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For a seller and buyer, a record of their agreement is needed as necessity to have a record of their trading, an invoice is the official document prepared by the seller as anticipated goods that will be bought by the buyer, it is usually sent ahead of time before the purchasing of the goods so the buyer is sure that all the goods that he or she requested is in the list and the price is set according to their agreement. You can have it be made in Microsoft word or excel where you can mad enay changes per transaction you will have in the future.

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> Contract Invoice Template


A detailed contractor invoice template can be a written evidence of a transaction between a contractor and customer. Similarly both parties can use this document to settle various future disputes or problems in the project or task that the contractor provided. Using the Microsoft word or excel can have all the evidence of their transactions be in lettering from the complete terms of the agreement, project name or details and payment terms that their clients must bear. (8+ Contract Invoice Template)

> Consulting/Consultant Invoice Template


Some service or company needs the professional advice and assistance from highly educated and experienced people, their consultancy is needed for a specific business strategy or project completion this company will embark for them to achieve their goal in a specified period. Consultants now needs a consultant invoice to bill their clients asking for their service; they can make it via Microsoft word and excel to input the fee for each consult and mode of payment for their clients. ( 7+ Consultant / Consulting Invoice Template)

> Construction Invoice Template


In constructing a building or infrastructure, construction companies provide all the necessary machines, equipment’s, materials and men for the work to be completed on time. They need their personalized construction invoice template to properly valuate each of these items for their clients to pay. As construction project is not an easy job as it requires a lot of effort and good management to be completed according to the original plan so payment is needed in each of this to make it possible; the invoice can be made in Microsoft word or excel that can be easily accessed today. (8+ Construction Invoice Template)

> Freelancer Invoice Template


Today, freelancing jobs is rampant especially in online work as opportunities is always coming for those that are multi-talented and skilled. As it requires different jobs and clients that a freelancer always caters, they need their formal freelancer invoice template to finalize the fees that their clients must pay in order to have a good living and as per job contract. It can be made easily by having samples in Microsoft word or excel. ( 8+ Freelancer Invoice Template)

> Designing Invoice Template


Today’s inclination is all about new style and designs to make trends that can be applied whether it is in home, clothes or decorations. Most people want their looks or ownership be different from others, in which designers used their profession to fill this job; the designing invoice template is the tool they can to present their fees for their customers, they can make it via Microsoft word or excel which is widely used today. ( 10+ Designing Invoice Template)

> Hotel Invoice Template


For hotel managers, having the hotel invoice template for summarizing all the expenses made by their valued customers for lodging and using their amenities since their check in. it will serve as the itemizes bills that customers must pay before leaving the hotel. This invoice is possible via Microsoft word or excels program which can be easily accessed. ( 8+ Hotel Invoice Template)

> Invoice Template with Value Added Tax


A well-made invoice requires the added tax for every goods or service be imprinted in the receipt for the customers’ reference that they are paying the tax supplementary to the price of the purchased goods or service. Invoice template with value added tax is simply made in Microsoft word or excels which have features to make it easy and handy. ( 8+ Invoice Template with Value Added Tax)

> Lease Invoice Template


All landlords or property owners that every tenants or renters must have the bill or receipt when paying the rental fee for their usage of their assets every month or every after use, lease invoice template can contain all of this details for the tenants and landlords reference in the future; Microsoft word or excel is the programs needed to make the sample for this kind of invoice for billing and payment purposes. ( 8+ Lease Invoice Template)


An official or fully authorizes invoice is needed between seller and buyer as legal document showing what are the products does the buyer requested from the seller; it also shows the total payments given, this legal invoice template is needed to make such document a reality. Microsoft word or excel is needed in making this things be used for any kinds of business. ( 8+ Legal Invoice Template)

> Medical/ Health Invoice Template


Hospital and clinical settings is always in demand for medications, equipment, health personnel service, stocks and supplies for their excellent patient care. For this, an appropriate bill is needed for continuous flow of these things, medical/ health invoice template is used for billing their patient for their medical expenses. Microsoft word or excel have the features for making this invoice applied for different cases and expenses by all of their patients.(10+ Medical/ Health Invoice Template)

> Photography Invoice Template


Many people is fun of taking photos and camera stuffs; photographers are always on call for important events like wedding, graduations, etc. for them to take shots of this one of a lifetime moments and be used as memory moments. The photography invoice template is always beneficial for this kind of events which can be made in Microsoft word or excel for them to bill their clients for their service ( 8+ Photography Invoice Template)

