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7+ Desert Wedding Invitation Designs & Templates – PSD, AI

Want a creative yet uncommon theme or motif for your wedding without having to resort to the usual floral and beach wedding themes? If you are among the few who wants to create a distinct vibe for your wedding, having a desert wedding theme will surely appeal to you.

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In this article, we provide different examples of desert wedding invitation templates that you may use for your own wedding. More tips on how to select the best one to match your wedding will also be discussed further below along. And if you need further convincing whether or not to use a pre-made wedding template, we have compiled a list of the different advantages of their use. Hopefully, after reading through them, you will look at printable wedding templates in a different way and you will be more open to using them.

Choose From these Printable Desert Wedding Invitation Templates

As mentioned earlier, shown below are fifteen examples of ready to print wedding invitation templates that follow a desert theme. Always remember to have either Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator installed on your computer prior to purchasing these wedding invitation templates since these are available as Illustrator or Photoshop template download files.

Floral Desert Wedding Invitation Card Template

Green Watercolor Cactus Desert Wedding Card Template

What is a Desert Wedding Theme?

As its name implies, the main characteristic of a desert wedding theme is its emphasis on graphic design elements that depicts arid and vast areas of wilderness. A desert design concept often incorporates minimalism and may include the use of things that one typically sees in a real desert. And, when this design concept is used as a wedding design element, it can also create a sense of subtle elegance that is easy to pull off.

Having a desert wedding theme does not mean that your wedding ceremony or reception should be held in the middle of a desert. This is not only impractical and inconvenient but it can also be dangerous. Couples can still successfully pull off a desert-themed wedding by bringing in decorative materials and stationery designs into their wedding venue that will remind their guests of the desert and its native flora and fauna. Couples can also incorporate different design elements that depict the beauty of a desert into their clothes, wedding menu list options, invitation card designs, and other things that will be used in the wedding.

Desert Stone Wedding Invitation Template

Why Use Printable Desert Wedding Invitation Templates?

When planning a wedding, it is very important to stay organized and follow a predetermined timeline. This is to ensure that all the things and tasks you need to do before the wedding gets done and save the couple and the wedding planner from unwarranted stress. So if you are still undecided on what approach to take when creating your desert wedding invitations, read the following list of advantages of using these pre-made printable wedding invitation templates for a desert-themed wedding ceremony and reception.

1. The invitation templates can be used again.

One main advantage of using pre-made printable wedding invitation templates is that they can be used multiple time for different occasions and for different people. All you have to do is edit the wordings and design elements on the invitation templates and you can easily reuse them.

This functionality is also very important especially if you find some typographical errors or misquoted facts on the final wedding invitation card. You and your wedding planner can easily go back to the drawing board and make the necessary edits. You do not have to start recreating the template from scratch if you find just the tiniest bit of error in the card design.

Of course, couples who use pre-made invitation card templates for their wedding would wish that they only get to use the template once for their one and only wedding. And that is very possible. Also, by using reusable wedding invitation card templates, you are guaranteed that you will still have the same template years after your wedding. This means that you can evoke a sense of nostalgia when you use the same invitation card template when you celebrate your future wedding anniversaries. Isn’t there are more creative and tear-inducing way to plan for your future wedding anniversary celebrations?

2. They are reasonably priced.

The wedding industry is a billion dollar industry. An average wedding costs between $19,000 to $35,000 in the United States. Of this amount, the average cost of wedding invitation cards is at $250. Note that this cost does not include other wedding stationeries like place cards, wedding menu cards, wedding thank you cards, and save the date cards. All these wedding suite stationeries will add up to about $700 to $800. And that is a lot of money.

So if you are looking to downsize your wedding expenses without affecting the quality of your wedding stationeries, decorations, and overall ambiance, using pre-formatted desert wedding invitation card templates can be a cost-effective alternative. After all, printable wedding templates only cost about $5-$8 for one kind of wedding template while template packs can cost up to $30 to $50.

Whether you are doing a DIY wedding or a lavish destination wedding, you can still benefit from following this cost-saving approach. The quality of your wedding stationeries and invitation sets are not diminished even if you use pre-made printable wedding invitation cards.

3. They are fully customizable.

Another advantage of using printable wedding invitation templates is that they are fully editable. You can add or remove any design and text element on the card template depending on your preferences. This allows the template end-users to truly transform the template into something that mirrors their own personalities.

