50+ Estimate Samples, Format & Examples 2022

From getting paid quickly, maintaining a positive customer relationship, down to identifying project costs the easiest way possible, estimates serve as the MacGuffin of your business to reach booming success. The problem with many companies is when they promise to deliver top-notch quality services and products yet they fail to be honest with the costs behind it. To grab attention from clients and win more bids, create estimates quickly using easy-to-use estimate templates. 50-estimate-samples-format-examples-2021

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To create estimates of your very own, follow the following steps:

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You can’t just have one estimate for every function. Estimates even differ from roofing contractors, cleaning services, and even job estimates. And if you are looking for the perfect estimate but don’t know where to start yet, you are surely on the right path as you check these 50 estimate samples below.

1. Construction Estimate Sample

From plans, materials, labor, down to budget, profuse elements make up construction projects. And building physical structures require you to identify their specific expenses using construction estimate samples.

construction-estimate-templateUse This Construction Estimate Sample

2. Construction Estimate Example

A recommended idea is to use an estimate form to merge your construction plans and cost estimates. And this is how you make the most out of your construction estimate.

3. Work Estimate Sample

Any type of work may not go according to plan without a breakdown of its full expenses. Hence, name your prices under professionally made work estimate samples.

work-estimate-templateUse This Work Estimate Sample

4. Work Estimate Example

Service providers who need to estimate the overall work’s costs to clients can state everything in detail using work estimate samples. And it should cover costs involved in the entire process, no matter if it is a big or small kind of work.

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 329 KB

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5. Job Estimate Sample

From a graphic designer, dentist, electrician, trainer, down to an entrepreneur, there are all sorts of jobs out there. And the same can be said about how much their products and services are or how much it takes to run their operations. Job estimate samples exist to make any job estimation possible.

job-estimate-templateUse This Job Estimate Sample

6. Job Estimate Example

Anyone can think of the most wonderful job creations but before getting the go signal, proposals begin with clear and well-detailed job estimates.

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 427 KB

Download at Sierra Club

7. Roofing Estimate Sample

One can’t ignore roofers because roof damages caused by failing to maintain rooftops will end up in serious damage costs and other house problems. To begin roofing services, jot down the expenses under roofing estimate samples first.

roofing-estimate-templateUse This Roofing Estimate Sample

8. Roofing Estimate Example

Proper financing and budgeting for roofing costs and services would come across smoothly with the right roofing estimate sample.

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 82 KB

Download at Smartsheet

9. Contractor Estimate Sample

Any contractor should be ready to estimate costs and services with a premade contractor estimate rather than just using blank pieces of paper, which is very unprofessional.

contractor-estimate-templateUse This Contractor Estimate Sample

10. Contractor Estimate Example

A way to gain client interest is when contractors state their estimates in different packages. And the bigger the savings per package, the higher the chances for clients to choose them.

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 53 KB

Download at Texas Department of Transportation

11. Cleaning Estimate Sample

Those working in the cleaning industry can name every estimated cleaning charge using curated cleaning estimate samples.

cleaning-estimate-templateUse This Cleaning Estimate Sample

12. Cleaning Estimate Example

Don’t upset clients with hidden cleaning fees and charges. Enumerate those costs one by one instead in a well-thought-out cleaning estimate.

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 120 KB

Download at San Francisco State University

13. Landscape Estimate Sample

A landscaping business isn’t as simple as it seems. Clients would be concerned about the possible costs even from the smallest workloads as they still add up to the total cost. Hence, issue them with landscape estimates.

landscape-estimate-templateUse This Landscape Estimate Sample

14. Landscape Estimate Example

Be honest with the prices in landscaping services that even the hidden charges should be estimated in landscape estimate samples.

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 488 KB

Download at Town of Caledon

15. Project Estimate Sample

No matter what the size or scope of your project is, a formal estimation is crucial for its intricate expenses. And project estimate samples can cater to you here.

project-estimate-templateUse This Project Estimate Sample

16. Project Estimate Example

If project plans require detailed explanations of how to deal with projects in the most effective way possible, the same approach should be observed in estimating the costs behind projects efficiently.

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 10 KB

Download at PortlandOregon

17. Repair Estimate Sample

Most people choose repair services rather than buying new items if their products get damaged to save costs. But some damages do cost a lot so to be prepared with the repair costs, a repair estimate should come in handy.

repair-estimate-templateUse This Repair Estimate Sample

18. Repair Estimate Example

The moment an interested client wants to hire you for repair jobs, name your price in a repair estimate pronto to headstart the process.

