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Naming your child is a serious occasion and one of the most memorable days of the entire family. On this day make sure to invite all your dear ones to witness the naming of your child with these amazing naming ceremony invitation templates.  These free templates cover every aspect of the invitation by providing you with section in its layouts regarding date, time location etc. You can also see Gender Reveal Invitation Templates.

For pet lovers when your child gets a new pet you can also use these templates to invite over his or her friends for the naming ceremony. Download these premium Invitation templates today and see how easy and great fun it is to use them.

Printable Creative Naming Ceremony Invitation Template


Premium Born Naming Ceremony Invitation Download

born-naming-ceremony-invitation-template Download

Cute Heartfelt Baby Girl Naming Ceremony Invitation

heartfelt-baby-naming-ceremony-invitation-template Download

Happiest Naming Ceremony Invitation Template Download

happiest-naming-ceremony-invitation-template Free Download

Fully Editable Happy Baby Naming Ceremony Invitation Template

happy-baby-naming-ceremony-invitation-card-template Free Download

Customizable Wonderful  Baby Naming Ceremony Template

wonderful-baby-naming-ceremony-invitation-card-template Free Download

Grand Baby Boy Naming Ceremony Invitation

grand-baby-boy-naming-ceremony-invitation Free Download

Editable Prosperous Baby Naming Ceremony Invitation Template

editable-prosperous-baby-naming-ceremony-invitation-template Free Download

Baby Girl Naming Ceremony Invitation

baby girl naming ceremony invitation

Elegant Naming Ceremony Invitation

elegant naming ceremony invitation

Creative Naming Invitation Template

creative naming invitation template

Glam Up Your Child’s Naming Ceremony With Amazing Naming Ceremony Invite Templates

Have you just brought your little bundle of joy to home? Well, congratulations to the proud and happy parents. But now that you have your precious one finally at home, you have to introduce him or her to the world through a naming ceremony. You must have dug out an adorable name for the baby by now. You may also see Party Invitation Templates

Uses of Naming Ceremony Invitation

A name ceremony invitation declares about a special event where you will officially introduce the good name of the little one to your friends and family. The event could be hosted within a few days of the birth or after some months. Despite the religious & cultural significance of the ceremony, the event also promises a grand time for the near and dear ones with the child- and a stylish naming ceremony invitation card would further accentuate the joyous feel of the ceremony. The invitation card marks a very courteous way to invite your guests in the first-ever celebration event of your little one. Most of the naming ceremony invites will allow you to mention the name of the child on the invitation card. You may also check out here Invitation Card Templates

Naming Ceremony Invitation Templates & Customization

A toddler at home means a densely packed life that spares hardly any time to sit quietly and draw up a beautiful naming day card message. Then, it could be that you can’t exactly be sure about the wordings or designs for the naming ceremony invite within a short deadline. However, no need to worry any more as today you have the printable anniversary invitation templates that can be easily downloaded on your desktop or laptop. You will find them in different designs for both girl & boy children and the best part is that these templates are easily customizable with your own data. Thanks to these templates, you won’t need to draft up an entire invitation from start. These readymade cards make the process more convenient, letting you more time to concentrate on the event arrangements.

Naming Ceremony Vintage Giraffe Postcard

baby boy naming paper invitation card

If you are looking for elegant naming ceremony invitations, this decorative postcard invitation would be great with its charming vintage effect. The design above is decorative and classy & you will love the old-world tone of the message. You may also see Free Invitation Cards.

