25+ HTML Calendar Templates – HTML, PSD, CSS

Calendars are tricky to create by hand but some tools have been designed to allow you to build a calendar and customize its layout. HTML Company templates are used by web designers, programmers, and website owners to develop their websites. Websites can be customized by adding other features like calendars. This is one way in which website owners have calendar templates of events to include on their website. When visitors land on your website, they want to see an interactive page. Many apps can be included in the web pages including calendars. These calendars will keep the audience engaged once they land on your design website. They can learn more about upcoming events, which the company is organizing.

Today when almost every business has an online presence, you should try to give your responsive website a unique touch with the help of an online calendar template. A proper web calendar design will give you more business, especially if you use a calendar in HTML format. If you think about it carefully, a calendar is nothing but a piece of graphic but still, it is appealing to the majority. You may also see Promotional Calendar Templates.

If you are doubtful about using the HTML format, know that there are plenty of HTML sample calendar examples, which means that there is only a 0.1 risk of your template replicating your competitor’s. If you want something unique and user-friendly at the same time, you can always go for the html5 calendar. The 2016 calendar template HTML and CSS are one such example of a distinctive calendar template. Another option that you can go for is the bootstrap templates calendar or schedule HTML template. You can always combine your HTML templates with a calendar in CSS style. We’ve got templates available for free download, that can help you save dates and keep track of your agenda from 2022 onward. Not only that but they’ve got cool designs that can make your calendar more responsive and interactive. You may also see Minimalist Calendar Templates.

Reasons behind the Attraction

  • Content presented to you on an HTML calendar template makes it easier for us to figure things out. A simple calendar is more familiar to us than any other format, and it lessens the difficulty to manage things. In other words, it is very convenient. You may also see Activity Calendar Templates
  • An HTML calendar template is a huge psychological trigger, positive of course. HTML calendars look easy and we reach decisions much more quickly than we would have, had it been some calendar with plenty of options. And, if it is an interactive printable calendar for the website, then all the more reason to go for this kind of template. You can always combine your HTML templates with a calendar in CSS style. You may also check out here Calendar in Word.

Sample Marketing Calendar Template

marketing calendar template
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  • Apple Pages
  • PDF

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Free Premium Even Touch Bootstrap Calendar HTML Format

premium eventouch calendar html format download

Make known your events every day with Premium EvenTouch Calendar HTML Format Download. It is featured with calendar in HTML, free HTML event calendar code, along with the Twitter search and post options, plenty of tooltip styles, modal options, etc. You may also see Business Calendar Templates.

Free Kalendae Metal Skin Calendar HTML Template

kalendae metal skin calendar html template

Powered with calendar CSS, HTML5 calendar, and interactive calendar HTML, Kalendae Metal Skin Calendar HTML Template is a great option to make your events easily integrated with social media it also offers plenty of color and font customization. You may also check out here Calligraphy Calendar Templates.

Free jQuery Responsive Event Calendar Plugin HTML Format

ocalendar jquery event calendar plugin html format

Allowing you to make your everyday events most attractively, Editable Calendar – jQuery Event Calendar Plugin HTML Format is aided with an online calendar template, calendar HTML code for websites with smart social media integration. You may also see Desk Calendar Templates.

Free Practice Makes You Suck Less HTML Calendar

practice makes you suck less html calendar

Lightweight coding in HTML, easy to set up with smart customizing options and social media integration, Practice Makes You Suck Less HTML Calendar also has HTML calendar examples making it perfect for blogs, websites, etc. You may also see Weekly Calendar Templates.

Free Litie – Flat CSS3 Calendar Including HTML Format

litie flat css3 calendar including html format

Based on the jQuery component and supporting cross-browser compatibility, the Lite – Flat CSS3 Cute Calendar Including HTML Format is ideal for making a detailed itinerary of the day-to-day activity of your blog, corporate website, etc. You may also see Blank Calendar Templates.

Free Round Calendar HTML & CSS Format

round calendar html css format

Web designers, programmers, and website owners can use Round Calendar HTML & CSS Format to create customized website designs. Build a calendar and customize its layout with smart HTML and CSS coding. You may also see Project Calendar Templates.

Free Beautiful Colorful Web Calendar Design

beautiful colorful calendar template design download

Letting the reader choose the activity to measure in any combination of posts, comments, and views, there is no better choice than Beautiful Colorful Calendar Template Design Download which also has social media integration. You may also see Academic Calendar Templates.

Free 2022 Yearly Calendar in PSD, HTML, CSS Format

yearly calendar in psd html css format download

With HTML5, CSS3 coding, Yearly Calendar in PSD, HTML, CSS Format Download has a minimalist layout with the present date and notification highlights. Share your events on social media and this template also supports all major browsers. You may also see Calendar in Pages

Free DZS jQuery Interactive Events Calendar HTML Template

dzs jquery mini events calendar html file download

Determine the important events, missed events, and so on with DZS jQuery Mini Events Calendar HTML File Download. It has bootstrap sample templates calendar, web calendar design, Twitter sharing options, cross-browser support, etc. You may also see Project Calendar Templates.

