50+ Roll-up Banner Designs, Format and Examples

A rollup banner has many uses. And like most marketing collateral, it can be very versatile. From events to retail to information campaigns, you can use it to promote essentially anything. A rollup banner can usually be seen at conferences, trade shows, expos and other big events. But as you’ll see in this article, its use is not limited to just events.   50-roll-up-banner-designs-format-and-examples-2021

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To create a rollup banner design of your own, follow these simple steps:

  • Browse through dozens of creative designs and ideas.
  • Customize it the way you want and download it in your preferred file format.


Need ideas for your rollup banner? Browse the 50 plus designs and examples below and prepare to be inspired! A quick format guide is also provided at the end of the article. Learn what it takes to create your own winning rollup banner!  

1. Interior Rollup Banner Design

Statement pieces can add character to any living space. Whether it’s eccentric lamps or a vintage office chair, featuring a unique furniture piece in your interior rollup banner will help set it apart from the rest.


Use This Interior Rollup Banner Design 

home-interior-design-rollup-banner-templateUse This Home Interior Rollup Banner Design

2. Advertisement Rollup Banner Design

The hotel advertisement rollup banner below truly stands out by highlighting its lavish lobby and opulent architecture.


Use This Advertisement Rollup Banner Design

3. Architecture Rollup Banner Design

In need of unique ideas for your architecture rollup banners? Try featuring a landmark architectural masterpiece or a magnificent city skyline, as seen in the stunning examples below.


Use This Architecture Rollup Banner Design

modern-architecture-roll-up-banner-templateUse This Modern Architecture Rollup Banner Design

4. Automotive Rollup Banner Design

You can’t go wrong with sleek and elegant black. This automotive rollup banner is all about reassuring customers about product safety and security.


Use This Automotive Rollup Banner Design

5. Bakery Rollup Banner Design

Who doesn’t love cake? Chocolate and red velvet are just two of the most popular flavors. Trigger sugar cravings with these bakery rollup banner examples below.


Use This Bakery Cake Rollup Banner Design

cupcake-rollup-banner-templateUse This Cupcake Rollup Banner Design

6. Clinic Rollup Banner Design

This clever eye clinic rollup banner below uses a blur effect to highlight vision problems among customers.


Use This Clinic Rollup Banner Design

7. Club Rollup Banner Design

Who doesn’t enjoy karaoke? This club rollup banner encourages people to let loose and sing their hearts out at a karaoke bar.


Use This Club Karaoke Rollup Banner Design

8. Commercial Rollup Banner Design

The beautiful color palette on this commercial rollup banner makes it stand out. The coral and orange hues contrast perfectly with the rich, green colors.


Use This Commercial Rollup Banner Design 

9. Conference Rollup Banner Design

When designing your conference rollup banner, don’t forget to include an official logo. This annual Bio-Chem conference is celebrating 15 years of the science community’s solidarity.


Use This Annual Conference Rollup Banner Design 

10. Construction Rollup Banner Design

This modern construction rollup banner features a brilliant reflective design that is sure to grab attention.


Use This Construction Rollup Banner Design

11. Corporate Rollup Banner Design

Shed some light on what truly matters. This corporate rollup banner example below uses a lightbulb to signify the importance of ideas and innovation.


Use This Corporate Company Rollup Banner Design

12. Bookstore Rollup Banner Example

What better way to advertise a bookstore than by featuring shelves filled with books? The example below highlights its discounted prices by ensuring the banner text is large and readable.



13. Black Friday Rollup Banner Example

Fashion’s biggest holiday is here! The rollup banner below prettifies its design with the use of gold accents.



14. Milkshake Rollup Banner Example

Did anyone say milkshake? The rollup banner below is sure to attract kids and adults alike!



15. Smartphone Rollup Banner Example

Smartphones have certainly changed the way we live. And they’re here to stay. The example below is just one example of the countless tech companies that have mushroomed throughout the Digital Age.



16. Dental Rollup Banner Design

Who doesn’t want a bright smile? Oral health is important and dental clinics would do well to encourage patients to take care of their teeth. The dental rollup banner below hopes to achieve that goal by showcasing a beautiful set of pearly whites.


Use This Dental Care Rollup Banner Design

17. Design Rollup Banner Design

The intense graphics on this design rollup banner below is enough to make anyone look twice. It impeccably captures motion and art in one image.


Use This Design Studio Rollup Banner Design

18. Event Rollup Banner Design

Events need to be promoted well to boost higher participation and engagement. The fun and youthful example below is a Color Run event rollup banner.


