50+ Instagram Post Ideas & Examples 2022

Most of the time, marketers struggle to be creative in posting for their brands on Instagram. It’s a never-ending balancing act of posting at the right moment, engaging on the fly, and coming up with new ideas to outsmart the algorithm. When marketers are under pressure to create on a tight deadline but can’t make an original idea for a post or campaign, it’s easy to become discouraged. 50-instagram-post-ideas-inspiration-2021

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To create an Instagram post of your very own, follow the following steps:

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50+ Instagram Post Ideas & Examples 2022

It’s okay, though. You may just need some inspiration to shake off the rust and get back to making awesome things. If you’re among those people who need some ideas and inspiration, be sure to check out these 50 plus excellent Instagram post ideas and inspiration with tips and designs that come along with them.

 1. Be Simple

A simple design can be very efficient and effective on its own. The ‘Holiday Instagram post,’ as seen below, is the perfect example of simplicity.

free-christmas-holiday-sale-instagram-post-template Use This Christmas Holiday Sale Instagram Post

2. Use Bold and Contrasting Color

A bold and contrasting color can easily attract viewers and potential customers. The bright and eye-catching yellow contrasts well with the green, red, and blue image in the middle, as seen here in the Instagram post titled “App Promotion.”

free-modern-app-promotion-instagram-post-template Use This Modern App Promotion Instagram Post

3. Use Productive and Engaging Images

Bold images can easily attract people’s attention. Looking at the ‘Fitness Instagram‘ post, the picture can give viewers direct communication about the message without even reading the text.

fitness-training-instagram-post Use This Fitness Training Instagram Post

4. Use the Right Graphics and Icons

Like the images, good graphics and icons can attract people easily. That is why it should be better to use the appropriate graphics or icons to avoid overwhelming your post. Looking at the ‘Charity Instagram‘ post, the graphics and icons are suited to the message that the poster portrays. It is simple yet powerful.

charity-fundraising-instagram-post-template Use This Charity Fundraising Instagram Post

5. Use Pleasing Colors

Contrasting colors are popular, but nothing beats a simple but pleasing color. Although there isn’t much color in the ‘Consulting Instagram‘ post, it can still appeal to the public’s eyes.

branding-consultant-instagram-post-template Use This Branding Consultant Instagram Post

6. Know the Right Shapes

Shapes in your posters can provide various benefits. It can often attract people’s attention. As you can see in the ‘Laundry Store‘ Instagram post, it uses shapes perfectly and clearly shows its message to the public.

laundry-store-instagram-post-template Use This Laundry Store Instagram Post

7. Use the Right Patterns

Patterns are just as appealing as shapes. However, you must ensure that you are familiar with the proper pattern to avoid ruining your poster. Looking at the ‘Construction Business‘ Instagram post, you can see parallelism and consistent design of a building. It is enough to draw the attention of the people.

construction-business-instagram-post-template Use This Construction Business Instagram Post

8. Create Engaging Seasonal Designs

For seasonal events, it is best to create engaging and jolly designs nowadays. However, don’t go overboard with the design because it can impact negatively. Take a look at the ‘Happy Easter’ and ‘Greeting Card’ Instagram post; it’s simple but eye-catching.

happy-easter-instagram-post-template Use This Happy Easter Instagram Post



9. Use Enough Space

Making use of enough space can be a factor in the success of several designs. Arranging the context well can help you utilize the space without overwhelming the post. Looking at the ‘Bakery Instagram‘ post, it has a lot of space with well-arranged context, making it neat and pleasing to the eyes.

bakery-giveaway-instagram-post-template Use This Bakery Giveaway Instagram Post

10. Using Chaotic Imagery Could be Right Sometimes

Not all the time, simple and pleasing designs work. Sometimes chaotic imagery works well. Take a look at the ‘Concert Tour’ Instagram post. It shows the chaotic side of the tour, but it could still portray how fun and entertaining the concert is.

concert-tour-instagram-post-template Use This Concert Tour Instagram Post

11. Apply Natural Background

Nature can provide natural lighting and an environment that you cannot get indoors. Take a look at the ‘Wedding Instagram‘ post. It shows how beautiful the picture of the couple with the natural background and lighting.

