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Invoice or receipts are used for every transaction made by the companies or people involved. This is an important document that must be kept for both parties as a means of evidence and proof of the settlement done where unexpected situation related to this may arise. With the help of the advance innovation especially in network sites, templates are designed to make one’s work easier and precise. Invoice template is a useful tool to make a statement of account appropriate for the need of the business. There are free samples presented to give a clear picture and guide for those who want to create a similar work in a preferred format type.

Invoice Template Bundle

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Construction Invoice Template Bundle

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> Consulting/Consultant Invoice Template


Being a consultant in any nature of business, entails an acceptable professional fee. This is stated in consultancy invoice that will be given to the client after the appointment with the consultant is done. A statement of bill for the consulting service can be found in the template as one of the free samples which make serve as a guide to come up with a good and professional receipt. (7+ Consulting/Consultant Invoice Template)

> Construction Invoice Template


A trusted company engaged into a construction works must make an invoice to list all the materials and machines used as well as the labor with an indicated price. Construction bill of statement is a way to track and monitor any discrepancies seen in the expenses. Using a template for construction invoice, companies are benefited for there are customize free examples which can be downloaded fast. ( 8+ Construction Invoice Template)

> Freelancer Invoice Template


Have you ask for a freelancer professionals to do certain task or assignment for you? Freelancer is a person with flexible schedule and professional skills mostly hired by people and companies in need. This is similar to other kind of profession that imposed fees for their service. Using a ready made application of template, there are examples that can be of help to have a clear idea on the content of every freelancer invoice. These free examples are reliable and fast to download. ( 8+ Freelancer Invoice Template)

> Designing Invoice Template


When talking about designs or creative arts, people who are skilled and excellent for this kind of field are the most delicate to look upon by the customers and companies. The expense for design service will be settled after completing the request of the client. Such invoice can be made easily and stunning when using the receipt template. There are set of free samples that can be downloaded for customization in a specific format preference. (10+ Designing Invoice Template)

> Hotel Invoice Template


People who are fond to go for a vacation place will most likely accommodate a hotel reservation. Once the service is rendered during the preferred duration of stay, the hotel management will present the total bill accumulated for the client to settle prior to leaving. Therefore a hotel invoice is created to aware the client of the details of the service provided with their specific price. Invoice template for this kind of business will give a well content and professional layout of invoice for hotels. (8+ Hotel Invoice Template)

> Invoice Template with Value Added Tax


Receipts are made for giving it later to the client after purchasing a product or service and settle the required amount. In the content, it is not about the total amount of the sold items but also the amount of tax computed for it. In order to be accurate and standard, invoice template for tax is used as a tool. It provides samples of invoices that can be customized since these samples are free to download. (8+ Invoice Template with Value Added Tax)

> Lease Invoice Template


Similar to a hotel accommodation, a person or group of persons who wish to stay in a renting place temporarily due to underlying factors, the landowner will therefore issue a statement of bill. Using the invoice template, proper format of the amount will be indicated with the terms and conditions as agreed to abide by both parties. Examples for lease receipts are given in this template to customized by any landowner for easy creation. It is free to download and time saving on the part of the owners. (8+ Lease Invoice Template)


A legal invoice is issued to all customers who settled for the purchased goods or services. This is given to customers for evidence of the transaction made in case that there is a need to validate or return the sold product due to circumstances. A legal invoice is found in the website under the invoice template. It is one of the available samples provided to all users that can be utilize by customizing the details after downloading it freely. (8+ Legal Invoice Template)

> Medical/ Health Invoice Template


A well or ill people who need assistance and service of the health care provider in any health care setting, will be provided with a statement of account listing all the details from admission, medications, supplies, consultation and diagnostic and laboratory test. The health care management will be the one to prepare for the invoice. Using the application of invoice template, it ease the creation of health invoice since there are free samples that can be used for customization after downloading. (10+ Medical/ Health Invoice Template)

> Photography Invoice Template


When dealing into a visual graphic art, one of the most popular is photography. The service of a photographer is in demand to any occasions or events. Being a photographer is a challenging task therefore professional fee is specified after the service of photography is rendered. The invoice template provides such sample to guide photography business in creating an invoice suitable for their business. These are free examples that are easy to download in a preferred format. (6+ Photography Invoice Template)

