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7+ Gold Wedding Invitation Designs & Templates – PSD, AI

The best wedding invitation cards are those that reflect a couple’s individual personalities while still provide a creative take on how the couple envisions their future together. We seldom see wedding invitations that achieve this perfect wedding stationery look. But one way to invoke or even achieve that perfect invitation persona is by incorporating gold patterns or golden design elements into a wedding invitation card design.

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If you are a wedding planner or if you are planning your wedding yourself, you will surely benefit from reading this article as we will provide helpful advice on how to create elegant, unique, buzz-worthy, and timeless gold wedding invitations. Read the rest of this short article so that you can soak up each of the different tips that we will share.

Which Gold Wedding Invitation Template To Choose?

In addition to the different wedding invitation card-making steps and selection guides that we will share within this article, we have also curated fifteen of the best gold wedding invitation templates available online today. These pre-made templates are available either as Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, or Illustrator template files so make sure that you have the right graphic design software program installed on your computer.

Simple Gold Wedding Invitation Template

Modern Foliage Wedding Invitation Template

How to Incorporate Gold Design Elements in a Wedding Invitation

When you talk about gold wedding invitations, it doesn’t mean that the invitation card will all be in gold. Well, if you have the budget, you can certainly do that. But the main thing to remember is that you can incorporate gold design elements into a wedding invitation card in a lot of ways without making the invitation card appear too tacky and/or boring.

In the next few paragraphs, we have listed a few ways on how you can glam up your wedding invitation cards by simply adding golden texture design elements.

1. Gold Font Color

The first way that wedding planners and couples can incorporate gold design elements into a wedding invitation card is through the use of gold font color. By doing this, you will help emphasize pieces of information, text, or images on a wedding invitation card since they will sport the golden hue.

When using gold as a font color, just remember not to overdo it. Avoid using only one color in all the text or other design elements in your wedding invitation as this will make the invitation card appear boring and too manufactured.

2. Golden Background Patterns or Paper Color

Another way to incorporate gold design elements into your wedding invitation card is by using papers or cardstock that already sport gold background colors or designs. This way, you also do not have to pay extra for color printing in your wedding invitations.

3. Golden Illustrations

You may also use vector illustrations, images, and other art designs that already come in golden colors and add them to your wedding invitation template. By looking for illustrations and graphic design elements that are already in gold, personalizing your invitation card template will be a lot easier and faster.

4. Variations of Golden Hues

Another way to ensure that you can use gold in your wedding invitation card template is by using different variations of golden color hues. This means that you are not limited to using the traditional deep yellowish golden color in your wedding invitations. You may also use other hues like rose gold, peach gold, honey gold, or even green gold. There are a lot more gold hues available out there so it is in your best interest to choose one that will complement your wedding theme.

This list of methods on how you can incorporate the gold foil color and other golden design elements into your wedding invitation is not an exhaustive one. Feel free to add your own methods on how you can make your wedding invitation cards appear more creative and memorable.

Simple Gold Glitter Wedding Invitation Template

Floral Wedding Invitation Design

Gold Confetti Wedding Invitation Template

How to Choose a Gold Wedding Invitation Template?

With the hundreds of wedding invitation card samples available online today, choosing an invitation template design that will really suit your own wedding can be difficult. To help make this an easier task, we have created this short list of criteria that any wedding planner may use to help them select the best invitation template design for their wedding.

Read each criterion closely so that you can best judge each golden wedding invitation template that you come across with.

1. Template’s Customizability Options

One of the first factors to consider when choosing any kind of wedding invitation template is a template’s built-in customizability options. This means that you need to check if a printable wedding template can be edited according to what you want your wedding invitation card to look like in the end. You may also see elegant wedding invitations.

To illustrate, if you want to incorporate your personalized wedding monogram, you will need to edit the invitation card template. And to do this successfully, you need to have access to the template layer files and edit it from there. This also applies for those who are tasked to edit the invitation template because they need access with the template’s backend files in order to enact any design changes they wish to see on the final gold wedding invitation.

2. The Budget for Wedding Stationeries

The next factor to consider prior to purchasing a printable wedding invitation template design is the wedding budget specifically allotted for all your wedding stationery. Couples and wedding planners need to seriously factor in the expenses associated with printing out a gold wedding invitation card in addition to all the other wedding stationery templates that will be used for the wedding.

Remember that gold wedding invitation templates tend to require a more specialized printing process especially if you want your wedding invitations to have realistic golden design elements in it. And this often will cost more than printing regular wedding invitations. With all these things in mind, wedding planners should check if their wedding budget plans will be met or not if they use gold wedding invitation card templates. If you are interested in preparing a budget plan for your wedding, you may use these budget printables.

3. Graphic Design Experience

Another factor to consider when picking out a gold wedding invitation card template is your own graphic design experience. This means that you need to honestly determine your own skill level when it comes to editing your own wedding invitation template. It is important to know your editing skill level because this will help you decide whether you can edit your own wedding templates or learn from various Photoshop or Illustrator tutorials before purchasing an invitation template.

Also, when you have determined your own editing know-how, you can quickly decide whether it is best to edit the template on your own or if you will need to delegate the template editing task to another person. You may also see wedding invite templates.

4. Wedding Planning Timeline

This next factor to consider before buying a pre-made gold wedding invitation card template is your wedding timeline. This means that you need to check the amount of time you have before you need to send out your wedding invitations.

To illustrate, if you have decided to have a summer destination wedding, it is best to send out your wedding invitations and wedding RSVP cards for at least 4 to 6 weeks before the wedding date. Therefore, you should make sure that you have prepared all the things that you need to create beautiful golden wedding invitations before then. By setting and following a wedding planning timeline, you can determine if you will have more time to study graphic design tutorials and practice your skills before you edit a wedding invitation card template yourself. Also, you will have more time to find a suitable person who can edit your wedding invitation card template instead.

5. Wedding Motif

The last but most important factor to consider when choosing a wedding invitation template is your wedding theme or motif. And incorporating gold design elements into a wedding can be relatively easy. For instance, you can still have a floral wedding theme and still incorporate gold design elements into your wedding venue decorations and into your wedding invitations.

Just remember that the overall look of your gold wedding invitation template should match all the other design elements used in your wedding. This is important because you want to create a sense of harmony and unity during your wedding ceremony and reception.

So those are the top criteria to look out for when it is time for you to choose a gold wedding invitation template. As we have advised earlier, read and internalize all these tips so that you will have an easier and quicker time choosing a gold sample wedding invitation template design for your special day.

Floral Gold Wedding Invitation Template

Classic Gold Wedding Invitation Template

Gold & Navy Wedding Invitation Template Set

Create a Magical Wedding Using Gold Wedding Invitations

When you incorporate golden patterns and design elements into your wedding and into all the things used for the event, you will not only help make your wedding have an elegant and timeless appeal but it will also add up the sense of magic and awe that makes a wedding event memorable.

Apply all the knowledge that you have learned in this article diligently so that you too will have a wedding that will create a lasting impression for your guests and for yourselves. You may also see vintage wedding invitations.

And, do not forget to share this article with your friends and with other potential brides by posting this article on your social media accounts. Now, it is time for you to get back to your wedding planning. Good luck!

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