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Weddings are very special events that needs the presence of your family, friends, and other chosen few. It is important that they are able to attend your wedding to witness you being married which brings us to creating invitations to invite possible guests to attend your wedding. Wedding invitations will play a big part in your wedding, especially to disseminate information for specific roles your relatives may play in your wedding.

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Here, we share some wedding invitation designs for you to choose the perfect design for your invitation. We also share a brief description for some wedding invitations to give you an idea on where these types of invitations are being used for. You can also check some Disney wedding invitation from our website to turn your dreams of becoming a real-life Disney princess on your wedding day into a reality.

Free Sample Wedding Thank You Invitation Template

free sample wedding thank you invitation templateFree Download

Email Wedding Invitation to Print

email wedding invitation to printFree Download

Simple Wedding Invitation Template

simple wedding invitation templateFree Download

DIY Wedding Invitation

DIY Rustic Wedding Invitation

diy rustic wedding invitationsDownload

DIY Blank Pocket Wedding Invitation

diy pocket wedding invitationsDownload

DIY Lace Wedding Invitation

diy lace wedding invitationsDownload

Rustic Wedding Invitation

Rustic Lace Wedding Invitation

rustic lace wedding invitationsDownload

Funny Rustic Wedding Invitation

funny rustic wedding invitationsDownload

Western Rustic Wedding Invitation

western rustic wedding invitationsDownload

Vintage Wedding Invitation

DIY Vintage Wedding Invitation

diy vintage wedding invitationsDownload

Vintage Rustic Wedding Invitation

rustic vintage wedding invitationsDownload

Handmade Vintage Wedding Invitation

handmade vintage wedding invitations1Download

Destination Wedding Invitation

DIY Destination Wedding Invitation

diy destination wedding invitationsDownload

Rustic Destination Wedding Invitation

rustic destination wedding invitations1Download

Disney Destination Wedding Invitation

disney destination wedding invitationsDownload

Disney Wedding Invitation

Disney Themed Wedding Invitation

disney themed wedding invitationsDownload

Disney Beach Wedding Invitation

disney beach wedding invitations1Download

Official Disney Wedding Invitation

official disney wedding invitationsDownload

What Are Invitations?

Invitations are written notes requesting for someone’s attendance to a special event or activity. Usually, invitations today can come in both forms which are soft copies or physical copies of the invitations. Invitations usually indicate different information on what will happen in the event and location. In this case which are wedding invitations, these types of invitations will always indicate roles for specific people in the wedding ceremony.

In addition, wedding invitations will also indicate locations for both the wedding ceremony and reception afterwards. This is why wedding invitations also play a big part in your wedding, as they are able to inform your guests ahead of time to prepare themselves.

Wedding Invitation Examples

There are different designs for wedding invitations you can use for different themed weddings. You can use these types of designs to create your own wedding invitation quickly or alter the designs and add your own to make your invitations more attractive and have more appeal. Below are some wedding invitation examples you can use to create your own invitations. The following include:

  • DIY Lace Wedding Invitation – You can use these types of invitations when you want to create a unique kind of wedding invitation. The designs this lace wedding invitations contain are laces you can tie to cover the invitation and intricate borderlines and font styles to make the invitation look attractive as much as possible. The material commonly used for this type of invitation is a Kraft paper material making it feel like a vintage type of invitation.
  • Vintage Wedding Invitation – These types of invitations are commonly used for vintage-themed weddings. The designs these types of invitations may contain calligraphy fonts and vintage effects to create a vintage kind of feel on the invitation. You can also alter the designs if you want to add more decorations in your invitations to attract the attendee’s attention.
  • Disney Destination Wedding Invitation – You can use this type of wedding invitation for a Disney-themed wedding. The designs usually contain outlines of Disney characters or decorations in the invitation filled with Disney characters. Font styles may also be of a Disney kind of font as well.
  • Funny Personalized Wedding InvitationFunny wedding invitations can be used if you want to use fun-themed designs. Being able to place in fun-themed designs will let you create a happy and funny mood in your invitations that can send smiles on your attendee’s faces. You can be as creative as possible with the designs by adding more decorations, just be careful you don’t overpower your wedding invitations by adding too much decorations that may distract the reader from focusing on the information.
  • Garden Themed Wedding Invitation – You can use these types of wedding invitations if you want to make a flowery kind of theme for your invitations. The designs that this invitation may contain are usually floral decorations and floral borderlines.
  • Personalized Photo Wedding Invitation – These types of invitations will usually depend on your creativity. Designs that this invitation may contain collage like effects and mosaics of you and your spouse’s pictures. The pictures you can include may be your prenuptial pictures or other couple shoot pictures.

You can also check out our website if you want to download more templates for your different projects. You could also download more wedding invitation templates or more sample wedding invitations from our website for a wide array of choices.

