50+ Cookbook Designs, Format & Examples 2022

Millions of people around the world adore cookbooks. They find joy in exploring new recipes and trying to prepare them for the first time. We as well love cookbooks, which is why we’ve created our amazing cookbook templates. 50-cookbook-designs-format-examples-2021-1

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To create a cookbook of your very own, follow the following steps:

  • Browse through our cookbook design examples to create your own cookbook.
  • Customize Online or Download in your preferred File format and Print As Required


If you’re passionate about food, you should consider sharing your recipes with other people. The best way to do that is by creating your own cookbook. We can help you get started by sharing our 50 cookbook designs and examples.

1. Recipe Cookbook Design

Our Recipe Cookbook has a sleek modern design. It can greatly complement the picture-perfect images of your signature dishes.

recipe cookbook template Use This Recipe Cookbook Design

2. Family Recipe Cookbook Design

If you want to share your family’s recipe, not just yours, this would be the perfect cookbook design. Our Family Recipe Cookbook has a clean white backdrop.

family recipe cookbook Use This Family Recipe Cookbook Design

3. Landscape Recipe Cookbook Design

Most cookbooks are portrait. If you want yours to be different, you might like our Landscape Recipe Cookbook. Landscape books are as appealing as portrait books.

landscape recipe cookbook template Use This Landscape Recipe Cookbook Design

4. Black and White Recipe Cookbook Design

If you fancy black and white designs, take our Black and White Recipe Cookbook. It helps make your cookbook look professionally made; like it was made by a prestigious publishing house.

black and white recipe cookbook template Use This Black and White Recipe Cookbook Design

5. Printable Cookbook Catalog Design

Our Printable Cookbook Catalog uses a white font color and a dark blue background for its cover. It’s a complete cookbook template where you can simply input info about your recipes. After that, you’re done.

free printable cookbook catalog template 440x570 Use This Printable Cookbook Catalog Design

6. Antique Cookbook Design

If you want your cookbook to look like it’s worth a fortune, try our Antique Cookbook Design. Its aesthetic is old-fashioned which makes your cookbook seemingly belonging to a king or queen. The margins of its front cover and its chalk-white background make it look like royalty.

antique cookbook template Use This Antique Cookbook Design

7. Preschool Cookbook Design

If your cookbook is targeted at preschoolers and preschool teachers, this is a fitting design. Our Preschool Cookbook’s aesthetic is very kid-friendly. With it, your cookbook will be sitting pretty on the bookshelves of preschool libraries.

preschool cookbook Use This Preschool Cookbook Design

8. Vegan Cookbook Design

If you have some vegan recipes, share them using our Vegan Cookbook. Your vegan audiences will definitely pick your cookbook from bookstores. Its green color scheme perfectly sets the atmosphere that it’s all about vegan recipes.

vegan cookbook template Use This Vegan Cookbook Design

9. Sample Chef Cookbook Design

Our sample cookbook below is made for professional chefs and aspiring chefs. Its cover features a high-resolution image of broccolis. Its design creates a friendly and welcoming tone. That said, readers will be strongly engaged in your cookbook.

sample chef cookbook Use This Sample Chef Cookbook Design

10. Italian Cookbook Design

Italian cuisine is among the world’s most exquisite cuisines. If you’ll be sharing your Italian menu, get our Italian Cookbook Design. Its cover features the Italian flag and has a consistent Italian theme on all its pages.

italian cookbook template Use This Italian Cookbook Design

11. Vegetarian Cookbook Design

Here we have another cookbook template for your vegan recipes. It has a brighter design and its cover features attractive clip arts of fresh produce.

vegetarian cookbook Use This Vegetarian Cookbook Design

12. DIY Cookbook Design

Cookbooks are basically DIY guides for cooking. That’s why we’ve named our template below the DIY Cookbook. If you plan to include “DIY” in your book’s title, grab this design.

diy cookbook Use This DIY Cookbook Design

13. Self Publish Cookbook Design

Our Self Publish Cookbook has a five-star quality design. It’s the perfect cookbook template for your fine-dining recipes. There are more like it in our food look book designs.

self publish cookbook template Use This Self Publish Cookbook Design

14. Ebook Cookbook Design

Some of your audience might prefer ebooks to printed books. With that in mind, you might want to consider making your simple cookbook into an ebook. A great design for that would be our Ebook Cookbook.

ebook cookbook Use This Ebook Cookbook Design

15. Athletic Cookbook Design

Athletes want to be at the top of their game. To achieve that, they need to eat well. So if you have some recipes for athletes, share them in your next cookbook. Use our Athletic Cookbook’s design. It has a very sporty design similar to our sports flyers.

athletic cookbook template Use This Athletic Cookbook Design

16. Elegant Cookbook Design

The design of our Elegant Cookbook showcases the ambiance of fine dining. That said, it would be a great aesthetic for your high-class recipe cookbook. It’ll look as beautiful as restaurant magazines.

elegant cookbook template Use This Elegant Cookbook Design

17. Photo Cookbook Cover Design

Our Photo Cookbook Cover features an image of fancy tasty dishes. With this type of book cover, your sweet tooth readers will definitely love your cookbook. Get this design and customize it using Adobe Photoshop (PSD).

