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A luncheon is a formal gathering during lunch. They are held for various purposes, and more often than they are held for personal reasons. And to make it more special, a beautiful invitation is needed to inform people about it. The design of this invitation lies on the purpose of the luncheon, i.e. bridal luncheon, baby shower luncheon, and many others. So, to help you decide what design to create for the luncheon invitation, we will show you a list of stunning and creative designs and templates that are accessible and downloadable online. You can easily purchase them with a single click on a button and the template will then be for you to utilize.

Free Luncheon Invitation Template


Spring Bridal Luncheon Invitation Template

Bridal Luncheon Invitation Template

Appreciation Luncheon Invitation Template

Appreciation Luncheon Invitation Template

Autumn Bridal Luncheon Invitation Template

Autumn Bridal Luncheon Invitation

Types of Luncheon

Luncheons can be held during any event that you can come up with. You can have a luncheon for a meeting or have it for the reason that you passed all your subjects this semester. There is not a designated event for a luncheon, it can be held for anything. There are a few of the events that we can share with you so you have an idea whether the event that you thought of can have a luncheon. You may also see invitation card templates.

1. Bridal Luncheon

A bridal luncheon is held for the sake that the thankful is grateful to her bridesmaids and flower girls for being there in the whole process of putting the wedding together. To put it simply, it’s a bunch of gratitude. In this luncheon, only women are invited. If you are the bride, you can invite yours and the groom’s mother and sisters. And, if you want the event to be grand, you can also invite your close female relatives and friends. You can prepare a speech of gratitude for this event. Tell all your sentiments and show how grateful you are for their efforts. After that, you can then proceed to your girl talk just like an ordinary lunch that you have with your sisters! You may also see event invitation templates.

2. Baby Shower Luncheon

Baby shower luncheons can be less formal than the usual as the guests might bring their kids with them, unless if you are only inviting adults. In a luncheon, it is normal to have a bit of a speech before chowing down. So, you can prepare a short statement about how thankful you are for their presence and how excited you are for a new angel coming into your life. There’s no better reason to be excited and happy for than having a new member of the family. It is always every parent’s wish and dream to have a child. Regarding the design of the luncheon, you can opt for a cute decoration to match the infant-centric theme of the event. You may also see sample invitations.

3. Birthday Luncheon

For most times, birthday luncheons are held with adults as guests. This can be people in the early twenties and above. Despite being a formal lunch, you can put up a certain theme for it in any way you want. You can still be a kid at heart and choose a kiddy party theme or one that requires the guests to wear superhero shirts. This will create entertainment that everybody would love to join.

4. Retirement Luncheon

A retirement isn’t complete without a farewell luncheon. In this luncheon, the invited guests are often the officemates or those that the retiree has spent the most time with at work. Retirement luncheons are usually held in restaurants or even in the office where they can gather and reminisce about the most notable moments that the retiree has spent with everyone. The guests can even prepare an audio-visual presentation for the retiree, making the luncheon more memorable and emotional. You may also see free invitation templates.

5. Bridge Luncheon

Bridge luncheons can be held for any purpose, whether you are going to hold it for meetings or just a simple gathering with your friends. Just imagine talking with your friends on a Sunday noon and jumping from one topic to another. A lovely day, isn’t it? And, with great food, there’s nothing more perfect! You may also see formal invitations.

6. Appreciation Luncheon

This luncheon could be held for multiple purposes. For example, you can hold an appreciation luncheon for your teachers. They have worked so hard to mold and train you so you can reach your maximum potential. Show a little love and treat them to lunch! You may also see beautiful party invitations.

7. Easter Luncheon

Easter Sunday is a special celebration for the Christians. It’s the resurrection of Jesus Christ, of course, it needs to be celebrated. Usually, the celebration happens at dawn or in the morning. But, you can also opt to celebrate it until noon or until the day ends. There’s no limit as to how long you can celebrate such a special occasion. You may also see free invitation templates.

8. Mother’s Day Luncheon

This list is not official. As we said, you can have a luncheon even for the simple reason that you passed an exam. It can be anything you want because a luncheon is just a glamorized version of lunch. It’s basically just that: lunch but in a formal setting. You may also see innovative printable invitations.

Pastel Luncheon Invitation Template

Pastel Luncheon Invitation Template

Fiesta Luncheon Invitation Template

Fiesta Luncheon Invitation Template

Watercolor Luncheon Invitation Template

Watercolor Luncheon Invitation Template

Greenery Luncheon Invitation Template

Greenery Luncheon Invitation Template

Vintage Bridge Luncheon Invitation Template

Vintage Bridge Luncheon Invitation Template

How to Create the Best Luncheon Invitation?

