50+ Magazine Ideas & Examples 2022

Magazine prints have been around since the 1700s and continue to be a valuable tool for businesses to market their products and services. Creating a company’s magazine can assist promote your brand to the public through mainstream or online media platforms. 50-magazine-ideas-inspiration-2021

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Take advantage of using various forms of media to market your products and services. Publishing magazines aid you with selling them in different places, including bookstores, malls, and many others. Remember to use graphic designs that help boost chances of enticing your audience to purchase your magazines. Below, there are 50 magazine ideas and inspirations you can use for your next magazine print.

1. What’s in the Bag?

A magazine must attract readers to its cover. Rouse your audience by showing what possible products and content your magazine has. For beauty products, pull out as many items associated with your theme as possible.

product-sales-magazine-template1x-11Use This Product Sales Magazine

2. It’s a Showcase!

When it comes to showcasing your product, ensure you put your best products forward on the front page. For car dealerships, familiar sports autos on the cover make for eye-catching content. Also, highlight the headline of your magazine cover by using large text.

car-sale-magazine-templateUse This Car Sales Magazine

When it comes to promoting online stores, incorporating elements associated with web pages is essential to your design. Pair it with minimalistic design properties to enhance the feel of your magazine.

online-sales-magazine-templateUse This Online Sales Magazine

4. Put Some Weight into It

Selling gym equipment in fitness magazines proves to be difficult, but getting creative with photos impacts the weight of your cover and content. Showing your equipment is also a selling point to any product.

equipment-sales-magazineUse This Equipment Sales Magazine

5. Show Some Sparkle

There are plenty of methods companies use to inform their clients about holiday sale events. When it comes to magazines, it’s advisable to use your best product for advertising purposes. It is also beneficial to pattern the color scheme to it.

holiday-sale-magazine-ads-3Use This Holiday Sale Magazine Ad

6. Mix and Match Your Style

When it comes to promoting your product sales, use photos that accentuate not only the item. For fashion goods, it’s always advantageous to pair them up with outfit ideas to match your product.

product-sale-magazine-ads-template-44Use This Product Sale Magazine Ads

7. The Big Picture

When it comes to magazines, photos are your saving grace. It is critical to get creative with the photos you incorporate, especially on the cover. Pick out photographs that accentuate your product to increase company sales.



8. Make Use of Your Phone

What better way to feature your mobile app in a magazine than by including a mobile phone or device? It is also helpful to place a QR code to redirect users to your company’s page.


Use This Product Sale Magazine Ads

9. The Next Big Thing

Various magazines have different themes that surround them. Some involve business, fashion, and news. For small businesses, it is inspiring to see individuals who rose from the ranks on magazine covers.


Use This Small Business Magazine

10. Take on a Little Perspective

When we say corporate business, the most familiar symbolism resonates with skyscrapers. Shifting angles to take more of its beauty helps with making it more presentable. Using tall text also complements the photo cover.


Use This Corporate Business Magazine

11. Geometric Patterns Work

Most architecture magazines cover marvels of modern and past architecture. In terms of captivating designs, working with buildings concerns geometrical trims, and it is advisable to use them to your advantage.


Use This Architecture Magazine

12. From Another Screen

Photographs widely use perspective, and there are more creative ways to utilize them. Seeing a particular object from a lens or a screen gives your readers another view of an object, especially in architectural structures.


Use This Digital Architecture Magazine

13. Accentuate with Circles

Using various shapes help with emphasizing your photos and words. Use the idea to highlight your small business ad on a significant magazine line to gain attention.


Use This Small Business Magazine Ads

14. Keep It Monochrome

Photographs bring much more depth if it is unique. Bring about monochromatic shots to accentuate the looks created by fashion designers.



15. Establish Different Connections

The main idea of using social media marketing is to establish connections with your audiences. It helps to visualize these relationships to your readers as well.


Use This Social Media Marketing Magazine

16. Incorporate Your Devices

In a digital marketing plan for a magazine, using various technological devices help your viewers see what you’re selling them at a glance. Featuring conferences or meetings with laptops and phones helps visualize your services.


Use This Digital Marketing Magazine

17. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

Creativity on your magazine cover promotes the contents of the magazine. In terms of marketing brand plans, it is essential to ask a compelling question to start up.