> Price Quote Template


For allusion in the future for the value of products and services of a business establishment and for reference by their customers for canvasing, price quote template is the sample that can contain all value of a business products in organized and fashionable manner. It can be with the products image or just plain text by having it made in Microsoft word or excel programs. ( 10+ Price Quote Template)

> Price List Template


Most owners and sellers needs a master record off all their selling products detail and their current market value for income record and for their customers reference when they are about to check the price of the products they want to purchase. The pricelist template is the document needed to have this task achievable by utilizing the Microsoft word or excel available to all computers in the present day. ( 10+ Price List Template)

> Standard Invoice Template


Standard invoice template provides necessary invoice format for every kinds of business that a company has. It must contain all the necessary details of the agreement or trade between the seller and buyer; they can make this one in Microsoft word or excel in which it has features to make the standard invoice contain the sellers detail and layout to make it like the others. ( 8+ Standard Invoice Template)

> Tax Invoice Template


Every tax collecting agency of a country has the file on how much does every person or company owes to them when it comes to paying their due taxes. Individuals and companies then must prepare for the bill which may come in the form of tax invoice template that contains the total amount of tax they must pay to avoid any penalties. Microsoft word or excel has the programs in making this kind of invoices as per person and companies payment. ( 10+ Tax Invoice Template)

> Travel Invoice Template


Most of people nowadays are fond of traveling locally and abroad. Travel agencies and facilitator arrange all the stuffs for their clients to enjoy their travel and destination, as for this there is a corresponding bill for each destination and facility they will use for the whole course of their travel. The travel invoice template can give anyone the idea of how much amount does the person requires to pay for their travel, this is easily done in Microsoft word or excel programs. ( 8+ Travel Invoice Template)

> Retail Invoice Template


One method of expanding a business and to grow its income is by retailing strategy in which bulk of products are bought by the customers and paid instantly after purchase. Retail invoice template will assure that all the bills for the products bought are recorded and will be paid by the customer themselves; thru Microsoft word or excel, you can have this kind of invoice for your retailing business of yours. ( 8+ Retail Invoice Template)

> Education Invoice Template


Today’s education is becoming more costly, as the inflation increase the tuition fees simultaneously increase also. Education invoice template which is useful for schools or universities in recording what are the fees that each student is obliged to pay every school year; by means of Microsoft word and excel you can have the invoice for each student’s bill for their education. ( 8+ Education Invoice Template)

> Freelance Invoice Template


One kind of job that covers a wide scope is being a freelancer in which you work simultaneously to different clients and different jobs. For a freelancer to have a track of all his or her arrangements with all of the clients, a freelance invoice template is needed to record all the payments he or she must receive for every completion of task or project given to him or her; it is easily done using the Microsoft word or an excel. ( 8+ Freelance Invoice Template)

> Graphic Design Invoice Template


Graphic and computer designing is increasingly demanded for every kinds of advertisement or job in this modern world. Graphic designing never runs out of new styles of showing unique styles to make a particular object be striking enough for the public to watch or see it; graphic designers then needs their own graphic designing invoice template to ask for payments for every projects given to them by using the Microsoft word or excel. ( 8+ Graphic Design Invoice Template)

> Auto Repair Invoice Template


Auto repair shop is always in the service of those people who are in the need of repairing their cars or any types of automobiles. It may spent all the items, equipment’s and service fee for fixing a particular car, this will be well explained in the auto repair invoice template that can be made in Microsoft word or excel for the customer to see the amount they must pay. ( 8+ Auto Repair Invoice Template)

> Medical Invoice Template


As well all know, health comes in price today, so hospitals and clinics have managed to improve their service and materials by having a good source of income from their patients. Medical invoice template will give all patients the detailed summary of all their hospital bills for their care which covers from laboratory test, professional fees, medication etc. having the Microsoft word or excel program will make this invoice be available in any given time. ( 10+ Medical Invoice Template)

> Hourly Invoice Template


For hourly cost for a certain project or work, you need a good documentation or program to properly compute all the cost of the project so the client will pay all of it. By having the hourly invoice template, you can compute the expenses made per hour may it be in materials or service. Using the Microsoft word or excel, you can have this invoice you need for this kind of project. ( 6+ Hourly Invoice Template)

> Commercial Invoice Template


Not only products and service are being advertised in all kinds of media today, it can be like political agenda, health advisory and other things that the public must be aware of. Media and printing companies’ needs to bill every client that use their facility and materials, they can use a commercial invoice template that can be made by Microsoft word or excel to have the payment for each endorsement they make. (Commercial Invoice Template)

