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In most cultures around the world, a child’s birth is an important formal event. Even more important is the day the child is officially introduced into society through a religious baptism or a secular naming day ceremony. And if you want to make sure that only the dearest people in your life witness such an event, you should think about the creation of a well-designed naming ceremony invitation cards.

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And in this article, we aim to help new parents to plan out the best naming ceremony for their child starting off with the creation of their invitation cards. More than that, we will also provide helpful tips on how to choose and create the best invitation card template for such an important event. Do not miss out on these helpful tips by making sure to finish reading the rest of this article.

Take a Look at these Naming Ceremony Invitation Card Templates

To start off this article, we are embedding a few of the printable naming ceremony invitation card templates that anyone can use for their own naming day parties or formal events. More of these card templates are included in the article so make sure to scroll down to view more card template design inspirations. Also, do not forget to prepare your computer and download a compatible graphic design software tool before purchasing any of these baptism ceremony invitation card templates.

Baby Naming Invitation Card Template

baby naming invitation card template

Blue Star Naming Day Invitation Card Template

blue star naming day invitation card templateBUY NOW - $2

What is a Naming Ceremony?

A naming ceremony is a non-religious or secular counterpart of a baptism or a christening. This event is held to introduce a newborn, a young child, or sometimes an adult into their community, relatives, and close friends. It is also called a naming day because it is during this event that a child gets his or her name.

In most countries, parents, midwives, or birthing institutions are given a set number of days for them to register the official names of a newborn child. This is necessary for the creation of official documents like a birth certificate. To comply with this government mandate, children are often given their names almost right after birth while a naming ceremony will only be typically held weeks or months later after the baby and the mother has recovered from the rigors of birth.

In some cultures, naming ceremonies can become big events where there is often a party and the entire clan is gathered to celebrate with the newborn and his or her parents. And whether a christening or a naming ceremony is held (depending on the parent’s religious affiliation), the newborn will almost always have at least one godparent.

And for parents who want to make a formal event out their child’s naming ceremony, an appropriate invitation card should also be created prior to the event. This invitation card is then sent out to all the guests. Potential godparents will usually receive more than an invitation card since the parents will still have to formally ask them if they are willing to accept the responsibility of being a godparent.

Continue reading this article for more information on how you can choose and create a printable invitation card for your child’s naming day ceremony and his or her subsequent introduction to the world.

Girl Hebrew Naming Day Invitation Card Template

girl hebrew naming day invitation card template

Glitter Naming Ceremony Invitation Card Template

glitter naming ceremony invitation card template

Jewish Naming Day Invitation Card Template

jewish naming day invitation card template

Navy Watercolor Naming Ceremony Invitation Card Template

navy watercolor naming ceremony invitation card template

Naming Ceremony Invitation Template Selection Guide

Invitation card-making is relatively easy especially with the invention of pre-made card templates. These digital files allow anyone who does not have the time or the creative skill to design an invitation card to use a pre-designed invitation card for whatever occasion they need them for. In our case, if you want to create well-designed invitation cards for your naming ceremony, you may easily search for naming ceremony invitation card templates online. In fact, you may have found this article by doing exactly that.

However, a major problem can arise out of this approach to creating your own naming day or baptism invitation cards. The thing is, when you are given a lot of choices for something, our brains can easily get overwhelmed and confused as to what one thing to choose. When approached in the wrong way, anyone can easily make an incorrect decision and regret their choice.

To prevent this when choosing what specific invitation card template to choose for your naming ceremony event, we have created a list of the criteria that you should consider when choosing what specific printable invitation card template to choose. Read through each of them and apply them in your decision-making process.

1. Naming Ceremony Theme or Motif

One of the first things that any party or event planner should consider when choosing an invitation card template is the party’s main theme or motif. To illustrate, if you want to have a formal naming ceremony event, your invitation card should likewise reflect this event theme. By doing this, you are also somehow letting your guests know what kind of event they will be attending.

When you factor in your event theme to the kind of invitation card template to choose, you do not have to do more in terms of informing each of your guests about the theme, motif, or dress code for the planned naming ceremony.

2. Personal Editing Skills

The next most important factor to consider when picking out an invitation card template is, of course, your ability to edit the printable template later on. This is an important thing to consider since most pre-made invitation card templates will still need to be personalized based on the template end user’s preferences. Little things like the date of the event and the name of the child will still need to be added to the pre-made invitation card template. And you need to know your way around different graphic design software tools like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator in order to make these changes.

So, before you purchase any invitation template for your naming ceremony event, make sure that you choose a card template that you know how to edit yourself. Or, if you have already determined that you do not have an inkling on how to use Photoshop or Illustrator, you will already have lined up another person who can do the editing for you.

Pastel Baby Naming Ceremony Invitation Card Template

pastel baby naming ceremony invitation card template

Peach and Mint Naming Ceremony Invitation Card

peach and mint naming ceremony invitation cardBUY NOW - $2

Personalised Rustic Naming Ceremony Invitation Card Template

personalised rustic naming ceremony invitation card templateBUY NOW - $2

Peter Rabbit Christening Birthday Invitation Card Template

peter rabbit christening birthday invitation card templateBUY NOW - $9

3. Project Turnaround Time

The next factor to keep in mind when picking out an invitation card template for your naming ceremony event is the project’s turnaround time. This means that you need to know how much time you have before you need to send out those naming ceremony event invitation cards.

Remember, invitation cards need to be mailed or personally delivered months or weeks before the actual naming day ceremony. This is why you need to consider if you can successfully edit a specific invitation card template before this deadline.

In order to meet this deadline, you may need to choose an invitation card template that requires a few edits. In these case, you cannot make that many personalized changes to the template. Or, if you have a lot of time (like more than 2 to 3 months) to prepare the simple invitation card, you will have the luxury to choose an invitation card template that you are confident in making a lot of custom changes to the template.

4. The Budget for your Invitation Cards

Any kind of event, celebration, or party requires a lot of money. Likewise, creating invitation cards for your child’s naming ceremony will also cost you money. Also, remember that even if an invitation card template only costs a few dollars, the printing cost for the template will cost you more.

If you are on a budget or if you just do not want to spend a lot of money on invitation cards, you may choose to use free invitation card templates. Alternatively, you may also just choose to print out a limited number of invitation cards. When you factor in the party budget into your template selection process, you are less likely to overspend for the event.

5. Customizations You Wish to Make on the Template

The last factor that any event or party planner should take into consideration when choosing what invitation card template to choose is the card template’s customization options. This means that you have to weigh in the amount and kind of edits you want to see on the invitation card template and compare this with the built-in customization options of invitation card template.

To illustrate, if you want to add multiple pictures, logo designs, and even baby patterns into the template, you will need to have comprehensive backend template access. Most of the time, Photoshop and Illustrator templates will offer this customization options. It is essential to know what you want ahead of time so that you will not have a problem with editing a purchased template later on.

Pink & Green Naming Ceremony Invitation Card Template

pink green naming ceremony invitation card template

Simple Christening Invitation Card Template

simple christening invitation card template

Twins Naming Ceremony Invitation Card Template

twins naming ceremony invitation card template

Unisex Joint Naming Ceremony Invitation Card Template

unisex joint naming ceremony invitation card templateBUY NOW - $9

Have You Decided on a Naming Ceremony Invitation Card Design?

We hope that you have found a card design that you like from the carefully curated list of invitation card templates above. Each of these card templates may be used for babies of different genders. They can also be reused for other naming ceremony events that you wish to have for your future children or godchildren. Also, do not forget all the card template selection tips that we have shared since they can help you a lot in choosing other kinds of printable card templates too.

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