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In writing a good job offer letter template you will need to start with a goo, free offer letter template to ensure that you pass the relevant information to your potential employee. Skipping an employee offer letter template can lead to problems arising later when the employment offer letter has been granted. An offer letter will make the recruits expectations about the employment very clear and eliminate any likely-hood of confusion occurrence.

Simple Offer Letter Format


Formal Job Offer Letter Template


Employment Offer Letter Template


Executive Job Offer Letter Template

Executive Job Offer Letter Template

Job Offer Letter Format


Free Contract Offer Letter Template


Non-exempt Offer Letter Template


Sales Job Offer Letter Template


HR Documents – includes Employee, Offer Letters, etc



Employment Offer Letter Template


Candidate Direct Report Offer Letter Template

This offer letter template for direct report to candidates include name, title, date and job offer short info space along with a full-length customizable content, including, salary info space, contacts and name of the sender.

Employee Offer Letter Template DOC

This employee offer letter template is free to download. It has space for date, Name, address with a sample content that has within it, space for employee name and title, position, area, salary, joining date and contact info.

External Candidate Dean Offer Letter

This offer letter template for external candidates by the Dean has space for date, name and title of candidate, address, and job offer, salary, joining date, contact info, sender name and customizable content.

Free Employee Offer Letter Template

This offer letter template for employee starts with the date at the top left followed by a confidentiality statement, employee name and address. It has a full letter body, including important statements to be included in bold, space for job description and position.

Sample Job Offer Letter Template

This sample job offer letter template includes a full format for job offer consisting of date, name and address of employee with job position, working hours, payment amount per hour and date of payment every month.

Part Time Faculty Job Offer Letter Template

If you're hiring a potential candidate for a part time job, then you could go for this offer letter format in word. Here, the entire letter has been written for you already, you just have to include the details in the blanks.

Letter of Employment Template Word

This offer letter sample in word format would be perfect if you're offering a position of seniority to someone. You will be confirming your verbal offer with the help of this professional offer letter. You can customize the details after you download it.

Job Offer Letter Sample

This offer letter format PDF is customizable and easy to edit. You can include the employee's name and address, date and the final job offer. You can mention the details in numbered lists, and also mention the important documents he is required to bring.

Offer of Employment Letter Template

This sample would serve as a good example of an offer letter. You can mention the position title at the very beginning, and then proceed to the other details. It is a simple, concise letter that helps the reader understand better.

Free Offer Letter Template

This simple offer letter format is useful because you can download it and save it for future references as well. Every time you hire an employee, you could use the same template to write an offer letter for him or her.

Job Offer Letter

This copy offer letter download would be perfect if you want a sample for your letter. If you've been trying to write a meaningful offer letter, but haven't been able to do so, then this is the template for you. All you have to do is download it and use it as a sample.

Internship Offer Letter Template PDF

Most companies offer youngsters internships. If you've selected a couple of young interns, you could confirm their employment with you by using this copied job offer letter template. All you have to so is download it and customize the details.

Offer Letter Template UK in PDF

If you're a company based in the UK, and have managed to find "the one" when it comes to filling vacancies, you could try this template. It is available in PDF format, and you can use this as a sample for writing your job offer letter.

Sample Internship Offer Letter Template

An internship just like any other post in a company, has certain terms and conditions. You could convey these terms with the help of this joining letter format in word. It is easy to edit, so you can download it and send the same letter to all interns.

Sales Director Offer Letter Template

If you've found a potential candidate who you think is right for the post of a sales director at your firm, you must try this offer letter format in word file. It would be from the sales team and thus a certain amount of respect in the letter is mandatory.

Employment Interview Offer Letter

There are several rounds that an employee has to cross before being selected. If you have shortlisted a few candidates, out of all the applications, for an interview, you can use this template to notify them.

Offer Letter Acceptance Letter

For cordial business relationships, you need to be courteous, polite and respectful. And that is exactly what this business offer letter format in word reflects. It states, in clear terms, that you are eager to do business with another company. If that's the kind of offer letter you need, this is the template for you.

Letter of Offer and Contract of Employment Template

landcarevic.net.au | With this job appointment letter format in word, not only do you get to include a confirmation letter, but also a legal contract. This legal contract is binding on all those involved, and any violation of the terms mentioned in the contract can lead to lawsuits.

Free Download Offer letter Format in MS Word

citehr.com | This company offer letter word format would be appropriate for all companies, big and small, while hiring employees. If you're in the HR department of a company, you could make use of this template to come up with a simple, crisp and exact offer letter.

Download Editable Work Offer Letter Template Word Doc

citehr.com | This offer letter can be used by you if you're looking for a neat, well designed and detailed template. You can include all the information in numbered lists, which allows for better understanding. As you can see, the offer letter does not miss out on any relevant data.

Offer Letter Template For House Template Download


Offer Letter Template Rural Property Real Estate Printable


Offer Letter Template for Apartment Rental Office Space PDF


Offer Letter Template for Temporary Employment Word Format


Counter Offer Letter Template Word Free Download


Offer Letter Template for Administrative Assistant Template for Free


Offer Letter Template for Unpaid Intern Word Download


Temporary Position Job Offer Letter Template Free Editable


Sample Job Offer Letter PDF Format


Model Company Offer Letter Format


Example of Fake Job Offer Letter


Private Company Appointment Letter Format


Contract Letter Format in PDF


Job Confirmation Offer Letter Format in Word


Corporate Offer Letter Format


Bank Accountant Offer Letter


Offer Letter Request Form


Letter of Offer Form Organisation


Best Job Joining Offer Letter Template


Hotel Offer Letter Format


Scheme Offer Letter Format


Commercial Offer Letter Downlad


Standard Budgetary Offer Letter


Example of Duplicate Offer Letter


Private Official Placement Offer Letter


Specimen copy of Admission Offer Letter


Discount Offer Letter Sample


Simple Pre school Offer Letter


Professional Business Offer Letter


Printable Offer Rejection Letter


Professional Offer Letter Templates To Kick Start Someone’s Career

An Sample Offer Letter Templates is an official document, which you, the employer, will have to hand over to a potential employee – offering him a position in your company. While you might very well call an accountant offer letter a harbinger of good news, there is much more to it than meets the eye. It has be formal, professional and contain all the relevant details that a prospective employee could require before joining your company. If you fall short when it comes to the organization of the offer letter, you could be calling for trouble. An inadequate letter will result in confusion, thus affecting the harmonious working relationship between an employer and an employee.

