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7+ Independent Contractor Invoice Templates – PDF, Word

Home and small business owners across the country have been confronted with a different kind of problem with a part of their house or an area in business. Each time it is tougher, with the jobs getting more difficult to finish with just people on the front lines to depend on. You may also see invoice samples.

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Independent Contractor Invoice Template

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The fireplace fails, water becomes scarce, the power supply is inefficient, the air conditioning needs replacing, your I.T department can do with some upgrade on tools and so on. Sometimes you can get weary of the maintenance that comes with owning a commercial or private property. But then you also know you have to do it. You may also see contractor invoice templates.

Sample Heating Contractor Invoice

Research Services Independent Contractor Invoice

Independent Contractor Invoice Sample

6 Reasons to Hire Independent Contractors

When business is booming and doing great, a businessman starts to think of acquiring more resources, and there’s probably one question that gets asked more than any other: How am I supposed to know when to get the services of an independent contractor? You may also see sample contractor invoice templates.

But more than that, you’ll be faced with an all the more challenging dilemma, which is the decision between opening a vacant position for an employee for a certain task or utilizing the availability of services offered by independent contractors locally. This decision will be sure to make you analyze what your workforce needs and for the most part, it will be laden with questions involving maintenance and logistics. You may also see contractor invoice samples.

1. Hiring an Expert

Generally, independent contractors have years of in-depth experience, especially for manual jobs that involve very specialized skill set, be it for getting things fixed, checking electrical wiring, determining leaks, doing additions to buildings and many more. That means you won’t have to budget and spend time for training or resources since you can depend on the fact that the person you are hiring has more than enough knowledge and expertise to handle the task needed at an agreed and realistic time-frame. You may also see contract invoice templates.

Having someone whose focus is on one specific trade or skill on your own team, could prove to be a great advantage on your part because it is important to use the correct tools and resources for the right task. This is where an independent contractor’s services can best be used for. They are indeed a valuable resource to have for the exact moment you need someone to do some particular task right then and there. Additionally, contractors are usually responsible for their own license, insurance, and permits, so you won’t have to worry about legalities. You may also see invoice templates in word.

2. Avoid HR Headaches

Utilizing an independent contractor gives you more flexibility compared to having an employee hired the traditional way because you get to escape overhead costs such as working space, tools and employee benefits. With the absence of those things, you are therefore free to only pay a contractor when you need his services rendered at a certain time. Aside from that, it’s easier for you to terminate the service of the contractor than terminating an employee when the task or project is already done.

In cases when you get to work with those who you have issues working with, you can simply choose not to hire them again. This helps you get away from recruitment headaches that usually comes with the challenge of setting an employee free, or firing them, to put it more bluntly. Anything that involves logistics gives employees a wide variety of rights to fall under state and federal laws. This could open a lot of legal mishaps for the company because of legal claims that the workforce can possibly subject the business to, for supposedly violating one or more of those rights. You may also see sample general invoice templates.

Employees these days know what they are entitled to and they also know how to fight for it, sometimes bringing a company into a legal suit that some of them cannot get up from. Now for independent contractors, that type of liability is not likely since they consider themselves as independent business people who aren’t protected by the same laws. You may also see self employed invoice templates.

3. Free From the Pain of State Payroll Taxes

Aside from not having to worry about overhead costs for the hiring process, you also don’t have to come up with calculations for federal and state payroll tax deductions when you hire independent contractors, simply because that’s not your responsibility. It’s the contractor’s job to pay and file his own tax. You’re the one who would provide them their 1099 at the end of the working calendar year but they still have to do the rest. It’s the same case with benefits because when calculating payroll taxes aren’t part of your job as an employer, you are relieved from being burdened with administrative tasks or HR and accounting stuff. You may also see word invoice templates.

4. Monitoring Overtime and Minimum Wage Involves Too Much Technicality

The most common labor cases and complaints filed against businesses or employers are probably wages per hour claims and not having the right compensation for the extra number of hours rendered on the job, because why not? Resolving such disputes can come with hefty attorney fees and even more expensive settlements, wages to account for or simply covering expenses for your legal counsel, all of which can be traumatic, financially damaging and has the possibility of crippling a business for good when worse comes to worst. If you have some independent contractors working for you, you have less liability as an employer, in more ways than one. You may also see work invoice templates.

5. Government Regulation Employment is Costly and Time-Consuming

Well, that’s hardly arguable. There’s a red tape that comes with hiring employees, even for special tasks only and that includes labor laws, taxes as mentioned earlier, issues with compensation and wage per hour concerns, among many others. There are very few areas of the law that are as strictly and closely observed as those surrounding what happens in the workplace. There’s even a standing joke in the country referring to people and companies getting rich by filing legal suits against each other. Hiring independent contractors let you shy away from getting too much of that red tape, especially if you’re fairly new in the industry.

6.  Allows More Focus on Providing Products or Services

Naturally, most jobs need their employees to be working in-house or full-time, on an ideal nine-hour shift, but other tasks while they’re equally important to carry out, doesn’t necessarily relate to a company’s overall operations and mission. By outsourcing these jobs to contractors who are working independently, with no ties to other business entity, can allow you to have a “clear deck” of complications and issues you can do without, thereby giving you more chance to focus on other important areas of your business and in doing what you do best to provide products or services to your clients. You may also see google invoice templates.

Independent Contractor Work Order Form

Independent Contractor Services Form

People with special skills to perform certain duties without having a direct employment relationship with a company are tough to come by. But they are there if you need them to do jobs that are outside the workforce’s training and expertise. Employers these days are increasingly turning to, and outsourcing independent contractors, particularly to provide services that would otherwise be difficult to get from just anyone else, and when hiring another employee for a temporary job would be out of the question. You may also see roofing invoice templates.

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