Free Shipping Date Picker Calendar HTML Format

shipping date picker calendar html format download

With smart and customizable event lists, day-to-day activities, the Shipping Date Picker Calendar HTML Format Download template can help to create innovative and attractive calendars for blogs, websites, etc. You may also see School Calendar Templates.

Free Unfinished Events Calendar HTML Format

unfinished events calendar html format download

Create a changeable and day-by-day events list that can be synced with the contact sample list on the device with Unfinished Events Calendar HTML Format Download. It supports cross-browser compatibility along with social media integration. You may also see Marketing Desk Calendar Templates.

Free HTML Calendar 2015 Year Template

html calendar 20Download Now

This standard template right here is a very good choice to work with and create a good-looking HTML calendar for the coming year. Its design is based on the changing seasons’ concept. With this, you get an interactive design and layout, so you can very easily set an alert for important dates, events, appointments, meetings, etc. You may also see Appointment Calendar Templates.

Free Website Flat HTML5 and CSS3 Calendar

flat html and css3 calendar templa

This Litie Flat CSS3 Calendar Design is the basis of the most innovative multi-functional device which will help you keep a soundtrack of your events and schedules throughout the year. You may also see School Desk Calendar Templates.

Free Colorful HTML Advent Calendar Template

colorful calendar html5 template

To create a beautiful way to visualize the activity in your blog, day by day, use the Colorful HTML Calendar. It has calendar codes in HTML, web calendar design, 2016 calendar template HTML & CSS, social media integrated features, etc. You may also see Media Calendar Templates.

Free Cool Regal Calendar Template


Easy to set up with a schedule HTML template and interactive calendar HTML, RegalCalendar is a smart option to design your days’ itinerary of events and functions. Cross-browser compatibility with social media compatibility is a trusted choice. You may also see Restaurant Calendar Templates.

Free Full HTML and CSS Calendar Template

html css calendar template

HTML and CSS Calendar Template has HTML calendar code examples, interactive calendar for a website, bootstrap formal templates calendar, etc. for a completely customizable calendar of your daily events. Change colors and fonts according to your choice. You may also check out here Training Calendar Templates.

Free HTML Monthly Calendar Template

html calendarDownload Now

This HTML calendar template is free for all users. The minimalist design and easy-to-tabulate events simple list make it the best interactive design. Your notifications can be synced with multiple contact lists, so you never miss an event again. You may also see Annual Calendar Templates

Free HTML Events Calendar Template

html events calendar

Free Events HTML Calendar Template


Free Sample HTML Calendar Template

simple html calendar template

Free Seasonal HTML Calendar Template

seasonal html calendar

Free HTML Events Agenda Calendar Template

html events calendar template

Free HTML Schedule Calendar Template

html schedule calendar templatethekeywester.com
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Free Basic HTML Calendar Template

basic html calendar templatenova.edu
File Format
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Size: 94 KB

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Planning for a minimalist yet attractive calendar for your website? Get the Animation HTML Calendar which has a scheduled HTML template, HTML & CSS coding along with cross-browser support, and social media integration.

The modern calendars are customized with themes that display the image of your business. In an HTML Budget Calendar Template, you can easily add to your monthly plan. This way, you know what you need to do every month. This allows you to remain prepared and organized for upcoming events, projects, and tasks.

The monthly planner shows the events you will need to put attention to and their dates. The calendar can also be customized to feature images of your business, logo, and other information that you want to be included in the header or footnote. In addition, you can print these HTML5 yearly calendar basic templates once you have generated them. Depending on how you want the calendars to appear, you will be able to create them.

An HTML Calendar Can Enhance Your Content – Here’s How

  • Better Perspective: When you are creating content, it is easy to find yourself lost in the particulars. A creative calendar template can make it less stressful for you to go through each of the updates, posts, and feedback. In addition, the sharing of content becomes unchallenging. You may also see Planning Calendar Templates
  • Arrange Systematically: You are busy with your business or a class project and suddenly it dawns upon you that you have an important event coming up the next day. Most of you will start to panic and freak out. This can be easily avoided if you chalk out the important dates/events on your HTML calendar outline template.
  • Enough Time to Prepare: A calendar’s biggest advantage is that it helps you understand how much time you have at hand. In the business world, planning will give you sample benefits. You can also see more on Staff Calendar Templates.

Depending on your needs, your calendar template can rather contain social media updates and blog posts. Apart from these two, you can include other things like videos, images, case studies, charts, industry events, product launches, news, announcements, etc in your HTML calendar template. You may also see Calendar in PDF

When visitors come to your website, they will be impressed if they land on an HTML calendar, which is on the interactive calendar HTML mode. If you want, your visitors to know about the changes that you have made to your calendar you can always add a calendar HTML code for your website. The calendar codes in HTML can be found once you scroll down the page. You may also check out here HR Calendar Templates.

Once they are copied and pasted on your website, your followers will get notifications if/when you make changes. Make sure free HTML event calendar codes are used as they will be cost-effective. Keep in mind that there are plenty of HTML calendar code examples, so think carefully before you choose one for your site. You may also see Social Media Calendar Templates.

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