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14+ Graduation Ceremony Invitation Designs & Templates – PSD, AI

Before we proceed to the main topic in this article—which is a collection of various invitation designs and template—let us take the time to say congratulations to the graduates of this year. Congratulations for this achievement, we’re certain that it has been a wonderful ride that’s full of ups and downs, but is life changing and full of lessons that can be used as you go through with life. Congratulations for never giving up no matter how many trials you have encountered since day one, and for always being determined to reach your goal. You may also see invitation cards.

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Indeed, graduations deserve to be celebrated since it is an achievement in life, and what better way doing it other than have people who you hold dearly witness that moment with you. If you wish to invite people to come to your graduation ceremony, you will need to make use of invitation templates and send out copies to them, and this brings us back to what this article is really about. Below is a collection of downloadable graduation ceremony invitation templates that we have gathered from the internet. You can use them to make your own invitation cards, so go ahead and check them out yourself.

Graduation Invitation Postcard Template

File Format
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  • Pages
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: 6×4 inches + Bleed


Graduation Ceremony Invitation Example

Go for a straightforward design, download and use this graduation photo invitation template. For this design, it simply features an image of the graduate, with the details of the graduation stated on the bottom half of the card. Indeed, less is more when it comes to this template.

Senior Graduation Ceremony Invitation Template

Collage Graduation Ceremony Invitation Template

What Happens During a Graduation Ceremony?

Graduation ceremonies vary across different institutions, some hold their graduations in the morning while others do it in the afternoon, and some ceremonies last longer than others. But even with those differences, there are still several aspects that are quite similar. Here, we’ll be talking about those similar aspects that we can expect from almost any graduation ceremony.  You may also see ceremony invitation samples.

With regards to the duration, you can actually expect it to run from about an hour and a half to two hours. With some big institutions that have a lot of graduates every year, they usually try to make their graduations as short as possible in order to get through multiple graduations in just a single day. Because of this, the staff should always be organized and should start the ceremony on time to prevent any delays. You may also see free graduation invitations.

The graduates have their own seats which will be assigned to them during the rehearsals, and the families or witnesses will be seated in a different area of the venue. Since these seats for the witnesses are not pre-assigned, they will need to come in early in order to get good seats. Which is why you can probably expect people already coming in two hours before the start of the event. This way, the graduates will also be able to receive final instructions from the staff or organizers. You may also see ceremony invitation templates.

During the graduation, the flow of events will start with the academic procession which is comprised of the institution’s staff and board members. In some graduations, the graduates are already seated during this part of the ceremony, but for others, they will have their own procession following the staff and board members. After which, someone from the board—most likely the principal or president—will formally open the ceremony with a welcome address. You may also see simple graduation invitations.

Almost always, the “walking the stage” part comes first before the giving of the awards, but others also do it the other way around and announce the awardees before the giving of the diplomas. Then usually, an invited guest speaker is requested to say a few words of wisdom to the graduates and their families, which is then followed by the valedictory address by the class valedictorian. The last part of the ceremony will then be the exit of the staff, board members, and the graduates, in that particular order. You may also see graduation invitation designs.

Senior Graduation Invitation Postcard Template

Judging by the sample image above, this sample invitation template closely resembles a postcard, just without an area for the stamp. But with a few modifications on Photoshop, I’m sure you can actually provide one to really turn this into a postcard.

Glitter Graduation Invitation Template

If you would rather focus on artistic textual elements and not include any illustrations or images, then the invitation template above may be the best choice. For this template, you can choose from a variety of color schemes, go for the one that suits your preferences.

Squared College Graduation Ceremony Invitation

You’ve seen this design on the featured image of this article, and we chose this design because of how unique it is. This invitation template involves a two by two college, with two of the boxes intended for the images of the graduate, and the other two for the year of the graduation. Regardless of its uniqueness, you can also tell that this design is simple and clean and that the elements are arranged very well. You may also see sample graduation invitations.

Simple Graduation Ceremony Invitation

Creative Graduation Invitation Template

Graduation Ceremony Invitation Design

For this invitation format, it shows that it’s definitely time to put down the books after graduation, which signifies the closing of one chapter in a person’s life. For those who will be graduating from college, the next phase in their lives will involve looking for a job based on their chosen course in college, and this will bring them closer to adulthood.

University Graduation Ceremony Invitation

Elegant Graduation Ceremony Invitation

Sample Graduation Ceremony Invitation

Classy Graduation Ceremony Invitation

Types of Invitation Cards

By now, we probably already know what invitations are and why they are being used when planning for an event. But there are actually more to them which may or may not depend on the type of event that you are planning to throw. Specifically, we’re talking about the different types of events, and we’ve got four different types of invitations that we want to talk about. You may also see best invitation examples.

1. Flat Invitations

This type of invitations are single-paged and open-faced, which allows the invitees to see the details right out of the box (or envelope). These invitations are commonly seen placed on the refrigerator or a bulletin board to keep the invitee reminded of the event. This type of invitation is perfect for casual events, though they are also seldom used for formal ones. Since this type of invitation only involves a single page, it is best to coordinate the textual and graphical elements for a clean and organized look.

2. Folded Invitations

Considered as the classic invitation type which closely resembles greeting cards. For the cover page of this invitation, it will usually feature a photo of the couple with some artistic typography. Upon opening the invitation, the details regarding the event are listed down in an organized manner. This type of invitation has a sufficient amount of space for other elements, which is why some people would include either a poem or a personalized message to fill up those spaces.

3. Pocket Invitations

This type of invitations are mostly used for formal events such as weddings, rehearsal dinners, bachelorette parties, and baby showers. These invitations commonly involve monograms, decorative ribbons, and other enhancing elements to really impress the invitees with the presentation of the invitation card. Sometimes, an RSVP is included with this type of invitation.

4. Fold, Seal and Send Invitations

Also referred to as the all-in-one invitation, this type doesn’t need to placed inside an envelope and can be sent as it is. Additionally, this type of invitation might contain its own RSVP card that can be torn off from the main card. These invitation are mostly used for events that require an RSVP from the invitee such as weddings, catered dinner party, fundraising events, or even graduation parties.

Stylish Graduation Ceremony Invitation

Here is a retro-themed graduation invitation card format that you may find interesting. Other than being retro-themed, this template is also highly simplistic, which is also a good way of making a design pleasing to look at.

So what did you think of the sample graduation invitations that you have just seen? Do you think you can use any of it for making your own invitation cards? We sure hope you do because you might not be able to find invitation templates as awesome as the ones here on our site. For one thing, these graduation invitation templates were designed by some of today’s best graphic artists from all over the world who made sure that you’ll be getting your money’s worth if you choose to download any of these.

In addition to the previous statement, these templates are also very easy to download, which can be done with a few clicks of the mouse. Aside from just being easy to download, these templates are also very easy to edit as long as you have the editing tool appropriate for the format, and these templates come in either PSD or vector format. The last and probably the best feature about these event invitation templates is that they are guaranteed to be inexpensive, which means you don’t need to spend much just to be able to get your hands on them. So what are you waiting for? Download one now.

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