As mentioned earlier, being able to freely customize a template also allow the couple and the wedding planner the ability to reuse the template. For example, you can make little modifications to the template’s wording and transform a wedding invitation card template into a wedding rehearsal invitation card template or into a wedding anniversary card template. This is a useful functionality especially if you are looking for ways to save on template and printing costs.

4. They help you save time.

Perhaps the most helpful use of pre-made wedding invitation card templates is their ability to help cut down the time it takes to create a wedding invitation template. Any type of pre-formatted wedding card templates will come with ready-made layouts, text boxes, image placeholders, illustrations, guidelines, vector drawings, etc – all the things needed to create a well-designed wedding invitation card template. The end-user (the couple and their wedding organizer) just needs to input their own wedding details into the different placeholders found in the template.

Doing all these things is relatively easy and allows you to save time and effort. Couples who are planning their own wedding without the help of a wedding planner will find using printable wedding templates a real convenience. You do not have to create a template from the scratch and you can focus on other tasks related to the wedding.

5. They help you improve your editing abilities.

This last advantage of using pre-made desert wedding invitation card templates will mostly apply to those who have an interest in graphic design whether as a part of their respective jobs or as a hobby. When you use a printable wedding invitation template, you will be asked to make minor template changes after purchasing and downloading the template of your choice. These are only minor edits like adding your own wedding details before printing out the invitation template. (Note that this step may be bypassed if you pay the template creator to make the edits for you.)

And whether you like it or not, making these minor edits on a graphic design template will allow you to learn the basics of Photoshop editing (for example) and/or to continue to improve your current graphic design skills through repeated exposure to the tool. So if you want to improve your Photoshop or Illustrator editing skills along the way, using pre-made wedding invitation templates can be a subtle way to help you.

So those are just some of the different advantages of using wedding card invitation templates for a desert-themed wedding ceremony. There are more advantages to using printable wedding invitation templates that anyone can discover as they take on this path to creating wedding invitation cards. Leverage each of them as you see fit so that you can truly have the wedding of your dreams.

Watercolor Desert Wedding Invitation Template

Modern Typography Desert Wedding Invitation Card

How to Choose a Desert Wedding Invitation Template?

Deciding on a wedding theme or motif is only just the beginning of a couple’s wedding planning and preparation process. So, if you have chosen a desert wedding theme, this will become the focal point of all the design elements that will be used for your upcoming wedding. And, one of the areas where your wedding choice will play a crucial role is the selection of your wedding stationery template designs.

In the next few paragraphs, we are providing different tips on how to choose a wedding invitation card template design that will surely match and complement your desert wedding motif. Read on…

1. Look for an Invitation Template that Already Includes the Same Desert Design Elements

To know what specific wedding invitation template design to choose, you should first look at pre-made templates that already includes the desert design elements that you already like. By doing this, you are more likely to find a template that will suit your preferences.

There are different ways in which a desert-themed wedding invitation can be created depending on the graphic design elements used to create it. For instance, an invitation card can be considered as desert-themed if it uses cactus illustrations. Another invitation card design can also be called desert-themed if it sports a landscape image of the desert. So, if you like to mainly use different illustrations of a cactus plant for your wedding invitation card, choose an invitation card template that already incorporates the same cactus vector images on them.

Likewise, certain color choices can also help depict a desert wedding theme. For example, a color palette of reds, oranges, yellows, greens, and sometimes greys can help bring about the desert feel. So you can basically look for wedding invitation card templates that already use these color schemes. As evidenced by the different desert wedding invitation templates embedded throughout this article, there are multiple possibilities for a desert wedding invitation design just by narrowing down the color scheme alone.

2. Look at the Template Base Price and the Total Cost of Printing

The next thing to do while choosing any wedding template is to find out the template’s price and how much the total printing would cost. This is an essential step for those who are having a DIY wedding event or those who need to follow a strict budget plan for their own wedding. Read this article for more information on how to create a budget plan.

Also, remember that the cost of printing your desert simple wedding invitations can increase if you want to use specialty paper or ink or printing technique. You must factor in all these variables prior to choosing a desert wedding invitation card template so that you will not have a hard time budgeting for other things that will be needed for your wedding.

Note that when you use pre-made wedding invitation templates, you are already saving a significant amount of money since you will not be paying for the services of a professional graphic designer. You may then use this money for the printing of your wedding invitations. And if you still have enough funds, you may even choose to print on specialty paper instead.