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 4 KB

Download at US Army Japan

19. Cost Estimate Sample

The most basic type of estimate is the cost estimate. Just as they are named, cost estimates are pretty straightforward in serving as documents that estimate costs.

cost-estimate-templateUse This Cost Estimate Sample

20. Cost Estimate Example

A cost estimate is helpful since it labels the different costs appropriately from the downpayment cost, tax cost, total cost, etc. Label everything accordingly into cost estimate samples.

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 550 KB

Download at Stanford University

21. Bid Estimate Sample

Countless bids have relied on bid estimates when it comes to documenting the estimated prices for a specific job and at a certain period of time.

bid-estimate-templateUse This Bid Estimate Sample

22. Blank Estimate Sample

If you wish to use the same estimate form for different purposes, simply go for blank estimate samples. You simply fill in the blanks of these estimates regarding the estimate’s function, the covered costs, etc.

blank-estimate-templateUse This Blank Estimate Sample

23. Budget Estimate Sample

Don’t forget to estimate your proposed budget for a party, project, or any event using budget estimate samples. That way, your budget plan will be easily assessed until you get the green light to push through with the plan.

budget-estimate-templateUse This Budget Estimate Sample

24. Business Estimate Sample

Of course, you can’t forget about business estimate samples. In fact, most estimates are relevant in business since an estimate marks the foundation of a transaction. And you should be able to state down the costs accurately.

business-estimate-templateUse This Business Estimate Sample

25. Construction Cost Estimate Sample

A more detailed construction estimate is the construction cost estimate. In this example, even the non-important expenses but are still part of the construction work from start to finish are included in the cost estimate.

construction-cost-estimate-templateUse This Construction Cost Estimate Sample

26. Technology Estimate Sample

If ever estimations involve the internet and technology, you can use specific estimates known as technology estimates. And be sure to explain to your clients what some abbreviations or technological terms mean in the document to prevent confusion.

technology-estimate-templateUse This Technology Estimate Sample

27. IT Estimate Sample

Information technology may deal with lots of complex factors and the same can be said moneywise. And your IT company can certainly make use of IT software estimates.

it-estimate-templateUse This IT Estimate Sample

28. Software Estimate Sample

Speaking of IT, there are IT/software estimates used in the market too. And these are where those who handle businesses related to digital programming and software development can win their clients.

software-estimate-templateUse This Software Estimate Sample

29. Company Work Estimate Sample

Whether you run a big or small business, it is important to have your company’s official branding in an estimate. Thus, promote your company’s branding in the estimate’s design right from the signature colors, contact information, and business logo.

company-work-estimate-templateUse This Company Work Estimate Sample

30. Freelance Job Estimate Sample

Estimates and freelancer templates are also a great mix. So if you are a freelancer, be sure to promote your business and grab as many interested clients as you can by estimating right away.

freelance-job-estimate-sampleUse This Freelance Job Estimate Sample

31. Electrical Estimate Sample

You must not forget to prepare printable estimates specifically for electrical services. Electrical contractors, electrical engineers, and the like would issue these estimates in the first place.

electrical-estimate-templateUse This Electrical Estimate Sample

32. Auto Repair Estimate Sample

Besides the general repair estimate, you only need an auto repair estimate when your concern is related to vehicle repairs and services.

auto-repair-estimate-templateUse This Auto Repair Estimate Sample

33. Residential Estimate Sample

Every person’s basic needs include a home. And sample estimates meant for residential services and concerns are worth issuing when this is your forte.

residential-estimate-templateUse This Residential Estimate Sample

34. Building Estimate Sample

The specified budget and costs for any form of building will be recorded under building estimate samples.

building-estimate-templateUse This Building Estimate Sample

35. Service Estimate Sample

While there are those that estimate for goods or products, estimations also work around labor and services. And this is where service estimates are at play.

service-estimate-templateUse This Service Estimate Sample

36. Free Estimate Sample

A good marketing strategy is to send out free estimates for your business to hype up your customers. And you need the right estimate in Microsoft Word or any format to achieve that.

free-estimate-templateUse This Free Estimate Sample

37. Simple Estimate Sample

Sometimes, what you need is the direct approach which is a simple estimate. You only need to input the important parts with minimal design, and there goes your estimate.

simple-estimate-templateUse This Simple Estimate Sample

38. Home Repair Estimate Sample

When you need to issue about the home budget for maintenance and repairs or house-related services, you may specify home repair estimates rather than the general repair estimate.

home-repair-estimate-templateUse This Home Repair Estimate Sample

39. Builders Estimate Sample

Any building quotation can be documented with ease using the builders estimate sample.

builders-estimate-templateUse This Builders Estimate Sample

40. Landscape Bid Estimate Sample

Any bidding concerning landscapes and landscaping services falls under landscape bid estimate samples. And you may use estimates in Apple Pages, MS Word, or whichever you cherish.

