50+ Rack Card Designs, Format & Examples 2022

Some marketing concepts can be repetitive in their own ways. However, these strategies tend to be effective despite being used by almost every other company throughout the years. Take rack cards, for example. 50-rack-card-designs-format-examples-2021

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To create a rack card of your very own, follow the following steps:

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50+ Rack Card Designs, Format & Examples 2022

Rack cards exist in many establishments where people often stay; restaurants, hotels, landmarks, gift shops, and many other institutions. Provide individuals with information about your company, products, or services by using the graphic templates below.

1. Real Estate Rack Card Design

There are several ways to market real estate to customers, and some are tricky to do. Using rack cards help sell properties but remember to feature magnificent photos too.

free-real-estate-rack-card-templateUse This Real Estate Rack Card Design

2. Medical Rack Card Design

Medical rack cards are effective for patients waiting for their turn at the doctors. Include informative details in your rack card and what you do for additional information.

creative-medical-rack-card-templateUse This Medical Rack Card Design

3. Business Rack Card Design

Rack cards are helpful for business conglomerates, especially if they leave copies of them in a waiting room or a lobby. It gives their visitors an idea of what they do as an organization.

free-business-rack-card-template-440x570-1Use This Business Rack Card Design

4. Construction Rack Card Design

A construction company needs to have rack cards about their services ready for when promoting. Include machinery or finished projects on your layout to discuss with potential customers.

building-construction-rack-card-templateUse This Construction Rack Card Design

5. Rent a Car Rack Card Example

For tourists, renting a car during vacations are beneficial when going around. Car rental companies provide rack cards to customers about their deals and rental models available.



6. Marketing Rack Card Design

In any business, marketing strategies are essential in selling products and services. Create rack cards that show what your company offers, including detailed descriptions about them.

modern-marketing-rack-card-templateUse This Marketing Rack Card Design

7. Golf Tournament Rack Card Example

If you want to host a golf tournament either for charity or for a prize, it’s necessary to provide complete details to participants, and rack cards can provide these. Use them to your advantage.



8. Company Rack Card Design

Various companies use rack cards to garner attention from job seekers, and you can use this idea too. Include a photo and a concise description of what you do and contact information.

modern-company-rack-card-templateUse This Company Rack Card Design

9. Advertising Rack Card Design

Advertising rack cards can help the company increase the sales of products and services by presenting their best pieces front and center. Also, incorporate colors take to make it more eye-catching.

brand-advertising-rack-card-templateUse This Advertising Rack Card Design

10. Roofing Company Rack Card Example

Roofing companies can only market to particular individuals who acquire their services. However, providing rack cards can help enlarge that market.



11. Clinic Rack Card Design

Rack cards are widely present in waiting rooms, and veterinary clinics are no exemption. Give your clients more information on what you can do for their furry friends.

vet-clinic-rack-card-templateUse This Clinic Rack Card Design

12. Consultant Rack Card Design

Consulting businesses provide the services of their expert consultants to give the best support to other companies. Ensure you provide a clear description of what you supply to your clients.

marketing-consultant-rack-card-templateUse This Consultant Rack Card Design

13. Creative Business Rack Card Example

If you’re marketing a creative business, your rack card must include a spice of creativity by including various elements and colors in them.



14. Event Rack Card Design

For any company-hosted events or if you’re an event host, you can make use of rack cards to elaborate on the services you give and possible locations for these events.

event-services-rack-card-templateUse This Event Rack Card Design

15. Modern Rack Card Design

Modern rack cards have fresh approaches to their designs. They incorporate various elements and additional icons or images to enhance the visualization.

event-planner-rack-card-template-440x570-1Use This Modern Rack Card Design

16. Ice Cream Rack Card Design

What’s one way to advertise new ice cream flavors for your company? Try a rack card with the photo of the products and locations where consumers can acquire your latest addition.

ice-cream-rackcard-templateUse This Ice Cream Rack Card Design

17. Spa Salon Rack Card Example

Spa salons market their products or services by handing out rack cards to their customers in hopes they can spread the word. Detail your services and contact information on them properly.



