Whether you are an employee or a student, we all want recognition and acknowledgment of our efforts. In a 2019 article by Dr. Ashley Whillans, a specialist in behavioral science at the Harvard Business School stated that "What really matters in the workplace is helping employees feel appreciated." Imagine you've done everything possible so that everyone can recognize you, but your efforts were for naught. Isn't that heartbreaking? That's the reason why we decided to design this high-quality Certificate of Excellence Templates for deserving individuals. Downloading these templates is worth the time for they are fully editable and come in file formats such as Illustrator, Word, Pages, Publisher, and PSD. They also come with suggestive content that can guide you as you incorporate the details. What are you waiting for? Help your people get the certificate they deserve by downloading these templates today!

What Is a Certificate of Excellence?

A certificate of excellence serves as proof that you have the required qualifications for excellence in a given area. This type of certificate doesn't stop at a school setting, in which your teacher will award you for being the outstanding performance in your subject. But there's also a certificate of excellence in the workplace as well. It could be for the people behind the success of your great customer service and others. This certificate is granted to whoever deserves recognition.

How to Create a Certificate of Excellence?

According to the British philosopher John Locke and Jeremy Bentham, they claim that happiness is measured by the number of positive experiences encountered in life. In case you received a certificate of excellence today, it will surely boost your confidence and you will find satisfaction from the efforts you have made over the past few months. Now, if you have someone in mind who's deserving to have a certificate of excellence, then you will find our steps below useful.

1. Identify the Awardee

In making a certificate, the very first step that you need to do is to identify the awardee. Once you know who it is, it is time for you to state his/her name, the achievement accomplished, and the date when the award is granted. In order for the certificate to become more credible, we highly recommend you insert your company's official logo, address, and lastly, the name of the representative who will be handing over the award.

2. Use our Premium Templates

Creating a certificate will be too dull if it doesn't have any design. If you're too occupied to plan or create the designs for your certificate, we strongly suggest you use our premium and ready-made certificate templates. As you can see, each of the templates was professionally-designed by our talented designers. Feel free to edit them on any of your preferred devices and insert any details that you wish to incorporate.

3. Evaluate your Work

Your sample certificate will be useless if you don't evaluate it before printing it out. Make sure that everything is in order and, at the same time, check if the spelling of every piece of information is correct. Failure to do so will surely be a waste of everything you have made, for you will start once again from the very beginning. If you want to avoid such inconvenience, make sure to evaluate everything so that your efforts won't be wasted.

4. Print and Sign the Certificate

Once you have finished proofreading the certificate, it's time for you to print it out and sign the part in which your signature is highly needed. Since the certificate means everything to the awardee, it would be better to print it using high-quality paper stock and put it inside a frame so that its quality is kept.

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