50+ Menu Ideas & Examples 2022

You can’t operate a restaurant without a menu. Nowadays, however, people are more creative with their promotions and advertising. A menu is no longer limited to just an informative piece of paper or board. Restaurant MenuBakery Menu, Chalkboard menus, table tent menus, and even full wall menus can be found in a lot restaurants and establishments. 50-menu-ideas-inspiration-2021

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50+ Menu Ideas & Examples 2022

A menu isn’t just a list of food with their corresponding price. Your menu is part of your brand and therefore should reflect it. A creative and engaging menu is a must these days. And lucky for you, the article has over 50 menu templates and ideas to help jumpstart your creativity. Ready for some inspiration? Read on!

1. Delightful Cuisine

Tickle your taste buds with exotic spices and aromas! The Indian restaurant menu below displays a spectacular visual feast with its colorful design.

indian-restaurant-menu-templateUse This Indian Restaurant Menu

2. No Food, No Entry

If you’re a foodie, then you know a restaurant that features a wide selection of food is the best one. The one-stop shop food menu below keeps it simple with basic red and white.

modern-food-and-drinks-menu-downloadUse This Modern Food and Drinks Menu

3. Here Comes the Food

Weddings are incomplete without food! Take a cue from this wedding menu and keep it nice and elegant with simple floral accents and a modern font.

modern-wedding-menu-template-1Use This Modern Wedding Menu

4. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

The weekly dinner menu template below features not only a delectable dish as the primary focal point, the pretty flower border adds a soft and lovely touch too.

weekly-dinner-menuUse This Weekly Dinner Menu

5. I Latte You

Channel the relaxing and carefree ambiance of a café. The light brown and white hues in this café menu template below blend perfectly in addition to the pretty latte art design at the top.

classic-cafecoffee-shop-menu-templateUse This Classic Café Shop Menu

6. Au Naturel

This catering menu opts for a more organic and natural look with its green and earthy tones. The choice to keep the leaves just above creates a clean and balanced design.

simple-catering-menu-download-1Use This Simple Catering Menu

7. Birthday Goals

Customize your birthday with a curated menu of your favorite food! The lovely watercolor effect on this birthday menu template adds a delicate and sweet touch.

water-color-birthday-menuUse This Birthday Menu

8. Happy Hour

Many people go to bars looking to let loose and unwind. This bar menu template below offers a wide array of drinks including beers, cocktails and wines.

free-bar-menu-template-440x570-1Use This Bar Menu

9. On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

Go all out pink like this cupcake bakery menu template! The bright and pretty color definitely adds character to this menu. It is also a good idea to include your business logo and to keep sections organized and symmetrical.

cupcake-bakery-menu-template-1xUse This Cupcake Bakery Menu

10. Happy to Serve

Who says menus are just for food? Establishments like salons, massage parlors, and nail bars can also list their services, like this stylish service menu template below. Don’t forget to indicate the price for each service.

service-menuUse This Service Menu

11. Happy Baby Pose

Celebrate new life with this baby shower menu. Serve your guests with delicious meals, drinks, and desserts for a fun event! The template below combines both traditional pink and blue colors suggesting that the baby’s gender has yet to be revealed!

free-baby-shower-menu-template-1x1Use This Baby Shower Menu

12. Chalk it Up

Hipster cafés and third wave coffeeshops love to display their specials outside their establishment for passers-by to notice. They usually also like to write it down on chalkboards to give it a more authentic and organic feel. This hand drawn chalkboard menu below really stands out with its intricate border design and imposing text.

hand-drawn-chalkboard-menu-template-1xUse This Chalkboard Menu

13. Spill the Tea

There’s something so quaint and lovely about this tea party menu below. The beautiful flowers add a nice, delicate touch but the charming yellow tea cup takes home the prize!

free-tea-party-menu-template-440x570-1Use This Tea Party Menu

14. The Great Banquet

There’s nothing plain about this banquet menu template below. The dark yet commanding color makes for a perfect background to balance and highlight the white text. You can’t go wrong with minimalism!

banquet-menu-01-1xUse This Banquet Menu

15. Welcome to the World of Food

The beautiful table spread featured in this baptism menu design is a certified winner! Can’t decide which food to highlight? Then why not include all? The template below shows you how to strategically position your food to achieve the best photo possible.

baptism-poster-menu-templateUse This Baptism Menu

16. Board of Food Lovers

If you are looking for a more durable and sturdy menu, a menu board is the best option. It’s not as flimsy as paper and can give added structure. This menu board below tones it down with deep, rich colors and elegant border details.

