50+ Voucher Ideas and Examples 2022

In today’s fast-paced environment, marketing trends change over time. That is why most marketers find ways to come up with strategies that could keep customers coming back. A voucher template is something that will never go out of style. Even those who do not intend to use vouchers in their business cannot deny the creativity and beauty of some voucher designs. 50-voucher-ideas-inspiration

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To create a voucher for your very own, follow the following steps:

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50+ Voucher Ideas and Examples 2022

If you are one of those who want to discover effective voucher designs and all of their benefits, then this is for you. Whatever you may want or need, you can check out these 50 plus voucher ideas and inspiration.

1. Play With Colors

Brightly colored objects can attract people easily. So don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors. The more vibrant it is, the more appealing it appears to customers. ‘Bar/lounge Complimentary Voucher‘ is the perfect example.

bar-lounge-vochure-template-440 Use This Bar/Lounge Voucher

2. State the Incentives

Putting the discount rates right in front of the voucher is one way to entice customers to use it. The ‘Diwali Gift Voucher‘ is the best example of this.

diwali-gift-voucher-template Use This Diwali Gift Voucher

3. Use the Right Words

Even if some people will not bother to read the text, it is still preferable to use the correct words. The text has a lot of power, and people can quickly judge your business based on the words you use. Take the ‘Wine Voucher‘ as an example.

icons Use This Pub Voucher

4. Be Creative With Shapes

Nothing can go wrong if you correctly use different shapes. Take a look at the design of the ‘Business Consultation Voucher.’ It uses various shapes, but they still appear to be parallel to one another.

icons-1 Use This Business Consultation Voucher

5. Include Images

Images can add flavor to your voucher. So don’t be afraid to use some. Take ‘Restaurant Discount Meal Voucher‘ as an example. It became more appealing and alluring.

sample-discount-coupon-template Use This Sample Discount Voucher

6. Play with Hues

Colors could considerably affect the physical look of your voucher. But don’t be afraid to use pigments and hues to showcase the beauty of your voucher. Take the ‘Dog Sitting’ and the ‘House Cleaning and Maid Gift’ vouchers as examples.

dog-sitting-love-voucher-template Use This Dog Sitting Love Voucher



7. Be Creative In Graphics

Nothing could go wrong if you make effective use of graphics. It can add appeal to your voucher, especially if it’s properly placed and organized. Take the ‘Thanksgiving Gift Voucher‘ as an example.

thanksgiving-gift-voucher-template Use This Thanks Giving Gift Voucher

8. Choose the Right Angle

If you want to include a photo of your property, you should choose the right angle to showcase its beauty. ‘Hotel Promotion Voucher‘ is the perfect example of using the right angle.

hotel-promotion-voucher-template Use This Hotel Promotion Voucher

9. Follow the Theme

If you’re releasing a voucher for a specific event, you’ll need to stick to the theme to fit in. The perfect example is the ‘Mother’s Day Massage Voucher.’

mothers-day-spa-voucher-template Use This Mother's Day Spa Voucher

10. Black Is Good

Dark colors, such as black, can be just as effective as bright colors when used correctly. Black is a powerful and serious color that you can use for your brand. The voucher for ‘Boudoir Photography‘ is an excellent example.

boudoir-photography-voucher-template Use This Boudoir Photography Voucher

11. Use Fine Models

When creating vouchers for a fashion line, good models should be used to represent the brand. These models may help the brand in attracting more customers. The ‘Mall Shopping‘ voucher is the perfect example of this.

mall-shopping-voucher-template Use This Mall Shopping Voucher

12. Use Natural Landscapes As a Background

Using natural landscapes as a backdrop can never go wrong. It can easily attract people’s attention, especially if the scenery is stunning. The perfect example is the voucher for ‘Travel Allowance Business.’

travel-allowance-business-voucher-template Use This Travel Allowance Business Voucher

13. Use Architectural Scenery

Architectural structures can easily attract people. So don’t be afraid to add and feature some in your voucher. Take a look at the ‘Reimbursement Payment Business Voucher.’

reimbursement-payment-business-voucher-template Use This Reimbursement Payment Business Voucher

14. Simplicity Is Beauty

Nothing can go wrong if you keep things simple. Simplicity is powerful and can also attract people’s attention. The ‘Salary Slip Money Voucher ‘ is the perfect example of it.


