50+ Whatsapp Post Designs, Format & Examples

WhatsApp is a messaging platform under the same category as Messenger, Telegram, and the like. But as the app evolved over the years, it has turned into a fundamental communication tool for many people around the world. And by communication, it is not just limited to instant messaging. The platform has proved to be an effective promotional and marketing tool. A WhatsApp post can help drive awareness and information, if used the proper way.


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To create your own WhatsApp post, follow these simple steps:

  • Browse through dozens of creative designs and examples.
  • Customize it the way you want then download it in your preferred file format.


Let this article serve as a catalyst for innovation and creativity. Scroll through over 50 designs about anything from baptism invitations to food delivery apps. Learn how to curate your own WhatsApp post with the easy instruction guide provided below. Ready to brainstorm? Let’s go!

1. Agency WhatsApp Post Design

A bold, eye-catching color, like in this advertising agency WhatsApp post, is sure capture immediate attention.

advertising agency whatsapp post templateUse This Advertising Agency WhatsApp Post Design

2. Anniversary WhatsApp Post Design

Anniversaries are a call for celebration! The gold confetti and clinking of glasses signify a momentous occasion in this company anniversary WhatsApp post example below.

company anniversary invitation whatsapp post templateUse This Anniversary WhatsApp Post Design

3. Announcement WhatsApp Post Design

A baby on the way is always exciting news. Take a cue from the new baby announcement WhatsApp post below and incorporate a hashtag in your post too.

baby announcement whatsapp post templateUse This Baby Announcement WhatsApp Post Design

4. Audition WhatsApp Post Design

This theater audition WhatsApp post below uses rich purple hues and is magnificently embellished with twinkling diamonds.

theatre audition whatsapp post templateUse This Theater Audition WhatsApp Post Design

5. Bakery WhatsApp Post Design

No course is complete without dessert. This bakery WhatsApp post below looks almost too pretty too eat. The flamboyant and loud colors, however, don’t distract the tasty and towering dessert image in the center.

dessert bakery whatsapp post templateUse This Bakery WhatsApp Post Design

6. Bar WhatsApp Post Design

Bars and restaurants hold all kinds of activities to attract more customers. This bar WhatsApp post is advertising a Trivia Night; the cool cyan and magenta tones balance out the seriousness of the black and white background.

bar event whatsapp post templateUse This Bar WhatsApp Post Design

7. Birthday WhatsApp Post Design

Wish people a happy birthday via WhatsApp! The beautiful and angled shot of the star-studded cake makes this birthday WhatsApp post a true gem.

happy birthday whatsapp postUse This Birthday WhatsApp Post Design

8. Café WhatsApp Post Design

The gorgeous counter shot of the café WhatsApp post example below is the focal point of the entire design. The rustic vibe complements the black and brown hues perfectly.

cafe grand re opening whatsapp post templateUse This Café WhatsApp Post Design

9. Campaign WhatsApp Post Design

In order to bring an end to the worldwide pandemic, information and vaccination drives need to improve. The COVID-19 campaign WhatsApp post below urges people to follow strict health protocols.

covid 19 campaign whatsapp post templateUse This COVID-19 Campaign WhatsApp Post Design

10. Camping WhatsApp Post Design

What could be better than camping under the starts? This charming WhatsApp post for night camping features a cozy, lighted tent by the lake.

night camping whatsapp post templateUse This Camping WhatsApp Post Design

11. Catering WhatsApp Post Design

The catering WhatsApp post example below flaunts a lovely table spread filled with a variety of food. Bonus tip? You can keep things simple by focusing your viewer’s attention on one central image.

catering company whatsapp post templateUse This Catering WhatsApp Post Design

12. Charity WhatsApp Post Design

This striking charity WhatsApp post is sure to capture your viewers’ attention. The light-colored background doesn’t overshadow the image, which is the main focal point of the design.

charity recruitment whatsapp post template

Use This Charity WhatsApp Post Design

13. Church WhatsApp Post Design

The hauntingly beautiful image of a cathedral’s interiors makes the perfect image for this church WhatsApp post below.

church conference whatsapp post templateUse This Church Conference WhatsApp Post Design

14. Club WhatsApp Post Design

Capture a club’s nightlife and energy with bold graphics. The club WhatsApp post below is all about making a statement with its neon-themed design.

club dj whatsapp post templateUse This Club WhatsApp Post Design

15. Conference WhatsApp Post Design

Play around with geometric shapes and color palettes to achieve a unique design. The conference WhatsApp post below surprisingly makes red and gray work well together.

business conference whatsapp post templateUse This Business Conference WhatsApp Post Design

16. Construction WhatsApp Post Design

The towering view of this construction WhatsApp post is hard to overlook. The pink skies add a soft touch to the strong and imposing structure.

construction marketing whatsapp postUse This Construction WhatsApp Post Design

17. Eid al-Adha WhatsApp Post Example

Greet your Muslim brothers and sisters with this magnificent Eid al-Adha WhatsApp post. The beautiful lights and chandeliers are set against a star-filled and night-blue sky.

eid al adha bakrid mubarak 2018 hd images whatsapp status dp picture j44ydn


18. Mental Health WhatsApp Post Example

Mental health is becoming more and more relevant today than any other time in history. More than just physical health, it’s important to protect one’s mental health in this day and age. Celebrate the advocacy by fighting the stigma with this sample WhatsApp post below.

today is world mental health day


19. BTS WhatsApp Post Example

Global pop superstars BTS have reached every corner of the earth with their genuine music and inspiring message. This dreamy Bangtan Boys WhatsApp post below even features a touching quote. ARMYs unite!