Funny Wedding Invitation

Funny Personalized Wedding Invitation

personalised funny wedding invitationsDownload

Funny Photo Wedding Invitation

funny photo wedding invitations2Download

Garden Wedding Invitation

Garden Themed Wedding Invitation

garden themed wedding invitationsDownload

Garden Party Wedding Invitation

garden party wedding invitationsDownload


Traditional Wedding Invitation

DIY Traditional Wedding Invitation

diy traditional wedding invitationsDownload

Formal Traditional Wedding Invitation

formal traditional wedding invitationsDownload

Handmade Traditional Wedding Invitation

handmade traditional wedding invitationsDownload

Photo Wedding Invitation

Personalized Photo Wedding Invitation

personalised photo wedding invitations1Download

Photo Collage Wedding Invitation

photo collage wedding invitationsDownload

Photo Frame Wedding Invitation

photo frame wedding invitationsDownload

Beach Wedding Invitation

Destination Beach Wedding Invitation

destination beach wedding invitationsDownload

Lace Beach Wedding Invitation

lace beach wedding invitationsDownload

BBQ Beach Wedding Reception

beach bbq wedding receptionDownload

What a Wedding InvitationSshould Contain

It is important to know what you should be placing in your wedding invitations. As much as possible provide specific and accurate information on the things that may happen in your wedding and any additional precautions your guests may need to know. Below are some of the details which you need to place in your wedding invitations.

  • Location – You will have to include the location in your wedding invitations to keep your guests informed and for them to know where the location of your wedding ceremony and your reception will be. It is also advisable for you to include maps or give out landmarks of the locations for your venues. This will also give the guests the advantage of being able to research in advance of possible routes going to the location.
  • Date – You will also have to place the date for your wedding so that your guests will be able to take note ahead of time when your wedding will be. It would also be advisable for you to send your invitations through email for your guests to place the date automatically in their calendars. Being able to send them through email will give guests the advantage of being able to receive information quickly.
  • Contents – It is important for you to place the details in your wedding invitations like the wedding program and time frames for the different activities to happen in your wedding. You will also have to place the time in both your wedding ceremony and reception. This is to give your guests the advantage of being able to know what kind of activities will take place and prepare in advance on what and what not to bring on your wedding day. You will also have to include details about the wedding ceremony and who will be participating in the ceremony. This is to give your guests time to prepare for the specific roles they will take on your wedding day.
  • Title – Your Wedding invitation should have a title or theme to attract your guests and give them ideas on what to wear. Providing a title will also help you have a foundation to create the designs for your wedding invitation.
  • Attire – You should also specify the attire your guests may need to wear. If your wedding may include pool or beach parties, you can also specify on what to let them bring on the day.
  • Design – Your wedding invitations will need to have a design for them to look attractive and entice your guests to attend your wedding.

You can also check out our website for more wedding invitation formats or wedding invitation card templates.

Blank Wedding Invitation

Blank Pocket Wedding Invitation

blank pocket wedding invitationsDownload

Blank Western Wedding Invitation

blank western wedding invitationsDownload

Retro Wedding Invitation

Retro Beach Wedding Invitation

retro beach wedding invitations1Download

Retro Themed Wedding Invitation

retro themed wedding invitationsDownload

Retro Disney Wedding Invitation

retro disney wedding invitations1Download

Formal Wedding Invitation

Formal Dress Wedding Invitation

formal dress wedding invitationDownload

DIY Formal Wedding Invitation

diy formal wedding invitationDownload

Formal Destination Wedding Invitation

formal destination wedding invitation1Download

Royal Wedding Invitation

Royal Themed Wedding Invitation

royal themed wedding invitationsDownload

Free Royal Wedding Invitation

free royal wedding invitationDownload

Royal Family Wedding Invitation

royal family wedding invitationDownload

Making Your Own Wedding Invitation

Besides from getting designs with templates that are available, you can use your own talent to make your own wedding invitation designs. There are different methods to making your DIY wedding invitations. Some methods for designing include using handcrafted materials and writing or painting materials to create your invitations. You can get created and add different types of decorations like buttons or paper shaped doves and hearts. You can also apply paintings and drawings in your invitations as well.

Another method to creating your own wedding invitation design is through the use of software programs since we are now in the digital age and everything is paperless now. Using software programs to create your designs will also help save you time from creating your artwork from scratch and prevent you from making a mess with using different painting and writing materials.

Why Wedding Invitations Are Important

Wedding invitations are important because they are a formal way of inviting someone to an important event. It is a way of making your family and friends important to you. Giving out invitations will also let your guests feel appreciated as well. Without invitations, you will not be able to invite your family and friends to your event. You will also have difficulty preparing the venues and activities without any confirmation from the people you want to invite. On the attendee’s side, they will not be able to reserve or confirm your invitation and will not know anything about the program, the location, time, and date of the occasion.

Our website offers more than just wedding invitation templates but also have other templates and information for other projects you may be planning to do in the future. In the meantime, you can also peruse our website for more free wedding invitation samples or if you’re going for the sleek and classy in black-and-white wedding invitations.

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