landscape-bid-estimate-templateUse This Landscape Bid Estimate Sample

41. General Construction Estimate Sample

There are numerous construction templates out there. And the same can be said in terms of what to estimate in the construction sector. You can estimate the construction cost, number of workers, time, and more in general construction estimates.

general-construction-estimate-sampleUse This General Estimate Sample

42. Web Design Estimate Sample

Don’t ever accept a web design proposal if you think you get paid too low, especially when the effort for creative works doesn’t get taken seriously by others. Start an estimate for your web design service or any creative job instead.

web-design-estimate-templateUse This Web Design Estimate Sample

43. Time Estimate Sample

Estimations are not limited to estimating money alone. You also estimate time for the possible time to finish a project, how long employees should work, or figure out if someone should be paid per hour or per day. Use time estimates in Apple Numbers, Apple Pages, or whatever you prefer for this.

time-estimate-templateUse This Time Estimate Sample

44. Labor Cost Estimate Sample

Besides time, you would likely be concerned about estimating labor costs so use the appropriate labor cost estimate in Google Docs, MS Word, or whatever format for that.

labor-cost-estimate-templateUse This Labor Cost Estimate Sample

45. Custom Estimate Sample

You have the leeway to tweak the estimate’s content, purpose, design, structure, and more. And that is the best perk acquired from custom estimates in Google Sheets, Apply Pages, etc.

custom-estimate-templateUse This Custom Estimate Sample

46. Office Cleaning Estimate Sample

For sure, your go-to office checklist includes office cleaning in its list. And hiring professional services requires payment which can be written in office cleaning estimates.

office-cleaning-templateUse This Office Cleaning Estimate Sample

47. Contractor Bid Estimate Sample

Contractor bidding shall run smoothly using personalized contractor bid estimates in Adobe PDF and other formats available.

contractor-bid-estimate-templateUse This Contractor Bid Estimate Sample

48. Loan Estimate Example

Before loaning anything, you deserve proper knowledge of the itemized costs involved with professional loan estimates.

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 35 KB

Download at Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

49. Flooring Contractor Estimate Sample

Maybe you kept focusing on beautifying the housetop and rooms while forgetting the floor itself. Flooring contractors can begin estimating costs with their own estimates in Microsoft Excel, Word, and others.

flooring-contractor-estimate-templateUse This Flooring Contractor Estimate Sample

50. Painting Estimate Sample

A painting contractor agreement would likely tackle the official painting estimate. And you should concoct a well-written painting estimate that will be understandable to all parties involved.

painting-estimate-templateUse This Painting Estimate Sample


You could have the best design in the world for an estimate but it won’t be that much of help when it is devoid of the most crucial estimate elements. Need help determining the correct estimate format? We got you covered by checking out these seven important parts of an estimate:

1. Title

The very basic part of any estimate form is the title. The word “estimate” should be clearly seen in the title because it sends a message immediately of what the document’s function is.

2. Company Information

Don’t forget to introduce your company’s data in the estimate from the company name, physical address, contact numbers, and email address. This is also your chance to promote your business branding from your company logo, signature colors, etc.

3. Customer Information

A crucial part of an estimate is to write the customer’s data. Jot down your client’s name, address, and contact details. Identifying your customer can’t be forgotten or you might fail to recognize whose estimate an estimate is.

4. Project Description

The project or job description gives a brief statement about what the whole project is about. Simply explain what the estimate is for including what to do. Failing to describe a project could lead to confusion and you wouldn’t want that.

5. Materials and Labor

Every product or material to be paid, as well as every service or labor to be paid, must be highlighted under the estimate’s materials and labor section. And you can start estimating the involved costs.

6. Total Cost

For a more detailed estimation and calculation of product or service costs, log the whole data under the total cost section. Tally the entire costs of a project including the subtotal, shipping or handling fee, sales tax, etc.

7. Payment Terms

Always be clear on the payment method and terms because some clients just come and go. As a safety protocol, ask for a third or at least half of the total cost as a downpayment. And set the due dates as well as the late payment penalties for your own good.


What are the parts of an estimate?

An estimate consists of the job description, labor or materials, total cost, payment terms, and company information.

What is the standard size of estimate sheets?

Estimate sheets typically measure about 8.5″ x 14″.

How do I make an estimate?

To create an estimate, you review your clients’ needs first. Follow it with recognizing the materials needed. Next, you write and label your estimates promptly. Also, consider a detailed breakdown of costs until you can identify the total cost in the end.

Why is an estimate important?

An estimate is crucial to come up with accurate predictions of necessary materials, resources, and other requirements. Often used for estimating costs, the process is an essential guide for cost control as well.

What are the three types of cost estimating?

They are the order of magnitude estimate, budget estimate, and definitive estimate.