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A typical wedding is usually followed by a reception. A feast that celebrates the union of the newly married couple, which sets them off to a path of joy and well-wishes. This is the part of the entire wedding day where everyone lets loose and just have fun. The part where they can put on their dancing shoes and just be merry during the final hours of the wedding day. It has always been the tradition, long before weddings became so extravagant, to welcome both sides— the couple and the guests — into each other’s lives.

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The very idea of a reception is to have the couple welcome the guests into their new life together, as well as the guests welcome the couple into theirs. Although receptions vary from one wedding to another, it still at the very core shares the same idea and objective. Aside from being a gesture of welcome, a reception typically consists of good music, sumptuous meals, a beautiful setup, a ton of smiles, and waves of laughter from guests, that ultimately make up a memorable event. With that said, if you are a couple planning to get married and are seeking for invitation cards to use for your reception, here is a list for you. These invitation cards vary in theme and design, making it perfect for any kinds of weddings.

Baby’s Reception Accommodation Card

babys reception accommodation card

Wedding Reception Invitation Card Template

wedding reception invitation card template1

Floral Reception Invitation Card

floral reception invitation card

Invitation Cards for Reception Invites

One can always get away with having no reception invitation cards with a wedding invitation present. The idea of having every information packed in one invite is what we are all accustomed to, but reception invites can also be well on its own. Taking into consideration how much formality there is in a wedding, a reception invitation card can simply add a flair of quiet extravagance to the event. What more when you use not one, but two invitation cards for both your wedding invitation and reception invitation. People are most accustomed to the idea of the wedding invitation, but barely the reception invitation as they would normally include the information on the wedding invites. Separating the reception invitation will not only better inform the guests of the details about the reception, but it will also add more to the details of the wedding

However, with the constant and unyielding growth of technology and social media-based platforms, it is so easy to come to a conclusion of simply resorting to an option that easily disseminates the message in a millisecond, which completely disregards both the wedding and reception invitation altogether. In this digital age, no one can deny how lives are made tremendously easier for people, that with a single click of the thumb, a message can ripple across different locations in an instant. But, in the middle of all these advancements and modernization, an invitation card, despite being traditional, has remained effective. Its decade-long association with events of any kind should be a testament to its unwavering prowess as a medium for inviting and to how much value it can give to an event.

But, one of the very reasons to why people still have an adulation for invitation cards is because of its tangibility— it can be felt, touched and not just seen through a screen. Compared to using technology or social media-based platforms as invitations, where it not only have to depend on other elements to work, but it has the possibility of getting lost in the virtual space in time. However, beautiful invitation card can be kept especially for keepsakes and help people in their solitude look back on the most beautiful and magical day of their lives; there are in fact a lot of people who are fond of keeping physical objects that they can attach beautiful memories with.

Also, an invitation card has the capability to wrap the whole idea of the event which creates for coherent design aspects. Cohesion is important in any event, as you do not want a disconnect in all the aspects of your wedding— be it big or small. Furthermore, an invitation card can be an avenue for a person’s creativity, where they have the ample freedom to do whatever you want. You may also see new wedding reception invitations.

Floral Reception Enclosure Invitation Card

floral reception enclosure invitation card

Reception Party Invitation Template

reception party invitation template1

Creative Wedding Reception Invitation Card

creative wedding reception invitation card

Wedding Reception Invitation

wedding reception invitation2

What Should be on a Reception Invitation Card?

Just like a wedding invitation, reception invitation cards must and should contain all of the necessary information on it. It not only becomes an added detail to the invitation card, but it also helps better inform the guests about the reception to take place after the wedding. With that said, here are the different pieces of information one must put on a reception invitation card.

1. Name of the Couple

Both the names of the bride and groom should be on the reception invitation, as it is on the creative wedding invitation. By having this information on the invitation card, will help the guests know for whom the celebration is. This will also give them the idea about the couple getting married, although most guests invited are in close relation to the couple, it is inevitable that there are some who have not met both the couple.

2. Date and Time of the Reception

Considering that a date is already stated on the wedding invitation, assure your guests by saying it again on your reception invitation. Also, add in at what time will the reception be on your invitation card. This information will simply inform your guests when and at what time the formal feast will be. You may also see wedding party invitation templates.

3. Dress Code and Color Motif

Weddings come in all forms, there are civil weddings, church weddings, beach weddings, and garden weddings. Depending on the kind of wedding you have preferred, state on your reception card your dress code and color motif. This way, your guests will know what the appropriate garb to wear on your wedding day. You do not want misinformed guests, where there will be some in a beach wedding garb for a church wedding, just simply inappropriate.

4. Address or Location of the Reception

Commonly, receptions happen in an isolated location from the wedding venue, rarely does it happen where the wedding and reception venue are just meters away. So, to help inform your guests, put in the address of where your reception will be. You also have the option to draw out a map for a much clearer picture of where it is. Having this information will simply help your guests navigate to the next location after the wedding ceremony.

5. Different Contact Information

As this is a well-planned event, putting in different contact information can most definitely help with the RSVP. Where they will just simply contact you in one of the different contact information you have provided and confirm their attendance. This way, you will have an accurate headcount to how many guests will be there to avoid food and beverage shortage. This can also be a means to inquire about the event in general, ask questions that concern most especially the dress code or motif, or even the location. Different contact information is necessary as it allows them to reach out to you in whatever is most convenient to them.

Blush Pink Wedding Reception Invitation

blush pink wedding reception invitation

Floral Wedding Reception Details Card

floral wedding reception details card

Simple Wedding Reception Invitation

simple wedding reception invitation

Vintage Wedding Reception Invitation Card

vintage wedding reception invitation card

How to Best Acquire Your Very Own Invitation Card?

There are different ways to how one can acquire their very own reception invitation card and it all depends on what you prefer the most. But, if you are asking the best way to do so, it is by simply buying one that is premade and readily available online. You may also see wedding party invitation samples.

Although there is an option that allows you to seek the help of a professional graphics artist and have your reception invitation card custom made, there are certain factors that are being taken into account that make it discouraging. As such are the consultations that will transpire before the actual making of the reception invitation card and the number of hours that the graphics artist will spend with the making of your invitation card. With all these in mind, it is inevitable for the fee to skyrocket as the cost of labor itself is intensive. You may also see best invitation examples.

However, the premade reception invitation card designs and templates cost a lot less because they are made in assumption to what the customers might want. Which means that they are not under the obligation to follow any requests and demands and is given the liberty to work on the designs at their own pace and own time. Also, premade options come in many variations, giving their customers different options to choose from. For the reception invitation card designs and templates, there are designs perfect for floral-themed weddings, simple weddings, beach weddings, even rustic weddings. There are definitely available designs for every different kind of wedding, themes, and motif. What is more ideal is that premade options are priced affordably but does not compromise its design quality.

And finally, premade reception invitation card designs and templates are very easy to make considering that they come in a file that is easy to do so. Sometimes, they come with smart object layers that enable you to move around elements on the invitation card creating a more personalized and unique-looking reception invitation card. You may also see simple wedding invitations.

Rustic Wedding Reception Invitation

rustic wedding reception invitation1

Border Wedding Reception Invitation Card

border wedding reception invitation card

Chalkboard Art Reception Invitation

chalkboard art reception invitation1

If you found this article helpful in any way, do not forget to bookmark this page for future references. And, kindly share this with other soon-to-be couples planning to marry and is seeking the best and perfect reception invitation card designs and templates. you may also see sample wedding invitation templates.

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