20. Stoicism WhatsApp Post Example

The philosophy of the ancient Stoics continues to appeal to modern-day people. The practical wisdom and advice seem to resonate with people from all walks of life. The past and present converge in this Stoicism WhatsApp post below.

file 20170713 11780 gbqy


21. Consulting WhatsApp Post Design

The minimalist design on this consulting WhatsApp post below is refreshing and vibrant despite its plain white background. In this case, its focal image is captivating enough.

marketing consulting whatsapp post templateUse This Consulting WhatsApp Post Design

22. Contest WhatsApp Post Design

WhatsApp is a great platform to hold contests. This t-shirt contest WhatsApp post keeps it fun and laid-back with bright yellow and red tones.

tshirt design contest whatsapp post templateUse This Contest WhatsApp Post Design

23. Daycare WhatsApp Post Design

What better way to appeal to kids than by projecting a rainbow? The colorful and vibrant design on this daycare WhatsApp post is enough to get the kids excited.

daycare centre whatsapp post templateUse This Daycare WhatsApp Post Design

24. Delivery WhatsApp Post Design

This delivery service WhatsApp post makes sure it conveys customer safety by featuring a photo of people wearing masks. If you are promoting a service, don’t forget to include contact details in your post as well. Include a website, an email address or links to social media pages.

home delivery whatsapp postUse This Delivery WhatsApp Post Design

25. DJ WhatsApp Post Design

The font on this DJ WhatsApp post template below embodies the street vibe with its graffiti-like font. The design is all about encapsulating urban style.

live dj promotion whatsapp post templateUse This DJ WhatsApp Post Design

26. Mardi Gras WhatsApp Post Design

Celebrate Fat Tuesday with a festive WhatsApp post! The Mardi Gras template below keeps it fun yet simple with the classic festival colors of green, yellow, and violet.

mardi grass event whatsapp post templateUse This Mardi Gras WhatsApp Post Design

27. Exhibition WhatsApp Post Design

Art is divine chaos in this exhibition WhatsApp post template below. Creative expression needs no justification.

fine art exhibition whatsapp post templateUse This Fine Arts Exhibition WhatsApp Post Design

28. Fitness WhatsApp Post Design

The mellow background color in this fitness WhatsApp post template is the perfect contrast to the athleisure outfits of the two yogis in the photo.

fitness giveaway whatsapp post templateUse This Fitness WhatsApp Post Design

29. Food Truck WhatsApp Post Design

A portable restaurant? Why not? The festive flags on this food truck WhatsApp post template below makes it a fun and youthful number.

food truck festival whatsapp post templateUse This Food Truck WhatsApp Post Design

30. Hotel WhatsApp Post Design

The elegant hotel WhatsApp post below works because the dark bedroom walls contrast beautifully with the light, monochromatic furniture pieces.

hotel booking whatsapp post templateUse This Hotel WhatsApp Post Design

31. Labor Day WhatsApp Post Example

The May 1st holiday is reserved for honoring workers everywhere. This Labor Day WhatsApp post celebrates the collective strength of workers around the world.

workers day whatsapp design template 7bcc5accd625e668199de4cd028dc


32. Starbucks WhatsApp Post Example

Craving for caffeine? The tasty tiramisu Frappuccino featured in the Starbucks WhatsApp post below will make any coffee addict weak in the knees.

starbucks say yes to an afternoon coffee break


33. Election WhatsApp Post Example

Let your voice be heard by exercising your right to vote! Suffrage is every citizen’s duty, as expressed in this election WhatsApp post below.



34. Influencer WhatsApp Post Design

This influencer WhatsApp post is all about brand awareness. The pretty millennial pink theme makes it fresh and contemporary.

brand influencer whatsapp post

<Use This Influencer WhatsApp Post Design

35. Insurance WhatsApp Post Design

The insurance WhatsApp post below emphasizes family stability and security with its portrayal of a happy, healthy family.

insurance marketing whatsapp post template

Use This Insurance WhatsApp Post Design

36. Invitation WhatsApp Post Design

A baby’s baptism is an important milestone. Invite close family and friends to the special occasion with this white invitation WhatsApp post template.

baptism invitation whatsapp post template

Use This Baptism Invitation WhatsApp Post Design

37. Jewelry WhatsApp Post Design

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend indeed in this jewelry WhatsApp post. The enchanting ruby red jewelry pieces in the image need no explanation.

handmade jewelry whatsapp post templateUse This Jewelry WhatsApp Post Design

38. Valentine’s Day WhatsApp Post Example

Coffee and donuts go together. This fitting and adorable Valentine’s Day WhatsApp greeting is short but sweet.

valentines day video


39. Fast Food WhatsApp Post Example

Advertise your food establishment’s latest promos and discounts via WhatsApp! The example below shows a pretty good pretzel deal from Auntie Anne’s.


