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9+ Spring Invitation Designs & Templates – PSD, AI

The blossoming of beautiful flowers, spring break, and Easter, these are just a few of the things that people are excited about for the spring season, though there are still a lot more. People hyped up about spring makes a lot of sense since this is the time period in which the climate temperature is neither too cold nor too hot. Additionally, the spring season is where we bid farewell to winter and prepare ourselves for the coming summer, which is another season that is filled with all sorts of events and parties.

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Now that we mentioned events, we will also need to talk about the tool that we will need to use to notify people to come to an event that we are planning. This tool is called an invitation, which is something that has been used for a very long time for the purpose of letting people know that the host of the event is expecting their presence. If this is what you need for your event, then feel free to look around, we have twelve awesomely-crafted spring invitation designs below that you can download and use.

Daisies Spring Event Invitation Template

Did you know that daisies are not only edible, but they also have medicinal properties? Daisies can actually help in relieving coughs and indigestion. If you find that interesting and you want to incorporate daisies into your event invitations, then the template above would be perfect for you.

Minimalist Spring Wedding Invitation Template

Why are Invitations Important?

People nowadays would probably start asking, “are invitations still relevant even with all the other more convenient methods?” Today’s generation has been all about going paperless and digital with the use of computers, the internet, cloud storage, and mobile devices. People today have taken advantage of the advancement of technology, which makes us wonder if traditional methods are still a trend. But to answer the question based on facts, invitations are still relevant.

One reason behind this is because invitations are able to help set the mood of the event, and it provides the invitee with an idea of what to expect from the event that they will be attending. This means that a formal-looking invitation card will most likely be associated with a formal-themed event. On the other hand, an invitation card with an informal design will most likely mean that the event would be a casual one. Furthermore, most event planners would even use the theme of the event on to the invitation cards.

While it may seem too ironic to say that formal invitations hold more information than when inviting people through the phone, it is actually true. People are imperfect and fallible, but what does that have to do with inviting people? When we call people on the phone and invite them to an event, there will always be a chance that we might miss out on a few important details. But with invitations, that issue can be prevented by proofreading, and the invitee will be able to obtain all the information they need about the event.

Lastly, since inviting people through the phone is something that can don’t quite hold any sentimental value, and let’s just face it, people still prefer something that is tangible. With invitations, they are memorable and can be treasured by the invitee, though this may still depend on the quality of the invitation card example. Thankfully, every single one of our invitation templates is not only high quality but also very creative, making them really worth treasuring.

What are the Types of Invitations?

1. Handmade Invitations. This type of invitation is indeed done by hand, thus the name. From the illustrations to the text applied on to the design, everything is done without or with very minimal use of the computer.

2. Electronic Invitations. The exact opposite of handmade invitations and this type of invitations don’t even need to be printed. This type of invitation works the same way as emails and electronic greeting cards; they are sent via the internet.

3. Wedding Invitations. A type of invitation that is meant for a specific kind of event. Obviously, wedding invitations are made to formally invite guests to a wedding ceremony and the reception that follows after it. Wedding invitations are usually very detailed, indicating the people who have specific roles, and also a brief outline of the flow of the event.

4. Party Invitations. A type of invitation that can be used for all sorts of parties, party invitations can also get quite informal and humorous depending on the type of event. This type of invitation can be used for birthdays, graduation, and Thanksgiving parties, and they usually contain only the name of the party, the time and date, and the venue where the party will be held.

Photorealistic Spring Invitation Template

Typographic Spring Festival Invitation Template

Above is a spring invitation template that focuses more on textual elements rather than graphical. If you’re organizing a festival for this coming spring, then you may find the invitation template above a good pick.

Colorful Abstract Spring Event Invitation Template

Guidelines that You Can Follow When Making Invitations

1. Determine the type of event that will be held. Is it a formal event? Or is it casual? As mentioned earlier in this article, invitations set the mood of the event, which is why it is not only best, but also important that the theme of the event and the theme of the invitation should match. You may also see free invitation templates.

2. Make a list of the people that you are planning to invite to the event. This way, you will able to determine how many copies of the invitation you will need to print.

3. Aside from the list, it may even be best to make a rough draft or sketch of how you want your invitation to look. While the end product may not always be 100% accurate to your draft, at least it can help you save a lot of time during the designing process since you already know what elements to include. You may also see printable invitations.

4. Which type of paper do you prefer? Would you rather go for a glossy or a matte type of paper? The choice of material should be determined beforehand, and it is best to research online regarding the proper use of the different types of paper. You may also see printable sample invitations.

5. Additionally, when deciding on the type of paper, you should also decide on the type of envelope that you will be using. The type of envelope matters, and it should match or be compatible with the type of paper used.

6. And when printing out your invitations, make sure to set your printer to print at the highest setting and use high-quality ink toners to produce highly vibrant elements. But you can also save yourself the effort by simply bringing your final design to a printing company and hiring them to print your invitations. You may also see printable dinner invitation templates.