photo-wedding-instagram-post-template Use This Photo Wedding Instagram Post

12. Feature Your Best Item

If you want to sell your product or increase your sales, it is better to showcase your best item. Take a look at the ‘Announcement Instagram‘ post. It features its best food for its anniversary promo, enough to draw customer’s attention.

promotion-announcement-instagram-post-template Use This Promotion Announcement Instagram Post

13. Don’t Be Afraid to Use Black and White

Nowadays, not all posts should be vibrant and colorful. Some posts intended to have no color to show off their serious tone. Take a look at the ‘Church Instagram‘ Instagram post. It goes to show the devotion of the person and his serious attitude towards religion.

church-service-instagram-post-template Use This Church Service Instagram Post

14. Use Natural Landscapes

If you are advertising your hotel or property, you should use its natural landscapes to attract people to come. Take a look at the ‘Hotel Instagram‘ post. It shows the natural beauty of the resort and its natural view, enough to catch someone’s attention.

hotel-marketing-instagram-post-template Use This Hotel Marketing Instagram Post

15. Use Your Professionalism

If you need to create a post for your corporation or marketing department, you should follow proper rules to ensure that it will not affect its credibility. Take a look at the ‘Conference Instagram‘ post. It provides efficient shapes and linings with well-arranged text.

business-conference-instagram-post-template Use This Business Conference Instagram Post

16. Bring Back Time

Nowadays, people get easily attracted to classic designs. Classic designs can bring back time. Take the ‘Vintage Happy Hour’ and ‘Retro Party’ Instagram posts as examples. Everything about the design appeals to be nostalgic and portrays how people still enjoy classics through the years.

vintage-happy-hour-instagram-post-template Use This Vintage Happy Hour Instagram Post



17. Be Precise and Direct at Times

Sometimes a good post comes with a direct and precise message. A short but meaningful text can easily attract viewers rather than having a long one. Take a look at the ‘Food Stall Instagram post. It shows a short but engaging context with a simple background design. It is plain yet attractive.

food-stall-instagram-post Use This Food Stall Instagram Post

18. Use Your Convincing Power

As a marketer, you should use your convincing power when it comes to advertising your product. Take a look at the ‘Hotel Promotion’ Instagram post. It shows the cleanliness and the beauty of the exterior of the hotel. In that way, you can easily convince people to stay at your hotel.

hotel-promotion-instagram-post-template Use This Hotel Promotion Instagram Post

19. Advertise Sale

People love to shop, especially if there are various sales. That is why you should be direct and precise to emphasize the message you want to portray to the public. Since many posts intend to promote something, this deserves its entry. The ‘Fashion Sale‘ Instagram post is another remarkable design that we like to recommend.

free-editable-fashion-sale-instagram-post-template Use This Fashion Sale Instagram Post

20. Use a Great Slogan

Having a good slogan can not only attract people but also shows how credible your brand is. Take a look at the ‘Club Instagraml‘ post. It incorporates an attentive design with enticing words to attract others to visit their bar.

bar-promotional-instagram-post-template1 Use This Bar Promotion Instagram Post

21. Blend In

If you want to create an interesting and engaging post for your Instagram account, you should blend in. Look at the ‘Covid 19 Instagram‘ prevention post. It shows prevention tips for coronavirus that is a trend nowadays.

coronavirus-covid-19-preventation-instagram-post-template Use This Covid19 Prevention Instagram Post

22. Don’t Be Afraid to Use Collage

There is a beauty in using collage. However, you should make sure not to overdo everything because it could ruin your imagery. Take a look at the ‘Summer Instagram‘ post. It shows the cleanliness of the photo collage without overflowing everything.

summer-collage-instagram-post-template Use This Summer Collage Instagram Post

23. Use Cuteness

Nothing can beat the power of cuteness, especially when it comes to babies and pets. Take a look at the ‘Photography Instagram‘ post. It is the best way to advertise a photo studio for babies.

baby-photography-instagram-post-template Use This Baby Photography Instagram Post

24. Attract Students

Proper posters for student events or enrollment can attract various students. So you should ensure that you will provide accurate symmetry and use of words to get their attention. Take a look at the ‘University Instagram‘ post. It is simple but precise.