> General Invoice Template


Some business owners need an official invoice that can be used for different transactions with the same format in billing, the general invoice template that can be used as sample for every clients trading with them even if it’s for a service or product that they are acquiring from the seller. They can have it via Microsoft word or excel programs in the computer windows. (8+ General Invoice Template)

> Sales Invoice Template


When there is a sale or consumption of a specific products or service by a client from a store or company, sales invoice template records this transactions and enlist all the important details like purchased goods, mode of payment etc. Microsoft word or excel are the tools to have this invoice made without errors and difficulty. ( 5+ Sales Invoice Template)

> Service Invoice Template


Service providing companies are always ready for their customers call when they are in need for their service. It is when the service invoice template comes in to have a reference in billing their clients in the service they have used in specific period of time and to document it. By the help of Microsoft word or excel, you can have this invoice be personalized and be available in no time. (10+ Sample Service Invoice Template)

> Microsoft Invoice Template


Microsoft is well known for their user friendly computer programs which make every completion of the task a lot quicker and easier. They have the Microsoft word or excel that has the necessary features in making the Microsoft invoice template be in used for every transactions that needs complete cataloging not only for the sellers record but for the buyer themselves also. (25+ Microsoft Invoice Template)

> Billing Invoice Template


All products or service requested by the client should be immediately billed for on time payment which every business minded people knew is the essential part of any company or corporation to sustain its management; they can make this via Microsoft word or excel and have the billing invoice template they can immediately use for these kinds of transactions for all their customers to settle the bills from consuming such goods. (Billing Invoice Template)

> Contractor Invoice Template


For those who are in the contract service, a contractor invoice template is the blue print or summary of transaction or deal made between you and your client to carry out a particular construction or project that your client or customer wanted to erect in a definite period of time. It provides details like name of the project, type of services, cost of services and payment terms etc. in which can be included all in Microsoft word or excel program which is available in most computers today. (8+ Contractor Invoice Template)

> Generic Invoice Template


Department stores or any kinds of the same establishments need a good invoice to document all their purchased products whatever type or brand it is. Generic invoice template is the proof of purchase for any kinds of trade between a seller and buyer or client, it can be applied to any kinds of products and services known to the market, this one is modifiable by just using a Microsoft word or excel to any computer. (8+ Generic Invoice Template)

> HVAC Invoice Template


For household or any buildings, its air flow and temperature control must be considered to make it suitable for living or for work; engineers do their part by planning and choosing the right equipment for the job, by doing this they need heating, ventilation, air conditioning invoice template to make the desired function be available immediately. They can have this invoice using the Microsoft word or excel which can list down all the needed materials and professional fee for the job. (6+ HVAC Invoice Template)

> Plumbing Invoice Template


Plumbing is necessary in every facility as their service assures the good flow of water and drainage in its internal system; to make it possible plumber need good materials and equipment to do the job. With this, they need to utilize plumbing invoice template to bill their customers for all the expenses for the completed job, they can have this invoice thru Microsoft word or excel. (8+ Plumbing Invoice Template)

> Google Invoice Template


Google is the outstanding online research engine when it comes to looking data of any sorts; anything under the sun is possible by just surfing in this webpage. They can also provide google invoice template for task requiring the computation and summary of all the bills that a particular project had cost. You can have it using the internet and just type the invoice template you need. (8+ Google Invoice Template)

> Car Invoice Template


Car outlets needs a standard format of their invoice for their customer to accurately see the information of the car they will but, how much it would cost them and the mode of payment they will apply for the transaction. The car invoice template is the best tool for this kind of invoice which is applicable for any kinds of cars; they can have it by using the Microsoft word or excel. (8+ Car Invoice Template)

> Estimate Invoice Template


As a customer, you need an estimated value or cost of a particular product or service before you buy it or purchase it so you can prepare the budget for it and avoid unnecessary spending. An estimate invoice template that can be made in Microsoft word or excel which sellers can use for their customers to give them the estimated price of the product they want to purchase. (7+ Estimate Invoice Template)

> Proforma Invoice Template


Pro forma means in terms of invoice is the list of items that the client requested from the seller in which the copy is sent to the buyer before sending the said merchandise. It requires whole or partial payment first before sending the whole package of the items to the buyer. This pro format invoice template can help them make the proposed bill for the requested merchandise, it is easily made using the Microsoft word or excel that is readily accessible in most computers. (5+ Proforma Invoice Template)

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