Invitations comprise two important elements: information and design. These two work hand in hand to create the best version of an invitation. The information must be accurate and the design attractive. Read on to know more about these two. You may also see printable invitation samples.

1. Information

An invitation can never be without the necessary information about the luncheon. If this is your first time creating a luncheon invitation, you must take note of the following details to be included in the invitation.

  • Title. We have already shown you the different types of luncheon and you can choose any from the list to use for the title as long as it is in line with the purpose of the luncheon. If the reason for your luncheon is not found in the list, you can create your own. Having a title helps the guests easily identify what the luncheon is for. You may also see blank invitation templates.
  • Name of the host/s. Of course, as the host/s of the luncheon, you should identify yourself. Your name/s should be highlighted, like format it in a different font or a size bigger than the rest of the text. You may also see free printable invitations.
  • Time and date. In setting the time and date of the luncheon, make sure that it is final. The guests surely have prior commitments and they are going to clear up their schedule for the luncheon, so make sure that it is worth their time. But, for instances that it needs to be changed for some reason, be sure to notify the guests ahead of time. If possible, it should be days before so they have ample time to adjust their sample schedule.
  • Address of the venue. This is a crucial information that should be set in stone, just like the time and date. Put in the address of the venue for the luncheon so the guests can estimate their travel time. Also, it would be better if you can include a simple map of the area. This will greatly help the guests for an easy navigation. And if the guests still can’t locate the venue, they could show the map to the people around for help. You may also see printable event invitations.
  • Other options for RSVP. Technology has taken us far and with the rampant use of social media and other means of wireless communication, people have a lot of options to reply to the invitation. Put on your social media handles so they can send you a private or direct message to confirm their attendance or if they have other questions regarding the luncheon. Also, include your email address and telephone and mobile number for additional choices. You may also see invitation templates in a word.

2. Design

The design is the other half of the recipe to concoct the best luncheon invitation. But how can you work on the design so you can utilize its full potential? The answer lies in the tips that we will show you below.

  • Choose a theme. In luncheons, the theme depends on its purpose. For example, if you are going to hold a bridal luncheon, then the design would be decorated as such. In a baby shower luncheon, it is expected that the theme of the design is centralized on babies. Again, just remember that you can choose any theme as long as it is in line with the purpose of the luncheon. You may also see butterfly invitation templates.
  • Pick a color scheme. There is power in colors, and it can make or break your design. In picking the color scheme, make sure that the colors are complementary. Doing this will help you arrive at your desired results. Also, it would be the design more pleasing to look at. You may also see confirmation invitation templates.
  • Plan the layout. Planning the layout is as important as the implementation. Set the margin around the layout, the font size and style of the text, and the position of the images. This allows you for an easier and faster implementation of the design later on. You may also see free printable birthday invitations.
  • Set the size. There is no standard size for the invitation, so you can choose any size you want. But even though you have such freedom, you have to be mindful of the impact of the size towards the design. Although the design can be scaled to whatever the size of the invitation is, sometimes, it does not work the way you want it to. You may also see watercolor wedding invitations.
  • Collect relevant images. A design is more lively with images. But, you shouldn’t get just an image. You need to pick those that are relevant to the theme. For example, in the case of a bridal luncheon, it is expected that the design would have images that relate to it such as a wedding gown, flowers, or just about anything that you can see in a wedding. This allows for a cohesive and appropriate design for a certain type of luncheon. You may also see pocket wedding invitation samples.

Surprise Birthday Luncheon Invitation Template

Surprise Birthday Luncheon Invitation

Baby Girl Shower Luncheon Invitation Template

Baby Girl Shower Luncheon Invitation

Bridesmaids Luncheon Invitation Template

Bridesmaids Luncheon Invitation Template

Mother’s Day Luncheon Invitation Template

Mother's Day Luncheon Invitation

Baby Shower Luncheon Invitation Template

Baby Shower Luncheon Invitation

Farewell Luncheon Invitation Template

Farewell Luncheon Invitation Template

Are You Ready for the Luncheon?

Luncheons might be a formal gathering but it holds a sentimental value because they are only held for special reasons. For example, a bridal luncheon is held to show the women of the bride’s life how grateful the bride is for their help during the preparation for the wedding. In the case of a farewell luncheon, the retiree’s time spent in the company or institution is being appreciated and acknowledged. A luncheon is more than just taking lunch; it’s a celebration of one’s precious moments in life. You may also see printable invitation samples.

We hope that we have helped you in choosing the perfect design for your luncheon. The designs that we have provided cater for various occasions and they can be easily downloaded online. We wish you all the best for your luncheon and enjoy the moment with your family and friends! You may also see cool invitation templates.

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