Use This Brand Marketing Magazine

18. Separate by Panels

When it comes to marketing magazine ads, they find a way to implore people to buy what they’re selling. In terms of placing panels over your photos gives it an illusion that something is missing.

marketing-magazine-adsUse This Marketing Magazine Ads

19. House with a View

Being in the real estate business requires you to show your clients the best possible representation of properties. It usually comes in photographs and magazines provide sufficient information about it. Select the best view of the best home you can offer.

modern-real-estate-magazine-1Use This Modern Real Estate Magazine

20. Spaces Matter

Filling the cover of your publication is not necessarily the best option. Let it breathe in some space and refrain from over cluttering the area, similar to real estate brochures.

editable-realestate-magazineUse This Editable Real Estate Magazine

21. People Are People

Fashion magazines deal with marketing their products to different audiences and consumers. The best approach is to use models on covers that promote the merchandise.



22. Give It Your Best Shot

Try to incorporate the best photos of the properties you are marketing when you put real estate ads in a magazine and ensure to select the best of the bunch.

real-estate-magazine-adsUse This Real Estate Magazine Ads

23. A Closer Look

When producing magazine covers, people pay attention to the photos first before the supporting headlines. In terms of food magazine covers, zooming into the product lets audiences know its freshness.

free-healthy-food-magazine-cover-template-440x570-11Use This Healthy Food Magazine Cover

24. Feature an Icon

Magazines covers are all about stealing your audience’s attention at first glance. Famous music icons like Rihanna on the front page will surely get people to turn their heads and buy the publication.

free-music-magazine-cover-template-440x570-11Use This Music Magazine Cover

25. Get Them on Action

Featuring basketball rookies on the front cover, together with the biggest names in the sport, is sure to turn heads. Along with photos, it is also advisable to use tag lines and bolder font.

free-basketball-player-magazine-cover-template-440x570-1Use This Basketball Player Magazine Cover

26. A Show of Ingredients

Restaurants will always find a way to bring customers into their establishment. As the budget allows, placing restaurant magazines help with showcasing your famous dishes along with their fresh and hand-picked ingredients.

restaurant-magazineUse This Restaurant Magazine

27. Grays Are for Neutrality

Promoting your establishment through a restaurant ad is a brilliant marketing idea. Matching your colors with a neutral tone like gray emphasizes your famous dishes more.

restaurant-magazine-ads-1Use This Restaurant Magazine Ads

28. An Aerial View of Blue

Creating travel magazines showcasing beautiful photos of travel destinations is a must. However, what captures the interest more is seeing hidden gems that includes clear waters of beach destinations.



29. When a Presentation Matters

Food preparation is getting all the elements together for your dish to look and taste good. It is especially relevant to make it as presentable as possible that it makes your audiences want whatever is on the cover of your magazine.

basic-restaurant-magazine-templateUse This Basic Restaurant Magazine

30. Escalate Your Title

Subtle elements make your presentation eye-catching, and audiences will give you a nod for your creativity. Presenting your title from slimmer to bolder text is a technique you can use, similar to the food and drink magazine below.

food-drink-magazineUse This Food And Drink Magazine

31. Get Familiar with Your Machine

Coffee shops have seating areas where customers have the opportunity to read through different magazines. A coffee shop magazine helps familiarize your clients with your craft, including the machines the store uses.

coffee-shop-magazineUse This Coffee Shop Magazine

32. I See a Silhouette of a Man

There’s something that pulls the attention when seeing figures or silhouettes on photos. Use your creativity to focus the light on a person’s silhouette to feature on the sports magazine’s cover.

sports-magazine-2Use This Sports Magazine

32. Say Ten-Hut!

A catchy title to your football magazine is a great attention grabber for audiences. Pair your title with a photo representing the strength and power of football players with their starting game positions.

football-magazine-2Use This Football Magazine

33. Strike the Winning Pose

Baseball is a game of patience and hitting that lucky and calculated strike. Use a fitting title for the magazine that resonates with the sport its showcasing, namely baseball. Hit the winning home run with the perfect design for your baseball magazine.

baseball-magazine-templateUse This Baseball Magazine

34. From the Lens

The best way to identify a photographer magazine is by including equipment associated with photography. The most noticeable feature of a camera is its lens. Utilize the model’s view from the other side of the lens.

printable-photographer-magazineUse This Printable Photographer Magazine

35. Show What’s Inside

When it comes to interior design magazines, the content must involve indoor furnishing design and ideas. It’s necessary to focus on keeping the tones natural and complements the photos included in the magazine.



