50+ Poster Designs, Format & Examples

A poster is one of the most basic and most common promotional materials out there. A good poster can drive sales, boost brand exposure, and contribute to an event’s success. And the best thing about it is that you control how simple or ornate it can be. Unleash your creativity by creating one today! 50-poster-designs-format-examples-2021

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To create a poster design of your own, follow these simple steps:

  • Browse through dozens of creative designs and ideas.
  • Customize it the way you want and download it in your preferred file format.


50+ Poster Designs, Format & Examples

Whether you are a total newbie or a seasoned artist, you are sure to find something that suits your needs among these 50 plus poster templates and designs. Or maybe you have been sitting on an idea for a while. Now is the right time to bring that idea to life! Follow the easy and simple format guide and your poster is sure to be a winner!

1. Business Poster Design

The business poster template below keeps it simple yet professional by including only the key information and just a hint of red.

business-poster-templateUse This Business Poster Design

2. Christmas Poster Design

Nothing says the holidays more than Santa Claus, his elves, mistletoes, and presents! The Christmas poster template below gives off a rustic vibe yet still is upbeat and playful.

free-elegant-christmas-poster-templateUse This Christmas Poster Design

3. Concert Poster Design

A fun and colorful concert poster, like the one below is sure to grab attention. Don’t forge to include the event’s date, time, and ticket price!

free-concert-event-poster-templateUse This Concert Poster Design

4. Conference Poster Design

The pedestrian design in the background and clever use of geometric shapes makes this conference poster example stand out.

free-sample-conference-posterUse This Conference Poster Design

5. Construction Poster Design

The use of an urban landscape as backdrop adds an elegant touch to this construction poster template.

building-construction-poster-templateUse This Construction Poster Design

6. COVID-19 Poster Design

The global rollout of vaccines is not an excuse to be complacent. It is still important to enforce health and safety protocols, as seen in the COVID-19 poster below.

stop-coronavirus-covid-19-campaign-poster-templateUse This COVID-19 Poster Design

7. Creative Poster Design

Simplicity does not mean it cannot be a creative. The HR creative poster template below keeps it nice and simple with black and white images and a blue accent.

free-creative-hr-poster-templateUse This Creative Poster Design

8. Dance Poster Design

Capture movement and enthusiasm the way this dance poster below does. The red background adds passion and urgency.

dance-poster-templateUse This Dance Poster Design

9. DJ Poster Design

The DJ poster template below feature an undeniable focal point that immediately draws attention.

dj-poster-templateUse This DJ Poster Design

10. Event Poster Design

Make sure your poster contains information on how and where to inquire for bookings and reservations. Take a cue from the event poster template below.

event-poster-templateUse This Event Poster Design

11. Holiday Poster Design

Tweak your holiday poster by incorporating non-traditional colors. Instead of the usual red or green, a soft pink color instantly makes the poster below stand out from the rest.

free-holiday-poster-templateUse This Holiday Poster Design

12. HR Poster Design

Create an inviting job fair or expo poster by sticking to professional and clean-cut designs. The HR poster example below means business with its background photo of a model in a modern suit.

free-sample-hr-poster-templateUse This HR Poster Design

13. IT & Software Poster Design

The software poster example below cleverly uses a reflection in the background and also includes a brief but purposeful mission statement.

software-developer-poster-templateUse This IT & Software Poster Design

14. Menu Poster Design

Advertise delicious food by including high quality, appetizing photos. The menu poster example below lets the food imagery do all the talking.

dinner-poster-menu-templateUse This Menu Poster Design

15. Modern Poster Design

This modern poster for a hotel is informative and pretty to look at. Showcase your establishment’s amenities so potential guests can know what to expect.

free-modern-hotel-poster-templateUse This Modern Poster Design

16. Music Poster Design

Music is the universal language in this cool and edgy music poster template. The yellow background adds a carefree and playful vibe.

free-music-poster-templateUse This Music Poster Design

17. Music Concert Poster Design

Classic black and white for this classical music concert poster below. You can’t go wrong with timeless and classic designs such as the one below.

