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For couples who want to emphasize their unique personalities through the use of creative wedding stationery designs, using blank wedding invitation templates may be the way to go. After all, bare and blank printable templates offer the most flexibility in editing and freedom in designing the pre-made template.

So, if you are up for using your creative skills in designing your wedding invitation card (and, possibly, also your other wedding template) designs, be sure to read this article until the very last word. For in this article, we share helpful and actionable tips on how to select the best blank wedding invitation card template. In addition, we have also sprinkled this article with the best blank wedding invitation template designs that you can download or get inspiration from. Enjoy!

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The Best Blank Wedding Invitation Templates

Yes, you read that right! In this article, we have curated some of the best blank wedding templates available online today. Browse through each of these templates and select the one you think will best match your wedding theme or motif. Also, do not forget to install a compatible graphic design software program on your computer or laptop before downloading the blank wedding invitation template design of your choice.

Free Blank Wedding Invitation Template

free blank wedding invitation template
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Boho Floral Blank Wedding Invitation Template

boho floral blank wedding invitation template1

Wedding Blank Invitation and RSVP Card Template

wedding blank invitation and rsvp card template

How to Create a Wedding Invitation Cards

In the next few paragraphs, we discuss the different ways on how couples and wedding planners can create their own wedding invitation cards. Take note of each invitation card-making method so that you can choose the approach that will best fit your ideal wedding.

1. Handmade Card Designs

The first card-making method that we are sharing with today is one that offers the most unique and creative design possibilities. And this is done through the manual creation of wedding invitation cards. When you manually handcraft wedding invitations, you have the freedom to choose whatever handmade card design you like and incorporate it into your wedding invitation.

The major pitfall of this wedding invitation card-making method is that it can be time-consuming to manually create every single wedding invitation card. However, if you have the budget, manpower, and time, you can easily pull this off. On top of that, you can be assured that your wedding invitation cards will be one of a kind since you (or a designer) have specifically created the invitation card design for your own wedding.

2. Pre-made Wedding Invitation Templates

The next method in creating elegant wedding invitation cards is through the use of pre-made printable wedding invitation templates. These printable templates are pre-formatted with different text, illustrations, layouts, and other graphic design elements that will create a unified wedding invitation template design.

Also, note that pre-made invitation card templates can come in two categories. The first category is for blank wedding invitation templates. As its name implies these blank templates only include minimal design elements to allow a template’s end-user to personalize and add other design elements into the wedding template. The second category is for complete wedding invitation templates. These templates feature pre-made wedding invitation card designs so that the end-user will not have to add or make major design changes on the template. As a side note, we have included sample blank wedding invitation templates in this article.

The use of pre-made wedding invitation templates can be very beneficial for couples and wedding planners who want a quick turnaround time for creating their wedding invitations. This can also be a more cost and time-efficient approach since the template end-user does not have to create and edit the invitation templates from scratch.

Navy Floral Blank Wedding Template

navy floral blank wedding template

Custom Blank Wedding Gift Invitation Template

custom blank wedding gift invitation template

3. Printed Wedding Invitations

The third and seldom talked about wedding invitation card-making method is the use of printed wedding invitations. As its name implies, printed wedding invitations are just like the printed birthday card sets that you can see sold in bookstores, stationery shops, and even airport stores.

This mode of creating wedding invitations may appeal to those who are on an extremely tight schedule and do not wish to experience the hassle of creating wedding invitations by hand or by using pre-made wedding templates. You may also see free wedding invitations.

When you use printed wedding invitations, you will get to choose the wedding invitation card designs from among the ones available in the store. Often, there are only a few choices and they may not be that original or well-designed. In addition, you will have to manually write down your wedding details and the name/s of your guests on the printed wedding invitation. Follow this invitation card-making method only if you have limited time and resources.

Those are the top ways on how you can create your own wedding invitation cards. Explore each card-making method well and weigh in the pros and cons of each method before you decide on how to create your wedding cards. Continue reading below for tips on how you can choose the best blank wedding card invitation template for your wedding.

