With a gift being given voluntarily from an individual to another without the promise of compensation or reward.

3. The Acceptance

Acceptance of the agreement can be in words, deeds, or performance as per the agreement. It must also mirror the terms and conditions of the client’s offer, and if it does not, it serves as a rejection or a counter offer. However, if the agreement focuses on the exchange or sale of goods, the acceptance does not necessarily have to follow the acceptance of the agreement’s validity; unless it alters the original provisions or objection within a valid duration.

The mutuality focuses on the understanding and recognition of the basic structure of the agreement. It also establishes a legal relationship in terms of the binding provisions under the law between the parties.



What is an agreement?

An agreement is a form of mutual assent between two parties. It is the meeting of the minds that are made through an offer and acceptance.

What are the types of agreements?

In business, there are four common types of agreements:

  • Partnership agreements
  • Equipment lease agreements
  • Franchise agreements
  • Employment Agreements

An agreement is legally enforceable as it follows and meets the requirements of approval under the law.

Do written agreements hold up in court?

A legally binding document holds up and can be used in court trials. Any agreement between two parties with full knowledge and consent can be legally enforced, whether written or verbal.

What makes an agreement illegal?

Agreements are illegal if the purpose of creating and enforcing the document involves the parties participating in illegal activities.