36. Going on a Straight Path

For expert photographers, experience is the best teacher. Reading through photographer magazines can help individuals gain insight on the tips to improve their photography skills. Designate a cover of a simple yet impactful image similar to the one below.

photographer-layout-magazine-2Use This Photographer Layout Magazine

37. Use the Cuteness of Your Model

There are plenty of events that require the services of a photographer. If you are planning to take the course of baby photography, put photos of the cutest clients on your magazine ad. Remember to seek permission from previous customers.

baby-photographer-magazine-adsUse This Baby Photographer Magazine Ads

38. The Natural Habitat

Wildlife photography is hard to come by, yet their photos are nonetheless breathtaking. It is also inspiring to see how animals behave in their natural habitats and gain further information about them from wildlife magazines.

wildlife-photography-magazine-2Use This Wildlife Photography Magazine

39. Art Deco Design

From contemporary to abstract designs, art magazines showcase all of these. When it comes to modern art magazine styles, taking the minimalistic strategy is the common approach. Using text vertically and horizontally adds to the simplistic nature of the publication.

modern-art-magazine-templateUse This Modern Art Magazine

40. Work on Contrasting Colors

Each art gallery is unique on its own, depending on the theme. It helps to capture the essence of the show with colors that help photos pop. It must also contain necessary information and background about the exhibits’ beginnings.

art-gallery-magazine-templateUse This Modern Art Magazine

41. Make Use of Black and White

Even if you are shooting for a fashion magazine ad, don’t be afraid to use colors of black and white. It gives the space a simple yet luxurious feel to the page. It also helps to photograph items that are of the same shade.

diy-fashion-magazine-adsUse This DIY Fashion Magazine Ads

42. Everyday Activity

When it comes to promoting your learning institution, it helps to present activities the students do daily. Incorporate photos to support your claims on giving children the best learning environment. Ensure that your school magazine ad also contains the organization’s contact numbers.

elementary-school-magazine-ads-1Use This Elementary School Magazine Ads

42. Showcase the Story of Love

Weddings are memorable, and preserving the pictures of the event with the accompaniment of the accounts and stories of the couple is a wonderful thing. A wedding magazine is one of the ways to commemorate the event and incorporate the best shots in your gallery.



43. A Walk to the Aisle

Whether it is photography or catering services, your wedding magazine ad must indicate the kind of event you offer. A photo of a bride walking down the aisle connects with wedding events. It also helps to list down the services the company offers, along with the contact information.

wedding-plan-magazine-ads-templates-2Use This Wedding Sale Magazine Ads

44. Promote Your Cause

There are various magazine ads on publications, ranging from products to advocating for a cause. In the example below, the ad touches on a sensitive topic, and it is fitting to keep it simple and yet keep the content impactful.

mental-magazine-adsUse This Mental Magazine Ads

45. Keep the Faith

For people who strongly believe in their religion, church magazines provide inspiration and strength to believers during the darkest times. Placing the symbol of their church on the cover and keeping it simple is enough.

church-magazine-template-1Use This Church Magazine

46. Focus on the Star

Entertainment magazines focus on different artists, and the magazines showcase the artist of the month through their photos on the cover. Aside from the photograph, it is helpful to place various headlines of articles on the front page.

celebrity-magazine-templateUse This Celebrity Magazine

47. Use a Familiar Face

Aside from medical equipment, a medical specialist on the cover of a health magazine helps gain the trust of your readers. Remember to include titles of the articles on the page to help audiences see the content.

health-care-magazine-template1Use This Health Care Magazine

48. Show Luxurious Rides

A common theme for automotive magazines is to present their best cars forward. It’s advantageous to use vehicles widely known in the market.

catalogUse This Automobile Quarterly Magazine

49. Unleash the Diversity

Lifestyle magazines contain various topics on anything that touches the daily life of individuals. In terms of content, diversity shines through in the articles. The variety of designs also follow each portion rather than the magazine’s entirety.



50. Sepia Tones

In terms of vintage magazine designs, creating a classical and sepia tone on your photo cover gives the vibe of old photographs. Using photos from decades ago also supports the vintage theme of the magazine.

vintage-magazine-templateUse This Vintage Magazine


What is the use of a magazine?

A magazine is a publication that is published periodically that is bound in a paper cover containing articles, stories, poems, and photos specializing in various areas like news, sports, and lifestyle.

What are the types of magazines?

  • Consumer
  • Trade and professional
  • House organ or in-house

What are examples of magazines?

  • People
  • Time
  • Vanity Fair
  • Vogue

Yes, magazines are still circulating in many places, whether through paper or website publication.

Why are magazines called magazines?

The etymology of the word magazines comes from the French word ‘magasin’, the Italian word ‘magizano’, and the Arabic word ‘makhzan’, all referring to storage space or device.