free-classical-music-concert-poster-templateUse This Music Concert Poster Design

18. Real Estate Poster Design

The real estate poster template below offers not only a full description of the product, but different angles and perspectives of the house as well.

free-real-estate-poster-templateUse This Real Estate Poster Design

19. Restaurant Poster Design

The restaurant poster example below gives off a fun and island-like aura as it features the restaurant’s happy hour drink menu.

free-promotional-poster-templateUse This Restaurant Poster Design

20. Retro Poster Design

There’s always something engaging about retro posters. The film poster below uses animated and bright colors to draw attention.

free-retro-film-poster-templateUse This Retro Poster Design

21. Sales Poster Design

For all your promotional discounts, make sure to emphasize the figures. Use big text and loud font, as seen in the sales poster example below.

printable-sale-poster-templateUse This Sale Poster Design

22. School Poster Design

Kids need adults to teach them the right things. Light the path for them by reminding children of what matters. Take a cue from this school poster below.

free-school-advertisement-poster-templateUse This School Poster Design

23. Simple Poster Design

Simplicity is vastly underrated. Having too much going on can sometimes backfire; take a cue from this simple poster template below that’s no-fuss and no-frills.

simple-photography-poster-templateUse This Simple Poster Design

24. Travel Poster Design

Have a focal point in your design to highlight the best travel photos. The travel poster template below is sure to stir some serious wanderlust feelings.

free-travel-advertising-poster-templateUse This Travel Poster Design

25. Valentine’s Poster Design

Love wins in this Valentine’s Day poster template. The simple yet lovely design is sure to capture hearts.

free-valentineUse This Valentine's Poster Design

26. Wanted Poster Design

Wanted posters capture popular public imagination in a unique way. These types of posters usually contain large text, a photo of the accused that’s front and center, and the reward figure.

dead-or-alive-wanted-poster-templateUse This Wanted Poster Design

27. Fashion Poster Example

The fashion poster below is a cool combination of character and colors. Build hype and anticipation by announcing a special or secret guest but not revealing who it is yet.



28. Nature Poster Example

Nature conservation and protection is the core of many people’s lifelong advocacies. This poster below includes brief descriptions about main concepts in nature preservation. The image also keeps in clean and green with different styles and drawings of trees.



29. Foreign Language Poster Example

Whatever your mother tongue or first language, your poster should still contain key information. Do not neglect to plug in relevant contact details, too. If you are unable to include a contact number or cannot advertise the person-in-charge, the very least that you can do is to include an official website.



30. Obama Campaign Poster Example

Your messaging is the core of your poster and your brand should speak and reflect that message. Take a page from former United States president Barack Obama’s campaign playbook. The national campaign poster below needs no explanations or long descriptions. The design and single message are impactful enough.



31. Women’s Day Poster Design

Hold your head high and celebrate your womanhood! The Women’s Day poster template below highlights not just the date, but the femininity and grace of being a woman.

Use This Women's Day Poster Design

32. Work from Home Poster Design

The work from home set up is the new normal with no clear end yet in sight to the worldwide pandemic. This work from home poster template makes an effective recruitment ad by listing down the available positions.

Use This Work From Home Poster Design

33. Tourism Poster Design

Feed your need for adventure with a poster that features a world famous landmark. The tourism template below uses a towering image of the Eiffel Tower as a backdrop.

Use This Tourism Poster Design

34. Catering Poster Design

Invite your palette to a gastronomical feast with an appetizing catering poster. The example below features not just one dish, but an entire course!

Use This Catering Poster Design

35. Startup Poster Design

Startups are the future! Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors like how this startup poster below does.


Use This Startup Poster Design

36. Photography Poster Design

Don’t forget to let the public know what services you accept. For example, the photography template below advertises the kinds of events that their business caters to.

Use This Photography Poster Design

37. Carnival Poster Example

Get the party started with a loud and exuberant poster like the one featured below. The carnival poster combines a plethora of elements such as rainbow colors, confetti, and bold text to advertise the event.



38. Community Poster Example

The family is the most basic unit in society. Community comes in close second. The idea of community is gradually becoming endangered in today’s increasingly impersonal society. Uphold and preserve this notion with a compelling and action-oriented poster, like the example featured below.