> Price Quote Template


A person who does a canvas for the prices of the products and services needed to obtain, must ask for price quotation to the respective business companies. A price quotation is an estimated price that may vary from the usage and availability. People in the business can have list of price quotations using a template made for it. There are samples of structure price estimation that anyone can utilize after free downloading. (8+ Price Quote Template)

> Price List Template


Listing of prices change from time to time either there is an increase or a decrease price amount to a certain products or services. The price list are prepared in advance to serve the inquiries of the clients when it comes to pricing. Using a template for price listing, it makes the company liable and accountable of every detail related to their products. There are free downloadable samples displayed for usage by editing the details or make it as a guide for creating a similar one. (10+ Price List Template)

> Standard Invoice Template


Standard invoice displays the right format and content layout needed mostly by the business companies and self employed owners. With the help of invoice template, a tool that offers free samples of receipts to be used after downloading. These samples can be customized or make it as a reference to come up with a new invoice. (8+ Standard Invoice Template)

> Tax Invoice Template


Invoices are given after purchasing of items or services and once settlement is done by the buyer to the seller. The total amount of expenses along with the computed tax are stated in the bill statement. The invoice template provides free samples to be access by anyone to make a simple invoice with an accurate computation of tax. (10+Tax Invoice Template)

> Travel Invoice Template


Travel invoice is intended for people who decided to go to other places within the country or outside the country. This is a statement of expenses during the trip that will need to settle afterwards. Using a template for travel invoice, the format and layout will be presented to come up with a good receipt for travel business. These are samples of travel receipts that can be customized after downloading it free. (8+ Travel Invoice Template)

> Retail Invoice Template


Retail invoice is necessary in every transaction between the buyer and seller when purchasing even small quantity of products or goods. This is a vital document which serves as a proof of payment for the sold items. With the help of a tool invoice template, it will create an invoice necessary for retail business effortless but high standard. There are free samples that anytime can be downloaded for use. (8+ Retail Invoice Template)

> Education Invoice Template


The educational system in all educational institutions are continuously improving as well as the tuition fees and miscellaneous are increasing. The educational management will have to prepare an invoice for each student and parents who will enroll and avail of the school facilities to show the computation of expenses needed to pay. Using samples for educational bill of statement found in invoice template, it will lessen the workload by the management since these are free to download. (8+ Education Invoice Template)

> Freelance Invoice Template


People who need assistance in web and graphic layout often call for a professional freelance. After seeking the service of a freelancer, the payment will takes place. An invoice for freelance project is made to inform the client of the amount required to pay. With the excellent invoice template, samples of receipts are displayed which can be applied for your own needs and preference once you freely download the application. (8+ Freelance Invoice Template)

> Graphic Design Invoice Template


When company or people desire for a web developer or those specialized in computer designs, they hire them for a specific time frame and for the task needed to accomplish. A graphic designer who rendered service to the company or client, will issue a statement of fee as an acknowledgement of the payment required to settle. Using the free samples in a downloadable template for graphic design, it will make a professional invoices ideal for this business. (8+ Graphic Design Invoice Template)

> Auto Repair Invoice Template


Receipt for auto repair is prepared when the owner of the vehicle requested for an assistance related to his or her auto. Charges including the materials, machines and labor of the worker are then presented in the receipt after the repair made. A designed template for this nature of job provides usual samples of free invoices that can be downloaded without difficulty. (8+ Auto Repair Invoice Template)

> Medical Invoice Template


Medical statement of account is necessary in all health care settings either public or private. This is the record of the treatment, management and medications given to a patient during his or her stay in the hospital or done as outpatient. The receipt are made prior to discharge of the patient. An accurate and professional invoice for medical profession can be obtain using the free samples found in the invoice template. (10+ Medical Invoice Template)

> Hourly Invoice Template


Depending on the nature of work and the conditions agreed by the parties involved, there are instances that the worker is paid per hour. This is commonly seen in an online job as a writer, encoder and analyst. The payment for the work done is simplified in the form of invoice sheet. Using invoice templates, it will be easy to make professional invoices. (6+ Hourly Invoice Template)

> Car Invoice Template


When something is needed to be done in a car like repair or cleaning, the business that provides car services will issue a receipt. This includes the rendered services with the price amount per service. A car invoice can be created with ease and art when having a tool called invoice template. It provides samples that are free to download for anytime usage of the car company. (8+ Car Invoice Template)

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