How to Create a Survey in Google Forms

From a market research survey, a customer satisfaction survey, or simply an online survey using Google, Google Forms has got you covered to create a survey with an editable and user-friendly spreadsheet. And you can do so much with surveys like drafting a school quiz, adding a multiple choice grid, and for any purpose involving questions and responses. But how do you achieve that? In this post, you will learn the basic steps on how to make surveys with Google Forms. how-to-create-a-survey-in-google-forms

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  • Go to Google Forms, then tap New. Insert the text from the subject, short description, questions, and choices of answers, if applicable. Next, decide how recipients can answer the survey and finish editing or formatting your survey. Finally, click Send.

How to Make a Survey in Google Forms

Google already has a myriad of features from Google Drive, Google Sheets, and other formatting tools. But have you tried making the most out of Google Forms? This app is actually one of the best spreadsheets you could use to craft surveys shortly. And you only need this tutorial to headstart the process:

1. Log on to Google Forms, specifically Don’t forget that you can’t access Google Forms without an internet connection and an official Google account so be sure to sign up. Once inside the site, select New and name your survey’s title as a start. To do that, just click Untitled form until you can erase the default title and change it to your personal title.


2. Next, find the Questions menu to begin inserting a question into the survey. Just click Untitled Question and write a question to edit it. Then, you decide how to answer that question. An example is a multiple-choice grid. If you choose that, you should provide options of answers except if the question requires a short answer, date or time, or anything without options to select from.

3. Besides multiple choice, you can go for a checkbox grid, dropdown, linear scale, paragraph, and many more. Choose only what’s appropriate to the purpose and format of your survey.


4. Tap on the menu icons on the right side for other additional and editable tools to implement in the survey. The plus sign means you insert another question. Tt button is for another new title and description. Survey illustrations mean you click on the photo and video tools. The icon with two rectangles signifies that the survey can be divided into sections. Also, don’t forget to toggle on Required if a question is mandatory to answer.

5. Explore the rest of the customizable features from Google Forms for a pleasant experience. This includes changing the survey’s color palette, previewing with the eye icon, making additional changes with the gear icon, etc.

6. Once you have inserted the text, questions, and necessary data, you can begin submitting the survey. Just tap the Send button. Do not forget to enter the recipients’ details so you can send them to their emails and addresses. Another option is to deselect Include form in email.

7. Insert the Subject so recipients get an idea of what the survey title is. And write down under Message to give the instructions and gist as to why you sent that survey to them in the first place. Lastly, check on the Responses button from time to time to access the survey results used to record data.


Note: Besides Google Forms, there are more survey templates available from, specifically survey templates in Google Docs and survey templates in Google Sheets.