50+ Resume Samples, Format & Examples 2022

Every business cannot function without people and employees working to build up the company’s brand and reputation. In the hiring process, a student or a professional presents a job resume to secure a job vacancy. 50-resume-samples-format-examples-2021

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A resume is a critical document in the application and hiring of an employee. Each industry looks for distinct skills and objectives of individuals to know how their performance can help the company reach its goals. You can find 50 resume samples and examples, with their format, that you can use in applying for different industries. Find more below and get creative!

1. Job Resume Sample

In creating a job resume, it is helpful to compose it according to the industry you are applying in. Highlight your skillset and experience, and add design elements that help enhance your resume’s look.

free-hotel-job-resume-for-fresher-templateUse This Job Resume Sample

2. Student Resume Sample

Students dream of starting at an organization where they can build their character and grow. Having a well-written student resume detailing your accomplishments helps you secure a job interview.

free-engineering-student-fresher-resume-Use This Engineering Student Fresher Resume Sample

3. Professional Resume Sample

If you are a seasoned individual hoping to enter a larger business, it is critical to highlight your experiences through a professional resume. List all your skills as well that can help you secure the interview and the job.

cv-template-option-8Use This Professional Resume Sample

4. High School Resume Sample

When drafting a high school resume, remember to highlight your skills. If you don’t have any experience in the field you’re entering, indicate activities that showcase your soft skills like leadership and teamwork.

bf88b7965584de1e0afb4061543f9386Use This High School Resume Sample

5. College Resume Sample

In terms of applying for work after graduation, a college resume allows you to highlight your achievements during your studies. It is also helpful to include certificates you obtained that relate to the position you are applying for.

e8d62307617ee7c838bcd17d1757ba49Use This College Resume Sample

6. Resume Cover Letter Sample

A cover letter is sent together with your resume when applying for a job. The letter contains an introduction and a brief explanation of why you’d be the perfect candidate for the job opening. It is advisable to highlight technical and soft skills.

simple-resume-cover-letter-template1Use This Simple Resume Cover Letter Sample

7. Internship Resume Sample

It is advisable to create a strong impression on your internship resume. It sets you up for the real world of being an employee, and knowing the elements to put on it with the correct words and phrases sets you up above other applicants.

internship-resume1Use This Internship Resume Sample

8. Experienced Resume Sample

Once you have been in a particular field for a long period, presenting an experienced resume tells your recruiter that you know the ins and outs of the job and you are willing to share your expertise for the company’s growth.

7077f0d759731317e8d445be2a10e4c2Use This Experience Resume Sample

9. Teacher Resume Example

In creating a teacher resume, highlighting your experience is the key to applying. Show that you have the experiences backed up by the skills to ensure that children will learn about their subjects and instill their core values.

File Format
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Download at potsdam.edu

10. Customer Service Resume Example

At present, there are plenty of companies that offer customer service positions, and creating a coherent resume helps you secure the job. It is best to highlight skills regarding communication, patience, and teamwork.

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 340 KB

Download at dayjob.com

11. Education Resume Example

In the field of education, drafting an education resume relies heavily on your experiences and skills. Educational institutions hire educators that know what to do and when to do it. They also look for individuals who are passionate about teaching.

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 136 KB

Download at psu.edu

12. Administrative Assistant Resume Sample

An administrative assistant’s duties vary from day to day and require them to be flexible and agile. Highlight your strengths and experiences by creating an informative resume for your employer.

construction-administrative-assistanta4Use This Construction Administrative Assistant Resume Sample

13. Engineering Resume Sample

It is highly recommended to create a well-versed engineering resume. Engineers are well-known to be specific when it comes to their work, and highlighting your skills helps you secure an interview.

078c909be3c2e66c395c2440df8e8a03Use This Resume Format For Engineering Freshers Sample

14. Nursing Resume Sample

Experience is the best teacher, and it helps with preparing a nursing resume. Highlight all your past experiences on your resume, making sure to address your soft skills as well.

c1817fd7c5989f9c35720b09081715cbUse This Nursing Student Resume Sample

15. Marketing Resume Sample

People skills and communication skills are the keys to success in the marketing field. It is also necessary to include all experience in marketing in your resume that helps your employer see that you have the right skill set to prosper in marketing.

ff6a38da616271151d3c7a7d375be613Use This Marketing Manager Resume Sample

16. Work Resume Sample

There is no single type of work when it comes to a profession. Social workers are known to be very caring and understanding in assessing different situations. Highlight these skills on your resume.

work-resume-sampleUse This Hospice Social Worker Resume Sample

17. Pharmacist Resume Example

In terms of making a pharmacist resume, you can include a career statement but keep it brief. The best thing to do is to highlight your practices, your educational background, and your related experiences to the field.