sample-elegant-menu-boardUse This Elegant Menu Board

17. Burgers for the Big Boys

The appetizing shots of burgers featured in the example below is enough to make your stomach grumble. The burger menu below uses shades of orange and fine borders to pull off this compelling design!

burgerUse This Burger Menu

18. Hungry Santa

Milk and cookies have nothing on this Christmas menu template below. The dangling ornaments and full-on red background is perfect for all your holiday get-togethers!

free-red-christmas-menuUse This Christmas Menu

19. A Taste of the Tropics

Picture yourself sipping mai-tais and mojitos by the beach with this exceptional cocktail menu design. Play to the tune of tropical vibes by using palm trees and colorful cocktail drinks.

tropical-cocktail-menu-templateUse This Tropical Cocktail Menu

20. Caffeine Fix

Get your coffee fix with this captivating coffee shop menu. The use of coffee beans as a background makes this template really stand out!

cafeUse This Coffee Shop Menu

21. C for Creativity

Get creative and don’t be afraid to experiment with various designs. The simple creative menu template below keeps it classic and minimalist with a basic two-toned design.

sample-creative-menu-plannerUse This Creative Menu Planner

22. Drinks on Me

Two things truly stand out in the lovely drink menu below: the beautiful rendering of the bottle and glass; and the perfect color combination of dark ash and light pink.

bar-drink-wedding-menu-templateUse This Bar Drink Menu

23. Orange You Glad You Dined Here

Bright orange is sure to capture attention! The editable menu template‘s predominant use of orange in the design makes this a fun and youthful number!

sample-editable-sandwich-sub-menuUse This Editable Sandwich Menu

24. Timeless Elegance

If you’re looking for something with a more classic style, this elegant menu below is for you. Its no-nonsense and uncomplicated design is perfect for elegant weddings and events.

sample-elegant-wedding-menuUse This Elegant Wedding Menu

25. Steak Night

Who doesn’t love steak? The menu flyer below wastes no time with its appetizing image of a steak as the focal point. Recommend your chef’s specials by indicating the best sellers in your menu as well.

steak-menu-flyer-templateUse This Steak Menu Flyer

26. Give Thanks

Who doesn’t enjoy themed dinner parties? This Thanksgiving menu below keeps it simple and fitting with a cartoon turkey logo.

thanksgiving-menu-template-download-3Use This Thanksgiving Menu

27. An Event to Remember

If you are organizing an event, then there is good chance that you need to be serving food as well. Preparing an event menu, like this example seen below, will make it convenient for guests and clients to choose their food.

event-menuUse This Event Menu

28. Football Foodie

Host a Super Bowl party with your friends with this football template menu! All you need are nachos, dip, chicken wings, pizza and you’re all set!

football-super-bowl-food-menu-flyer-templateUse This Football Super Bowl Menu

29. Happy Heart and Tummy

Celebrate Heart’s Day with this lovely Valentine’s Day template menu. The design below features Valentine’s Day themed food and elegant florals against a sultry black background.

valentines-day-menu-flyer-templateUse This Valentine's Day Menu

30. I Scream for Ice Cream

Have you ever met a person who didn’t like ice cream? Neither have we. The popular dessert is always a good idea; and this ice cream parlor menu below recreates an ice cream by incorporating sprinkles, a wafer cone, and even a strawberry dip!

free-ice-cream-menu-template-1x1-1Use This Ice Cream Menu

31. The Mediterranean Diet

Take your taste buds on a gastronomical trip to the Mediterranean! The appetizing food photos in the restaurant menu example below is sure to have you running to the nearest shawarma shack!



32. The Land of the Rising Sun

Japanese food is one of the most popular cuisines in the world. The land of sushi, tempura, ramen, and sashimi is enough to get your craving mode on. The menu below employs various animated graphics of yummy Japanese favorites!



33. Let Them Eat Cake

The pretty dessert menu below is sure to speak to anyone with a sweet tooth. Cakes, cupcakes, pies, brownies, and donuts? Enough said.



34. Ramen Bar

Ramen is a universal favorite. This restaurant’s ramen lineup is sure to have you craving for more! When using images of food in your menu, a great tip to remember is to always use good or high quality photos. It will not only give your customers an idea of how a dish looks, it will add more life to your menu.