Wedding Blank Invitation RSVP Template

wedding blank invitation rsvp template

Pink Floral Blank Wedding Templates

pink floral blank wedding templates1

Tickets Vector Blank Wedding Invitation Template

tickets vector blank wedding invitation template1

Spring Wedding Blank Invitation Template

spring wedding blank invitation template1

Blank Wedding Invitation Template Set

blank wedding invitation template set

Blank Wedding Invitation Template Selection Guide

Just by skimming through this article, you will soon realize that there are a lot of beautiful sample wedding card template designs to choose from. And when presented with a lot of well-design invitation template choices, it is only natural to be confused on what template design to choose.

That is why we have prepared a short blank wedding invitation template selection guide below. Read each template selection factors or criteria so that you will have an easier time in picking out the best printable invitation template for your own wedding. You may also see printable wedding invitations.

1. Wedding Theme

Just like choosing almost any kind of printable wedding template, you should always consider your wedding theme’s first. Remember to choose a graphic design template that will match your wedding team seamlessly.

To illustrate, if you are going for a nautical wedding theme, your blank wedding invitation template design should feature or should be fully editable so that you can add nautical graphic design elements to it.

2. Template’s Editing Options

The next factor to consider when picking out a blank wedding invitation template is the template’s customizability options. This means that you should choose a wedding template that will allow you to make all the much-needed template edits that you wish to make. You may also see fall wedding invitations.

As we have emphasized in an earlier paragraph, blank wedding invitation templates are meant to be edited and transformed by the template’s end-user. This way, you can be assured that your wedding invitation cards are created solely based on your preferences and design choices. When done right, you will have a very unique wedding invitation design that others can only envy.

3. Personal Experience in Graphic Design

Another criterion to consider when choosing a blank wedding invitation card template for your wedding is your own graphic design experience. This means that you need to carefully assess your own editing skill level since you will need to make use of this skill set in editing a blank template.

Also, by knowing your own graphic design skill level, you can better plan and schedule your wedding timeline. This includes learning how to edit and/or enhance your graphic design skills by studying different Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator tutorials. Or, this may involve looking for someone who can do the template editing for you.

4. Graphic Design Software

When choosing what kind of blank wedding invitation card template to use for your own wedding, you also need to make sure that the template you choose is compatible with the kind of graphic design software tool you have installed on your computer or laptop.

To illustrate, if you have Adobe Photoshop installed on your computer, it is best to use printable wedding templates that are created and made available as Photoshop template files. By making sure that you have a compatible software program, you are making it easier for you to open and edit the blank invitation template file later on.

This list of factors that any wedding planner needs to consider prior to choosing a blank wedding invitation template design is not an all-inclusive list. Feel free to add, remove, or incorporate other factors or list of criteria depending on your own situation or circumstance. You may also see wedding invitation cards.

Modern Blank Wedding Invitation Template

modern blank wedding invitation template

Blank Vintage Flowers Wedding Invitation Template

blank vintage flowers wedding invitation template

Blank Poster Wedding Invitation Template

blank poster wedding invitation template1

Blank Biker Wedding Invitation Template

blank biker wedding invitation template1

Blank Wedding Invitation MS Word Template

blank wedding invitation ms word template

Rustic Blank Wedding Invitation Template

rustic blank wedding invitation template1

Have You Chosen The Best Blank Wedding Invitation Card Template?

Most wedding planners and couples only want the best for their own wedding. And this includes the design of their wedding invitations. After all, your wedding invitations will serve as your first line of communication to your guests. It is through a wedding invitation card that most of your guests will know about your upcoming destination wedding (or whatever kind of wedding you are having). So it is in your best interest to make it as well-designed, creative, and compelling as possible.

In this article, we have shared with you a way to create well-designed, creative, and compelling invitation cards using blank wedding invitation templates. Use all the pieces of information that you have learned in this article well and apply them in your wedding planning process. Do not forget to bookmark this article or post on social media so that you can refer back to it in the future. Best wishes!

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