12 Email Invitation Designs & Templates

Writing an email invitation has occasionally been an afterthought when it comes to invitation-making. When event hosts or organizers brainstorm on how to come up with the most effective and appealing invitation, designing a traditional invitation that needs to be printed out in bulk is the first thing that comes to mind.

Email invitations are highly underrated. They contain the same contents and cost less compared to a traditional invitation. Creating these invitations also does not require numerous hours and days to make and deliver to the entire guest list. Event hosts don’t need to meet up with their guests just to hand out the invitations and waste precious time. Email invitations can be simply accomplished in a few hours, sent anytime, and can be sent again to follow up with the guests. Compared to traditional invitation samples, they are very time and cost-efficient.

Use technology to your advantage and purchase these email invitation designs and templates when you are hosting your next event. Aside from these invitation designs being affordable and easy to make, they are also very versatile and can be used in any event. Having trouble choosing an invitation design? Look at these email invitation templates.

Potluck Party Email Invitation

Potluck Party Email Invitation

Wedding Invitation Email Template

Wedding Invitation Email Template

Birthday Email Invitation

Birthday Email Invitation

Save The Date Email Invitation

Save The Date Email Invitation

Luxury Invitation Email Template

Luxury Invitation Email Template

Christmas Invitation Template

Christmas Invitation Template

Get into the holiday cheer with this Christmas email invitation template. This email template has a fully responsive mail template with an online email builder. This easily has the best collection of templates for Christmas-related events and activities (invitations, parties, holiday offers, and discounts). Included in this email template builder are Photoshop PSD files and Offline HTML / MailChimp / Campaign Monitor template files. You also get free access to use the online email builder where email templates are fully customizable and can be exported as HTML, MailChimp or Campaign Monitor compatible templates. This email template builder costs $20 (regular license). Just add $6 for extended support for up to six months.

Event Invitation Email Template


This Christmas and New Year email temple is also another great option for your holiday email invitations. This email template has a responsive layout, drag and drop builder, compatibility with multiple email clients (GmailYahoo Mail, Microsoft OutlookThunderbirdHotmail, and Apple Mail), simple HTML email template, easy access to free online template editor/builder, and unlimited colors and structures. Purchase now for a very affordable price of $12. Just add $3 for extended support up to six months.

Email Template Builder

Email Template Builder

For various email invitations, this email template builder is a great option and is available at a low cost. This email template builder contains 27 modern email templates which have been tested on 70+ inboxes. Compatible with GmailYahoo Mail, Microsoft OutlookThunderbirdHotmail, and Apple Mail, this email template builder lets you create colors, layouts, and branding while being user-friendly. This email template builder also contains MailChimp-ready files, 20 prebuilt layouts (embedded and inline CSS), 160 prebuilt templates, and multiple PDF help files. This email template builder only costs $19 (regular license). Just add $5.63 for extended support up to six months.

Eventus Event/Conference Email Template

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For event or conference email invitations, purchase this Eventus email template. This template builder has drag and drop modules, unlimited colors, 250+ icons, three footer options, and two banner options. Compatible with MailChimpCampaign MonitorFreshMailStampReady, and iContact, this email template can be used for any marketing campaign and other events such as parties, conferences, workshops, and RSVP invitations. This can also be customized to fit any type of communication plan. At $18 (regular license), this template builder is perfect value for money. Add $5.25 to get extended support up to six months.

Scenic HTML Email Template


Use nature as the main attraction of your email invitation by purchasing this HTML email template which is versatile and can be used for any type of sample marketing campaign, party, conference, workshop, and of course RSVP invitation. This template includes four fully labeled and organized PSD files, pre-configured templates for conferences, workshops, vacation, and RSVP invitations; “scenic” background images, numerous layout options; and eight complete HTML files for each layout type. Compatible with Apple MailGmail, HotmailMicrosoft OutlookThunderbird, and Yahoo Mail, this email template only costs $10.