student-council-election-campaign-instagram-post-template1 Use This Student Council Election Instagram Post

25. Make Creative Invitation

If you want to make an invitation, be it for your birthday, retirement, or other events, you should better make sure to use the appropriate designs to avoid overflowing. Take the ‘Invitation Instagram‘ post as an example. It has a simple design but elegant. It portrays the message well without overwhelming everything.

wedding-invitation-instagram-post-template Use This Wedding Invitation Instagram Post

26. Use the Right Angle

If you want to post a photo for a model or an ad, you should choose the right angle. Take a look at the ‘Apartment Rental’ Instagram post. It captures the right angle that can entice the viewers. Right angles can flex the beauty of the photo, which can catch the eyes of the people.

apartment-rental-instagram-post-template Use This Apartment Rental Instagram Post

27. Go Green

The power of green attracts various people, especially health-conscious ones. They think about health. Because the color is so closely associated with these things, it makes perfect sense to use it for such a practical purpose. Take the ‘Healthy Food’ Instagram post as an example. It uses the color green to portray healthy food.

healthy-food-instagram-post-template Use This Healthy Food Instagram Post



28. Use Sparkles

Perhaps you are creating a post for your jewelry collection, you should use some sparkles to attract people. It means you should use the right ingredients to make an effective poster. Look at the ‘Jewelry Promotion’ Instagram post. It shows simplicity but can surely attract viewers.

jewelry-promotion-instagram-post-template Use This Jewelry Promotion Instagram Post

29. Play With Words

Having a good post does not only comes with the imagery. It also comes with the words. That is why you should play with words to make the best message that captivates the viewer’s hearts. Look at the ‘Laundry’ Instagram post. It provides short yet enticing words that can catch attention.

laundry-instagram-post-template Use This Laundry Instagram Post

30. Be Adventurous

Although being simple is powerful, but nothing could be wrong if you choose to be adventurous. Adventurous in the sense that you’ll try new designs that are way out of your comfort zone. Like for example, the ‘DJ Instagram‘ post. It shows too much contrasting colors, which is way unusual for some.

club-dj-instagram-post-template Use This Club DJ Instagram Post

31. Be Festive

For festive and joyous events, you should come up with merry posts. The ‘Party Instagram‘ post is the perfect example of being joyful. It shows a simple illustration of happy people dancing for a festive event in the club.

night-club-instagram-post-template Use This Night Club Instagram Post

32. Be Vocal

If you intend to create a campaign announcement or invitation, you need to be vocal with your purpose. Take a look at the ‘Campaign Announcement’ Instagram post. It shows simplicity, but it says the words that should be heard by many.

campaign-announcement-instagram-story-template Use This Campaign Announcement Instagram Post

33. Don’t Be Afraid to Go Dark

Not all the time happy and colorful designs work. Sometimes you should go dark. Look at the post ‘Sale Instagram‘ post. The black background blends well with the theme.

free-black-friday-sale-instagram-post-template Use This Black Friday Instagram Post

34. Connect With the Viewers and Followers

Connecting with your viewers and followers can attract their attention. Look at the post ‘Happy International Women’s Day‘ Instagram post. It shows its intention to connect and celebrate women.

happy-international-womens-day-instagram-post Use This Happy International Women's Day Instagram Post

35. Share Infographics

Infographics can help you share various essential information with your audience and followers. Look at the ‘Corona Virus Covid19 Risk Awareness’ post template. It shows some guidelines on how you could prevent the virus from spreading.

coronavirus-covid-19-risk-awareness-facebook-post-template Use This Corona Virus Covid19 Risk Awareness Instagram Post

36. Take Advantage of Beautiful Photography

Good photography can also be a good background for many posts. It is usually one of the most used post ideas. Look at the ‘Travel Instagram‘ post. Its photo blends well with the text, making it attractive and persuasive at the same time.

summer-vacation-instagram-post-template Use This Summer Vacation Instagram Post

37.  Flex Your Model

If you have a model, flex her. Having such a great model can help you draw the viewer’s attention. The perfect example of that is the ‘Fashion Instagram‘ post.

fashion-influencer-instagram-post Use This Fashion Influencer Instagram Post

38. Care for Animals

It is easy for you to attract animal lovers if you feature pets in your posts, especially if your business is all about pets. The perfect example of that is the ‘Pet Instagram‘ post.