  Use This Salary Money Voucher

15. Use Bold Text

Using large and bold text can easily attract people’s attention. As an example, consider a ‘Simple Free Shipping Voucher.’ Its bold text can draw people’s attention without them realizing it.

free-shipping-shopping-voucher-template Use This Free Shipping Voucher

16. Don’t Be Afraid to Use Black and White

Although most people prefer bright colors, black and white can never go wrong. It can be beneficial at times. The ‘Father’s Day Shopping‘ voucher is the perfect example of it.

fathers-day-shopping-voucher-template Use This Father's Day Shopping Voucher

17. Combine Colors

Choose colors that blend well together if you want a perfect and pleasing result. Take the ‘Spa Massage‘ voucher as an example.

spa-massage-voucher-template Use This Spa Massage Voucher

18. Food Is Life

One way to entice people with your food is to highlight your signature and most unique dishes. Even if it’s just an image, people will droll when they see it, like in the ‘Restaurant Gift Voucher.’

restaurant-gift-voucher-template Use This Restaurant Gift Voucher

19. Use the Right Pattern

Using patterns can add texture to your voucher. Not only it appears appealing to the public, but it could also show your credibility. The ‘Sample Business‘ voucher is the perfect example of it.

sample-business-voucher-template Use This Sample Business Voucher

20. Space, Space, Space!

As the saying goes, simplicity is the ultimate beauty. So, to avoid being overwhelmed, you don’t have to use the entire space. Take a look at the ‘Sports Baseball Voucher.’ It makes good use of the available space.

baseball-voucher-template Use This Baseball Voucher

21. Nature As a Background Is Everything

Nothing could go wrong with using nature as a background, especially if you’re opted to create traveling or camping vouchers. The ‘Camping Voucher’ is the perfect example of it.

camping-voucher-template Use This Camping Voucher

22. Arrange Well

A well-arranged context can add spice to your voucher. Not only does it looks neat, but it is also appealing to the eyes. The ‘Spa Beauty Gift Voucher’ is the perfect example of it.

spa-gift-voucher-for-girl-friend-template Use This Spa Gift Voucher

23. Show Intimacy

Including love in a voucher can easily entice others. It’s also a good way to keep customers returning. Consider the ‘I Love You‘ voucher as an example.

i-love-you-voucher-template Use This I Love You Voucher

24. Family is Love

Since people love their families so much, so a voucher for the family can easily entice them. Take the ‘Family Photography‘ voucher as an example. Having such packages and vouchers will undoubtedly encourage your customers to return for more.

family-photography-voucher-template Use This Family Photography Voucher

25. Make Products More Appealing

If you’re creating vouchers for your cafe, make sure to include photos of your products that are appealing. You can entice more people to come and return this way. The perfect example of it is the ‘Cafe Promotion‘ voucher.

cafe-promotion-voucher-template Use This Cafe Promotion Voucher

26. Promote Self-Love

Since people are stressed right now, you should find a way to help them relax while also promoting your company. Encourage self-love. You can consider the ‘Beauty Therapy‘ voucher as an example.

beauty-therapy-voucher-template Use This Beauty Therapy Voucher

27. Promote Friendship

Promoting friendship-based packages for your vouchers can help you boost your sales. It can encourage more customers to repeat the purchase or availing your services. The ‘Friends Discount‘ voucher is the perfect example.

friends-discount-voucher-template Use This Friends Discount Voucher

28. Don’t Be Afraid to Use Collage

You may think that photo collage won’t work on vouchers, but you’re using it the right way, it could be perfect. Try to look at the ‘Travel Book’ voucher design for your reference.

travel-book-voucher-template Use This Travel Book Voucher

29. Celebrate the Birthday!

Brighten up someone’s birthday by creating a ‘Birthday Gift Voucher’ using our templates. We have various designs and styles that could fit your style and theme. Take a look at the sample below.


  Use This Birthday Gift Voucher

30. Feature Your Best Product

One way to make your vouchers appealing to the public is to showcase or feature your best product. In this way, people can have a glimpse of what you’re selling or providing. The ‘Jewelry Shopping’ and ‘Yogurt Shop’ vouchers are the perfect example of that.

jewelry-shopping-voucher-template Use This Jewelry Shopping Voucher



31. Show Your Professionalism

Show your professionalism by creating a compelling and competent voucher. To achieve this, you must maintain a sense of balance and order. The ‘Bookstore Promotion‘ voucher is the best example.

bookstore-promotion-voucher-template Use This Bookstore Promotion Voucher

32. Show Your Creative Way

Nothing can go wrong if you use and demonstrate your creative side when creating these vouchers. It’s not a bad idea to add your flavor. Take a look at the ‘Supplier Payment Voucher.’

supplier-payment-business-voucher-template Use This Supplier Business Payment Voucher

33. Going Plain Won’t Bother You

It’s not a bad idea to go with a plain background. It won’t bother you as much if you utilize it well. Take the ‘Blank Advertising Editable Voucher‘ as an example.

free-blank-advertising-coupon-template Use This Blank Advertising Voucher

34. Follow Symmetry

If you want to create a neat and compelling voucher for your business, you should follow the symmetry. Take a look at the ‘Photography Gift voucher.

photography-gift-voucher-template Use This Photography Gift Voucher

35. Don’t Be Afraid to Use Asymmetrical Shapes

Although symmetry is essential for a successful voucher, you can also use asymmetrical shapes to show your creativity. Look at the ‘Blank Discount‘ coupon or discount code. It makes use of asymmetrical shapes while still complementing the overall image.