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Size: 291 KB

Download at jcu.edu.au

18. School Resume Sample

When creating a school resume for applying to a university or a local school, it is necessary to indicate your experiences in education. It is advisable to include your expertise for an idea of your placement in the institution.

5070b68eabb70c4e872820a9e7488661Use This School Teacher Resume Sample

19. Business Resume Example

In the creation of a business resume, the most vital part of your resume is your experience. Any business will want their employees to have experienced along with the skills to get involved in a fast-paced environment.

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 582 KB

Download at slu.edu

20. Sales Resume Example

The building blocks of a sales resume are a person’s communication skills and experience. In your resume, make sure to highlight these vital aspects. You can also include certifications from workshops and seminars you attended.

File Format
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Size: 202 KB

Download at colostate.edu

21. Service Resume Sample

There are various types of services, and service resumes cover these industries accordingly. In terms of the content, placing your responsibilities from previous experience helps the interviewer get an idea of your work ethic.

customer-service-resumeUse This Customer Service Resume Sample

22. Accountant Resume Sample

In creating an accountant resume, it is essential to emphasize your expertise. It also helps when you site the accreditations you have from the span of your career.

contoh-cv-akuntan-790x1024Use This Experienced Accountant Resume Sample

23. Writer Resume Sample

In applying for a writer position, aside from a comprehensible resume, you must also attach a portfolio of your past works. Also, include all related experiences in writing and hobbies that add to your chances of acquiring a vacant position.

communications-writer-front-a4Use This Communications Writer Resume Sample

24. Worker Resume Sample

In applying for an animal worker, you have to be well-versed with various types of animals. Ensure your resume highlights your experience in animal care and welfare.

animal-control-worker-resume-page-1Use This Animal Control Worker Resume Sample

25. Chef Resume Sample

There are qualifications when it comes to teaching a culinary class. Ensure your chef’s resume contains your credentials and past experiences in terms of cooking cuisines.

chef-resume-sampleUse This Chef Resume Sample

26. Java Developer Resume Sample

When creating a Java developer resume, it is necessary to indicate experiences and qualifications in handling Java. Don’t forget to indicate your contact information on your resume as well.

5bdf97537a551c717f71e799d63e692eUse This Senior Java Developer Resume Sample

27. Corporate Resume Sample

In the corporate world, plenty of candidates compete with each other to secure several positions. It is best to keep your resume simple yet informative, emphasizing the necessary skills you need to land the job.

ed569f0fd4b44abf239de9012b3f8b50Use This Resume Format Sample

28. IT Resume Example

At present, job openings are available in the tech world, and information technology is one of them. Ensure you list all accreditation, skills, and certifications in your IT resume that will help you land the job.

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 154 KB

Download at townson.edu

29. Minimalist Resume Sample

A minimalist resume incorporates simplistic design and icons in replacement for particular words or phrases. Create an enticing yet informative document to impress your interviewer.


5843ad8ec3bb9a5867b8daf32edf03e7Use This Minimalist Infographic Resume Sample

30. Office Resume Sample

When working in an office setup, you apply for a position by using an office resume. The resume details your professional skills, work experiences, and proficiencies.

office-resume-sampleUse This Medical Office Administrator Resume Sample

31. Consultant Resume Sample

Consultants have people and communication skills that aid the expertise in consulting. A consultant’s resume must present these qualities along with all relevant work experiences.

consultant-resume-sampleUse This Auto Sales Consultant Resume Sample

32. Web Developer Resume Example

A web developer resume must emphasize a person’s employment history, including their task assignment during their term. It is also advisable to include your areas of expertise, allowing the interviewer to gauge your performance.

File Format
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Size: 290 KB

Download at dayjob.com

33. Admin Resume Sample

In terms of creating an admin resume, highlight administrative skills and experiences relating to administrative work. Include skills like leadership and communication in your skillset.

admin-resume-sampleUse This Admin Executive Resume Sample

34. Beginner Resume Sample

When it comes to experience, everyone needs to start somewhere. A beginner resume highlights skills rather than experience.

cvUse This Beginner Acting Resume Sample

35. Sales Manager Resume Sample

In a sales manager’s resume, a professional highlights all past experiences building up to the point of being a sales manager. Emphasize the skills you honed through the years.

de42807f7de625608eca9642baa21b19Use This Simple Resume Sample

36. Electrician Resume Sample

Electricians are masters of their craft, and applying for corporations can be intimidating. An electrician’s resume must include past work experiences and skills to show an individual’s performance.

a8036e82ed185d5f3432674237b63acfUse This Electrician Resume Sample

37. HR Resume Example

In creating an HR resume, you must focus on the essential qualities of human resource personnel, including people skills. Most companies also seek experience when hiring in the field, so ensure you list previous work.

