How to Make a Color Transparent in Adobe Illustrator

There are various tools and settings that you can use to make a color transparent for your design work like changing the opacity. If you are struggling to change the color of your design to transparent, we provide some basic steps here. In this article, learn how to easily make a color transparent in Adobe Illustrator. how-to-make-a-color-transparent-in-adobe-illustrator-featured-header

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How to Make a Color Transparent in Adobe Illustrator

Artists and designers make some components of their design or illustration in transparent color when designing logos and turn them into PNG format. Below are simple steps that you can follow if you need to make a color transparent in your Adobe Illustrator.

  • Step 1: Open the Image

    Open your Adobe Illustrator. Then, open the image you need to edit.

  • Step 2: Use Image Trace

    Click the Image Trace feature above the workspace. Select High Fidelity Photo and click Expand.

  • Step 3: Use the Direct Selection Tool to Remove the Color

    Go to the Toolset and use the Direct Selection Tool. Then, click the background of your image to remove the white color.

  • Step 4: Export the File in PNG Format

    Go to File > Export > Export As… Save the image in PNG format and in the PNG Options, make sure that the resolution is set to High (300 PPI) and the background color is transparent, and click OK.


How to fill a bucket with transparent color?

Click the bucket fill tool (Shift+B), and select Fill transparent areas within the Bucket Fill toolbox options.

How to make a part of an image transparent in Illustrator?

Press Ctrl+Shift+D or Cmd+Shift+D on Mac and the transparency grid will appear to help you see if the image is transparent or not.

Is there a color code for transparent?

The hex code for transparent white is two zeros followed by white’s hex code of FFFFFF or 00FFFFFF.

How to make a hex color transparent?

Lower the hex color value to make the visibility become fainter and fainter until it turns transparent.