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4+ Boys Party Invitation Designs & Templates – PSD, AI

As much as we try to disrupt the divisive connotations of certain colors, images, and things on gender, there will always be some that when seen will make you instantly think of either femininity or masculinity. The color blue, superheroes, cars, and armies to name a few are what are commonly associated with being a boy. It has been engraved in the very minds of people that these certain figures or colors are a representation of the male gender. You may also see party invitation templates.

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More often than not, parents oblige to the very idea, using the same images to explicitly convey the gender of their children. This is most true especially when their children are yet to celebrate a year old of their life and when they do not have as much of a choice tending them, the parents to impose what they know is best. With that said, if you are a parent to a beautiful baby boy and are looking for invitation cards to use for their birthday party, here is a list for you. This list consists of invitation card designs and templates that fit any themes for birthdays— superheroes, sports, soldiers, you name it.

First Birthday Party Invitation Template

Birthday Party Invitation for Boys

Invitation Cards as the Go-to Medium for Inviting

Long before the discovery and obsession of people towards technology and social media, invitation cards have been the medium for individuals to make other people aware of an event they are organizing. But, not until the continued growth of these two digital mediums, invitation cards were once a go-to medium, is now just an option. Although there are still many people who patronize the beauty of an invitation card, there are some who just simply disregard it.

But, amidst all these advancements in technology and social media, invitation cards have remained steadfast in its title as the go-to medium for inviting others to birthday parties or any event in general. Events are just simply not the same without an invitation card, and this is because of the medium’s long association with them. What is also really ideal for an invitation card is that its tangible. It can be felt and brought anywhere without having to depend on electricity or internet connection, while the more digital counterparts do so, which makes it only effective when there are such available. With all that said, here are the reasons for what makes an invitation card a go-to option:

1. Invitation Cards Wrap the Whole Theme of the Party

Usually when parent’s plan out their little boy’s birthday party, they think of a theme that is either what the kid prefers or what best suits his personality. Parents brainstorm themes of different types, they would think of a superhero themed party or even a sports-themed party, until coming up with one. When done, they would try their hardest to disseminate the theme to all the details that entail the party, may it be from the balloons, the paper plates, the loot bags, and most importantly the invitation. You may also see summer party invitations.

An invitation is a medium that can cohere to the theme as it can be easily designed with such. It is part of the little details that make up the party and usually it is these little details that wrap the whole party up. Cohesion is paramount to any party as you do not want a disconnect across your party elements. You might have come up with a sporty themed birthday party for your little boy, so it is just right to go for invitation cards with sporty elements and designs on it. You may also see personalized birthday invitations.

2. Invitation Cards Can Showcase Your Creativity

Invitation cards can be an avenue for creativity, especially when you have a penchant for the arts and crafts. Considering that an invitation is tangible, there are a lot of things you can do with it that best fit the idea and theme of the party. For example, if your boy’s birthday party has a theme of army or soldiers, you have the opportunity to put it in either a green or camouflage envelope. If you are into calligraphy writing, you can also do that by writing in such style the names of the guests. All these showcase creativity and when you choose to go for an invitation, you have as much opportunity to show off your creative capabilities. You may also see potluck party invitations.

3. Invitation Cards Can be Kept for Keepsakes

One of the advantages of having a physical invitation card with you is you get to keep it for keepsakes. You get to keep it for the years to come and be able to look back on the beautiful memories that entail the invitation card. Compared to simply going for a digital medium, where it can possibly get lost in space which will then leave you with nothing to look back to. You can be really sentimental with an invitation card, especially on your moments of solitude where reminiscing calls for it. You get to look back on memories filled with joy and laughter, of fun and happiness. You may also see kids birthday invitations.

4. Invitation Cards Can Invigorate the Guests

Taking into account the fact that an invitation card is usually given days or weeks before the birthday party, it gives the guests something to look forward to. With that said, it makes them feel excited or invigorated for the event. An invitation card can also work as a first impression and give all those invited to your son’s birthday party a slight idea of what to expect. Invitation cards actually work as a prelude to your little boy’s birthday bash, creating the momentum until the day of the event. You may also see carnival birthday invitations.

Boy’s 1st Birthday Invitation

Creative Birthday Party Invitation

What Should be in an Invitation Card?

There are certain pieces of information that should be on an invitation card. All these information help in its effectivity and also design, considering that these pieces of information equally work as a design element and an information on the invitation. With all that said, here are the different pieces of information you can put on an invitation card:

1. Name of the Celebrant

Having the name of the celebrant— your little baby boy— on the invitation card will simply inform the guests for whom the celebration is, considering that names are identifiers.

2. Date of the Birthday Party

This information will simply inform the guests on when the birthday party is. Putting in the date will also allow them to prepare ahead of time, like buy gifts for the celebrant or even prepare the outfit they can wear. You may also see dinner party invitations.

3. The Dress Code for the Birthday Party

This comes most useful when the birthday party has a theme. In order to fully realize your little boys themed birthday party, implement a dress code by simply stating it on the invitation card. By simply doing so, will force the guests to oblige which will help in making the party more fun and come to life. You may also see surprise birthday invitation templates.

4. Address or Location of the Event

Locations for birthday parties vary and no matter where you plan to celebrate your little boy’s birthday party, the address is mandatory. Especially if guests are unfamiliar with the location or address of your venue. Putting this information will simply help your guests navigate themselves to the exact location. You may also see teenage birthday invitation templates.

5. Different Contact Information

Different contact information is necessary, especially when you are having an RSVP. Your guests can use these different pieces of contact information to confirm their attendance for the event. They can also use this to inquire more about the party, especially with regards to the location or dress code. And, by simply putting in different pieces of contact information will allow your guests to contact you whatever is most convenient for them.

Elegant Baby Boy Birthday Invitation

Premade invitation card designs and templates

Premade invitation card designs and templates are the best way to acquire your son’s birthday invitation cards. This option is already premade and readily available online which makes it practical and efficient. There are definitely other ways to get your son’s invitation card like for instance, seeking the help of a graphics artist to have one custom made. Going for the custom made option is a lot more expensive than the pre-made option, although you get an invitation card that is unique to your little boy’s birthday, it just does not cut it.

Custom made is pricey, because of the different factors that are being taken into account that result for its end-price to be expensive. As such are the consultations that are required to get a full understanding of what it is you want as a client and the number of hours the graphics artist worked on your birthday invitation card. Usually, it is the cost of labor that makes the product more expensive and for custom made option’s case, then intensive labor to meet your demands and requirements are the driving factors that lead the price to skyrocket. You may also see spa party invitations.

However, on the other end, the premade option costs a lot less. This is because they are all made in assumption to what the customers might want, giving the designers ample freedom to work on what they want and prefer and at their own pace and time. Ultimately, this becomes the reason to why premade designs and templates do not cost as much as custom made since it is the designers that offer you the choices and not the other way around. Also, premade designs and templates are easy to work with as they come in a file that is easy to do so. At times, it comes with smart object layers that allow you to move around elements of the design creating a more unique and different invitation card. You may also see beach party invitations.

Also, premade options come in many variations, perfect for any theme or idea for birthday parties. There is definitely one for every kind— sporty, wild, fun and so much more. Speaking of design, the quality of these invitation card designs and templates are not being compromised despite its affordability. You may also see printable party invitation templates.

If you found this article helpful in any way, do not forget to bookmark this page for future references. And, kindly share this with other parents looking for invitation card designs and templates for their little boy’s birthday party. You may also see free invitation templates.

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