Wedding Invitation Email Template + Builder Access


Have an elegant wedding email invitation with this email template which comes with free online template builder / editor access, responsive templates, MailChimp ready template, Campaign Monitor ready template, plain HTML email template, multiple layouts & colors, PSD included, and major email clients support (Apple mail, Outlook, Yahoo, Google, Gmail, Hotmail, Thunderbird, AOL Mail, and Android native client). This wedding invitation email template comes with a variety of predefined options, flexible layouts, and has also been litmus tested. This costs $10 (regular license). Just add $6 for extended support up to six months.

Soft and Clean Wedding Invitation Email Template


Design your wedding email invitation with another wedding template. This contains three layouts, six color versions for each layout, layered and fully editable PSD file, HTML codes, and free fonts. You can also copy/paste/delete/duplicate/rearrange contents (tables) from one layout to another to create your own layout. This is compatible with Apple Mail, Gmail, HotmailMicrosoft OutlookThunderbird, and Yahoo Mail. This great template only costs $15. Just add $4.13 for extended support up to six months.

Do’s and Don’ts in Making Email Invitations

Don’t forget to leave out important information. Due to the simplicity of email invitations and how fast they can be created, there are tendencies that some event details are omitted by accident. The speed by which these invitations are made can also equal the speed by which the recipients will ignore them. A missing date, venue address, or RSVP contact will increase the chances of the invitation being moved directly to the trash bin.

Don’t limit your invitations to event details. Similar to a traditional paper invitation example, email invitations also need to consist of information to make your guests excited enough to mark your event on their schedules. Additionally, the invitation should be made on a personal level, and not make your guests feel like they were invited just to fill out the guest list. Add information such as (1) what the guests should expect if they attend the event, (2) directions to the venue if the event is held in a rural area or new establishment in the city, (3) common friends or acquaintances of the recipient, and (4) and expression of hope that the recipient will attend. Since this is an event you actually want your guests to attend and emails tend to get lost in the inbox, all details should be included even if multiple paragraphs fill out the invitation.

Do send your invitation multiple times. If you get the same email from your bank to make you apply for a credit card with the lowest interest rates for the third time this week or receive the same email twice from your manager on the progress of your report, you should do the same when sending email invitations. Never assume that when you send the invitation once, it will be read by the recipient within the next few minutes. The number of emails a person receives, including spam, definitely affects your invitation. Send a follow-up email to get the guest’s confirmation, and send the invitation again a few days before the event just to serve as a reminder.

Do know the name and designation of the recipient. Sending a generic email invitation to recipients, including professionals and accomplished persons, will likely get the invitation ignored in a matter of seconds. Sending an invitation to a CEO who has both a master’s and doctorate degree should not be addressed only as “Sir or Madam”. Similarly, it also applies to a doctor with a number of certifications and other persons with multiple designations. Hold your guests in high regard and list both their names and designations to start a connection with them through the invitation. In contrast, if invitations are not sent to professionals, then listing the full name will do just fine.

Do get creative. As mentioned earlier, email invitations can easily get lost in the inbox jungle. Recipients in middle or top management receive hundreds of email per day so making the invitation stand out is a top priority. Aside from listing the event details and adding all the other important information, let those ideas flow and create a unique yet visually appealing invitation. Aside from the daily meeting or seminar invitation, other events will certainly need to have an attractive invitation design. Get formal and use a black noir design or get casual and use some plaid or checkered themes.

Another great option would be making a website just specifically for an event and have a link in your email redirect to the website. Design a site that would include necessary information. Make it interactive by adding photos and videos, and have an RSVP button so you will know which guests are attending. The site’s theme should be similar to the invitation. If making a website is too difficult and time-consuming, try creating a Facebook event page and link your email invitations. Facebook’s event page has easy-to-use options and the user can post event-related announcements at any time.

Don’t rely too much on text or images. There is no limit to the creativity of your invitation. Additionally, a birthday invitation which is too bland or dull won’t be gaining support from your guests. Give the invitation massive appeal by striking the right balance of text and image. The invitation alone already calls enough attention and having the perfect design will easily convince your guests to attend the event. Underestimating the invitation’s design might cause a low turnout in your event, so don’t take chances.

Avoid writing a novel by adding too much text in the invitation. Have an image as the background of the invitation and also integrate images in the borders. Furthermore, try not to confuse your guests by using too many images and turning your invitation into a children’s book. Try using different font designs and insert images in the word or phrase.

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