Why Is An Offer Letter Important?

Now that you’ve found a person who perfectly matches your criteria for a particular vacancy in the company, you need to write a standard offer letter, as a way of confirmation. A verbal offer may have been made, but words hold no value without handing over the job offer in writing. You need to seal the deal with a good offer letter. But it is often the offer letter format that you struggle with, isn’t it?

If that is the case, you may opt for the numerous templates available online for Job Offer Letter Examples. Irrespective of whether you choose to write your own offer letter, or simply download the templates from the internet, you need to have a clear idea of the format before proceeding.

Procedure of Writing an Offer Letter

To write a good offer letter (how to write an offer letter) download the best free sample Counter Offer Letter Template, and in writing the letters, you may start by giving the candidates all the information at once or send the offer letter as a follow up with details about orientation and any benefits about the job if he/she accepts the offer (Thank You Email After Interview).

If your offer letter is not intended to be a contract, ensure that its layout will not make it to sound as one. You should avoid using phrases that may lead to an indefinite job future such as “this is a family company”, or “job security”. You should try to avoid as possible any statements about annual salary amounts.

Major things to Include in the Offer Letter

You should include the title of the position, the starting date, either full time or part time and the exempt status. You should include all the job details, and state that the offer is dependent on background checks, drug screens and confidentiality checks. You should ensure that the offer letter format include a statement that the employment will be at will basis. Finally, you should close your real estate offer letter thank you note template and attach a reachable contact.

A Few Tips to Keep in Mind While Writing Offer Letters

If you’ve been wondering about an offer letter sample, then you need to take these tips into consideration –

  • Start with the important things first. You have to first state the salary, after all, that is the first thing people notice. The mode of payment, frequency etc – everything needs to be mentioned, including the gross pay the employee is supposed to get, the taxes and finally the net payment.
  • Companies often offer a lot of benefits to their employees. If your company is one of them, you need to mention that in the letter. You do not have to go into too much of details, because the employee will come to know about them at the orientation.
  • Research your state laws before writing an Offer Letter Templates in PDF. Each country has its own set of employment laws, of which you need to have a thorough knowledge beforehand.
  • If you’re looking for the the format of offer letter, you could easily look up some templates online. They are available in different formats, which can be downloaded and edited by you. It would indeed make your life easier, since all you have to do is select the correct offer letter example.

Do’s and Don’ts


  •  Do be exact, accurate and precise. There is no point in beating about the bush.
  • Keep the tone professional and formal
  • Take into consideration all legal aspects before handing over an offer letter.


  • Do not miss out any relevant details. That might lead to confusions. Look at an employee offer letter format before proceeding.
  • Do not use vague phrases that might give rise to questions later on.
  • Do not mention annual salary, instead break it up into hourly, or weekly and monthly salary.

We Are Here to Help!

At template.net, we know exactly how complicated writing a good offer letter can be. That is why we came up with different Simple Offer Letter Templates that you can take the help of. With our range of templates, you will be spoilt for choice. So what are you waiting for, let’s get started!

How to Write an Employment Job Offer Letter?

When there is an opening in the company, it is important to write an employment job offer letter so as to attract people for the recruitment drive. There are several consultants who do the same and for that, they mostly refer to Consultant Offer Letter Templates so as to write employment job offer. For example, if there is an opening for a graphic designer than an employment offer letter for graphic designed would be published and that would contain all the details about the key responsibility area of the job. The letter would also contain the details of the salary and other such details

What is an Offer Letter for a Job?

When a person qualifies all the rounds for the job, the person gets an offer letter. The offer letter contains the date of appointment, the date of joining, the details of the salary and the designation at which the person is joining. The offer letter may also have a list of benefits that the company is providing to its employee as that would help the employee in getting a clear picture of the benefits he is getting. There are certain letters which are used for transferring an employee from one place to another and to check that out, you can go through Transfer Offer Letter Templates. To see a classic example of an offer letter, you may check call center offer letter

What does it mean to get a Conditional Job Offer?

There are certain cases when the job is given on basis of some condition and the offer letter which is shared with the employee in such a case is a conditional job offer letter. The main use of this offer letter is to clarify certain terms and conditions about the job and the person will only get the job confirmation once the conditions are met. For example, in the case of a condition offer letter for sale of a property, a property’s ownership may be transferred after getting the full payment. You can check out the template of the same by going through some of the Property Offer Letter Templates. If your friend got a job on conditional basis then do not forget to write an encouragement letter to a friend.


The offer letter is used widely in any industry and often, there is a fixed format for the offer letter. The reason why the fixed format is followed is that the people don’t want to miss out on any important aspect of the offer letter. And the template would help them in ensuring that all the required details are included. For example, most of the human resource people use an Offer Letter Templates in Doc so as to get quickly make an offer to a person who is being offered the job. This also helps in keeping the format to a standard version.

It is always better to use a template for the offer letter as it will ensure that you do not miss out on any important details. You can find the templates online by typing search keyword like Membership Offer Letter Templates.

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