3. Check for the Template’s Printing Size

Another aspect that wedding planners and couples should look into prior to purchasing a wedding invitation template is the template’s preformatted printing size. This means that you should check if the desert wedding invitation template you have chosen is available in the printing format that you prefer. This is an important step to do if you want to make sure that your wedding invitations only look the best.

Most wedding invitations are printed in the regular foldable card format. However, depending on your budget and preferences, you may choose other invitation card printing formats to help save paper, ink, and cost. Examples of alternative wedding invitation card printing formats are A4 size, flyer size, rack card size, tri-fold brochure size, and bi-fold brochure formats.

4. Determine What Specific Customizations You Want to Make

Before purchasing a desert wedding invitation template, you should also check if the invitation template you have chosen will allow the different edits you intend to do. Checking a template’s customizability options is essential especially if you want to add, remove, or modify some graphic design elements on the template. As a rule of thumb, InDesign and PSD templates often offer the best customizability options.

5. Determine The Type of Graphic Design Software You Own

Another important factor to consider prior to purchasing any kind of pre-made printable template is the kind of graphic design or editing software that you own. As we have mentioned earlier, printable wedding templates can be available in various file download formats. These templates can be created and stored in file formats like DOC, PDF, PUB, PSD, INDD, EPS, AI, and a lot more.

So to make sure that you can open and edit the specific kind of wedding template file that you have purchased, always make sure that you have a compatible graphic design software program first. For example, if you have Adobe Illustrator installed on your computer or laptop, make sure that you choose a wedding invitation card template that is available as an EPS or AI template file download. By simply checking the template’s description for what kind of template download file it is will help you save time before you even start the editing process.

6. Know Your Own Graphic Design Skills

The next step in choosing a desert wedding invitation card template is to know yourself and your graphic design or editing skills. When it comes to using pre-made printable wedding templates, self-awareness is a very important trait to learn. This is because you need to be clear with yourself if you want to make all the necessary edits needed for a wedding invitation card template to look good.

Even if you know how to navigate around different graphic design software tools, your graphic design skills will be useless if you do not have enough time to sit down and apply your skills. This is why self-awareness is key especially for couples who are planning their own wedding. Prior to purchasing a wedding invitation template, always ask yourself if you can deliver the results that you want within a specific period of time. If you are not confident that you could do it due to time constraints or due to insufficient skills, it is best to delegate the entire task. You may ask a close family member or your bridesmaid to do the wedding template editing so that she can focus more on the task at hand. This way you will also still be able to supervise the entire wedding template creation process but without the stress.

Now that you already have an idea on what specific factors to look into prior to choosing a sample wedding invitation template, feel free to apply this knowledge when purchasing the template design of your choice. Remember, there is no one size fits all list of criteria to follow when choosing a wedding template design. The few tips we have provided above are just that, tips. Follow what feels right for you and your partner and things will settle into their rightful places. Enjoy the process and do not stress it out too much!

Rustic Desert Wedding Invitation Template

What Design Elements to Use in a Desert Wedding Invitation Template

Listed below are different design elements that you can add or use in your wedding invitation template to make them truly imbibe a magnificent desert vibe. Check them out!

  • Cactus illustrations or vector designs
  • Potted succulents illustrations
  • Barren landscapes
  • Sunset or sunrise background images
  • Wild West patterns and images
  • Floral wreaths following a subdued color palette
  • Watercolor textures
  • Bold, calligraphy fonts (Arabic fonts may also work)
  • Persian patterns

The list above is not an exhaustive list of graphic design elements that will work for a desert-themed wedding invitation. You can experiment on your own and find out what template elements and designs look best with each other.

Desert Wedding Invitation Card Template

Watercolor Desert Wedding Invitation Design

What Desert Wedding Invitation Card Template Did You Choose?

All of the different examples of wedding invitation card templates shown above are very strong contenders for being the final wedding invitation card template for any wedding. But if, by any chance, you are still not satisfied with the various template design choices we have suggested within the article, feel free to browse through the rest of the site for more desert wedding invitation template designs to choose from.

Take your time but do not take that much of time. After all, a wedding invitation needs to be sent at least three to six months before the actual wedding. To brush up your knowledge on wedding invitation etiquette tips, read the linked article.

And, if you need more time in deciding what desert wedding invitation template to choose, do not forget to bookmark this article and refer back to it later on. Also, do not hesitate to share this article with your friends and colleagues through social media.

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