Google Invoice Templates – 25+ Free Word, Excel, PDF Format Download

Just like searching the internet, google is the world renowned search engine and software you can rely when you need a tool to make your task a lot easier and not a burden. Like the invoice, google can give you online for this kind of program; just search at the General Invoice Template to have a vast selection of invoices in the form of Word or Excel format you can have for your use.

Blank Invoice Template in Google Docs

blank-invoice-template Download

Retail Invoice Template

retail-invoice Download

Catering Invoice Template in MS Word

catering-invoice-template-in-ms-word Download

Service Invoice Template

service-invoice-template Download

Contractor Invoice Template

contractor-invoice-template Download

Proforma Invoice Template

sample-proforma-invoice-template Download

Commercial Invoice Template in Excel

commercial-invoice-template-in-excel Download

Sales Invoice Template in iPages

sales-invoice-template-in-ipages Download

Simple Construction Invoice Template

simple-construction-invoice-template Download

Freelance Invoice Template

freelance-invoice-template Download

Work Order Invoice Template

work-order-invoice-template Download

Legal Invoice Template

legal-invoice-template-in-excel Download

Google Docs Templates Invoice

google docs templates invoice | The Google docs template invoice is a simple invoice template that stores the client name and address, the balance due, the item description, quantity, price and the total amount for the items.

Free Google Docs Service Invoice Template

google docs service invoice | The Google docs service invoice template is a concise service invoice template that stores the important details of the company, the customer details and the invoice id, the description of item, etc.

Google Business Invoice Template

google business invoice template | The Google business invoice template is a normal invoice template created using Google docs which stores the invoice id, issue date, the company details, the customer details and a notes section.

Google Invoice Templates Free

google invoice templates free | The Google invoice template is a simple looking invoice template that contains the important details that is required to be incorporated in the invoice before it can be given to the customer.

Sample Google Invoice Template

sample google invoice template

The sample Google invoice template contains the description of the items, the price of the selected items, the quantity of each item and the total amount that is required to be paid.

Google Invoice Template Free Download

google invoice template free download

The Google invoice template is a simple invoice template that stores the information on the item, its description, the quantity, the price of the items that have been bought by the customer.

Printable Google Invoice Template

printable google invoice template

Google Invoice Template Example

google invoice template example

Simple Google Drive Invoice Template

Google Invoice Payment Schedule

Google Contractor Invoice Form

Google Spreadsheet Invoice Form

Google Blank Invoice Template

Contractor Agreement Invoice

How to Make an Invoice in Google docs?

Producing an invoice is important when it comes to dealing with International transactions. Sometimes people may find it complicated to make invoices in computers. Google docs helps you by way of providing an easy way to create invoices. It allows you to customize the invoice as per the requirement which means you can include your own private information which is also shareable with your customers and clients. Simple Proforma Invoice Templates can be seen online for reference along with a software invoice.

  • You need to have a Google account in order to access the Google docs
  • You can search for Google docs invoice templates to open the Invoice
  • You now have the option to choose from a number of invoice templates
  • You can select the invoice template which matches your requirement
  • You can now create an invoice

How to make an Invoice?

An invoice is the notice that you send to your customers and clients to show them the records of the amount due by them to you. Creating an invoice is simple and easy but it requires you to stick to a format. You should first create a Header with your business name and contact information. It should then begin by writing the recipient’s contact information. On the left hand side, the name, address and contact number of the business should appear. Lastly it should specify your payment terms in a table which should contain all details such as the date, quantity of products, services, rate, hours etc. Printable Vat Invoice Templates can be seen online for reference, along with Google Invoice Portal.


  • When creating an invoice, it is important that you highlight the services you have rendered and clearly specify the amount the clients owes to you.
  • When creating an invoice for a customer who has purchased products from you, also mention the return policy.
  • Take the effort of providing some additional info in your invoice
  • You can mention other products of yours which might interest the customer
  • Mention a small note of thanks at the end of your invoice because that is the last thing on an invoice and it is always a good idea to be kind and good.
  • A Commercial Invoice Templates should be checked prior to creating a professional invoice.


The purpose of creating an invoice is to keep and maintain the record of sales undertaken. It contains the date when the product was sold and the amount of money that was paid or is yet to be paid. Invoices are important because they act as evidence of a transaction taken place, and in fact, invoices are a very effective tool for accounting activity. Invoices are considered as source documents for accounting and they very efficiently record the sales and purchase transactions. An Invoice Book Templates can be created and seen online on various platforms Many of these samples are found in this invoice template, you can download what is applicable for your business. You can have more designs in the chosen templates; more of modifications you want can be done in the templates like font concerns and colors. If you have any DMCA issues on this post, please contact us!

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