7+ Legal Invoice Templates – DOC, PDF

For your business to have the permit and clearance to operate, one requirement is you need to present bills and invoice for your customers to detail of the transaction you have. Just go online and you will find the sales invoice template in which this the standard form of receipt that is given to customers before or after buying or utilizing such products or service. You may also see invoice samples.

Legal Invoice Template

legal invoice template
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Free Legal Billing Template Download

free legal billing template

This legal billing template begins with details about your & the customer’s company side by side. Then, you have a small table on salesperson and then another table on the quantity, description, unit price & line total.

Example of Law Firm Invoice Template

law firm invoice

cosmolex.com | This invoice template here begins with bank name and account details. Then, it goes down to form a chart for important parameters such as transaction type, payee, increase/decrease & balance.

Sample of Legal Billing Invoice

sample legal billing invoice

This legal billing invoice begins with details on the customer and supplier in two boxes. Then, you have a full table on job description, hours worked, rate as well as amount.

Invoice for Legal Services Template

invoice for legal services template

invoicingtemplate.com | You are getting a standard invoice for legal services which begin with details of the attorney’s office on top and then covers name of the client, case reference and description and charge for the service.

Sample of Legal Invoice Template

sample legal invoice template

wordtemplates4u.org | This legal invoice template proceeds with the name of the law firm and then covers information of the client which is further followed by a description of the professional services along with respective hours and rates.

Legal Form Invoice Template Download

legal form invoice

interbill.com | This legal form invoice template goes on with details on the law firm and that of the client. Then, you have a listing of professional services along with respective hours and rates as well as summary of hours, rates and fees.

Legal Invoice Sample

legal invoice sample


This template is easily downloadable so you can have the samples you need for the transactions you will have now and in the future. Adding information like of your business can be added in the invoice template as it had enough space to write it. If you have any DMCA issues on this post, please contact us!

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