9+ College Graduation Invitation Designs & Templates – PSD, AI

College is a crucial step to take in order to climb the educational ladder for everyone. It is the last step in completing education before joining the workforce. Every college student is expected to be competent in their fields of expertise. Graduating college is a milestone that should be celebrated by anyone with their loved ones.


College Graduation Invitation Template

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High School Graduation Invitation Template

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Free College Graduation Invitation Template

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Graduation Party Invitation Sample

graduation party invitation

Simple College Graduation Invitation

simple college graduation invitation

Graduation Invitation Template Sample

graduation invitation template sample

Designing The Invitation

Designing the invitation can be done from scratch or availing a premade design. When you avail a premade design, make sure it is artsy but clean to look at. Some designs tend to lean more on being artsy and sacrificing the overall look of the design. Another thing to look out for is the fonts. Choose a design that uses clean and readable fonts. Your invitation is the representation of the event so better choose an attractive design.

If you are making an invitation from scratch, think of how the design should go first. Add in some important details such as a rolled up diploma tied with a ribbon and a graduation cap. The name of the university, date, time, and venue of the graduation should be stated. Experiment with colors and tone of the design. Save your work every now and then to avoid wasting time.

Chalkboard Graduation Invitation Template

chalkboard graduation invitation

Chalkboard College Graduation Invitation

chalkboard college graduation invitation

What College Graduation Means

College graduation means a lot of things. The moment you throw your graduation cap in the air, it signifies a bold decision to face adulthood. It symbolizes a new journey and path to take in your life. You would eventually look for a job and apply your knowledge into the job you’re in. Sometimes, the first job that you land on is far from the degree that you graduated from. There’s nothing wrong with that, just as long as you can deliver the work that needs to be delivered. You may also see graduation invitation samples.

There are things in life that we don’t learn while we were in school. Life after college teaches us those. No matter how frustrating life can get, we should always keep going. There are many reasons to stop, but there will be a reward if we get to the finish line. Graduating college is not the end of learning. In fact, it’s just the beginning. You may also see printable graduation invitations.

College graduation Party Invitation Design

college graduation party invitation design

How To Survive College Life

Life in college is pretty challenging and stressful. Your degree program demands more of what you can achieve. Teachers can be kind or challenging. You meet several kinds of people who can inspire, uplift or break you down. But there’s no need to worry about it. College may be way different from high school, but it’s something worth going through.

1. Be friendly.

In college, your friendships are not just limited to the people you have the same degree program with. You get to encounter people taking up various degree programs since there is a high possibility of you being classmates in one subject. Reach out to people and talk to them. Nothing good happens when you only sit on a corner and wait for someone to talk to you. You may also see sample graduation invitation templates.

2. Go to event orientations.

Event orientations help you in getting more comfortable with the school. The older students usually facilitate the campus tours and these orientations. You get to know about the school and the degree program that you’re in. Attend every orientation for you to know of the things that lie ahead in the remaining years of your college life. You may also see graduation party invitations.

3. Choose your friends.

As we have stated in the first tip earlier, be friendly. Being friendly is a good thing, but choose your friends. Choose those you are comfortable with and who can help you grow as a person along the way. Sometimes, people choose the wrong friends. Some regret this decision while some change it by choosing better people. Be yourself and don’t hold it back. Be with people who are happy to see you succeed and be a better version of yourself. You may also see printable graduation invitation templates.

4. Explore the campus.

Take some time to walk around the campus and find your way into the most important offices and classrooms. Find a good, relaxing spot where you can de-stress and unwind when the academic demand becomes excessive. This will help you get to the locations easily when you need help and when you are running late for your next class. You may also see graduation photo invitations.

5. Go to class and study hard.

Remember that you are in college because you are studying and preparing for a career ahead of you. Go to class every day and learn as much as you can. Study your lessons every day, regardless if there is an exam or none. Devote a few hours to studying and use every second of it. It will make you excel in academics. You may also see graduation invitation postcards.

6. Avoid plagiarism.

Most subjects require writing exercises as part of measuring a student’s competency. It is a must to cite a source, or get some information from books and websites. Plagiarism is another thing. Never take the words written by others and claiming it as your own. Plagiarism is a big ingredient to disaster and it must be avoided, especially if you are writing your research paper. You may also see graduation invitation designs.

7. Be open to new ideas.

Do not limit yourself to the ideas within your major. Try going to a class with a subject that is far from what you’re taking up. There, you will gain new ideas and learn new things. It will be an advantage for you in the future. You may also see free graduation invitation templates.

8. Join clubs.

In college, a lot of clubs are available for you to join in. Choose one that can help you hone your skills and talent. You are also expanding your connections and networks by joining clubs. You may also see college party invitations.

College Graduation Invitation Design

college graduation invitation design

9. Use libraries.

Libraries are the best place for you to study quietly and gather up your references for your projects and requirements. Use every bit of information you can get in books. If you love reading fiction, take some time to borrow one book and read it within the deadline to have some sort of diversion. You may also see free invitations.

10. Do not give in to pressure.

Some people will encourage you to do bad things. The pressure is as its strongest when you are in college and away from your parents. If you don’t know how to stand on your ground, you would be easily swayed and give in. Learn when to say no and do not do things just because others are doing it. You may also see formal invitations.

11. Be open to diversity.

People in college are more diverse than you think it is. Having an interaction with them opens you up to the diversity of these people. You will learn from people with different backgrounds and see life outside of your comfort zone. Some people are fighting battles we don’t know anything about. It pays a lot to listen and learn from them. You may also see free invitation templates.

12. Use money wisely.

You are always on a tight budget since you are dependent on your parent’s allowance. Use the money wisely and try not to spend too much. Save up for something expensive that you want to buy for yourself in the future. As much as possible, use the money to buy books and other things that you need. It is okay to spend on something expensive once in a while. Just don’t do it on a daily or weekly basis. You may also see sample invitations.

13. Learn to live with roommates.

When you study away from home for college, it is almost impossible to live without a roommate. Dormitories have this kind of setup. You will eventually learn how to live with a roommate. They can become your best friends or your worst nightmare. If you are stuck in a bad one, move out before things get complicated. If you find a good one, then keep him for the rest of your college life. You may also see email invitation templates.

14. Get help when needed.

You can’t do everything by yourself. Get the help you need when things get rough. The people who care about you will give you a hand in solving your problems, may it be academical or personal. Do not be afraid to ask for it. There will always be people who are ready to help. You may also see free invitation templates.

15. Deal with stress in the best way possible.

College is stressful. That’s a big fact. It can take a toll on you if you don’t know how to handle it well. Find ways to relieve your stress. You can jog around an open stadium, eat a lot, watch movies alone, or anything that relieves you of the stressful college grind. You have to prioritize your mental health as well as your academics. Enjoy college life in simple ways by yourself or with your friends. You may also see invitation formats.

16. Take care of yourself.

Do not forget to take care of yourself while you are studying. Eat healthy food whenever possible. Your health is more important than anything, especially when you are away from your parents. You may also see invitation template samples.


Graduating from college is the beginning of getting more opportunities for us to expand our career. Make the most out of everything while you are still in school. It makes you a well-rounded person and prepares you for what to come. You may also see invitation card examples.

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