Use This Event Rollup Banner Design

19. Fashion Rollup Banner Design

From the runway to the streets, that’s the beauty of fashion. The fashion rollup banners below showcase the polarizing styles of edgy street style and elegant runway couture.


Use This Fashion Rollup Banner Design

imagesUse This Winer Fashion Rollup Banner Design

20. Finance Rollup Banner Design

Try to convey not just wealth in your finance rollup banner, but also teamwork and support. The example below embodies this idea perfectly.


Use This Financial Company Rollup Banner Design

21. Fitness Rollup Banner Design

Strength training is a key element in fitness for a lot of health enthusiasts. The fitness rollup banner below capitalizes on this by featuring a model doing circuit training.


Use This Fitness Rollup Banner Design

22. Food Rollup Banner Design

Ramen is always a good idea. The comfort food is front and center in this food rollup banner example below.


Use This Ramen Festival Rollup Banner Design

23. Gym Rollup Banner Design

Encourage clients and customers to get into shape by promoting strength and fitness in your gym rollup banner, as seen in the example below.


Use This Gym Rollup Banner Design

24. Health Rollup Banner Design

Health is wealth and you should never take it for granted. This health campaign rollup banner is sure to attract attention with its rich, deep purple design.


Use This Health Campaign Rollup Banner Design

25. Hotel Rollup Banner Design

The tropical vibes this hotel rollup banner gives will definitely make you look forward to your next vacation! The charming image below features a secluded but relaxing hidden getaway.


Use This Hotel Rollup Banner Design

26. Vaccination Rollup Banner Example

Nations everywhere need to step up their vaccination drives. The rollup banner below hopes to educate people as to the benefits and protections of a COVID-19 vaccine.



27. Job Fair Rollup Banner Example

Career fairs and recruitment events help job hunters and employers alike. Make your rollup banner more informative by listing down available jobs. Include a brief descriptions for each job, if space allows.



28. Buffet Rollup Banner Example

Buffets are popular dining options. Keep your rollup banner appealing by using bright colors; and make sure to emphasize the important details like buffet timeframe and price.



29. Insurance Rollup Banner Design

Many people want their future and the future of their families to be safe and secured. Insurance companies always bank on this need for security and stability. This notion is embodied in the insurance rollup banner below.

insurance-company-roll-up-banner-templateUse This Insurance Company Rollup Banner Design

30. Marketing Rollup Banner Design

If it’s not clear to you yet, hashtags are an efficient marketing tool. The ingenious design on this marketing rollup banner features a lighted hashtag against a pitch black background.

elegant-marketing-roll-up-banner-templateUse This Marketing Rollup Banner Design

31. Travel Rollup Banner Design

This travel rollup banner below features a stunning view of the sky and surrounding clouds. Feed people’s need for wanderlust by promoting travel and adventure.


Use This Travel Services Rollup Banner Design

32. Multipurpose Rollup Banner Design

The creative multipurpose rollup banner below uses crumpled yellow paper in place of a lightbulb. Now there’s an idea!


Use This Multipurpose Rollup Banner Design

33. Music Rollup Banner Design

Due to the pandemic, events-including concerts-have mostly been held online. Virtual concerts have since become the norm. But that didn’t stop the universal power of music to transcend even a global health crisis. To brighten the mood, this colorful music rollup banner below keeps it nice and retro.


Use This Music Rollup Banner Design

34. Outdoor Rollup Banner Design

The COVID-19 pandemic has made al fresco dining the preferred option for many. Have a relaxing picnic with this outdoor rollup banner template. The image of a lovely picnic spread adds a delightful touch.


Use This Outdoor Party Rollup Banner Design

35. Product Rollup Banner Design

Make your brand standout with a winning product rollup banner! The moisturizing cream featured in the template below is the focal point in this pretty-in-pink design.


Use This Beauty Product Rollup Banner Design

36. Professional Rollup Banner Design

Who says pink can’t be professional? Black and pink complement each other perfectly in this balanced and professional rollup banner below.


