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14+ Garden Party Invitation Designs & Templates – PSD, AI

Garden parties bring us closer to nature, and it allows the guest to breathe in the all-natural air while enjoying the company of others. Almost any type of event can be turned into a garden party: wedding receptions, birthday, baby showers, and many more. Just like any other type of party, you will need to send out the invitations, but these party invitations should fit appropriately to the theme of your party. This way, the invitees will get the idea that the party they’ve been invited in will be held in a garden.

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If you’re planning on throwing a garden party, then you are definitely in luck. We have various garden party invitation templates and designs below that you can use for your party. These templates are designed for specific purposes, though they can easily be edited depending on your preference. If you want to get started, start scrolling down to see the event invitation templates yourself.

Garden Party Invitation Template

File Format
  • Illustrator
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  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: 4×6 Inches, 5×7 Inches + Bleed


Free Garden Party Invitation Template

File Format
  • Illustrator
  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: 5×7 inches + Bleed

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Flower Fest Garden Party Invitation Template

Importance of Home Gardens

Not many people may realize this but gardens actually bring life and color into a home. Could you imagine how a home would look or feel like if it didn’t have a garden either in front, beside, or at the back of it? Okay, it may not necessarily be a full garden, but just imagine a home without any presence of plants or trees around it, this home would feel lifeless. Yes, not many people realize the importance of gardens, and we’re here to explain why they are. You may also see picnic invitation templates.

1. Gardening itself is a good physical exercise as well as an ideal source of relief from stress. The act of preparing the soil, planting and watering the seeds and plants, and removal of unwanted weeds can help in keeping the muscles engaged. Also, gardening makes for a good mental exercise because of the patience that you will need when waiting for the plants to grow, bloom, and bear fruits. You may also see tea party invitations.

2. Gardens add beauty to even the simplest of homes, and this is due to the greens of the leaves and the colors from the flowers. Try comparing it with a pencil sketch, no matter how beautiful the illustration is, it will still end up looking like it lacks something if it doesn’t have any color. The same thing can be said about homes, a person may have a gigantic mansion, but with the absence of plants, this house will never be complete. You may also see bridal party invitations.

3. Having a garden can also motivate a person to get creative. The more types of flowers or plants you add to your garden, the better, and the more it will get better if you arrange these plants well. You may even want to throw in some decorative rocks to add distinguishing borders from one part of the garden to another, and this can also help in creating enough space for the plant’s roots to grow under the soil. You may also see free party invitations.

Garden Wreath Baby Shower Invitation Template

Here’s something that’s more on the minimalist side but still highly artistic. This baby shower invitation template mainly focuses on textual elements, and the addition of the flower wreath brings color to the design.

Bird Cage Garden Wedding Invitation Template

Colorful Garden Party Invitation Template

Vintage Garden Wedding Invitation Template

Tips on How to Make or Maintain a Beautiful Garden

They say that some people are simply born with a green thumb, meaning they are able to make plants grow effortlessly. While it may be true that the hands of these people are gentle enough for taking care of plants, there are other aspects that you should need to know in order to keep your garden healthy. Whether you have a green thumb or not, here are some tips on how to manage your own garden. You may also see beach party invitations.

1. Watering the soil is not enough for the plants to grow healthily, they need other sources of nutrients just like people do. Mix the planting soil with organic material to make the soil even more conducive for growing plants. You may even want to add some plant supplements with the water for additional nutrients, but you need to be careful when using this because there are different kinds of supplements for different types of plants. You may also see potluck party invitations.

2. Garden pests can easily destroy your plants if you fail to deal with them as early as possible, which is why you should take them out as soon as you notice them. For the big pests and bugs, you can simply pick them up and drown them in a container filled with a soap and water mixture. For the smaller pests, they can be dealt with by spraying a stream of water or insecticidal soap on them. You may also see summer party invitations.

3. Aside from garden pests and bugs, the growth of weeds should also need to be handled properly because aside from taking up space on the soil and sucking in the nutrients that were intended for the plants, their presence just simply looks ugly and does not belong in the garden. You can deal with weeds through mulching. Apply organic mulch up to four inches deep in the soil. If weeds starts to grow in the mulch, take them out using a garden hoe. You may also see kitty party invitations.

Minimalist Garden Wedding Invitation Template

Vintage Style Garden Wedding Invitation Template

Colorful Summer Garden Party Invitation Template

Silhouette Style Garden Wedding Invitation Template

Having the wedding reception in a garden is one way to make the celebration even more meaningful. For the appropriate invitation, you may want to consider using the simple yet romantic invitation template above.

Garden Bridal Shower Invitation Template

How to Host a Great Garden Party?

Yes, garden parties are held outdoors which means that you don’t need to do a lot for the venue itself, all you need to do is set up a table, add a few decorations, and you’re all set. Though garden parties may seem simple and not that difficult to prepare, there are still factors that you may want to consider to make that garden party worth remembering. and we will be listing them below. You may also see office party invitations.

1. The first thing that you should take care of when preparing for a garden party is to set up the scene. The venue should be set appropriately depending on the type of party being thrown, but if this party is meant for a casual gathering of friends or relatives, then you can do whatever you want with the venue. The important aspect about garden parties is that the garden and its ambiance should be conducive enough for the event. You may also see beautiful party invitations.

2. In addition to the visual setup of the venue, a little auditory enhancement to the place can greatly add to the overall ambiance. What is this auditory enhancement? Music, of course. Get a portable speaker, place it somewhere that’s accessible, and just play the best music you have. Of course, your music should also be upbeat to keep the spirits of the guests energized. You may also see graduation party invitations.

3. Sometimes, garden and barbecue parties go hand in hand, wherein the food are prepared right before your guests eyes. And while this can encourage the guests to be engaged and to help out in cooking the dishes, you can also choose to simply prepare the food beforehand and just serve them straight to the guests when they arrive. There are various dishes that you can prepare for garden parties, and these range from vegetable salads to grilled chicken and many others. You may also see party invitations in PSD.

Watercolor Garden Wedding Invitation Template

Flat Colorful Garden Party Invitation Template

Garden Baby Shower Invitation Template

Rustic Themed Garden Dinner Invitation Template

Useful Tips for an Effective Invitation

You’re hosting a party, and you want your family, relatives, and closest friends to be there. One thing’s for sure, you won’t be able to get them to come if you don’t invite them, This is why you should send out invitations to them to let them know that you are expecting their presence. If you want to make the most out of your invitation designs, check out some of our tips below.

1. Start the invitation with an indication of the nature of the event, let the reader know whether the event is a formal one or not. Then of course, the tone of the invitation design should be enough to give away the theme off the event. This way, the invitee will know what to expect and will also have an idea as to what outfit to wear during the event. You may also see printable pool party invitations.

2. Another thing that you should also indicate is the RSVP and the deadline for the response. When an RSVP is stated, the invitee will need to provide the host with their response on or before the given deadline. RSVP’s can help the host determine right away the number of confirmed guests. You may also see printable birthday invitations.

3. Proofreading the invitation involves more than just checking for any grammar or spelling errors on the invitation card, it also involves checking whether all the necessary details are indicated and if these are spelled correctly. You may also see blank party invitations.

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