40. Sailing WhatsApp Post Example

Promote all your events for free via WhatsApp! This blue and breezy sailing template is informative as well as creative.



41. Happy Hour WhatsApp Post Design

Relax and unwind with a happy hour drink in your hand! The example below exudes a tropical island vibe.

happy hour event whatsapp post template

Use This Happy Hour WhatsApp Post Design

42. Music WhatsApp Post Design

This WhatsApp post for a music app is perfectly packaged in its all-pink design. Bonus tip? Always conclude your post with a call to action!

free music studio app promotion whatsapp post template

Use Music App WhatsApp Post Design

43. Party WhatsApp Post Design

Celebrate Chinese New Year in style with a party WhatsApp post! The traditional lanterns complete the oriental look in this design.

chinese new year party whatsapp post template

Use This Chinese New Year Party WhatsApp Post Design

44. Pet WhatsApp Post Design

Who can resist a cute and adorable puppy? The pet WhatsApp post below touts its bright, fluffy and yellow design.

dog walker whatsapp post template

Use This Pet WhatsApp Post Design

45. Photography WhatsApp Post Design

What’s interesting about this photography WhatsApp post is its two-toned approach to design. The use of color blocking gives the post additional character and depth.

fashion photography whatsapp post templateUse This Fashion Photography WhatsApp Post Design

46. Pizza WhatsApp Post Design

Did someone say pizza party? The pizza WhatsApp post below needs little explanation with such a delectable and appetizing photo.

pizza party whatsapp post templateUse This Pizza Party WhatsApp Post Design

47. Quote WhatsApp Post Design

What better way to celebrate President’s Day than by quoting founding father and beloved first president, George Washington. The quote WhatsApp post below is all patriotic in blue, white, and red.

presidents day quote whatsapp post template

Use This President's Day Quote WhatsApp Post Design

48. Rental WhatsApp Post Design

This house rental WhatsApp post is attention-grabbing with its bright colors and not to mention, the inviting pool photo seen in the background.

house rental whatsapp post templateUse This House Rental WhatsApp Post Design

49. Resort WhatsApp Post Design

Summer is here with this resort WhatsApp post template! The breezy design and beautiful bird’s eye view of the sea and sand will have you planning your next vacation in no time!

summer resort whatsapp post templateUse This Resort WhatsApp Post Design

50. Online Store WhatsApp Post Design

Emphasize convenience and efficiency when promoting your online store WhatsApp post. The template below encourages the use of credit cards as a payment method.

online store advertisement whatsapp post template

Use This Online Store WhatsApp Post Design


When creating a WhatsApp post, it’s crucial to establish a clear intent first. What is your goal in broadcasting your post? Like any public update or status, it helps to keep your audience in mind. To get started, keep in mind the following format:

1. Core Message

Your WhatsApp post should always contain a central message. For it to impact viewers, it needs to be communicated well. Whatever your intention or promotion, make sure it’s conveyed in the clearest possible way.

2. Theme

The theme of your WhatsApp post is where you can get creative. Don’t be afraid to take risks and experiment with graphics, images, colors and layouts. Themes that aren’t mediocre or common are those that deliver the greatest impact.

3. Details

If your intent is to promote something on the platform, providing key details is important. These could be contact information such as an email address, mobile number, or an official website. Other details could be links to relevant pages or a call to action.

4. Animation

Dozens of applications today allow users more freedom and options to flex their creative muscles. Aside from animated posts, you can also add stickers, GIFs, and even emojis to your post.


How do I post on WhatsApp?

In addition to chats and calls, you can also post updates via WhatsApp. Open the app and click ‘Status’. You’ll quickly find a pencil and camera icon. You can either type a status update or post other media. You can easily customize your post with various stickers, emojis, drawings, etc.

What should I post on my WhatsApp status?

Similar to posting on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook, you have total control over what you post. Your post could pertain to something seasonal (e.g., Christmas, Thanksgiving)greeting, something commercial (e.g., brand awareness, promotions, contests), or just plain uplifting (e.g., quotes, greetings).

Can a WhatsApp post be deleted?

Yes, it can be deleted. Simply click on the status or post you want then tap the trash button or icon.

Is WhatsApp part of Facebook?

Yes, WhatsApp is a Facebook company. It was acquired by the social media giant in February 2014.

What is WhatsApp used for?

WhatsApp is a popular messaging platform with a variety of features. Among its features are instant messaging, video calls, audio calls, and status creation.