blank-discount-coupon-template Use This Blank Discount Voucher

36.  Lines are Fine

Nothing can go wrong with using lines in your voucher. It can add spice and can turn it from bland to an interesting one. Take a look at how the ‘Santa Clause‘ voucher looks pleasant with lines.

santa-claus-voucher-template-788x371 Use This Santa Clause Voucher

37. Go Silhouettes

It’s not a bad idea to use silhouettes for your voucher, especially because they can add flavor and texture. Look at how beautiful the ‘Family Romantic Voucher‘ looks with silhouettes.

family-romantic-love-voucher-template Use This Family Romantic Love Voucher

38. Diagonal Is Fine

It’s okay to use diagonal lines and designs as long as you make good use of them. Not all vertical and horizontal lines will work. To make a better-looking voucher, you may need to experiment with lines. The ‘Business Sale‘ voucher is an excellent example.

business-sale-voucher-template Use This Business Sale Voucher

39.  Festive, Disco, Let’s Go!

It’s okay to be festive and use disco designs as long as they’re appropriate for your offering and theme. If you want to make something similar,  you use the ‘Blank Ticket Voucher‘ design as your reference.

blank-ticket-voucher-template Use This Blank Ticket Voucher

40. Bland Would Do

If you prefer to make a plain and bland voucher, it’s okay. You must ensure to add very minimal details to avoid overwhelming it. You can use the ‘Blank Custom Voucher‘ if you’re interested.

blank-shopping-voucher-template Use This Blank Shopping Voucher

41. Choose the Right Font

Fonts establish the mood of communication. That is why choosing the right font is necessary to make sure that your voucher would look pleasing and neat. Take a look at how suitable the fonts are for the ‘Modern Travel Voucher.’

free-travel-voucher-template Use This Travel Voucher

42. Go Retro

Classics are still alive up to this day. So if you want to go vintage, don’t be afraid. You can use the ‘Vintage Ticket‘ voucher or the ‘Retro Restaurant’ gift card as your reference.

vintage-ticket-voucher-template Use This Vintage Ticket Voucher



43. Vouchers for Gamers

Gamers would love to receive free vouchers that they could use to their advantage. Having such fascinating and entertaining certifications can catch their attention, even if they don’t seem to mind. Take the ‘Gaming Company Unique Voucher‘ as an example.

gaming-company-voucher-template Use This Gaming Company Voucher

44. Go Sporty for Sports

Many people love sports, and having such incredible vouchers could make them love sports even more. You can use the ‘Football Ticket‘ voucher as your reference.

football-ticket-voucher-template Use This Football Ticket Voucher

45. Go Green

Since green is associated with good health, you can use it to promote and provide health to your customers. Take a look at the ‘Food Voucher‘. It uses green to promote healthy food.

editable-food-voucher-template Use This Food Voucher

46. Include the Environment

When creating vouchers, you should be aware of current events and trends in the environment. You can feature such events in your voucher. Like for example, the ‘Free Earth Day’ voucher.

free-earth-day-voucher-template Use This Free Earth Day Voucher

47. Flowers for Powers

There’s nothing wrong with using floral designs as long as they fit in with your overall theme. In case you want to make some, you can use the ‘Flower Shop’ or the ‘Mother’s Day Floral Service’ voucher below for references.

flower-shop-voucher-template Use This Flower Shop Voucher



48. Free Rides!

If you’re making vouchers for your free rides, you can be creative. Adding extra flavor to it can make people coming back. Take a look at how simple yet enticing the ‘Train Ticket’ and ‘Tourism’ vouchers are.

train-ticket-voucher-template Use This Train Ticket Voucher



49. Chaos Is Fine

Plain and simple designs do not always work. It’s okay to be chaotic at times. Check out the ‘Member Discount‘ voucher. A lot is going on, but everything is fine, though.

member-discount-voucher-template Use This Member Discount Voucher

50. Sunday’s Best

Sundays are usually reserved for major events, whether religious or cultural. So don’t be afraid to feature such. You can use the ‘Palm Sunday’ voucher as your reference.palm-sunday-voucher-template Use This Palm Sunday Voucher


What is a voucher?

A voucher is a small piece of paper that contains a discount or coupon that customers use to purchase goods or services.

What are the benefits of a voucher?

A voucher provides undeniable benefits to consumers and businesses, such as cost savings, increased sales, and increased customer loyalty.

Why people love vouchers?

Brands make consumers feel appreciated by offering discounts and vouchers. They value the effort that a company has made to keep their business.

How many companies use vouchers?

Offering vouchers is one of the effective ways to market products and engage customers. It can entice customers to build loyalty to a specific company or product.

Is a voucher effective in business?

Consumers may spend an average of $0.66 when a voucher was offered. While this may not appear to be much at first glance, it represents a 30% increase in sales.