Use This Professional Business Rollup Banner Design

37. Promotional Rollup Banner Design

Master the art of advertising by taking a cue from this promotional rollup banner for beer. Choose powerful imagery like the overflowing glass of draft beer below.

modern-promotional-roll-up-banner-templateUse This Promotional Rollup Banner Design

38. Creative Rollup Banner Design

Let your creativity shine through with loud, statement advertisements. The creative rollup banner example below is not afraid to mix it up with different elements and contrasting graphics.

creative-photography-rollup-banner-templateUse This Creative Photography Rollup Banner Design

39. Cleaning Services Rollup Banner Design

This professional cleaning services rollup banner keeps it clean and crisp with a minimalist design.

creative-cleaning-services-roll-up-banner-templateUse This Cleaning Services Rollup Banner Design

40. Real Estate Rollup Banner Example

Cant’ decide which color is best? No problem! Have three different colors for your real estate rollup banner. Keep them uniformed by using a single format but showcase a variety of real estate pictures.



41. Christmas Party Rollup Banner Example

Time to unwind and celebrate the holidays in style! It’s all about promoting partying and merrymaking with this Christmas rollup banner.



42. UNICEF Rollup Banner Example

It’s everyone’s duty to safeguard the future of children everywhere. The well-established organization, UNICEF, is a leader in advocating children’s rights around the world.



43. Restaurant Rollup Banner Design

Who doesn’t enjoy a helping of juicy steak? This restaurant rollup banner teases the taste buds with its generous serving of savory steak.


Use This Steak Restaurant Rollup Banner Design

44. Sales Rollup Banner Design

Nothing says fresh summer fun more than a bed of sunflowers! This refreshing and contemporary fashion sale rollup banner is as bright as a sunflower.


Use This Summer Sale Rollup Banner Design

45. Salon Rollup Banner Design

Doing hair and makeup has never been this fun! The salon rollup banner below keeps it fun and playful with a pastel-filled design.

modern-salon-roll-up-banner-templateUse This Salon Rollup Banner Design

46. School Rollup Banner Design

There’s so much to learn and so much fun to have every summer break! The summer school rollup banner below encourages kids to get out of their comfort zones and explore various activities.

summer-school-roll-up-banner-templateUse This Summer School Rollup Banner Design

47. SEO Rollup Banner Design

This SEO rollup banner‘s design is an appropriate fit; why wouldn’t you incorporate a search bar into your design?


Use This SEO Rollup Banner Design

48. Spa Rollup Banner Design

It’s all about rest and relaxation in this spa rollup banner.  The image just emanates the pampering of the body, mind, and soul.

massage-and-spa-center-rollup-banner-templateUse This Spa Rollup Banner Design

49. Sports Rollup Banner Design

Extreme sports are not for the faint of heart. The sports rollup banner below is sure to call to adrenaline junkies everywhere.

imagesUse This Extreme Sports Rollup Banner Design

50. Yoga Rollup Banner Design

Embrace your inner calm and feel the load lighten with every mindful breath. The yoga rollup banner below embodies this idea perfectly. Studies suggest that plants make people comfortable; and it’s hard not to notice the striking plant in the example below.


Use This Yoga Rollup Banner Design


A rollup banner can serve as the perfect marketing tool for your events, products, and services. It’s educational, promotional, and portable. Eager to get started? Check out the simple format guidelines below:  

1. Logo or Title

A roll up banner should reflect your brand. Always include an official logo. Keep in mind that a logo’s strategic location on the banner is important too. In the absence of a logo, at least provide a title that is legible and readable.

2. Visuals

Your rollup banner should immediately attract attention. It could be the graphics, images, or other elements. A visually appealing and striking design is key for any successful marketing campaign.

3. Contact Information

A rollup banner should always contain the appropriate information. Provide contact details such as an email address, mobile number, or official website. Don’t forget to include links to social media pages as well.

4. Tagline

Compelling taglines or catchphrases are short, witty, funny, and clever. It’s attention-grabbing and thought-provoking at the same time.


What is the size of a roll up banner?

The typical size of a rollup banner is 850mm x 2000mm, or roughly 2.75ft width x 6.5ft height.

What is a rollup banner?

In advertising, a rollup banner is sometimes also called a pull-up banner. It is a banner that acts as a standee, and usually comes in a standard size.

How do I print a roll up banner?

Due to its size, printing a rollup banner is generally done by professional printing services or advertising agencies. To ensure quality, it’s best to always double check the design before sending it out for printing.

What do you put on a banner?

In order to capture interest and attention, your rollup banner should meet several criteria. The text should be clear and legible enough, even from a few meters away. Striking graphics and imagery will help attract attention. Your overall design should be able to strike a balance between being informative and creative.

What are the different pullup banner sizes?

A rollup or pullup banner can come in several sizes. Aside from the standard size of 850mm x 2000mm, there are other options like desktop, compact, tall, and wide size banners.