18. Kindergarten Rack Card Design

Kindergarten rack cards tend to be simple and straight to the point. Parents only require knowledge of their kids’ activities and the school’s contact numbers.

kindergarten-rackcard-templateUse This Kindergarten Rack Card Design

Legal services are often confusing to many clients. Make sure your law firm contains helpful rack cards that can help guide your clients through the process.

legal-lawyer-rack-card-templateUse This Legal Rack Card Design

20. Technology Rack Card Design

Technology services are available for all your electronic needs. Feature your services, contact details, and an engaging photo of what you can offer.

technology-rack-card-templateUse This Technology Rack Card Design

21. Beauty Rack Card Design

Beauty services and products are popular amongst individuals that want to keep their beauty lasting. Guarantee that you give clear details on what you offer and necessary information for availing.

beauty-rack-card-templateUse This Beauty Rack Card Design

22. Healthcare Rack Card Example

People’s health is always the priority, and healthcare rack cards can provide vital information to methods of the provider’s methods and facilities.



23. Corporate Rack Card Design

Rack card designs influence clients’ views of you and your services, so ensure your corporate rack card exudes professionalism.

creative-corporate-rack-card-templateUse This Corporate Rack Card Design

24. Fitness Rack Card Design

Including relevant images to your fitness rack card greatly influences possible clients to come in and acquire your services. Utilize them to your advantage.

fitness-rack-card-templateUse This Fitness Rack Card Design

25. Photography Rack Cards

Get creative with the photography rack cards you provide your clients by using shots of high-class equipment to capture their event. It also helps to list the potential prices of your services.

photography-pricing-guide-rack-card-templateUse This Photography Rack Card Design

26. Financial Rack Card Design

Many people require help in managing their finances, utilize financial rack cards to let your clients know the kind of services you can provide. Include familiar elements in your card similar to the one below.

financial-service-rack-card-templateUse This Financial Rack Card Design

27. Charity Rack Card Design

If you are one of the many NGOs and charity organizations advocating for a cause, use rack cards to spread the word and give helpful information. Include call-to-action statements to stress their importance.

sample-charity-rack-card-templateUse This Charity Rack Card Design

28. Sports Rack Card Design

Sports camps are known to recruit individuals to improve their skills. Use rack cards as a means of information, and include helpful photos to know the sports activity.

football-camp-rack-card-templateUse This Sports Rack Card Design

29. Church Rack Card Design

Church rack cards provide ample information for upcoming events or projects by the church or cathedral. Use symbols to commemorate these events in the rack cards.

modern-church-rack-card-templateUse This Church Rack Card Design

30. Coffee Shop Rack Card Example

Local cafes can help promote their products by creating a rack card containing the services and products they offer. Utilize using photos of your products to aid in boosting sales.



31. Interior Design Rack Card Example

Interior design agencies are one of the many companies that can rely on rack cards because it details and shows what they can do for clients by incorporating photos of projects.



32. Spa Rack Card Design

Spa days are essential for rejuvenation and relaxation. Promote your services by using creative and relaxing shots to contribute to the ambiance you give.

spa-and-massage-rack-card-templateUse This Spa Rack Card Design

33. Fashion Rack Card Design

Fashion stores can use the rack card to promote new looks, especially during seasonal transitions. Feature a look on your rack card to give an idea of the feel of what’s in for the next season.

simple-fashion-rack-card-templateUse This Fashion Rack Card Design

34. Insurance Rack Card Design

Potential clients of insurance agencies have numerous options regarding their services. Using a simplistic design keeps things professional.

modern-insurance-rack-card-templateUse This Insurance Rack Card Design

35. Mobile App Rack Card Design

In using mobile app rack card designs, use the most common element; a phone. Then incorporate various shapes and elements to emphasize the look of your rack card.

mobile-app-rack-card-templateUse This Mobile App Rack Card Design

36. Bakery Rack Card Design

Pastries and bread are what local bakeries and patisseries offer their customers. In creating rack cards, it must showcase best-selling products along with a product list available.

bakery-business-rack-card-templateUse This Bakery Rack Card Design

37. Gardening Rack Card Example

Promote your gardening business by creating a rack card that lists down the services you provide. It’s advantageous to use colors relating to the nature of your service as well.



