How to Insert PNG File in Adobe Illustrator

When you work with Adobe Illustrator, that usually means you are making a visual piece. And that usually means you will need to add images. Find out how users can insert PNG files specifically in Adobe Illustrator. how-to-insert-png-file-in-adobe-illustrator-featured-header

How to Insert PNG File in Adobe Illustrator

PNG files are a common image file to be added in editing software such as Adobe Illustrator. Discover how users like yourself can do so in with these simple steps.

  • Step 1: Open Adobe Illustrator

    Before you can place your PNG file, first open an Adobe Illustrator file.

  • Step 2: Click File and Place


    Next, move your cursor to the above part of the screen and click on ‘File’. That will open a drop-down. Then scroll downwards and click on ‘Place’.

  • Step 3: Select Your PNG Image

    After that, select the PNG image you wish to insert on Adobe Illustrator. Once that’s done, you can position it anywhere you wish.


  • Step 4: Click Embed and Save

    Go to the toolbar at the window of Adobe Illustrator and finally go back to ‘File’ to click on the ‘Save’ button. That’s how you insert a PNG file in Adobe Illustrator.


Can you insert other files besides PNG?

Yes, you can with other files such as JPEG and even GIFs for example.

How many PNG files can you put in one Adobe Illustrator file?

You can place as many as you can depending on how much data your device can handle.

Can you add artwork and sketches in Illustrator even when they are PNG files?

Yes, you can add artwork in Illustrator without worrying about the files’ quality being lowered.

Can I add more than one PNG file in Adobe Illustrator?

Yes, you are not restricted to adding one image in an Adobe Illustrator file.

What’s one example of why users add PNG files in Adobe Illustrator?

An example of why users add PNG files to Adobe Illustrator is for a visual project like an art collage.