pet-shop-instagram-post-template Use This Pet Shop Instagram Post

39. Show Some Love

When it comes to love, people easily got attracted. So you can take advantage of it and feature some in your posts. Same with the ‘Valentine’s Day Instagram‘ post.

photo-valentines-day-instagram-post Use This Photo Valentine's Day Instagram Post

40. Food is Life

One way to advertise your product is to capture people’s desires. If you’re advertising food, feature breath-taking imagery of food that could make people droll. The perfect example of that is the ‘Catering Instagram‘ post.

restaurant-offer-instagram-post Use This Restaurant Offer Instagram Post

41.  Create Engaging Hiring Announcement

If you are looking for potential candidates and applicants, you should create an engaging and entertaining hiring announcement. Look at the ‘Recruitment Firm’ and ‘We Are Hiring’ Instagram posts. It has a simple design but portrays the exact message that could attract applicants.

recruitment-firm-instagram-post-template Use This Recruitment Firm Instagram Post



42. Boost Self-esteem

People often neglect to give themselves what they truly deserve in this harsh and stressful world. A post like our ‘Spa Instagram‘ post is an effective way to promote a brand while reminding others that self-love is an important component of navigating modern life.

hotel-spa-instagram-post Use This Hotel Spa Instagram Post

43. Put Some Excitement

Putting some excitement is a powerful asset of advertising. It is the proper way to draw emotion and attracts people, such as the post ‘Coming Soon Real Estate Instagram‘ post below.

coming-soon-real-estate-instagram-post Use This Coming Soon Real Estate Instagram Post

44. Add Product Teasers

Teasers can help you advertise your products. Take the ‘Marketing Instagram‘ post as an example. It just shows the short introduction of their product, which can arouse the curiosity of the viewers.

product-marketing-instagram-post Use This Product Marketing Instagram Post

45. Show Your Company Culture

What better way to promote your company than to post a culture post? An appropriate example of portraying its culture is the post such as ‘Free Bar Lounge’ below.

lounge-instagram-post-template Use This Free Bar or Lounge Instagram Post

46. Add Some Inspirational Content

Inspirational content is the one you want to share with your viewers. The perfect example for that act is the post like ‘Motivational Quotes Instagram‘ post below.

motivational-quote-instagram-post Use This Motivational Quotes Instagram Post

47. Add Contest Posts

Nothing can promote your company well than adding contest posts. The perfect example of that is the ‘Contest Instagram‘ post.

contest-announcement-instagram-post-template Use This Contest Announcement Instagram Post

48. Add Quick Tips and Advises

Sharing a simple tidbit with your audience is a simple way to share helpful information. The best example for it is the Instagram post ideas ‘Covid-19 Prevention’.

coronavirus-covid-19-preventation-instagram-post-template Use This Covid19 Prevention Instagram Post

49. Support Religious Events

When it comes to religious beliefs, not all people unite. However, you can support other religions by featuring some in your posts. Like for example the ‘Eid Mubarak’ and ‘Happy Easter’ post.

eid-mubarak-instagram-post-template Use This Eid Mubarak Instagram Post



50. Entice Gamers

As a marketer and developer of gaming apps, you should feature an appealing post that could attract gamers around the globe. Look at the ‘Games Influencer Instagram‘ post. The illustration alone can easily catch people’s attention.

games-influencer-instagram-post Use This Gamers Influencer Instagram Post


Why people use Instagram to promote brands?

People use Instagram to promote their brands because it allows them to communicate and interact with their customers and audience.

How beneficial is Instagram?

Instagram is beneficial to the community, and for reasons that you may not have considered. It has the potential to connect hundreds of thousands of people, inspire them, and keep them motivated.

How many people use Instagram around the world?

As of January 2020, over 1 billion monthly active people worldwide are using Instagram for many purposes.

Is it easy to promote brands on Instagram?

Yes, indeed. Simply choose the post you want to promote and click the “promote” button. To test things out, start with a small budget and run your ad for a few days.

Is it expensive to promote brands on Instagram?

Nope. Depending on the bidding model, Instagram advertising costs anywhere from $0.20 to $6.70 on average.