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 222 KB

Download at shrm.org

38. Banking Resume Sample

When applying for a bank, an individual must create a banking resume. A banking resume holds information about a person’s experience in banking and the skills associated with it.

fb1290788f69e03ebe648919d6403ae2Use This Professional Banking Resume Sample

39. Executive Resume Sample

Executive resumes have a feel for sophistication with them. The design is also cool on the eyes. In terms of content, including all relevant experiences and skill sets, depending on the available position.

d15db2c4a02df238f78ffc83532c134bUse This Senior Executive Resume Sample

40. Creative Resume Sample

Creative resume designs go a long way, especially when it comes to job positions requiring some creativity. Remember that your design is just as important as your content.

creative-resume-template-740x1038Use This Creative Resume Sample

41. Modern Resume Sample

Modern resumes have intricate designs that are simple yet relevant to the job position. Ensure that your design will not overshadow the content of your resume.

0b076b5f85161cfb9cdb41dad7f06b96Use This Modern Resume Sample

42. Simple Resume Sample

Simple is bolder. In terms of a simple resume, go with geometrical shapes and have a consistent structure to your design.

e26b09cee4a664326a937a74e563d721Use This Simple Resume Sample

43. Doctor Resume Sample

A doctor’s resume must be kept simple because the important elements of the resume focus on the content. Namely on the education, experience, and expertise of the candidate.

doctor-resume-sampleUse This Dietitian Consultant Resume Sample

44. Graphic Designer Resume Example

A graphic designer’s resume allows the applicant to get their creative juices flowing. Use it to your advantage while keeping the content of your resume informative and comprehensible.

File Format
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Size: 33.7 KB

Download at uncc.edu

45. Lawyer Resume Sample

Lawyer resumes rely on the credentials rather than the design element. Ensure that the contents of your resume include your experiences, education, and relevant skills.

lawyer-resume-sampleUse This Lawyer Resume Sample

46. Elegant Resume Sample

Elegant resumes give recruiters an idea of an individual’s profession and personality. The content and the design must harmonize to bring an elegant feel to the document.

1e7a30960f9d6cfb4bf9e487e29e90d6Use This Civil Engineer Resume Sample

47. Clinical Resume Sample

Simplicity is the key to any healthcare and clinical resume. The emphasis of the content must center on the experience and skill the individual possesses.

clinical-resume-sampleUse This Clinical Application Specialist Resume Sample

48. Architect Resume Sample

An architect’s resume focuses on an individual’s former projects. In creating the document, highlight the schemes you are involved in, especially for government and large business projects.

49b17f9636a7e6c5cabd0bc429488b88Use This Architect Resume Sample

49. Senior Resume Sample

A senior resume focuses on the achievements and experiences of an individual within a given industry. Similar to the senior civil engineer resume sample below.

86e2fc54006ad7fac542ecdd962c326aUse This Senior Civil Engineer Resume Sample

50. Media Resume Sample

In the field of media, online or traditional, an individual must tailor their media resume accordingly. Ensure you include relevant information, including expertise, experiences, and education.

media-resume-sampleUse This Media Resume Sample


Each resume is tailored to fit the industry an applicant is applying for. However, the content of a resume is almost similar to each other and must share the following vital information.

1. Contact Information

The contact information is commonly seen on the top part or the left portion of your resume. It must contain your complete name, address, contact numbers, and e-mail address.

2. Resume Introduction

A resume introduction contains the resume profile, objectives, and summary. The resume profile shows a brief detail of skills and experience to the vacancy applied for. The objective gives the employer an idea of your goals when joining the company. Meanwhile, the resume summary outlines a person’s top skills and experiences relating to the position.

3. Work Experience

Work experience must start from the most recent. It is advisable to list them in bullet points that include the company’s name, location, years of employment, and the responsibilities and accomplishments during the stay.

4. Skills

In the skills portion of the resume, ensure you add a mix of technical and soft skills. Technical skills are job-specific expertise, while soft skills focus on character traits.

5. Education

In terms of the education section, include the most recent educational attainment. It must include the name of the institution, location, degree, and graduation year.


How do you make a job resume?

  • Choose a resume format
  • Introduce yourself
  • Indicate your objectives
  • List your work experiences
  • Highlight your skills
  • Include your educational attainment

Are a CV and resume similar?

A resume is usually a single-page summary of your work experience and background relevant to the vacant position. A CV is lengthier, including awards, certificates, publications, and even affiliations.

What is a resume?

A resume is a documentation that presents an individual’s background and experience in a particular field.

Is resume a French word?

The English word resume originates from the French verb resumer, meaning to summarize or summary.

Is there a best resume format?

All resume formats serve a particular purpose. However, using a chronological format resume makes it easier to read.