photo cookbook Use This Photo Cookbook Cover Design

18. Baking Cookbook Design

If you specialize in baking recipes, then you’ll like our Baking Cookbook Design. Its front cover has gorgeous clip arts and attractive grayish-brown background. Its theme is perfect for baking lovers like yourself.

baking cookbook Use This Baking Cookbook Design

19. Healthy Cookbook Design

Healthy recipes are gold for people with healthy lifestyles. So if you have those recipes, feature them in our Healthy Cookbook template. Its dominant green color scheme symbolizes that your cookbook is about healthy eating.

healthy cookbook template Use This Healthy Cookbook Design

20. Journal Cookbook Design

If you want your cookbook to look like a journal, grab our Journal Cookbook Design. Making your book look like a journal makes it more original and personal. It helps show that your recipes are truly yours. Find more similar designs in our journal templates.

journal cookbook template Use This Journal Cookbook Design

21. Watercolor Editable Cookbook Design

Our Watercolor Editable Cookbook has a very vibrant front cover. It has a flashy image of various ingredients sprinkled over a tabletop. This design can defintely grab the attention of book shoppers. Feel free to use it for your cookbook. You can open and customize it in Microsoft Word.

watercolor editable cookbook template Use This Watercolor Editable Cookbook Design

22. Mini Cookbook Design

If you only want to share a few of your recipes, use our Mini Cookbook Design. It has six ready-made pages, each with a consistent modern design.

mini cookbook template Use This Mini Cookbook Design

23. Minimalistic Cookbook Design

Not all cookbooks need to have flashy designs. That’s because they don’t always have to. So if you like minimalist designs, you’ll like our Minimalistic Cookbook Design. It sports a simple aesthetic and it uses a simple, readable font style.

minimalistic cookbook template Use This Minimalistic Cookbook Design

24. Creative Cookbook Design

Our Creative Cookbook shows an image of delicious breakfast foods. So if you love to share your breakfast recipes, this design is yours. Your breakfast cookbook will soon complete the mornings of your readers.

creative cookbook template Use This Creative Cookbook Design

25. Holiday Cookbook Design

Holiday menus are special. So if you’re going to feature them in a cookbook, that cookbook needs a gorgeous design. For that, our Holiday Cookbook is the perfect example. It captures the vibe of the Holiday season. Download and personalize it in Adobe InDesign.

holiday cookbook template Use This Holiday Cookbook Design

26. Recipe Book Cookbook Example

This Recipe Book Cookbook features 16 ready-made pages. Each page provides enough space to feature each of your recipes. Its design is elegant and consistent all throughout.

recipe cookbook example


27. Recipe Cookbook Layout Example

The Recipe Cookbook Layout has a complete design but it’s blank. For it to be complete, you simply have to input your name as the author, your book’s title, and your recipes along with their images. After that, you’ll have a complete high-quality cookbook.

recipe cookbook layout example


28. Lemonade Cookbook Example

If you have some amazing lemonade recipes, you can feature them in this Lemonade Cookbook Example. Your recipes and this template will complement each other.

lemonade cookbook example


29. Foodie Cookbook Example

The Foodie Cookbook Example has a simple layout. It makes your cookbook’s recipe info look more organized and easy to follow for the readers. It’s designed for chefs, food bloggers, and everyday food lovers.

foodie cookbook example


30. Savory Cookbook Example

If you have some savory signature dishes, share them with your readers using the Savory Cookbook Example. It has a minimalist design that enables your food images to stand out.

savory cookbook


31. Charity Cookbook Design

Our Charity Cookbook’s cover features an image of a chef preparing a dish. Your charity food recipes will fit right in this template. Simply click on the button below to download it.

charity cookbook Use This Charity Cookbook Design

32. Chef Cookbook Design

If you’re a professional chef, your cookbook should have a professional quality design. In that case, use our Chef Cookbook template. It improves your brand as a certified chef. And who knows, it might elevate you into a celebrity chef just like Gordon Ramsay.

chef cookbook Use This Chef Cookbook Design

33. Sample Desserts Cookbook Design

There’s always room for dessert after a scrumptious main course meal. So if you have some dessert recipes, your readers would be interested in them. Share them with the world using our Sample Desserts Cookbook template.

desserts cookbook Use This Sample Desserts Cookbook Design

34. Decor Recipe Binder Cookbook Design

Our Decor Recipe Binder Cookbook can make your cookbook as attractive as restaurant menus. Your signature recipes deserve to be featured in a well-designed cookbook like this.

decor recipe binder cookbook template Use This Decor Recipe Binder Cookbook Design

35. Class Cookbook Design

Encourage kids to start cooking as a hobby with your recipes. Do that by creating a book like our Class Cookbook Design. Add your personal touches to it in Microsoft Publisher.

class cookbook 440 Use This Class Cookbook Design

36. Classic Cookbook Design

Classic recipes are dishes that stay in the hearts of people. If you have some classic recipes with a twist, it would be fitting to share them with others. Our Classic Cookbook Design can help you with that.

