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You are entering an age where you get to fully engage in legal matters, and it is only proper to celebrate it with a party that you will never forget! In this article, we will provide you with stunningly beautiful and creative 18th birthday invitation designs and templates that you can use for this special moment. You may also see birthday samples.

Most of them are in digital formats, so you can just download them with a single click of the ‘Buy Now’ button and edit and customize them in any way you want. Take a look at them below! You may also see invitation examples.

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18th Birthday Invitation Template

18th birthday invitation
File Format
  • Illustrator
  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: 4×6 Inches, 5×7 Inches + Bleed


18th Birthday Invitation Card Template

18th birthday invitation card template 1
File Format
  • Illustrator
  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: 4×6, 5×7 Inches,+ Bleed


18th Birthday Party Invitation Template

teenage birthday invitation
File Format
  • Illustrator
  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: 4×6 Inches, 5×7 Inches + Bleed


Simple 18th Birthday Invitation Template

simple 18th birthday invitation template1

Glitter 18th Birthday Invitation Template

glitter 18th birthday invitation template1

Pink and Gold 18th Birthday Invitation Template

pink and gold 18th birthday invitation

10 Things You Can Do When You’re 18

1. Vote

If you are in a democratic country, you are allowed to vote in a national election when you turn 18 years old. This allows you to carefully choose your leaders who will carry your country to great progress. Since it will be your first time to vote, make sure that you research on the candidates before arriving at a final decision.

Check their credentials, and most especially, take a look at their character. You don’t want a misogynist, racist, and non-diplomatic candidate to lead your nation, do you? You may also see first birthday invitations.

2. Legally sign a contract

Do you ever wonder what it feels like to sign a contract? That satisfying feeling that you are now a professional making tough decisions in life, thinking to yourself, “I’m a grown-up now, huh?” Signing a contract usually happens when you get a job. Just one caveat here: you should read everything that’s in the contract that you are about to sign as you will be bound by the rules written on it.

This isn’t something that you normally see when you install a software application on your computer where you skip everything and tick the box where it says you agree with everything that was written. You may also see kids birthday invitations.

Be careful, boo. You might get yourself into something you don’t even want to take a part of. A legal contract, when breached, will lead you to severe consequences you don’t even want to experience. So it would be best to know what you are signing up for before you regret it sealing the contract.

3. You can sue and be sued

Remember when we told you that you would face severe consequences when you breach the contract? Well, this could be one of them. You can now be sued for violating any law. Don’t worry as this can go both ways. You will also be able to sue people for any type of violation that they inflicted on you.

Fight for your rights. Defend yourself. Don’t let anyone sue you with baseless grounds and fight them head-on. They don’t know who they messed with. But, of course, you need to have a definitive proof that they indeed made a violation before filing a case against someone. Otherwise, you won’t feel how it is to put someone in their place for messing with you. You may also like birthday invitations.

Black 18th Birthday Invitation Card Template

black 18th birthday invitation card

Rustic 18th Birthday Invitation Template

rustic 18th birthday invitation template

Creative 18th Birthday Invitation Template

creative 18th birthday invitation template

Blue Floral 18th Birthday Invitation Template

blue floral 18th birthday invitation

Striped 18th Birthday Invitation Template

striped 18th birthday invitation template1

Elegant Floral 18th Birthday Invitation Template

elegant floral 18th birthday invitation template

4. Go to jail

Since you’re turning 18, you will now be able to know what it feels to be caged in jail. Wonder how prisoners urinate and take a dump in front of their cellmates and how they shower together naked with the others? Yes, that’s right. You will have the opportunity to do so. But, don’t make any attempt to do so. Please. It’s hell in there.

They don’t have warm cups of espresso that you like in the morning or even an episode of Rick and Morty that you religiously watch every day. That’s pure torture. You don’t want that, do you? You may also see surprise birthday invitation templates.