35. Viva Mexico!

Have a Mexican-themed fiesta with friends and family! The Mexican menu template below makes a fun addition to any party with its sombreros and playful borders. The unexpected purple background instantly captures attention too.

mexican-dinner-menuUse This Mexican Dinner Menu

36. Eat, Pray, Love

There’s more to Italian cuisine than just pizza and pasta. The creative Italian menu template below recreates the country’s national flag. And if you look closely, you’ll notice intricate designs within the red and green borders.

free-italian-menu-template-440x570-1Use This Italian Menu

37. Food de France

Classic Parisian food is featured here in this French menu template. And why wouldn’t you want an image of the Eiffel Tower in your menu? Nothing says France more than the famous tourist site.

french-dinner-menuUse This French Dinner Menu

38. Vintage Forever

The aged effect on the vintage menu template below adds a charming and rustic vibe. You can also opt to include delectable food photos of your restaurant’s specials, as seen below.

free-vintage-menu-template-440x570-1Use This Vintage Menu

39. Go Traditional

What’s striking about the menu card below is its beautiful work of art. It’s not only imposing, but it also resembles a traditional painting. The artwork’s intricate details even looks as if it were hand painted.

free-menu-card-templateUse This Menu Card

40. Deep Purple

Celebrate Indian Republic Day at your favorite Indian restaurant! The stunning menu below makes use of a rich, deep purple color and ornate border accents. Bonus tip: borders create an illusion of balance and symmetry.

hindu-wedding-menu-downloadUse This Hindu Menu

41. A Little Grecian Formula

Take a page from this Greek restaurant’s playbook and highlight Greece’s beauty. The popular tourist destination, Santorini, is imposing in all its splendor as seen in the menu example below.



42. Seoul Food

Red is a color that does not disappoint. Take a cue from this Korean Grill menu and induce hunger pangs with the fiery color. Make sure to include some appetizing photos too!



43. Subs and Sandwiches

A popular and all-around item on every menu is the sandwich. Subs and sandwiches come in all flavors and styles. It’s easily customizable and not to mention delicious! The design for this sandwich menu template below is both classy and edgy.

sandwichUse This Sandwich Menu

44. Table for Two

An alternative to a regular menu card or board is the table tent. It’s versatile and easily transportable. Place it on every dining table at your restaurant and you’re good to go! This table tent menu below is funky fresh with its pink and blue tones.

seafood-table-tent-menu-template-1Use This Seafood Table Tent Menu

45. Patriotic and Proud

This Memorial Day template menu incorporates a patriotic color palette. It’s all about honoring the stars and stripes for this one-of-a-kind menu!

memorial-day-menuUse This Memorial Day Menu

46. Eat, Drink, and Be Merry!

Bring on the holiday cheer with this holiday menu template! The simple and straightforward design is embellished by subtle mistletoe borders.

holiday-menu-template-2Use This Holiday Menu

47. Under the Sea

It’s time to enjoy the catch of the day! A crowd favorite in most restaurants is seafood. With seafood, there are loads of options to choose from and it’s just plain delicious. The seafood menu template below keeps it fresh and clean with blue, ocean-like hues.

imagesUse This Seafood Menu

48. Too Cool for School

Appeal to young children with a bright and colorful school menu. The template below features a weekly food menu; and the addition of the graphics and images make it a fun design!

elementary-school-menu-downloadUse This Elementary School Menu

49. Take Out, Please

Deliveries and take away orders are popular because of how convenient they are. In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the service option has become a lifeline for many food businesses. The takeaway menu below features various pizza flavors as well as combo sets.

takeaway-pizza-menu-templateUse This Takeaway Pizza Menu

50. Trick Or Treat

Trick or treat? We prefer treats. This Halloween-themed menu goes for the classic orange color set against an almost deep purple background. It’s a Happy Halloween Day indeed!

halloween-party-menu-templateUse This Halloween Party Menu

General FAQs

What is a menu and the types of menu?

A menu is a way restaurants and similar establishments can advertise their food and products. It contains the price of each item, images, and sometimes brief descriptions of each item. And there isn’t just one type of menu. Ala carte menu, set menu, table tent menu, buffet menu, weekly fixed menu, and online menu are just some of the different types of menu.

What does a set menu mean?

A set menu is a prepared and often fixed-typed menu. It is commonly used in events or restaurants that cater to big groups. The set often contains a complete course meal.

How do you create a menu?

The easiest and most convenient way to create your own menu is by using an existing template. You don’t need to be a professional graphic artist to make one nowadays. With the dozens of online applications available, it’s relatively easy to create one.

What should a menu include?

Your menu should list all your food and beverage offerings. Indicate the price for each and if space allows, include a brief description per item. Divide your menu into sections and group like items. You can include pictures and other embellishments to make it more creative.

Is there a word menus?

Yes, the plural word for menu is menus.