Jewish Baby Naming Ceremony Invitation

jewish baby naming ceremony invitation

If you are in quest of a lovely Jewish baby naming ceremony invitation, this soothing invitation card would be great for you with its mauve border and serene pristine backdrop. You may also see Gender Reveal Party Invitations

Tree and Rabbit Girls Naming Ceremony

tree and rabbit girls naming ceremony

The tree at the background reminds of a family tree ripe with bright fruits. The little rabbit below looks just adorable  and sets the desired cute edge to the overall naming ceremony invite. You may also see Invitation Templates in PSD

Baptism Naming Ceremony Invitation

baptism naming ceremony invitation

This naming ceremony invitation card comes up with an elegant effect with its beautiful blend of blue and white. The ornate frame looks regal and the blue cross pronounces the message of baptism. You may also see Invitation Card Examples

Namkaran Baby Naming Invitation

namkaran baby naming invitations

If you are looking for a smart namkaran card that will enable you to upload the picture of your little one, this invitation template here would be great for you. You may also check out here Sample Invitation Cards

Photo Naming Day Printable Invitation

photo naming day printable invitation

With the lovely picture of your little one at the backdrop, this template here sets the right tone for the naming day invitation of your little angel. The pink presence looks soothing. You may also see Invitation Templates

Floral Christening Baptism Naming Ceremony Invitation

floral christening baptism naming ceremony invitation

The black chalkboard effect has created a fine contrast against the wooden backdrop oozing a unique old world charm. The archaic fonts duly complement the retro theme for the baptism invitation.

Free Naming Ceremony Invitation Template

free naming cermony invitation template

If you are looking for free naming ceremony invitations where you can upload multiple pictures of your little one, this template here would be great for you. The blue backdrop looks soothing.

Pink & Gold Baby Naming Invitation

pink gold baptism invitation baby naming

The touch of golden at the top has given a royal touch to this baby naming ceremony invitation and the archaic pink font looks simply elegant. The holy cross announces the message of baptism.

Naming Ceremony English Template

naming cermony english

This naming ceremony template has come up with a declaration of invitation of an event on support  for those bereaved parents who have unfortunately  lost their children. The event details can be easily customized.

Renaming Ceremony Invitation Template

renaming ceremony

If you are planning to have a grand renaming ceremony of your child, this template here offers you instructions on the requirements of the party and the steps to be followed by the host at the event.

Naming Ceremony Invitation Free Download

naming cermony invitation free download

Adrienne Naming Ceremony Invitation Template

adrienne naming ceremony invitation template

Benjamin Naming Ceremony Invitation Template

benjamin naming ceremony invitation template

The template here has done a real smart job by letting you choose the letter that starts the lovely name of your little one- the very name that you are going to announce to world at the baptism ceremony.

Cute Baby Naming Ceremony Invitation

ella madeline naming ceremony invitation

Simple Naming Ceremony Invitation Template

georgia naming ceremony invitation template

Beautiful Naming Ceremony Invitation Template

beautiful naming ceremony invitation template1

Sample Naming Ceremony Invitation Template

zoe naming ceremony invitatiion template

Good Naming Ceremony Invitation Template

good naming ceremony invitation template

Naming Ceremony Invitation Template

naming ceremony invitation template

Emilys Naming Ceremony Invitation Template

emilys naming ceremony invitation template

Great Naming Ceremony Invitation Template

great naming ceremony invitation template

Ethane Naming Ceremony Invitation Template

ethane naming ceremony invitation template

Perfect Naming Ceremony Invitation

perfect naming ceremony invitation

Tips with Naming Ceremony Invitation & Templates

  • If you want to create a more personalized effect, go for those baby naming day cards templates that allow you to include a picture of the child.
  • If you are planning for a traditional baptism, there are editable christening ceremony invitation templates with the holy cross at the background.
  • If you are running short on time, you can customize the invitation templates and Send / email online to your guests.
  • Some templates will even offer you enough space to include a little poem on behalf of the child.

Come to us for Best Naming Ceremony Invite Templates

When it comes to the naming ceremony of your child, you must be looking for the best of invitation templates. Designed beautifully by our team of experts, we at template.net, welcome you to take a trip across our lovely naming ceremony invitation templates for your little boy or girl. Whether you are looking for refined simple naming ceremony invites or need ideas with vintage naming ceremony invitation wording- we can help you with everything.

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