5. Work full-time

You know you are already an adult when you are applying for jobs from one company to another with high hopes of being accepted into it. Once you get accepted, you look forward to how it feels to have your own desk or cubicle. You walk into the office wearing your best suit and the most sincere and enthusiastic grin, feeling professional and all.

You’ll finally be able to be part of the (dreadful) working force of the industry and earn for your yourself. Satisfying, isn’t it? But only so when you love your job. And when we say ‘love’, we mean you sincerely love it with your entire being.

Behind those suits are restless minds and bodies from working in their office the entire day. When you apply for work, make sure that you love it. Otherwise, you will only face agony every moment when you are inside the office. However, we are only saying so if you have the luxury to chase what you really love right from the start. Well, we all do. It’s just that there are times when we choose practicality over our own desires.

We often choose to apply for jobs with a high salary grade even if we don’t like working for it over a job that we actually love even if it doesn’t pay that much. But that’s perfectly okay. We all have priorities in life, and we make sacrifices for the greater good.

But, always remember to pursue what you really love doing even if it’s going to take you long to be able to do so. Don’t set aside your dreams for the sake of being practical. You have dreams that you’ve longed for to reach. Your time will come, and when it does, grab it and never let it go.

6. Get a credit card

Most of the times, you would only be able to acquire a credit card if you are employed and are able to pay your bills. This ensures the bank that will surely pay and not make a run for it. Well, let’s just hope it won’t get to the latter part. Otherwise, we’ll go back to what we have discussed on the fourth item on this list. So, when you do acquire one, don’t swipe too much no matter how tempting it would be. But if you really can’t resist the urge to swipe your card for something you don’t even need at the moment, then it would be better leave your credit card at home or never apply for one at all.

Typography 18th Birthday Invitation Template

typography 18th birthday invitation template

Dark Floral 18th Birthday Invitation Template

dark floral 18th birthday invitation

Tea Party 18th Birthday Invitation Template

tea party 18th birthday invitation template

Simple 18th Birthday Invitation Card Template

simple 18th birthday invitation

Elegant 18th Birthday Invitation Template

elegant 18th birthday invitation

7. Get married

Although it sounds too young for you to be able to do so, indeed, you can get married when you reach 18. There are those who plan early and take their opportunity to marry young and have kids at an early age. While there is no problem with it, make sure that when you decide to get married, you are fully prepared to enter into a serious relationship. Marriage isn’t some fling that you can easily get out of and ditch whenever you are tired of it.

If you decide to get married, make sure that you are prepared to spend a lifetime with the person that you are going to marry with. Otherwise, you can always take your time and proceed slowly with your relationship. Life isn’t a race. As much as possible, spend time with the person you love and see if you are both ready for a married life. You may also see birthday invitation designs.

8. Serve on a jury

You get to be part of the action that you always see on every episode of How To Get Away With Murder and see in real life how attorneys defend their clients and how a jury decides to convict someone. Exciting, isn’t it? You may also see birthday invitation sample templates.

9. Buy alcohol

In most countries, you will finally be able to buy that liquor that you’ve been wanting to taste since you were 16. Well, the long wait is over. Gone are the days where you ask someone to buy liquor for yourself or sneak out one of your parents’ stock in the cupboard. You can now casually walk into a liquor store, get yourself a bottle, present your ID to the cashier, and walk away from the boss that you are. Drink moderately, kid. You may also see simple birthday invitation templates.

10. Buy cigarettes

Just like alcohol, you always had this intense curiosity on what it feels like to puff a smoke from a cigarette. But, remember that smoking is still bad for your health. If possible, use it moderately or avoid using it, just like how Augustus Waters uses it as a metaphor. You may also like photo birthday invitation templates.

It’s time to party!

Have you chosen a design already? We know how special this event is for you, that’s why we only provided you with the best of the best designs. Despite the busy schedule that you have in preparation for the celebration, we hope that we have helped you lessen the time in making the invitations with the designs that we have shown. Happy birthday to you and have fun at your party!

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