7. You may also want to feed yourself with even more information regarding invitations by checking out our top 7 tips for writing invitations.

Do’s and Don’ts in Sending Invitations

1. We already said this earlier, DO match the theme of the invitation with the theme of the event. From the color scheme to the decorative elements being used, the style applied on to the invitation should reflect the mood of the actual event. You may also see watercolor invitation banners.

2. To provide the invitee with enough time to set their sample schedule and to see to it whether or not they have any important appointments on the date of the event, DO send your invitations early. The recommended time frame for this is between four to six weeks, though you may also be allowed to send your invitations earlier than six weeks.

3. To prepare yourself for the number of confirmed attendees, DO include an RSVP with the invitation, though this is actually required for formal events. And when including an RSVP, also specify the date for which the invitee must be able to confirm their presence at the event.

4. When designing your invitations, DON’T shy away from the use of colors since these can actually help in enhancing the appearance of the invitation. As mentioned earlier, make the elements of your invitation come to life by making them as vibrant as possible. You may also like floral invitation banners.

5. Didn’t we mention that the advantage with the use of invitations is that they prevent the risk of leaving out certain information? Then DON’T forgets to proofread not only for grammar or spelling mistakes but also to see to it that no information is left out. You may also see floral invitation templates.

6. Always give the invitees enough time to prepare their schedule for your event, which means it is strongly recommended that you DON’T ever send out your invitations at the very last minute. It would be a mortal sin if you violate this rule.

Flat Minimalist Spring Break Invitation Template

Spring break, of course! How could we forget about spring break? It’s where teens, college people, and young adults go wild. If you are in need of an advertising tool for a spring break party that you are organizing, invitations would come in very useful. And thankfully, we may just have the perfect spring break invitation template for you. Check out our guidelines on how to design party invitations to help you out.

Easter Spring Fling Invitation Template

On the last Sunday of March comes Easter, which is a meaningful holiday not only for Christians but for everyone. The Easter invitation template above bears an illustration of some colorful Easter eggs, which is somewhat appropriate considering that egg hunting is a game commonly played during that day.

The Spring Season

The spring season is defined as one of the four temperate seasons that follows winter and precedes summer. According to the meteorological calendar, the spring season begins on the first day of March and ends on the last day of May, though the specific dates vary across different parts of the world. During the spring season, the nighttime and daytime are approximately twelve hours long, but the duration of daytime slowly lengthens as the season progresses, making the nighttime shorter. You may also see sample invitation templates.

Interesting Facts about Spring

1. When the spring season begins in the northern hemisphere, the autumn season simultaneously begins in the southern hemisphere.

2. In Japan, the blooming of the cherry blossoms signals the start of the spring season. The cherry blossom is Japan’s national flower.

3. In China, the start of the spring season coincides with their Lunar New Year.

4. In Mexico, the first day of spring is celebrated by the Mayans as the “Return of the Sun Serpent”. This is the result of the sunset during the spring equinox, which creates a triangular shadow on the El Castillo pyramid making it look like a snake. You may also see sample invitation flyers.

5. Various holidays take place during the spring season, and this includes Easter, the Passover, April Fool’s day, Earth day, Mother’s day, Father’s day, Cinco de Mayo, and many more. You may also see formal invitation templates.

6. The first flowers that grow or bloom at the start of the spring season include lilies, tulips, lilacs, daffodils, and dandelions.

Spring Tree Wedding Invitation Template

Above is a simple and straightforward spring wedding invitation template that many of you might like. The best feature of this template is its simplicity and its heavy use of white space, which makes the entire design clean and elegant. You may also want to read about a few wedding invitation mistakes that you must avoid should you decide to make them yourself.

Watercolor Spring Fling Invitation Template

Check out the rustic invitation template above is decorated with hand-painted flowers. Although the graphical elements added to this template is kept to a minimum, it only proves that less is more since it greatly enhances the appearance of the design.

Floral Spring Wedding Invitation Sample

As much as you are excited about the arrival of the spring season, we hope that you are also excited about downloading these event invitation card templates. If you’re asking why you should be excited about them, it’s because they were created by some of today’s highly talented and most imaginative graphic artists from all over the world. That alone would already give you the idea that these invitation templates have exceptional quality, though we will proceed to more details to further convince you that these templates are indeed worth downloading. You may also see beautiful party invitations.

Of course, when using pre-designed templates, you will need to edit them depending on your preferences, which leads us to the question, “to what extent are you allowed to make changes on to these templates?” While a yes or no answer would be insufficient, here is what we can say regarding that matter. The elements on these templates can be isolated from one another, which means you can edit them individually without having to worry about ruining their resolution. And, what’s even greater is that you can download these party invitation templates at a very reasonable price. So go ahead, click on that download button now.

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