38. Wedding Rack Card Design

If you are a wedding coordinator or an event agency, you must provide a list of possible services you can offer to your clients. Showcasing past photos of the event also comes in handy to promote your service.

elegant-wedding-rack-card-templateUse This Wedding Rack Card Design

39. Sales Rack Card Design

In creating a sales rack card for your shop, indicate the sale’s duration and discount prices. Also, showcase the products or products up for sale.

mega-sale-rack-card-templateUse This Sales Rack Card Design

40. Travel Rack Card Design

Travel agencies must have rack cards to give their clients containing relevant information about rates, services, and packages. It also pays to include photos of travel destinations included in your bundles.

travel-vacation-rack-card-templateUse This Travel Rack Card Design

41. Catering Rack Card Design

If your company offers catering services, the first thing that must be on your catering rack card is supplementary photos of your service, then include your contact information.

elegant-catering-rack-card-templateUse This Catering Rack Card Design

42. Party Rack Card Design

If you’re hosting a themed party or offering to cater one, creating a rack card about it helps spread relevant information to your guests.

bikini-party-rack-card-templateUse This Party Rack Card Design

43. Floral Rack Card Example

Mixing floral designs into rack cards gives it an elegant feel, similar to the one below.



44. Product Rack Card Design

Marketing your latest products through rack cards is a good strategy. Showcase the goods front and center, so people know what you are promoting.

product-rack-card-templateUse This Product Rack Card Design

45. Yoga Rack Card Design

A thorough explanation of relaxation, rejuvenation, and fitness must be in your yoga rack card. It’s also advantageous to use photos of what you can offer.

school-yoga-rack-card-templateUse This Yoga Rack Card Design

46. Resort Rack Card Design

From beach resorts to ski resorts, a resort rack card lists down possible services your business offers. What’s important is the visualization of the location of your resort.

grand-resort-rack-card-templateUse This Resort Rack Card Design

47. Health Rack Card Design

Physical health is important; however, people’s mental health is also vital for healthy well-being. Visualize what an imbalance of mental health looks like to be more informative.

mental-health-rack-card-templateUse This Health Rack Card Design

48. Recruitment Rack Card Design

In creating recruitment rack cards, it’s essential to keep it simple and professional while maintaining a clear message of offered services.

employment-recruitment-rack-card-templateUse This Recruitment Rack Card Design

49. Restaurant Rack Card Design

Restaurants also offer catering services to their clients, and it’s advisable to have a list of dishes the hired restaurant can produce.

food-catering-rack-card-templateUse This Restaurant Rack Card Design

50. Hotel Rack Card Design

Promote your hotel business by creating a rack card that showcases the elegance of your hotel. Include its features, room rates, and amenities as well.

grand-hotel-rack-card-template-3Use This Hotel Rack Card Design


Rack cards are one of the easiest and most affordable ways to market your business. That is why it is beneficial to know how to create a rack card efficiently and include the necessary elements for an informative and marketable rack card.

1. Use Bold Headlines and Graphics

One of the first things that a rack card does is to catch your audience’s attention. Both the graphics and the message must be bold and compelling enough to draw people in. Remember that these cards are displayed in a way that the upper half of the card remains visible. With this in mind, make sure that your headlines pop out on the top portion and detailed descriptions at the bottom. Rack cards are the keys to your business and must specify and describe your product or service in the best way possible.

2. Add Some Incentive

If you’re doing a promotional rack card, indicate what kind of perks your customers receive on the rack card. Your rack card can also be presented as a coupon or a voucher to avail of special discounts and offers. Try incorporating this concept on your next promotion and see if it improves sales, and in doing so, you can also gauge if creating such offers is great for marketing.

3. Features and Benefits

Rack cards have limited spaces to get your audience’s attention while promoting your product or service. Compose your words with clarity and must easily be comprehensible. Describe the features, benefits, and incentives that possible clients may enjoy out of your business.

4. Call to Action Statement

It helps to give your reader a little nudge on the action you would like them to do. Call to action statements help bring motivation to your audience through a simple message like, “Call now!” or “Get in touch.”. It’s also necessary to include immediate contact information accompanying the statement, like the company’s email address or phone number. Don’t forget to indicate the opening and closing hours of your business.


How much do rack cards cost?

On average, a hundred rack cards ranges from 62 USD to 94 USD, depending on various design and visual factors intended by the company.

What are the dimensions of a rack card?

Typically, rack card dimensions are on a four by nine-inch dimension. These dimensions allow rack cards to fit on the standardized floor, wall, or counter display stands.

What is a rack card used for?

The main role of a rack card is for commercial advertising, which means these cards are commonly found in business, marketing, or retail establishments like convenience stores, landmarks, or restaurants.

Why are rack cards an important source of information?

Rack cards convey brief yet necessary information about a business through a variety of locations. Rack cards are also cost-effective as they pique the interest of people through a compelling headline statement.

What are rack cards made of?

Most printing companies reproduce rack cards on lightweight material such as card stock paper, and most come in glossy appearances after printing.