classic cookbook Use This Classic Cookbook Design

37. Personalized Cookbook Design

Our Personalized Cookbook has a slogan that says “Always in Good Taste.” That slogan can entice book shoppers to buy your cookbook. On top of that, this cookbook template has a simple yet gorgeous design, especially that image of fine fresh apples.

personalized cookbook template Use This Personalized Cookbook Design

38. Modern Cookbook Design

Many of today’s book readers are attracted to books with modern designs. With that in mind, you should consider adopting our Modern Cookbook Design. This will make your cookbook look as elegant as modern menu designs.

modern cookbook template Use This Modern Cookbook Design

39. Scrap Book Cookbook Design

Using a scrapbook-like layout for your cookbook will make it unique. So if that’s what you like, grab out Scap Book Cookbook Design and customize it in Apple (MAC) Pages. It’ll make your cookbook more personal and genuine to your readers.

scrap book cookbook template Use This Scrap Book Cookbook Design

40. Heritage Cookbook Design

Celebrate your local heritage cuisines with our Heritage Cookbook Design. Feature some of your country’s best signature dishes and share them with the world through your cookbook.

heritage cookbook Use This Heritage Cookbook Design

41. Vintage Cookbook Design

Feature your vintage menus in our Vintage Cookbook Design. It’s the perfect complement to your retro recipe collection. Its design can take your readers on a trip back to the 60s, 70s, and 80s.

vintage cookbook Use This Vintage Cookbook Design

42. Sales Cookbook Design

Our Sales Cookbook Design can complement any of your food images. It has all of the qualities of a cookbook that stands out on bookshelves. Feel free to personalize this template in Google Docs.

sales cookbook template Use This Sales Cookbook Design

43. DIY Custom Recipe Binder Cookbook Design

Here we have another recipe binder cookbook design. It has a simple and bright design that enhances the quality of your food images. Take advantage of it by downloading it now.

diy custom recipe binder cookbook template Use This DIY Custom Recipe Binder Cookbook Design

44. Kindergarten Cookbook Design

Kindergarten kids can start cooking simple dishes. As they say, “Start them young.” So share your easy-to-prepare recipes using our Kindergarten Cookbook template.

kindergarden cookbook template Use This Kindergarten Cookbook Design

45. Homemade Cookbook Design

Homemade recipes are as special as five-star restaurant recipes. That said, featuring your homemade recipes can elevate your cookbook to the best-seller list. Use our Homemade Cookbook Design to get started.

homemade cookbook template Use This Homemade Cookbook Design

46. Paella Cookbook Example

If you want to showcase your unique paella recipes, you can use this Paella Cookbook Example. Paella lovers will surely be attracted to your paella-themed cookbook.

paella cookbook


47. Tasties Cookbook Example

Feature your tasty sweet treats in this Tasties Cookbook Example. You can feature cake recipes, cupcake recipes, and other scrumptious desserts.

tasties cookbook


48. Healthy Food Recipe Cookbook Cover Example

Below is an attractive book cover example for healthy food cookbooks. It features an elegantly shot background image that has shiny red tomatoes.

healthy food recipe book cover design template 34bd4b38c1a9ef1531fffb6a49c4b23e


49. Square Cookbook Example

Most cookbooks have a rectangular shape. You can make your unique by shaping it into a square. For that, you can refer to the Square Cookbook’s layout.

square cookbook


50. Cocktail Recipe Cookbook Example

Do you have a personal cocktail menu? If you do, show the world how they’re made through this Cocktail Recipe Cookbook sample.

cocktail recipe cookbook


Cookbook Format

Cookbooks have different designs and styles. But when it comes down to the format, they’re all the same. So when you create your cookbook, make sure it has the following:

1. Attractive Cover

Cookbooks must have attractive covers to stand out. They can have beautiful images of dishes, ingredients, or produce. Even simple graphic designs will do.

2. Theme

A cookbook must have a consistent theme throughout its pages. The theme should fit well with the recipes that a cookbook features.

3. Mouthwatering Images

Food photography is an important element in creating cookbooks. Each recipe you’ll feature must have a well-shot image of the finished dish.

4. Clear Instructions

Make sure to provide clear instructions on how to create each recipe. It should be a step-by-step guide with a complete list of all the required ingredients.


What’s the average size of cookbooks?

The average size of cookbooks is 7.5 x 9.25 inches. You can use other sizes as long as they make a cookbook a handheld object and enough to fit all the images and texts.

Do cookbooks sell well today?

Yes, cookbooks still sell relatively well in today’s digital age. Every year, millions of copies are still being sold and you still see plenty of cookbooks in book stores.

What is the best font size in writing texts for cookbooks?

The best font sizes are 10 to 14. Those sizes make texts easy to read and are being used in other types of books.

How many recipes do cookbooks usually have?

Most cookbooks have around 150 recipes and some have 300 to 400+.

What app can I use to create my cookbook?

You can use these apps to create and write your cookbook:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Publisher
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Apple Pages
  • Google Docs