39. Museum Poster Example

Museums are pillars of art and culture. It is important to highlight this even in print or promotional material such as posters. The museum example below incorporates an imaginative and futuristic theme in their poster.



40. Mental Health Poster Example

Mental health is quickly becoming one of the most discussed topics everywhere around the world. The advocacy is taking centerstage in many communities and social platforms. The mental health poster below promotes a weeklong event and also integrates nature in their theme.



41. Wedding Poster Design

The wedding business is a lucrative one; and bridal packages come in all shapes and sizes. The wedding template below capitalizes on this perfectly.


Use This Wedding Poster Design

42. Church Poster Design

Faith can move mountains. And a good poster is one that is able to embody that idea. The church template below uses a magnificent altar as its background photo.  church-conference-poster-template

Use This Church Poster Design

43. Children’s Poster Design

Children hold the key to the future. Keep your poster kid-friendly with playful sketches and simple drawings, as seen in this children’s template below.

childrenUse This Children's Poster Design

44. Sports Poster Design

Get your head in the game with a strong and impactful sports poster. The example below uses football, a beloved all-American sport.


Use This Sports Poster Design

45. Wine Poster Example

It’s bottoms up with this rustic wine poster! The black background gives it an added mystery and seriousness. Plus, the vintage font adds a certain country charm too.



46. Marvel Poster Example

If you are as established as Marvel Studios, why wouldn’t you want to feature everyone in the movie poster? The secret lies in the right positioning and assigning of characters, both main and secondary.



47. Charity Poster Design

Appeal to the kindness in people with a captivating charity poster. There are many ways to help people in need; and a food drive or soup kitchen is just one way, as seen in the charity template below.


Use This Charity Poster Design

48. Party Poster Example

The party poster example below gives off an almost outer space and futuristic vibe. Yet it is not afraid to experiment with loud colors as well.



49. K-pop Poster Example

K-pop or Korean pop has taken the world by storm. Make sure your poster reflects the colorful and enchanting world of K-pop too! The posters below use contrasting styles, both neon and pastel colors, but deliver the same punch!



50. Construction Safety Poster Design

The construction industry is a hazardous occupation and laborers need constant reminders whenever they are working on site. The construction safety template below dutifully lists on-site reminders.


Use This Construction Safety Poster Design


Before you dive into creative mode, it is helpful to take note of the common elements found in a typical poster. Let the format below serve as a guide:

1. Details

In any promotional material, not just posters, details are the most fundamental element in your design. As much as possible, include the date, time, and place. But if you don’t want to give too much away or it is part of your marketing strategy, at least a logo would suffice or anything that will allow others to distinguish your brand.

2. Graphics

A poster with details and text but missing any engaging graphics to back it up will end up plain and forgettable. Make sure your images and design are eye-catching enough to generate interest and attention.

3. Color

The use of colors can either make or break a design. Not only should your color palette complement the overall design of your poster, it should fit the messaging or theme of it as well. Your color scheme should also attract and appeal, not the opposite.

4. Background

Other people are not content with just a solid colored background. Using images as a backdrop or as a background is quite common. Although techniques vary depending on how you frame your poster. Some just use snippets or bits and pieces of select imagery as opposed to the whole photograph.

5. Font

This is mostly self-explanatory. Use larger and bolder font for text you want to emphasize. Secondary or minor texts are often smaller and written in fine print.


What is a poster and example?

A poster is a promotional material that is used to market events, products, services, and brands. It is often printed and is used in many industries, not only in the advertising world. Posters normally have standard and universal sizes.

How can I make a poster?

There are several tools you can use to make a poster. Today, there’s a host of options and online platforms to choose from. If you don’t already have an application or software, you can always use an existing template and customize it to your liking.

What is poster design?

Poster design is the act of creating an informative and innovative poster, mainly for advertising and marketing purposes.

What are the main types of posters?

According to the Online Guidelines for Academic Research and Writing, the three types of posters are: roll-up posters, modular posters, and digital posters.

Why are posters useful?

Posters can help get your point across and spread your message. It is relatively easy to create and does not cost as much compared to other marketing tools.