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16+ Event Invitation Card Designs & Templates – AI, PSD, InDesign

The design is always one of the top priorities when it comes to making invitations. An invitation is a representation of the event, so it is only appropriate that it should be presentable. How the design is conceptualized is indicative of how serious you are in organizing the event. So if you need designs for the invitation, you have come to the right place. We have collected a handful of creative designs for the invitations that cater to different events. Check them out below!

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Event Invitation Card Template

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Free Debut Event Invitation Card Template

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Free Event Invitation Template

Garden Party Event Invitation Card Template

Spring Event Invitation Card Template

Children’s Birthday Party Event Invitation Card Template

Why should you make an event invitation card?

Unless it’s public or free-for-all, the event that you are organizing will need invitation cards to inform a certain group of people about it. There are many reasons why there is a need to make invitation cards. If you want to know those reasons, read the list below.

1. They are informative. Where will the event be held? What time should the guests arrive at the venue? Are they required to bring something? Do they need to follow a dress code for the event? Put everything that the guests need to know in the invitation. The guests are better off knowing everything necessary for the event rather than come clueless or empty-handed. Also, it is your responsibility to inform them since you are the one who invited them in the first place. You may also see event invitations in a word.

2. They make the guests feel valued. Although technology has made certain tasks efficient and convenient, there is no denying that it lacks the personal touch that an invitation has. Social media allows you to create invitations and send them online. All that you need to do is wait for the replies of guests on your list. It is indeed the easiest and fastest way to get the job done, but the way invitations make the guests feel special goes beyond the capabilities of these software programs. An invitation is mainly tailored for the guests. It creates an impression that you spent much of your time and effort to invite them to your event in the best way possible. 

3. They set the tone for the eventWhen you send an invitation, you are letting the message out that you are going to hold an event. And as such, the invitation should reflect the concept that you are implementing for the event. For example, if you want to throw a party for your child’s birthday, the design of your invitation card should contain visuals fitting for the birthday. Put in ornamental designs relating to your child’s birthday such as a cake, party hats, and buntings. The guests should instantly get an idea of what the event is going to be about once they receive the invitation.

4. You get to let out your creative side. We all have an inner artist lying dormant within us. Although not all of our works are meant to be understood by the viewers, it matters that we let out our creative side. If you are looking for a new canvass to create your masterpiece, then the invitation card might be able to help you with that. You can squeeze every drop of creative juice that you have stored in your brain and use them in the design of the invitation card. But don’t get too wild or careless in the process as you need to keep in mind that the design has to match the concept of the event.

5. They create anticipation. Invitations hype up your guests for the event. Once they receive the invitation card example, it will make your guests want to start preparing for the event, making them think of what they should wear or bring. It makes them count the days until the day of the event. 

6. You get the message out. Giving out sample invitation cards for a certain event is one way of telling people that they are a special part of your life and you would want them to be part of the momentous occasion. Aside from the purpose of passing the information about the event, this sense of exclusivity deepens and strengthens the relationship that you have with the guests.

7. They are memorable. Our social media accounts are flooded with notifications and messages from all the daily virtual interactions. An invitation sent through social media may just be covered by all these notifications and may even go unnoticed or be forgotten. What is great about a tangible invitation is that once the guests receive it, they will most likely put it in a place where they can easily see it—whether on a refrigerator, bedroom mirror, pinboard, or memo board—to remind them of the event every now and then. Even after the event, they can keep the invitation as a piece of memorabilia so they can look back at the memories that they have made with you.

8. They limit the number of guests. Not all events can accommodate everyone. Special events such as weddings, birthday parties, and other private gatherings need to limit the number of guests. Usually, the only guests given an invitation are those who are close to the host. This is done either because of wanting to make the event intimate or there is a concern for the budget. By limiting the number of guests, you can estimate how much you have to spend for the event and how much you want the event to be more of a personal get-together.

Vintage Birthday Event Invitation Card Template

Fall Festival Event Invitation Card Template

Bachelorette Party Event Invitation Card Template

Pastel Dreamcatcher Event Invitation Card Template

Baby Shower Event Invitation Card Template

Annual Meeting Event Invitation Card Template

First Holy Communion Event Invitation Card Template

How to use and edit invitation card templates

You do not need to be a graphic designer or need assistance from one to be able to use these invitation card templates. Whether you have basic knowledge in editing graphics in a computer or not, using and editing these invitation card templates won’t require you to have exceptional designing skills. To help you create the design that you want for your event, we have provided easy steps for you to follow.

1. Download a photo editing software program. It is great if you already have a photo editing software on your PC or laptop. But if you do not, then you need to download one that is capable of handling multiple image formats so you won’t have to switch between different programs when editing. You can either buy a physical installer for the software or buy and download them online. When you choose to get one online, just be careful of sites that are disguised as trustworthy sources; they might only be phishing for your data. You may also see formal event invitations.

2. Download the template. After going through each template, choose one that you think will be appropriate for your invitation card. Each template on the list has a button that will lead you to the site where you can view and download the template. Carefully read and review the descriptions and specifications of the template that are shown on the website. If you find the template to be relevant to the theme of the event, then click the download button. Most of the templates that are provided are for purchase. Choose the mode of payment that will be the most convenient for you.

3. Use the photo editing software to open the template. Now that you have the software and the template, it is time to let your inner artist do the work. You may also like event invitation templates.

4. Edit the template. Let the fun begin! Tweak the elements of the template to your liking. There is no limit to what you can do with it. Customize what you need to customize. What matters most is that you achieve the design that you want for your invitation card. You may also see PSD event invitation templates.

5. Save it! Even if it is the last step listed here, always remind yourself to save any significant progress that you have made while editing the template. You will never know if a blackout happens or your computer malfunctions out unexpectedly. In saving the design, you can choose to overwrite the original or create a different file for it. If you are planning to reuse the original design in the future, you might as well save it as a different file. You may also like event invitation designs.

Chalkboard Wedding Event Invitation Card Template

Photography Event Invitation Card Template

Wildflower Bridal Shower Event Invitation Card Template

Navy Blue Baby Shower Event Invitation Card Template

Valentine’s Day Event Invitation Card Template

Choose the most relevant design

After going over each of the design on the list, choosing one might be a difficult process. But in the end, what you should pick as the final design should be relevant to the event. If you are holding an event for a wedding, then the invitation card should reflect just that. If you are organizing a summer beach concert, then you should choose the one with the beach, palm trees, and colorful flashy spotlights in the design. Relevance is one of the key factors to effective promotion. We wish you all the best in your endeavors!

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