How to Create a Form in Word

From an application form, registration form, interview form, down to any other document, did you know that you can access and make forms of any field or type using Microsoft Word? And whether you use Windows or Mac, there is certainly enough room for users to craft and print all sorts of forms with MS Word. The best part is the overall process is quite simple, especially when you follow this detailed guide below. how-to-create-a-form-in-word

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  • For Windows: Open MS Word and show the Developer tab. Click File and then New. Select Search Online Templates and write down Forms. Click Enter afterward so you can begin editing and adding content to the form.
  • For Mac: Go to MS Word and display the Developer tab. Click File and New from Template afterward. Under Search, write down Form and pick your template. Lastly, customize and fill in the data.

How to Make a Form in Microsoft Word Using Windows

Besides Adobe Acrobat and similar processors, Microsoft Word itself already boasts a huge list of features, templates, and editable tools. So if you want to learn how to create fillable forms in Word, read on and discover how to make the most out of this program. Take note that you can also apply the steps if you’re trying to learn how to create a fillable form in Word 2007, Word 2010, Word 2013, and most other versions.

1. Open your Microsoft Word program. Once inside, look for the ribbon button at the top part of the window. Right-click on that icon and select Customize the Ribbon.


2. Clicking that button will summon a dialog box with tools that allow you to edit the ribbon. If the main tabs under the ribbon are in default, it is likely that the Developer has not been checked yet. So make sure to turn it on because turning on the developer tab is crucial to create a form. Then click OK.


3. Now, you can see the Developer tab at the top part of the window. The next step is to use a form template. Go to File, then click New.

4. Under the new menu, go to Search Online Templates and write the word Forms on the search bar. Alternatively, you can specify the kind of form you want to use. Once you’ve made your choice, press Enter.

5. Be sure to compare each available example until you can select your preferred form template. Then click Create or Download.

Note: Do you need more examples or a fillable PDF of forms? Check out other form templates in Word from’s collection of forms and many other editable templates to choose from.

6. Lastly, explore the developer’s editable features to insert content and slowly build your form. You can even start with the basics which are to insert plain text. To do so, press Plain Text Content Control. Other features include inserting a checkbox, combo box, and restrict editing. The same goes for the developer’s Design Mode and Properties. Once you are pleased with the output, you can produce your form afterward.


How to Make a Form in Microsoft Word Using Mac

Now that you know how to formulate forms with MS Word in Windows, you start learning how to create a fillable form in Word for Mac. There are similar steps involved but a few different parts. All you need to do is follow this guide:

1. First, open Microsoft Word. Then, make sure to show the developer tab. If you can’t find the Developer yet, simply click Word on the top left side. Select Preferences afterward.


2. Preferences will eventually lead you to a dialog box where you should press the Ribbon icon found below the personal settings. And since the preferences are still in default, put a checkmark to the word Developer to turn it on. Then, click OK.


3. Now that the Developer tab is visible, you can start adding content and customizing your form. You can insert a frame to the form and even utilize form shading. And similar to the steps under Windows earlier, you may set the Properties for content controls, incorporate instructional texts, protect the form, manage data entry, insert a drop-down menu, and more.


4. Another approach is to insert a template. Click File at the top left side, then select New from Template. Under Search, you input Form. And you can finally select your favorite form template from a list of templates instead of creating forms from scratch.

5. Do not forget to click File again then go to Save As. That way, you can choose which location to save your drafted form. Be sure to write the form’s name and remember that name for easy navigation afterward. Lastly, click Save. Your only concern now is to finalize the form until you can publish and print it later on.